25 Beautiful Pictures Of Britney Spears That Make Us Miss The '90s

It's no secret that, if you grew up during a certain time period and were a certain age in the '90s, you probably still are and will forever be obsessed with Britney Spears. Sure, there were other pop stars at the time, like Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson, but for some reason, Britney was the undisputed princess of pop.

She's gone through a lot of image changes over the years, and a fair bit of drama, but she keeps rising to the top with her catchy hits and killer dance moves. Sure, she may not be at the level now that she was when she was an 18-year-old pop star just getting started, but she can still command an entire show in Vegas, night after night — and did!

The world is still fascinated by every move Britney makes, and a large part of it is nostalgia. Sure, she's been releasing great hits year after year, but there's a part of every Britney fan that just gets taken back in time to the '90s whenever she takes the stage and starts belting out a song in that distinctive raspy voice.

Here are 25 sultry shots of Britney that make us miss the '90s — although she's still the queen to us.

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25 She Is The Flower Child Of Our Dreams


You would think that for a Pepsi commercial, they would want Britney to be rocking a cheerleader's uniform or something equally wholesome. However, they decided to go in a bit of a different direction — bohemian. Now, of all the looks she's rocked over the years, a bohemian '70s vibe has never been one of them. However, she definitely looks gorgeous — and she totally pulls off that braided hairstyle and soft pink ruffled top. It may not be the look we would have chosen, but hey — she looks utterly gorgeous, and we can totally see how this commercial would sell a ton of product. I mean, who doesn't want to imagine that with one sip of Pepsi, a stunning boho Britney could appear right in front of their eyes? It's a dream come true!

24 Looking Extra And Casual All At Once As She Cheers On Her Fave Sports Team


We don't necessarily think of Britney as a huge sports fan, but hey — she's a southern girl, and she's going to support her team from time to time! In this shot, Britney is strutting her stuff in majorly distressed pants and a cropped jersey that was probably from the kids' section. There's no denying that it's a way sultrier look than drowning your physique in a huge men's jersey, and sultry was practically Britney's middle name during this phase of her life. Plus, it gives her the chance to show off the abs she worked so hard to get. Seriously — we're pretty sure that there was a 4 or 5 year period where her stomach was literally never touched by fabric. And hey, when you look this good, why wouldn't you flaunt it?

23 Britney Is Fooling Us With Her Barbie Impersonation

There are definitely other pop stars who more closely resemble Barbie than Britney might, but there's just something about this photoshoot that makes us feel like she's a picture perfect doll in a perfect pink box. She looks a little plastic, but in a good way — as in, she looks so perfect it must be airbrushed! With the smoky eye, mid-length cut and choker, this is definitely an edgier version of Barbie, but we totally love it. Hey, if Skipper existed perhaps Britney could be Barbie's amazing pop star cousin? We have a feeling that people would still go nuts for a Britney doll, even today — she still has her fair share of fans around the world who would go crazy to get a little piece of her.

22 Baby, We're Completely Hooked On You


Younger Britney was often put in outfits that had a bit of playfulness to them, like the pigtails in her breakout "Baby One More Time" video. This is the perfect example. She's rocking tousled hair, smoky eyes, and a teeny pink tube top, as well as some super short white shorts — with 'my baby' bedazzled on the butt. It's definitely a retro look — thankfully the trend of bedazzling phrases on your booty fell out of style — but she manages to look pretty darn amazing in it. We're not sure who decided she should be riding a tricycle, but hey — if you take a style risk with someone, it's with someone like Britney who can make anything look amazing. I mean, it's kind of not even fair how insanely photogenic she is!

21 Brit Is Bringing The Heat


Sometimes, you see a photo of Britney from her younger, sweeter days, and wonder how on earth she became so known for her sensuality. Then, you see a photo like this, and everything is explained. Britney's style has certainly changed over the years and even changed according to what album she was working on or what photoshoot she was getting dressed for, but this side of Brit is one that everyone loves. I mean, not only is the white top cropped to show off a huge expanse of her toned stomach, it's also paper thin — which means things are even more scandalous. Combine that with the blonde locks, smoky eyes, and sultry gaze and you've got a majorly steamy photo. Britney's still gorgeous today, but sometimes it's hard to remember how insanely hot she was back in the day.

20 We Love It When Britney Channels Her Inner "Good Girl"


Britney's image has never been straight up 'bad girl,' like fellow pop star Christina Aguilera's was for a period in her Dirrty years. She's definitely rocked some majorly sultry outfits on stage, but fairly often, she's styled as a good girl with a bit of a steamy edge. This photoshoot is the perfect example. The setting is idyllic, her smile is sweeter than pie without even a hint of sensuality, but then she's rocking a denim mini that shows off a fair bit of leg and a white button-down tee that's tied up to become a crop top. And we can't even handle the frosted brown lipstick — so retro! When you see shots like this, you remember that Britney wasn't bred to be a pop star — she was just a regular teen girl who ended up making it big.

19 Britney Rocked The Fringe Twenty Years Before Now


It seems like pretty much every fashion trend comes full circle at some point. Something that may have seemed totally retro and uncool will come back in style, and suddenly, you'll check out all the outfits people used to wear and wish you could find similar pieces in stores. This is the perfect example. Fringe used to seem like something that was oh so 70s, but it's become increasingly trendy, featured on everything from clothing to accessories. Britney was rocking it 20 years ago when she wore a crop top that was spiced up with a little fringe. We're not sure why they paired it with a cardigan in the first outfit — hey, it was a different time in the world of fashion — but she definitely pulls off the fringe crop top like no one else could.

18 Britney's Jungle Adventure Makes Us Dote On Her Other Side


Okay, we have to admit, we get major "I'm A Slave 4 U" vibes with this outfit. These three shots are taken from the same photoshoot, in which Brit is rocking a matching pale green bikini, teeny denim shorts that are unbuttoned, and some simple jewelry including a belly button ring. She looks young, fresh, and like she's some dream goddess you just discovered in the jungle. Honestly, part of the reason Britney became such an icon is that the woman looks amazing in just about every photoshoot — I mean, can you imagine discovering an amazing creature like this when you're out in the jungle? We hope she got to keep that green bikini afterward because it looks totally fantastic on her, especially with her blonde locks and a slight tan.

17 Just Kickin' Back In A Very Lucky Hammock


Aww, baby Brit! Fairly early on in her career, she had her hair dyed blonde, and she's been some shade of blonde pretty much ever since. So, it can be hard to remember that back when she first stepped onto the scene she was actually more of a strawberry blonde/brunette. Since she's been in the industry for so many years, it can be tough to remember how young Britney still is, and it's all because she got started when she was just a teenager. They didn't push her image quite as far in her very early days as they did when she was a bit older, writhing around onstage with snakes and sweaty men, but they did make sure she always had a bit of a sultry vibe to her, to go with some of her songs.

16 Joey Potter Totally Can't Hold A Candle To Brit's Dockside Style


This shot is classic Britney from a certain period in her life — midriff bared, blonde hair, smoky eyes. We're not sure who decided it was a good idea to make her pose on a dock, but one thing is for sure — she's definitely channeling a sultrier vibe than the other '90s princess who was always by the water in Capeside, Joey Potter. Over the years, Britney has been in so many photo shoots that she's probably taken shots in front of just about any background imaginable, from the mundane to the totally over the top. The choker and super low rise jeans definitely date this photo, but in a different outfit, this version of Brit would be a major hottie, even today. I mean, the woman is insanely gorgeous.

15 We'd Stay Up Late Talking To Brit Any Night


In the first year or two of her career, when she was a teen pop star who had a bit of a bad girl edge, Britney was often the star of photoshoots that played up her youth as well as her sensuality. That's how you get shots like this — Britney sprawled across some satin sheets in teeny pajama shorts and a bra top, with a stuffed animal in her arm. We're a bigger fan of her later photoshoots when she was totally owning her sensuality and not forced to pose with things like stuffed animals, but nevertheless — this is an iconic image. It gives you the sense that Britney could look like this any night of her life, as she's calling up her friends back in her hometown, updating them on her crazy life and everything that's been going on.

14 Britney Knew How To Rock A Bralette Before They Were Cool


There was a time in her career when Britney's stomach was basically never, ever covered, and for good reason — she had amazing abs and a closet full of insane outfits for performances that showed them off perfectly. Add the fact that low rise denim was the trend at the time and you have years of toned abs on display. Bralettes may seem like a modern trend, but Britney proves that those in the know have been rocking them for years. Sure, this version may be a little different than the lacy options available today — and that bling is definitely something else — but there's no denying that she looks amazing. We kind of wonder if she still rocks the belly button ring or if that's a thing of her past.

13 When It Comes To Anacondas, Brit Totally Beats Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj may have invoked anacondas in her hit song "Anaconda," but let's be serious — Britney was the original music industry queen to bring the serpentine sensations on stage with her. Her music video for "I'm a Slave 4 U" was a steamy, sultry masterpiece, but her iconic performance definitely cemented the hit in pop culture memory. Why, exactly? Well, in addition to dancing like only Britney knows how, in a teeny costume that revealed her toned physique, halfway through the performance she ended up busting out an actual snake, and dancing with it draped across her shoulders. It takes a brave woman to pull that off — and to this day, everyone still remembers that performance. We bet that Banana, the snake, still fondly remembers his time in the spotlight with Britney Spears.

12 She's A Regular Rebel Without A Cause In This B & W Ensemble


Oh, man — Britney has definitely been gorgeous throughout her entire career, and that physique is to die for, but her outfits from years past definitely make us grateful that some of the '90s and '00s fashion trends have gone out of style. This ensemble is a whole lot of look — patterned tights, an impossible small black mini skirt, cropped white tee, jaunty hat, and what looks like a bowtie necklace. Perhaps it's supposed to be a little menswear-inspired? We're not sure what her styling team was going for with this look, but she definitely looks gorgeous — and it's hard to ignore that toned expanse of skin, with her trademark belly ring. It's a whole lot more skin than many show on the red carpet, but hey — it's Britney.

11 Dolled Up And Fabulous, Brit Stuns At Every Event

Mami Stie Tot

Pop stars don't have quite as many gown-required occasions to go to as actresses do. While they'll often pop up on the red carpet at awards shows for the film industry, more often than not, they're rocking the red carpet at music awards, where the dress code is way more casual and creative. However, that doesn't mean you'll never spot them in gorgeous gowns — just take this photo, for example. Britney may be used to wearing all kinds of outfits on stage for performances, but when it comes to her choice in gowns, it seems her taste errs more towards the side of a princess. Though you can only see the top of the gown, trust us — it's stunning. The champagne/blush color looks fantastic with her skin and hair, and the sparkled embellishments turn a somewhat basic dress into a showstopper.

10 The Pop Of Pink Turns Brit Into A Bubblegum Princess

We're not sure if it's because she's the Princess of Pop, or because she just always seems so cheerful in interviews, but we definitely associate Britney Spears with the color pink — even though she doesn't tend to rock it all that often. This photoshoot is definitely a bit of pink overload, with the glam pink background and the pink polka dot tank combined, but it kind of just works. The vibrant shade of pink looks fantastic against her skin and paired with her blonde locks, and the smoky eye look is a standard for her for a reason — she looks amazing in it. Even though Britney's done countless photo shoots over the years, she always manages to bring it and look amazing when it's time to pose — the camera absolutely loves her.

9 Ready For The Beach & Dressed For Fun


To be honest, we're surprised that Britney didn't film more of her music videos with some kind of a tropical background. We all know she looks amazing in skimpy swimwear, and between her tan skin and blonde locks, she seems like she totally belongs on a beach. However, we'll settle for amazing photos like this — although between the crochet bikini top, pukka shell bracelets and choppy, piecey bob, this look is giving us major nostalgia. Seriously, it's kind of surprising that Britney wasn't involved in more projects that would have her rocking a bikini because she looks fantastic. If she had become famous just a little later, perhaps she would have had a successful reality show that revolved around her and not some kind of quasi-couples' show. Britney In Maui? We would watch that in a heartbeat!

8 If Brit Were To Cheer For A Team, She'd Distract All The Players

This shot is basically the perfect representation of early Britney, as a teen at the beginning of a huge career in the pop industry. She still has her reddish-brown original hair color, she's rocking braids and side-swept bangs rather than a platinum blonde, edgy hairstyle, and she's wearing a cheerleader outfit that's simultaneously sultry and kind of wholesome. It's hard to believe that she's been in the industry for over two decades now because she looks just as amazing as when she started. Sure, she doesn't look like a teenage girl anymore, but she's just as gorgeous. In fact, we kind of love grown-up Brit, the one who seems to have a bit more input in the direction her career is going in and the choices she wants to make.

7 Brit's A Knockout In This Teenage Dream Shot


It's no secret that one of the reasons Britney became such a huge sensation so quickly is because she managed to channel her sensuality despite her young age. There are definitely some wholesome pop acts out there, but they very rarely make it as big as the stars who are willing to show a little skin and belt out songs that have a bit of an edge to them. This photoshoot is proof of that. She's photographed in what's styled to look like a bedroom background, packed with dolls and other trinkets a teenage girl might have, and she's rocking teeny white shorts and a white bra top, with a cardigan over top. It's a bit of a puzzling look, but hey — sultry was a little different back in the '90s than it is now.

6 Yes, We Will Bow Down To Your Beauty, Brit


Okay, this photo is peak '00s. First of all, the smoky eye — a Britney staple, as we're sure you're realizing by now. The blonde hair with visible roots (so trendy, for a time), the chunky bracelet, and the cropped top that shows off her toned, trim physique. And, of course, a little pink — because how else would you know she's pop music's favorite princess? Britney may have been put in some questionable outfits over the years, and ones that definitely look a little retro when you reexamine them, but one thing is for sure — she manages to pull literally everything off because her body is insane and she's ridiculously photogenic. I mean, we're pretty sure that the woman hasn't taken a bad photo throughout her entire career (minus the paparazzi shots, but come on, those don't count!)

5 Is It Possible To Look Adorable And Sultry At The Same Time?

One of the reasons that so many people love Britney is because she manages to balance being sweet and being sultry in a way that not many other pop stars can. Generally, it's an either/or type of thing. Just take this look, for example. She looks like the girl next door, with her sweet expression, darling outfit and lovely pink bows in her braids. However, the plunging neckline of the top adds a little bit of sultry into the equation. Britney ended up moving more towards the sultry side of things as her career progressed, but in her early years, when she was still just a teen, she toed the line a little in a way that earned her many fans around the world. It also doesn't hurt that she's absolutely gorgeous!

4 Brit Is Seriously Close To Being Caught Up In A Wardrobe Malfunction


We get that the '00s were a different world when it came to fashion choices, but honestly — we're majorly puzzled by this top. It's no surprise that Brit would be rocking a top that shows off some major skin, especially her toned abs, but it looks like she straight up forgot to pack a top for her performance and had to make do with a couple rags she found backstage. I mean, she looks totally gorgeous, as usual, but this is definitely not her best look. We're actually a bit surprised that Britney didn't have more wardrobe malfunctions over the years — she wore some pretty skimpy costumes and her choreography was always way over the top and packed with dance moves. Thankfully, she retired this top, though — she can do way better.

3 This Beach Babe Is Looking White Hawt

Two-piece Britney is one of our favorite kinds of Britney, and it's because she just always looks like she's having a blast. This pic shows a young Brit on the set of her music video for Oops!...I Did It Again. Remeber that hairstyle? She's likely spent a ton of time practicing for shows or music videos in between grueling tours and choreography sessions, but we'll never get tired of seeing her in two-pieces. In fact, we're a little bit surprised that she didn't do something like come out with her own clothing line during her prime — all her fans would have snatched up anything she put her name on. The white outfit and retro hairstyle make her look super chic. It's easy to overlook white as a boring color, but when done well, it can be stunning.

2 Brit Stands Out More Than Her Tattered Dress

The thing that makes this outfit different than a typical Britney outfit is that she's not baring her stomach — however, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a ton of skin on display. We're not sure who thought of this tattered, bustier-style dress, but it's certainly an edgy and interesting look. We prefer her in regular clothes, but hey — sometimes you have to be different when you're dressing the Princess of Pop to really stand out from all the other shoots she's been a part of. The necklace draws attention to her curves, you can see her legs peeking through all the scraps of fabric, and she's rocking the signature tousled blonde hair and smoky eyes. Britney at her prime could literally look amazing in an outfit of torn up rags, just remember that.

1 Her Pose May Be Innocent, But That Outfit Is Not

This shot proves that there are two things which make a huge impact on a photoshoot — the clothing, and the pose itself. Someone can be wearing absolutely stunning clothes, but if their pose is all wrong, the shoot looks weird, and vice versa. And, you can often create a fun sense of playfulness by subverting expectations and pairing a demure outfit with a super sultry pose, or, as we see here, pairing an innocent pose with an outfit that's not that innocent, as Britney herself would say. Not only is this romper skintight and super short, it also has a neckline that's majorly plunging. And then it's finished off with a pair of what looks like orange latex boots. We'll just say one thing — it takes an insanely beautiful woman to pull off a look like this.

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