25 All-Natural Beauty Hacks That Daily Makeup-Wearers Will Appreciate

Many of the best beauty products out there rely on the use of harsh chemicals to do their job. They might leave you with clean skin, smooth lips, thick lashes, and enviable hair, but they tend to have side effects that leave your skin and hair in a worse condition than it was before. Continuous use of these products can do some serious damage, which will have you running back to the same products for relief until you’re stuck in a vicious cycle. It’s easy to hurt your skin and hair this way.

Opting for natural beauty products and tricks, even temporarily, can help you avoid the negative consequences of the long-term use of unnatural products. Plus, many of the natural ingredients found in these products and hacks are super cheap to buy, and a few of them might already be lying around your house!

In particular, those who wear a lot of makeup or apply a lot of other harsh products to their skin and hair should think about going natural for a while, and seeing how they feel afterward! Check out these simple but effective all-natural beauty hacks and pick the best ones you could use in your beauty routine.

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25 Plump Your Lips With Peppermint Oil


Bigger lips are more achievable than you think, and you won’t need to pay for fillers to get them.

You won’t even need to spend money buying a lip-plumping product from the store.

Peppermint oil increases the blood flow to your lips, causing them to swell. It doesn’t last forever, but it is a way to make your lips rounder and fuller totally naturally. Test out a small area first, as some people find this trick more irritating than others.

24 Scrub Your Lips With Sea Salt And Rose Water


A little lip scrub is necessary from time to time, but you don’t have to go out there and pay for artificial products. Instead, you can easily make your own scrub using sea salt and rose water.

Mixing the two ingredients together, and sometimes including a drop or two of lemon juice, will leave you with a paste that helps your lips to feel smoother and plumper at the same time, and remove the dead skin so you can apply flawless lipstick.

23 Spritz Your Face With A Natural Face Mist


You don’t have to give up face mists when you decide to go natural.

It’s actually super easy to make your own version without all the synthetic ingredients!

A recipe on The Hearty Soul calls for one part aloe vera gel and three parts filtered water. Combine these in a spray bottle and spray on your face throughout the day to brighten your complexion and freshen up your skin. The aloe will heal your skin by decreasing inflammation and redness.

22 Make A Bronzer With Cocoa Powder


Natural makeup tends to be much easier on the skin than the other kind. The answer to a bronzed glow might be right under your nose in your kitchen!

Simply mix an organic cocoa powder with a touch of cinnamon and powdered sugar, and keep playing around with ratios until you find the shade that is just right for you. Not only will you have a sun-kissed glow to your skin after applying this concoction, but you’ll also smell like chocolate. Bonus!

21 Sooth Sun-Damaged Skin With Watermelon


There are endless natural remedies for skin that’s been damaged in the sun, but one of the best and most overlooked happens to be totally delicious too.

Take a slice of ripe watermelon and squeeze out the juice.

Mix it with raw honey, and apply the cooling paste to areas of skin that are red and irritated. Leave it to rest on the skin for around twenty minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. This works everywhere from your nose to your shoulders.

20 Use A Honey And Flour Combo To Remove Blackheads


Ditch the pore strips from the drugstore and create your own natural remedy for blackheads.

Simply combine one tablespoon of raw honey (Manuka honey is the best if you can get it), with one tablespoon of fine flour. Add three tablespoons of lukewarm water to that and mix it properly until it’s a smooth paste.

Apply it to your skin, leave it for twenty minutes, and watch the blackheads disappear as you rinse it off. For best results, repeat this once a day.

19 Thicken Lashes And Brows With Castor Oil


Castor oil doesn’t get enough credit for its abilities as a thickening agent. The fatty acid within is anti-inflammatory.

This encourages hair growth by increasing blood flow to the area.

In a clean bottle of old mascara, fill up a quarter with castor oil, a quarter with pure aloe vera gel and half with vitamin E oil. Mix it properly and apply it your eyebrows and eyelashes every night. After a month or so, you’ll notice much thicker lashes and brows.

18 Gloss An Avocado Mask Over Your Hair


Supermodel Adriana Lima swears by avocado as a beauty product. She told Into the Gloss that once a week, she mashes up an avocado and mixes it in with her conditioner.

This creates a hair mask, which she leaves on for thirty to forty minutes. When she washes it out, her hair is smooth and glossy and ready for the runway! Nourishing avocado doesn’t have a strong scent, so you won’t feel gross while trying this one out. And really, who doesn't love avocados?!

17 Combat Acne With Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil does have a strong scent, but its antibacterial properties make it worth it when it comes to fighting acne. Some people actually like the scent, and associate it with feeling clean and refreshed!

Whenever a zit (or a bunch of zits) pops up, grab a cotton swab and dot on some tea tree oil.

This is truly amazing for getting rid of pimples, but be warned that pure tea tree oil is very strong. You only need a tiny amount to work—anymore and you could irritate your skin.

16 Remove Unwanted Hair With Sugar And Lemon Scrub


If waxing and shaving irritate your skin, and you aren’t prepared to fork out the cash on laser hair removal, you could always think about turning to a sugar scrub. It smoothes your skin the way no moisturizer ever will!

Dissolve four tablespoons of sugar in about half an ounce of lemon juice and half an ounce of water. You’ll be left with a sticky mixture, which you then apply to paper. Put this on your legs and after twenty minutes, pull away from the paper and the hair.

15 Tone With Apple Cider Vinegar


It’s hard to go a day without hearing about the wonders of apple cider vinegar. This miracle ingredient can be used as a cleanser and as a mouthwash, but you can also use it as a toner.

The job of a toner is to help you restore your skin’s pH balance and heal any breakouts.

Instead of a store-bought toner, try out some apple cider vinegar in its place. It doesn’t smell as great as a chemical-filled toner, but it’s great for sensitive skin.

14 Swap Your Lipstick For Beets


Another easy, cheap, and effective natural makeup substitute is lipstick made from beets. This one is really simple: all you have to do is cut up some beets and rub them on your lips.

Raw or roasted beets are fine, and you will be left with a natural-looking pink glow while still allowing your lips to breathe. Those who have trialed this can confirm that the color lasts all day long, and its subtleness makes it perfect for the workday.

13 Fight Oily Hair With Sea Salt


Nothing ruins a blow out like consistent oily hair. It’s true that some of us are more prone to oily hair than others, due to overactive oil glands on our scalps. It's frustrating, to say the least.

To battle the grease, try adding two or three tablespoons of sea salt to a natural shampoo.

This helps the roots to stay clean for longer by absorbing excess oil without drying out your scalp. You can also try this trick using baking soda instead of sea salt.

12 Remove Stubborn Makeup With Coconut Oil


Even when makeup is a nightmare to get off, you don’t have to turn to a remover that’s packed with irritating chemicals to get the job done.

Plain old coconut oil has a range of amazing health and beauty benefits, and the ability to remove makeup is one of them. Plus, the oil doubles as a moisturizer, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky soft. It can even work its magic on waterproof mascara, so it’s definitely worth giving a try.

11 Use Sugar And Olive Oil To Get Rid Of Dead Skin


If you are interested in making your own natural body scrub, try grabbing some brown sugar and olive oil from your kitchen.

These need to be mixed together with some natural honey before being applied to your skin in the shower.

Massage the skin gently with an exfoliating glove to get the most out of the scrub and remove as much dead skin as possible to leave your body feeling like silk. Even Kristen Bell can vouch for this one!

10 Make Your Skin Soft And Supple With A Honey Face Mask


Honey has so many uses when it comes to health and beauty. It contains natural antibacterial properties which fight against acne, and is also soothing and calming, making it ideal for putting on red, irritated, and scarred skin.

A honey face mask can be made by just gently rubbing organic honey in a thin layer on your face and leaving it for around ten minutes. Rinse it with warm water, and reveal clean, soft, luscious skin that glows.

9 Enjoy An Oatmeal Bath To Treat Your Whole Body


Reach for the oatmeal whenever you have annoying and stubborn problems with your skin. Seriously, this has been used as a treatment for folliculitis, chickenpox, sun rashes and just about every other skin irritation you can think of.

Simply add one or two cups of oatmeal to a warm bath to reap the amazing benefits.

The water brings out the natural fats and sugars in the oats, which produce a moisturizing jelly that will treat your itchiness, dryness, and redness.

8 Ice Away Your Zits


Sometimes, the solution to a few persistent zits could be the ice in your freezer. While ice won’t fight off the bacteria, it will decrease the inflammation and take away the redness, so the zit will be less obvious on your face. It will also numb the pain if you suffer from deep cystic acne.

For best results, put the ice in a snap-lock bag and hold it against the zit for as long as you can, and a minimum of five minutes.

7 Massage Your Way To Glowing Skin


Facial massages don’t just feel good; they are effective in battling dull skin and making you look your best. Rubbing the skin brings about an increase in oxygen flow.

This stimulates collagen production naturally, helping your skin to brighten and glow.

You could pay for the ultimate spa experience, or you can do your own free version at home after watching a few online tutorials. You can also buy a natural tool to do an even better job than your fingers.

6 Tighten Pores With Witch Hazel


Witch hazel is nature’s toner that has unlimited benefits for your skin. Extracted from the witch hazel tree, this product tightens pores and helps prevent toxins from burying their way into your skin.

On top of that, you can also use it to treat itches that won’t quit and painful sunburn. To use it as a toner, apply a little to your face with a cotton pad after you’ve cleanser but before you moisturize, both in the morning and at night.

5 Relieve Eye Bags With Coffee Grounds


Eye bags make you feel tired, unattractive and older than you are. But you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

The contents of your morning coffee can easily get rid of them for you.

Mix one tablespoon of used coffee grounds with one tablespoon of coconut oil, and apply it to the bags. Leave it for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off, and repeat three or four times a week. If you’re not a coffee drinker, green tea bags also do the trick.

4 Moisturize Your Skin With Mango And Shea Butter


You could buy lotion from the store to moisturize your skin, but if you want to make sure you’re not putting anything synthetic on your body, you can create your own.

There are plenty of recipes available online, but one of the most popular is made from shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut and almond oil. This concoction hydrates and nourishes your skin while making you smell and feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. There are no losers here.

3 Whiten Your Smile With Baking Soda


Getting your teeth professionally whitened can cause serious damage to your bank account.

Instead, rely on good old versatile baking soda to do the trick!

Some people like to mix a paste of baking soda and water or lemon juice, but it’s sufficient to sprinkle a little baking soda on your toothbrush once a week and gently brush. This really works, but when overdone, can wear down the enamel on the teeth. Remember that a little goes a long way!

2 Flush Out Toxins With A Sauna


A sauna is not only relaxing for your mind but also helps your skin to thrive by causing you to sweat out all the toxins from your body. As long as you remember to clean off all that sweat afterward, it’s a great beauty treatment.

Of course, anything that gets your sweat on will be effective, so if sitting in the sauna isn’t your thing, you can try enrolling in a Soul Cycle class or giving Bikram yoga a try.

1 Make Your Skin Glow With A Turmeric Face Mask


Used in a lot of Indian cooking, turmeric is just as useful as a beauty ingredient as it is for flavoring food. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can work wonders on people suffering from rosacea, acne or eczema.

Tumeric is great for those looking for an anti-aging remedy.

Combine turmeric powder with organic honey and plain yogurt and leave on your face and neck for twenty minutes. Doing this twice a week will bless you with glowing skin in no time.

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