25 Affordable & Trendy Sunglasses Right Now That'll Bring Any Plain Outfit To Life

While we can always accessorize a boring old outfit with a beautiful pair of sunglasses in order to make it pop any season of the year, summertime is usually when the trendier styles seem to emerge from the fashion pages of our favorite magazines. The only problem we seem to have is that the sunglasses we want to pair up with that cute summer dress hanging in the closet are ridiculously expensive.

However, fashion retailers like Forever 21 and the Gap have made it a billion times easier to purchase trendy and chic sunglasses without breaking the bank. After all, you want to accessorize an outfit, not waste all your fashion cash on eyewear.

Usually, some of the cheapest websites out there that sell chic clothing for less (like Wish.com or Shein.com) more often than not also sell some sweet looking sunglasses for a reasonable, if not super cheap, cost. Usually, magazines will even feature a model wearing a pair of, say, Prada or Gucci sunglasses, and often give out the name of a website where you can grab a pair just like them for less money.

Here we'll highlight some of the trendiest sunglasses styles that have been deemed cool enough for summer of 2018 that WON’T empty out your wallet.

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25 East Hampton Style - Butterfly, Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor

“Flattering and sun-ready, our butterfly-shaped frames always look at the bright side,” the Ann Taylor website describes. They have 100 percent UV protection, too, so your eyes are well-protected.

These sunglasses live up to their name in style– the sleek and easygoing design can spruce up the most boring outfit and give it a touch of elegance. 

These butterfly sunglasses come in four different colors (black, white, burnt orange, and maroon), have a light-as-air frame, and run $48 on the Ann Taylor website.

24 Chic And Style - The More Classic Cat Eye, Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor

What sets these particular cat-eye sunglasses apart are the stylish and unique arms, which come in gold or silver (the bridge of the nose piece matches). “Have it made in the shade,” as the Ann Taylor site puts it when describing the delicate, classic frame.

They have a very “East Hampton” feel to them and can jazz up any simple look, suddenly making it sleek and elegant. These particular shades are also rather large, helping them to fit any face size.

23 Crushing It - Ryder Deluxe Zero Sunglasses, Wildfox


These sunglasses have more of a psychedelic feel to them. When you look at them, you get the feeling that you’ve time-traveled half a century backward.

The yellow lenses have a very festival and carefree vibe to them and the metallic frame screams out "retro."

However, the Wildfox name can run a little bit expensive, often up in the $100 department. Sill, they are less expensive than what you would have to fork over at Chanel for a pair of sunglasses as cool as these.

22 If You Want More Subtle - Oval Metal Sunglasses, Zara


While most sunglasses at Zara tend to cost under $5, these oval metal sunglasses are $17.99- but so worth it. These are if you’re looking to achieve a vintage feel without going straight up “hippie."

They can jazz up any old “jeans and simple tee-shirt” look in a heartbeat. Or, they can make a feminine power suit appear even more powerful (a look the model above has taken on and pulled off). They are the essence of cool and stylish.

21 Or More Obvious - SHAUNA 2018 Little Cat Eye


Want something with more personality? Consider a colorful, skinny cat-eye. These sunglasses run for $6.42 at Aliexpress.com and come in multiple colors (including purple, yellow, red, and classic black).

The skinny cat-eye look isn’t for everyone, but those who wear them (like Cardi B) tend to rock the heck out of them.

And even though these sunglasses already run pretty affordable, the website will even knock off a few more bucks for new customers. A majority of their customers have even given these sunglasses a 5-star rating, too.

20 Hearts-A-Flutter - MINCL Heart-Shaped Sunnies, Amazon

While these particular heart-frame sunglasses may not be everyone’s personal style, you have to admit, they are pretty cute. They also make even the dullest sundress pop with personality, and they come in multiple colors.

And while they usually run for over $500 with name-brands, you can actually nab them for $9.99 on Amazon. “LITERALLY so cute and so flattering,” said one five-star review. “They’re pretty big so they look extra cute and they’re VERY durable. No bubbling paint or weird cloudiness definitely worth the purchase.”

19 Protection And Stylish - Oversized Frame Glasses (UV Protection), DHGate


Typically, you really only saw these frames on the faces of soap opera actresses back in the 1970’s and even back then, they exuded elegance. Something about the frames just makes them look classy.

Jackie Onassis made them fashionable when she would wear a pair to avoid the bright flashes of the ever-present press.

Recently, they’ve come screaming back and are available at DHGate.com. Costs range from $8.85 to $10.06 and they come in a wide array of colors (both the frame and the lenses).

18 Glam It Up Right - Plastic Frame Sunglasses With Encrusted Detailing, Zara


These sunglasses can satisfy anyone’s wild and sassy side– just ask Rihanna. The songstress has been photographed wearing shades that are blinged out with encrusted detailing (though hers are most likely real diamonds instead of cubic zirconias considering her celebrity status).

Trust us, some of your friends won’t notice the difference- and you’ll look like a genius for walking away with these sunglasses for an insanely good price- you can nab these beauties for under $10 on Zara. They often go on sale too!

17 High Taste - GUVIVI Sunglasses For Women Designer Cat Eye Style


These gorgeous sunglasses became a hot commodity this summer thanks to their unique shape and style. Of course, oversized glasses seem to always be in style.

They’re straight up off the charts with their oversized lenses, nifty cat-eye angle, and slightly squared off bottom.

These pretty babies look good on almost all face shapes, including round (which is pretty hard to shop for sunglasses-wise). They’re cheap too, and can be found on Amazon for under 10 bucks (and also on Wish.com for the low cost of shipping only).

16 Mix Of The Classics - Quay My Girl Mirrored Sunglasses, Tobi


These unique sunglasses have sold out on the Tobi website a couple times over (they’re now back in stock but probably not for very long) and you can grab them for $26 while they’re on sale (marked down from $44).

These beauties are able to turn heads with their special pearl-colored frames, cat-eye design, and gold mirrored lenses. Our only gripe here is that they come in one color (gold), because they would look killer in multiple colors, especially classic black.

15 Almost Royalty - Don’t Talk To Me Sunglasses, Tobi

It's Kriativ

Tobi sunglasses are known for their beauty AND for their cleverly named sunglasses.

These "Don't Talk To Me" sunglasses can class up any outfit you own and give you the appearance of an A-Liste celebrity (hence their hilarious name).

Right now, Tobi is having a 50% off promo sale, so these sunglasses, which usually run for $10, are only $5 for a limited time. These edgy shades come in two different colors (clear frames or dark brown frames) on Tobi.com.

14 Summer Concert Time - Caper Double Bridge, Vint & York

Vint and York

Vint and York sunglasses are extremely fashionable and tend to run somewhat high cost (in terms of low-cost sunglasses), but nothing compared to more name brands like Giorgio Armani.

These sunglasses (that come in both men and women’s pairs) run for $129, or you can even choose to make payments (four payments of $32.25). Trust us, they’re worth it. These sunglasses, in particular, have a square frame and come in the shade cognac tortoise and have a very unique design.

13 A Snow Bunny Feel - Rimless Shield Sunglasses, Forever 21


Want the feeling of heading to the slopes without having to spend a ton of money on travel expenses and those costly lift tickets? Then these sunglasses are for you.

Reflective full-face sunglasses are a bold show-stopper.

“A pair of rimless shield sunglasses with transparent tinted lenses, and plastic arms with a high-polish geo stud on each side,” as Forever 21 describes them. “The pink color’s lenses are opaque with a mirrored finish.” The sunglasses also come in blue and black if you feel the iridescent look doesn’t suit you. You can grab them for $8 at Forever21.com.

12 Tame The Wild - Gaudy Deluxe Sunglasses, Wildfox


Wildfox had a lot to be inspired by when creating these sunglasses. “The Gaudy is our super square and slightly oversized frame inspired by the late 1980’s and Nash Bridges,” the website description reads.

“A classic fit that is designed it to fit most face shapes so it looks good on everyone. A flash, color-coated and mirrored lens. Handmade with Italian acetate, CR39 optical grade lenses offering UVA and B protection.” Right now, they’re on sale for $50, marked down from $89.

11 Best Of Both Worlds - Shein Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses


These beauties, which are selling for only $5 on Shein.com, are a fan favorite with customers.

Not only do they look good on all sort of face shapes, but the frame is durable and can easily handle a rough outing in your purse.

“I just love them… really amazing quality… must buy,” reads one review from a happy customer who gave the sunglasses five out of five stars. Sometimes, glasses that sell for 5 dollars tend to be made from cheap material and fall apart after just a couple uses. Not these shades, though!

10 New Take On A Classic Style - Resin Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Zara


If you couldn’t tell already by seeing them on virtually everyone you run into at your local pool, cat-eye sunglass frames are very much back in style. Here’s the thing though: did they ever really leave?

Sure, cat-eye sunglasses may have been considered retro for the past couple of decades or so, but now they’re back with a vengeance.

These pretty babies only cost $3.99 at Zara.com! The subtle pink frame helps bring out some sass without totally stealing the show.

9 Turn Heads The Right Way - White/Pink Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses, Forever 21

Forever 21

Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more color and pop? Check out these Forever 21 Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses. The bright pink lenses and pure white frames will turn heads when you’re walking down the garden path in your favorite summer dress.

The best part is, you won’t go broke going after them (they’re only $5.90 at Forever21.com). Even if you order them online and find they’re not really your style, you’ve only blown the cost of a Big Mac.

8 Just A Hint of Hippie - Metallic Round Sunglasses, Loft


Much like the famous cat-eye sunglasses, another throwback style has made its way back into the trends this summer: round sunglasses. Yes, we’re talking about the ones that were popular way back in the late 1960’s where free love was running wild.

Round-frame sunglasses made a comeback back in the mid-1990’s after Jennifer Aniston revived them by wearing a pair on the red carpet.

These beauties at Loft.com are normally $24.50, but are on sale for a limited time for just $12!

7 Thin On Price - Skinny Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Forever 21

Forever 21

Maybe the larger cat-eye sunglasses aren’t your thing or look odd on your face? Then might we suggest the ever popular skinny cat-eye sunglasses that are only $5.90 at Forever21.com?

You wouldn’t think it, but this particular style flatters all sorts of face shapes. Plus, these glasses are tinted with UVA/UVB production, so they're more than just a fashion statement. These puppies are guaranteed to make you stand out and even make a nice conversation piece thanks to their unique vintage look.

6 Oversizing It Right - Ann Taylor Cateye Sunglasses


These Ann Taylor sunglasses might be on the slightly pricier side of things ($48 on their website) but they’re well worth it.

As far as style- if they were good enough for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, they certainly are good enough for you!

“I bought this on a whim, just before a big event, my husband’s company ship christening,” wrote one customer. “Wore them from the moment I purchased them; the next day which included the ship christening ceremony and continue to wear them every day. Wish I could wear them at night!”

5 Post Woodstock - Pearl Sunglasses In Antique Silver/Black, Wildfox


Woodstock might be staying put in the 60’s, but these sunglasses certainly aren’t. The hippie craze has already hit the fashion waves with the return of bellbottom jeans and platform heels. They actually made a comeback a while ago, and have since returned to the fashion pages of some of the top fashion magazines across the globe.

“Festival ready!” the Wildfox website exclaims. “These bold rimless sunglasses have an oversized round shape with metal accents.” They’re now selling on the website for only $50.

4 John Lennon Approved - Metallic Oval Sunglasses, Zara

While most oval sunglasses tend to steal the show (especially the oversized ones) and draw focus to the face more so than the entire outfit, these bad boys are subtle enough to not scream loudly for attention but still draw the eye in a casual way.

They look like the type of sunglasses that were favored by John Lennon himself– cool and confident while oozing with pure and utter style.

Good news is that these sunglasses run for only $3.99 over on the Zara website.

3 To Go With That Little Black Dress - Metallic Arm Round Sunglasses, Zara


These particular sunglasses have an aesthetic appeal like no other. Thanks to the pitch black frame and metallic arms, the curve and shape of the sunglasses don’t go unnoticed to the wandering eye. They also happen to work great with any classic outfit– especially a little black dress.

Even though they lack the pop of color, they make up for it in class and sophistication. While sunglasses of this style tend to run for well over $200 at department stores, you can find these on Zara.com for less than $5.

2 Model Behavior - Nevi Gold Laser Cute Cat Eye


These give a new definition to the term “cat eye sunglasses.” Mainly because these particular sunglasses look EXACTLY LIKE CATS.

The wingtips on each side of the frames actually resemble cat ears- too cute!

These sweet sunglasses are marked down from 5 dollars on Tobi.com, to 3 dollars, which is an incredible steal. They also come in multiple colors (black, pink, taupe, gold, and black and white), so you can get different colors for different moves. You can really play up a boring outfit with these beauties.

1 Just A Hint Of Kardashian - 2018 Urban Designer Flat Lens Mirror Sunglasses, Urban Street Shades


When you’re looking to spruce up a boring outfit, always remember that it’s safe to go with classic sunglasses. Ladies, the Aviator look NEVER goes out style. And the best thing is, you can actually get them for FREE (only the cost of shipping) on Wish.com.

More often than not, they come in multiple colors (up to 12 colors, depending on the style and maker), so you can get a couple different pairs for under $10. With websites like Wish, you pay very little, but you will have to wait a bit longer to receive your sunglasses in the mail.

References: zara.com, forever21.com, aliexpress.com, amazon.com

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