24 Women's Names Who Will Get Married In 2018

When the snow starts melting and the first flowers of springtime bloom, we start thinking about the upcoming wedding season. Proposals abound, Pinterest boards blossom with wedding dresses and we're all inspired to start planning our weddings, even if we haven't locked down the fiancé just yet.

It's a magical time of year. Will you be a bridesmaid this time around, or will you be the one walking down the aisle

We couldn't even begin to guess which category you fall into without starting with the basics: what does your name say about your chances of getting married in the coming year? We focused on twenty-five different names while peering into our crystal ball and saw a different wedding story for each. Not only are we going to let you in on the secret that hey, you're getting married this year, but we ALSO included some details on the special day. Will it be a winter wedding? spring? how will he propose? Well, take a gander at the list and you'll find out your fate for this year. Did we predict your future, or did we divine the wedding of a woman who shares your name?

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24 Emily Plans A Boho June Wedding

When Emily met her future husband, she didn't want to get married. She's a free spirit, and don't people call their spouses their "ball and chain?"  As the years passed, Emily began to realize that her man didn't want to keep her tied down - he wanted to be her partner in all her life's adventures. By the time he proposed, she knew that her greatest desire was to have him by her side as she explored the world. There's no way she's going to wear a white dress at her wedding, but expect her friends to donate fresh flowers to adorn her beautiful hair and flowy boho ensemble. This ceremony is absolutely taking place outdoors, by a flowing river, in springtime. The groom will be singing his vows as he plays acoustic guitar, and dancing will go on late into the night.

23 Adara Says "I Do" In The Spring Rain

Adara will be the first to tell you that she's a perfectionist. She started planning her wedding two years ago - the very evening he proposed. She's gone through a dozen seating charts and has been coaching the flower girl every afternoon. When the big day arrives, she will have planned for every eventuality.

Except rain.

Despite the forecast predicting sunny, clear skies, the couples' vows will be punctuated by a brief sun shower. Fortunately, the maid of honor woke up that morning thinking she should bring an umbrella to the wedding. She'll remember to slip it to the groom just before the ceremony begins. You may keep the raindrops from kissing your bride!

22 Grace's Man Sets Up A Romantic Proposal And Cozy Family Wedding

Grace never expected her boyfriend to propose. She'd been with him for so long that she thought they were practically married already. Why bug him about getting some old-fashioned certificate and mess with a good thing? But one day, he got down on one knee and asked her to make him the happiest man alive. Grace never thought she was all that sentimental, but she couldn't even answer him through her tears. They both didn't want to have a big ceremony, so they went before a justice of the peace to get hitched and took their families out to dinner afterward. Grace did not stop smiling the whole evening. The next day, her new hubby sprung another surprise on her - her dream vacation for a honeymoon!

21 Priya Gets The Dress (And The Man) Of Her Dreams

Some girls go to the bridal shop with their friends, mom and sister, and spend a day trying on dresses until they find the perfect fit. Priya had her mother, her mother-in-law, and a crowd of cousins and assorted future in-laws all vying for the attention of two dressmakers tasked with making separate outfits for three different phases of the wedding ceremony. Was it a nightmare sometimes? For sure, but Priya wouldn't change a thing. The resulting dresses almost made her feel more beautiful than she did the night her fiancé proposed, but of course, nothing could top that. Even though she was in an old t-shirt and sweats at the time. Why couldn't he have gotten a dressmaker for that occasion?

20 Jordan Gets A Surprise Proposal

Jordan and her new boyfriend were only together for six months when he spontaneously proposed. Her friends and family were worried that she was rushing into the single biggest commitment of her life. Privately, Jordan had her own reservations about getting married so early, but after a heart-to-heart with her BFF she realized that she should stop worrying and realize that she was lucky to have met the love of her life. He always has his head in the clouds, so the wedding planning fell mostly to her - but what they're really looking forward to is their honeymoon hiking the Appalachian trail. In the end, Jordan decides to wear hiking boots under her wedding dress and say their vows at the trailhead. What better metaphor for their life's journey than an epic hike for a honeymoon?

19 Allie Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Allie's boyfriend cannot take a hint. He may be witty and charming, but can he read the signals she's sending him? No way. To let him know she's ready to get married, she's going to have to spell it out.

By popping the question herself.

It's something she always figured she'd have to do with her loveable but oblivious man. She planned out a few different scenarios, but in the end she decided to go for the classic getting down on one knee and slipping a RingPop on his finger. She's willing to propose, but he's going to have to get her the diamond ring.

18 Meghan Doesn't See It Coming

There was no way he was going to propose this year. He even said on New Year's that he needed to make a little extra cash before they could start a life together. Little did Meghan know, his boss was giving him a holiday bonus the very next day! He immediately went out and bought a .5 princess cut solitaire, spending the rest on booking the reception hall and caterer Meghan had pinned on her Pinterest board. That weekend, he took her out to her favorite restaurant and ordered their best champagne. Meghan saw the wedding ring before he even had a chance to make a toast, and she couldn't stop squealing long enough to say yes! She had to move the date of the wedding a week ahead (her new fiancé had gotten ahead of himself in scheduling the reception the day of her sister's birthday) but the wonderful surprise wedding was worth some creative calendar management.

17 Danielle Spends The Year Planning Her Perfect Winter Wedding

Danielle does not believe in five-year engagements. When her man proposed to her in January, she decided that she would have the wedding that December. And not a small ceremony, either. Her entire extended family, his entire extended family, and the huge network of friends they were blessed with need to witness them declare their love for each other. With a devoted team of bridesmaids on her side, Danielle is going to pull together a sweet, romantic wedding in a beautiful winter location. But it's not going to be easy to book a caterer and outfit a reception space for four hundred people on short notice. When she walks down the aisle, she'll know that she's not only got an amazing honeymoon in her future - she's also going to enjoy the first free time she's had in a year. You earned it, Danielle!

16 An Elegant Fall Wedding Is In Katie's Future

Katie always knew she would get married in the fall. Her mother wishes she would be a June bride, but Katie met her fiancé when the leaves were turning and she wants to celebrate the end of her singlehood with the end of the harvest. Plus, she wants to spend her honeymoon on the ski slopes. Katie's going to go with a leaf motif for her wedding, even picking out a lace pattern in the shape of leaves and acorns for her veil and elegant, long-sleeved wedding dress. The ceremony and reception will take place in a venue with tall windows perfect for catching the syrupy autumn light and providing guests with a view of red-and-orange forest. Katie and her new husband will join together in the crisp fall air with visions of a skiing-filled honeymoon dancing in their eyes.

15 Ashley Gets Cold Feet, But Her Groom Snaps Her Out Of It

Oh no. Ashley changed her mind again. Ten minutes after he proposed she ran away sobbing, terrified that she'd made the wrong choice. Now, five minutes before the ceremony, her bridesmaid caught her trying to climb out the bathroom window. Who can calm down the runaway bride? Her groom, of course; he knows that she can take on anything after a few moments of being held in his arms. Without even being told, he runs the wrong way down the aisle and into Ashley's dressing room, calling her back to him as he throws open the door. When Ashley turns and sees her handsome, kind groom, reaching out to her, she forgets everything except him. She takes his hand and they walk down the aisle together. In retrospect, it was going to be impossible to get through the bathroom window in that big, fluffy dress.

14 Camila Takes Her Vows Under A Forest Canopy

Camila is not outdoorsy at all. Her fiancé once suggested camping and she pointed out that she did that whenever she slept over his place. How is it that a grown man can still be doing most of his cooking on a hot plate? It's a good thing she's going to be given a government license to domesticate him soon. Camila doesn't think it's going to do any harm to get married in the forest, though, especially since their new home will be located on a lot backed by woodland. Plus, the dappled light makes the gems on her wedding dress sparkle beautifully. Will Camila's honeymoon take place in the wilderness? Absolutely not. She's had a five-star hotel on the beach bookmarked ever since he proposed. Forest backdrop for the wedding photos followed by a week at a spa is her idea of bliss.

13 Stephanie Is Swept Away With The First Roses of Fall

Stephanie loves roses. Her fiancé proposed to her with a ring in one hand and a bouquet of roses in the other. Is there any other flower with such a reputation for beauty and delicacy? And the scent! Stephanie's favorite smell in the world is the fragrance from the last, late-blooming roses in the fall. To her, and to her future husband, the most romantic memories of their lives are tied to that sweet fragrance. If they have a daughter, they plan to name her "Rose." So, of course, Stephanie has to have her wedding in a rose garden in autumn. You get three guesses for what she told the florist to put in the bouquet, and the first two don't count.

12 Mariam Gets Married In A Sweet Springtime Ceremony

Mariam has dreamed of being a spring bride since she was a little girl. The happiest time of year for her is when the first spring flowers poke out through the snow. It doesn't hurt that her favorite color is pink, and a spring wedding is the perfect excuse to wear a gorgeous pink dress. Her fiancé knows that what will make her most happy on their special day is seeing him, her new husband, against a backdrop of riotous greenery and colorful spring flower - that's why he made sure to propose the previous May, to give her a bit of a preview. What better way to celebrate the start of a lifetime of love than to get married in the season of new beginnings?

11 Sarah's Groom Smashes The Glass in October

Sarah met her future husband while they were traveling abroad, and at first she wanted to have a destination wedding to celebrate the place where they first met. She nixed this plan when he brought up the quite reasonable point that their guest list would be limited to whoever could afford plane tickets. A total romantic, Sarah has always fantasized about marrying her true love in the place where they first met; however, family is the most important part of Sarah's life. When she pledges to create a life, home and family with her husband, she wants to be surrounded by the people who have loved her from the start. She and her fiancé eventually decide to have a wedding in their own backyard in October, and it's the happiest day of their lives.

10 Monique Is A Beautiful May Bride

This year, Monique is getting married in May. Her man proposed to her last June - she totally saw it coming, but acted surprised for him anyway - and her friends and family expected her to become a June bride. The problem? Monique was not going to waste the first warm days in May cooped up inside with seating charts. She and her fiancée booked a June honeymoon at a spa in the Adirondacks and sent out invitations for a late May wedding that would let their friends and family celebrate their love in the full bloom of springtime. Monique is going to walk down the aisle in an airy mermaid dress with fresh flowers woven into her hair, secure in the knowledge that she's marrying the love of her life and going on an awesome vacation with him right afterward.

9 Gemma Gets A Breezy Beach Wedding

Gemma met her husband in a land-locked bar in the midwest. They were both on business trips and missing their one true love: the ocean. Both Gemma and her future husband lived on the seashore their entire lives, but he lived on the East Coast and she lived out West - their romance, at first blush, was doomed to fail. Over the next few years their love blossomed despite the physical distance between them and this year, Gemma's moving out East to make things official with her man. Their family and friends will witness them join together in marriage with the ocean waves gently lapping the beach in the background. Their honeymoon will take place in a beautiful seaside cottage as Gemma bonds with her new husband and gets to know the Atlantic ocean.

8 Jamila Ties The Knot In A Lush August Vineyard

Jamila is a consummate hostess, and there's no better opportunity for her to show off her skills than at her wedding. She knows where to source the best food and wine, and doesn't intend to get married far from the farms where she gets her produce. One of her best friends has contacts at a vineyard, and Jamila is going to talk her way into an exclusive wedding in a grape arbor followed by a reception that features a full tasting of the fall's hottest wines. Her fiancé knows he's a lucky man. His bride is not only beautiful, she's a savvy hostess who knows how network her way into the highest-quality ingredients for a low price. It's a skill she's bound to use in their future home.

7 Michelle Sends Out Her Quirky Engagement Photo To Her November Wedding Guests

Michelle and her fiancé have an unbeatable love, and the hottest joint Instagram account of anyone they know. They are the living embodiment of #couplesgoals. Michelle can't help that she and her man are so photogenic! Before he proposed, he knew that he had to set up an Insta-worthy photo. Enlisting one of his buddies to make sure the lighting was perfect and the camera angle on point, he popped the question in a beautiful location with a fully catered engagement dinner on hand. Their wedding will take place in November, but in the meantime, their guests will have their invitation ready to go in the form of a super-cute proposal photo propped up on the mantelpiece.

6 Courtney's August Wedding Is The Event Of The Year

Courtney and her fiancé are both central figures in their community, so when they get married, the whole town is going to turn up at the wedding. Everyone has been following their romance since they were high school sweethearts. Courtney just wants a small wedding with family and friends, but she knows that everyone is going to show up anyway, so she makes arrangements to have a barbecue in the town's central plaza right after the ceremony. In the end, she'll be happy that all the people who watched her romance blossom were there to see her take her vows. Still, she and her new hubby are totally planning a honeymoon on the opposite side of the planet from their loveable but occasionally smothering hometown.

5 Crystal's City Hall Wedding Has A Pinterest-Worthy Reception

Crystal and her fiancé decide to get married in City Hall. When you love the city you live in so much, why not get married in its heart? The ceremony may be minimalist, but Crystal's got serious Pinterest game and her low-budget reception is going to have some high-class decorations. With her new husband's music connections, they're going to score a wedding band that keeps the guests dancing well into the night. She may be a city girl, but Crystal's honeymoon is going to take place in the countryside, where she and hubby can unwind from the long months of hand-crafting centerpieces among fresh air, birdsong, and while sipping good local homebrew.

4 Maria Marries The Love Of Her Life In The Spot Where They First Kissed

Not everyone gets a chance to get married in the spot where she shared her first kiss with her future husband, but Maria will be one of the lucky ones this year. She knew from the moment she met her fiancé that he was the one she would be spending the rest of her life with. It took him a little longer to come to that realization, but then again, she was always the smart one. Now that they're planning their wedding, they want to celebrate every milestone that brought them to the altar. The first kiss of their new marriage will take place where they first declared their love for each other. He thinks it's a little cheesy, but Maria knows - she always knows - that in the future he'll thank her for weaving the story of their love into their wedding day.

3 Natasha's Wedding Is Off The Hook

Some women don't talk about meeting their future husbands in the club. Natasha isn't one of them. She's proud that she met her man when the two of them closed down the club, and she wants her wedding to be even more fun than the epic night when they first met. She's got the best DJ she knows booked, enough floor space for hundreds of people to get their dance on, and an open bar to keep the booze flowing and people moving. When she walks down the aisle, Natasha fully intends to strut her stuff. No demure, lacy wedding dress for her - this bride is going to be navigating through church pews in a gigantic, sparkling skirt that will require at least four bridesmaids to hold the train. When the reception rolls around, she'll change into a rhinestone-studded ensemble that's perfect for getting down on the dance floor.

2 Casey Is Married In The Last Golden Rays Of An Autumn Sunset

Casey met her man in one of the darkest times of her life. His sweet, kind nature pulled her out of despair and his strength helped her fight her worst demons. For the last few years they've taken on the world together and carved out a little piece of heaven in their corner of the world. The catch? They've been "just friends" the whole time. Casey thought she could be okay with that. Until it seemed like he was going to start seeing someone else. She confessed her feelings for him, and he broke down crying because he'd felt the same way for so long that he'd lost hope that his love would ever be returned. He asked her to make him the happiest man in the world. They are going to be married in the fall, and Casey sometimes wonders how she went from the lowest point in her life to the highest in a few short years.

1 Who Will Be The Two New Couples Who Meet At Tara's Wedding?

Tara and her fiancé are the first two people out of all their friends to get married. They know they're perfect for each other, and they have known since they first met. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are all single, though, so the big question at Tara's wedding is - who's next? When the champagne begins to flow at the reception, Tara's happy ending with the love of her life is guaranteed. But which of her friends will go home with a groomsman? And will it last? This is going to be a beautiful wedding that will lead to many more blushing brides. Most importantly, it's going to generate enough gossip to keep people from asking Tara and her new husband when they expect to start having kids. (It's probably going to happen sooner than you'd think, shh!)

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