24 Times Ariana Grande Has Tried A New Beauty Look (& Slayed)

2018 was definitely the year Ariana Grande was on top of the world. She was Billboard's 2018 Woman of the Year, her public relationship with Pete Davidson had fans swooning over the adorable duo, and her subsequent single "Thank U, Next" broke records. According to Hollywood Reporter, the music video racked up the most views ever on a YouTube video in 24 hours.

Along with revolutionizing the breakup anthem for people everywhere, Ariana also got nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album for the 2019 Grammys.

Ariana's rise to fame has definitely evolved over the years, from her beginnings as a child star on both Broadway and Nickelodeon to her foray into becoming a singer, which early on drew comparisons to ultimate diva, Mariah Carey. Bewildering the world with her immense vocal chops for such a pint-sized beauty, Ariana evolved her sound from a heavy '90s R&B influence, to EDM-inspired, to the pop icon she is today.

Along with her musical style evolving, her beauty prowess has grown, too. Her time on Nickelodeon had her rocking fluorescent red locks for years until she finally steered away from elaborate hair dye and transitioned into a period of time where she re-defined the ponytail.

Throughout the 25-year-old's journey, here's a look back at all the times the "Thank U, Next" singer tried a new beauty look—and completely rocked it.

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24 When She Rocked Red Hair For A Long Portion Of Her Early Career


The Florida-born star first hit the scene in the late nineties on the popular Nickelodeon show Victorious, looking completely different with fiery-red curls and a fresh face, a far cry from her signature cat eye makeup and long ponytail her current fans know her for.

According to Daily Mail, it turns out that since the female cast was predominantly brunette, the show's executive producer made the petite beauty dye her hair red every second week to make her stand out from her co-stars.

Over the long run, the look completely tore up her locks, sparking the ponytail trend as it was the only look that worked for the songstress.

23 When Her Signature Pony Started With A Cute Side Part


Ariana definitely remembers her ponytail fondly, as it's certainly had its own share of beauty transformations over the years. According to Refinery29, the star first debuted the pony with a side part, looking absolutely adorable. "This was the floral-dress-and-side-bang phase. See? The ponytail has had quite the evolution — not to toot my own horn. I do love the ponytail, but there are many different ways to execute the ponytail. The pony was sort of off to the side — by accident, I think. See, that was a nervous tick, to twirl and pull it off to one side. The ponytail has always been a part of my life. I started doing the ponytail in middle school when my friend Suzanne and I always had these crazy, floppy side-ponytails, but I do like to mix it up now and again."

22 The Time She Threw Her Hair Up In A Bun And Let Her Lashes Do The Talking


Sure, Ari loves having her hair out of her face, electing to usually clip half of it back, but to fully commit to a high bun? It's a look that rarely ever happens.

The star decided to throw her hair up in a classy high bun while walking the red carpet during the 2015 American Music Awards, looking utterly elegant.

With this look, the focus fell on her lashes, which were elaborate and long, complete with her signature cat eye which certainly gave her that perfect, doe-eyed look. She would later put her hair down during her performance for the night, but this princess look dominated the night earlier on.

21 When She Wore Her Hair Down But Added Some French Braids, Too


March 2016 saw Ariana wearing her hair down, but still taking some strands and getting them out of her face, courtesy of some cleverly placed French braids. Another update is her hair color, which she dyed a darker shade of brown than the one we usually see the star sporting.

As per Hollywood Life, this was clearly the month for Ariana to experiment with braids, as another week saw her donning boxer braids—much like Kim Kardashian, who really spearheaded the look on her own. This look was also fantastic on Ari and achieved the most important thing to her: keeping her hair out of her face.

20 When She Selfied With Her Natural Curls


With Ari's hair going through so many transitions, it's hard to say what her natural hair is truly like—as the star barely ever showcases it! She did once, however, back in 2015, when she posted to her IG a set of selfies with her naturally curly hair.

She captioned the photo, "Peekaboo healthy curls, long time no see."

According to Glamour, she also had a second IG post which she shortly deleted, wherein she thanked her hairstylist Dalina Rebollo, "Took us a while to get these babies back but they're here feel like my old self again!!! Thank you @dalinaway for taking such good care of my hair every day."

19 When She Swapped Her Pony For A Top Knot


Ariana loves having her hair out of her face, a look she achieves usually with her long pony, but sometimes elects to go a different route, too. According to Refinery29, 2015 saw the songstress opt for a top knot instead of her regular look, combined with beautifully bronzed eyeshadow, which made her eyes pop.

As she explained to Refinery29, "YAS! This was one fun! I love the bronze-y colors on the lid! I love that champagne-pink, yummy, warm lid. The red lip is tight. The half topknot is kind of cool; it still accomplishes the hair out of the face, which is very important to me — I like to keep it up or back. I get too fidgety. I am not used to it being down."

18 When She Popularized The Lampshading Trend And Took The Guesswork Out Of Getting Dressed


You may or may not have not heard of the term "lampshading," but you've definitely seen girls rock this look, one that Ariana definitely spearheaded herself and made it her own.

The term refers to a having a look made up of one all-encompassing top element (in Ari's case, a sweatshirt that's massively oversized on her) and thigh-high boots.

A look that's also been seen on the Kardashian-Jenner family, it's certainly not a novel idea, but Ari simply loves it, and it's definitely easy to do. She's been seen rocking this trend on countless occasions—and pulling it off to perfection every time.

17 When She Got Thick Bangs To Go With Her Classic Pony


Although she usually pulls her hair fully back, Ariana does play around with bangs from time to time. A very retro look that harks back to the '60s, Ari does like going vintage with her locks. She once told Refinery29 about her time having bangs for her "Side To Side" music video, "We tried some clip-ins for the 'Side To Side' video together and they completed the picture. Two days after we shot that video, I was like, 'We have to cut these!' I love them. I can do heavier bangs with all the pieces forward, for more of a ‘60s Brigitte Bardot [look]."

16 When She Dyed Her Hair Grey But Threw A Snapchat Filter On Top, Too


The last two years of Ariana's life have definitely seen the star experiment with her looks the most, dying her hair different colors and departing from her go-to brunette ponytail. As per Refinery29, 2017 saw the singer post a new picture to IG showing off a new purple-grew hair color and captioning it, "btw (it's grey)."

Because of the Snapchat filter she used on top, the hair seems more purple, but the starlet definitely has a different hue.

It turns out Chris Appleton, longtime Kardashian stylist did Ari's hair, as he posted the same look to his own IG page, writing, "LOVE the Silver vibes."

15 When She Adorably Wore Space Buns


Back in 2015, Ari's musical style was definitely influenced by the '90s, her voice also an homage to a completely different era of iconic R&B divas. With her voice reflecting that period in time, she sometimes let her looks become inspired by it too, such as the time she rocked two adorable space buns.

As she explained to Refinery29 about debuting the look on the red carpet in London, "I look very nervous here! I am a big fan of space buns and these are cute! I have so many '90s icons - my musical and beauty and style icons kind of go hand in hand. A lot of the ‘90s music that has influenced me has also influenced my style lately."

14 When She Wore A Low Pony But Otherwise Went For A Marilyn Monroe Look With Her Outfit


Retro Ari looks like such a perfect diva! According to Cosmopolitan, she went for a faux-Monroe look in April of 2016 for the MTV Movie Awards, where she performed "Dangerous Woman" and gave off major Marilyn vibes in a pink gown, diamond necklace, and faux fur.

The outfit looked a lot like the one Monroe wore while singing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" in the 1953 classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

The only difference between herself and the late Hollywood icon was that she elected to keep her hair brown and in a low pony, instead of the recreating Marilyn's short and curly blonde bob.

13 When She Wore A Wig And Looked Classically Beautiful


The 2015 American Music Awards saw Ari performing on stage looking utterly classic and perfect with a brown wig and her bangs clipped back to the side, along with an elegant studded dress, and white gloves. As she explained to Refinery29, she had to wear a wig since her red carpet look was so different from what she had to perform in! "I had to do a quick change into a top knot bun for the audience look, so we did this wig [for the performance]. I had a 102-degree fever when I did this performance, so that’s all I see what I look at that this — chills!"

12 Her Thick Winged Eyeliner Look, That Looks So Mod And Flirty


A signature Ariana Grande beauty look is to keep her cheeks perfectly highlighted while putting the focus on her eyes with an exaggerated cat eye—very flirty and '60s mod.

In fact, in an interview with Refinery29, the star revealed that she loves this look so much she can actually do it herself!

"I did that makeup myself and my mom styled me! I am obsessed with the Anastasia highlighting palettes — they are everything. My nose looks like the New Year's ball — it’s hilarious."

The look was for the 2015 Grammys and marks one of the star's favorite looks she's ever worn on the red carpet.

11 When She Wore A Purple Lip And Kept The Rest Of Her Look Simple


Much like her signature ponytail, Ari definitely has a go-to makeup look too, usually opting to keep her face fresh and glowing, letting her doe eyes do the talking. That being said, the MTV Video Music Awards in 2014 saw the beauty experimenting with color on her lips, definitely wanting to make an entrance for her first VMA appearance.

She spoke to Refinery29 about the look, "Pretty sure I was very anxious when this photo was taken — I was like, 'VMAs!' We did the 'Bang Bang' lip color, which was the Magenta M.A.C. lip liner — how do I remember that?"

10 When She Simply Threw A Dad Hat Over Her Long Locks


Not always having to be elaborately done up, Ari proves from time to time she can be an off-duty diva with her looks, too.

Back in 2017, the star hung out in San Antonio, Texas, and posted this adorable look to her IG, where she let her hair down and threw a dad hat on top—an easy and comfortable solution for the day.

The look has over 3 million likes to date and rightfully so, as the star looks perfect with her long, brown, cascading made and usual face of doe-eyed makeup.

9 When She Kept Up With The Pastel Trend And Dyed Her Hair Lavender


2018 saw a vast majority of celebs go the pastel hair route, most of them electing to go a millennial pink shade. Ari, however, marched to the beat of her own drum and went lavender instead, debuting the light purple hair color on her IG page, captioning it "lavender." Fans were huge supporters of the look, racking up the photo to over two million likes almost instantly.

This look came a month after her foray into having gray hair, and a bit after letting her hair down for the cover of the British Vogue, where she rocked beachy blonde waves, instead.

8 Her Platinum Blonde Low Pony, Which She Debuted This Past March


Ariana hasn't strayed much from her signature brunette locks in recent years and why would she? It's a look that she absolutely slays.

That's why fans were so surprised this past March when she debuted a platinum blonde 'do and elected to put her hair back in a low pony, as opposed to the unicorn-like high one she usually has.

Her fans went wild at this sudden transition and took to social media to discuss what the beauty change meant. As per Allure, one Twitter user wrote, "All my AP Lit training is telling me that high ponytail Ariana Grande = happy and low ponytail Ariana = sad," while another observed, "Ariana Grande lowered her ponytail...she’s ready to fight."

7 When She Went From Platinum Blonde To Icy Blue Almost Immediately After


The end of this past summer saw Ari go through some major hair changes, from first surprising the world with her platinum blonde tresses, to shortly after transitioning to icy blue. According to Teen Vogue, the transition was relatively seamless, as her hair was already light enough and didn't need any bleach for her to try out a new hue. The look was done courtesy of hairstylist Josh Liu, who created it in honor of her new Reebok campaign which also starred Gigi Hadid and Gal Gadot.

With her dark roots peeking through up top, this icy look was simply gorgeous.

6 When She Looked Unrecognizable On The Cover Of Vogue


Turning heads yet again in 2018, Ariana Grande appeared on the July cover of Vogue U.K. practically unrecognizable, as she elected to ditch her pony and sport loose and wavy blonde locks, instead.

According to her IG page, her hair was done by legendary Kardashian hairstylist, Chris Appleton, while her makeup was created courtesy of Mark Carrasquillo, which was another departure from her usual cat eye look.

According to Channel 24, the themes covered in her Vogue interview were also about transition and change, as the star discussed the internal struggles she's faced since the 2017 events at her Manchester concert.

5 The Long Bow That Went With Her Just-As-Long Pony


Another moment of Ariana jazzing up her incredibly long pony was during the Met Gala of 2018, where she added an equally-as-long bow which complimented her hair perfectly. The theme for the event was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, so the singer made her red carpet appearance wearing a Vera Wang ball gown that quite literally had Michelangelo's "The Last Judgement" painting on it—the same one that's inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

To match her dress, the bow was the perfect compliment, along with her sparkly makeup which truly made her eyes pop.

4 When She Went For Sparkly Green Makeup Right After Her Breakup From Pete Davidson


After breaking up with a boyfriend, or even more severe, calling off an engagement, some women would take some downtime to themselves to reflect on such a big decision.

Ariana? She took the time to debut a new beauty look so far from her usual one—and absolutely slay it.

As per Refinery29, her first appearance since her split from Pete Davidson was for the filming of A Very Wicked Halloween, the NBC special celebrating Wicked's 15th anniversary. Ariana took to the stage to sing her favorite song from the musical, but it's her makeup that stood out, as she wore dark green sparkly lipstick along with matching sparkly lime green eyeshadow.

3 When She Gave Her Signature Pony An Update By Crimping It


Since Ariana has truly made her flawless ponytail such a staple to her look, it's no wonder she sometimes likes to spice it up a bit, bringing another element to the otherwise perfect hairstyle. It's not the first time the diva has decided to crimp her pony, as it turns out it's one of her favorite things to do. In an interview with Refinery29, she explained how much she loves the look. "This was my favorite hair and makeup look. I am crazy about the crimp texture, I think that is is such a cool thing to do."

2 When She Ditched Her Pony And Let Her Long Brown Locks Cascade


Fans around the world went nuts for this one. Back in August for the release day of her newest album, "Sweetener", Ariana decided to quite literally let her hair down and rock a blowout that looked utterly immaculate.

According to Teen Vogue, this look was debuted after an appearance on Beats Radio 1, where she was seen walking around New York City with this incredibly sleek look—which even resulted in an increase in hair extension sales.

Along with her beautiful mane, Ariana completed her look with an oversized "Sweetener" sweatshirt, a matching see-through "Sweetener" tote, and thigh-high boots, yet again showcasing that lampshading looks fabulous.

1 Recently, When She Chopped Off Her Locks And Rocked A Lob


What could be more surprising than Ariana Grande letting her hair down completely? Hacking it off to a lob, of course. Fans everywhere were completely surprised, after all, this is the first time the pint-sized starlet has had her hair this short. According to Refinery29, Ariana has even once said that her ponytail has always been a part of her life, but sometimes she simply "likes to switch it up from time to time.”

Perhaps she's switching up her look following the rollercoaster year she's had or maybe she's teasing the release of her fifth album, set to come out before the new year. Regardless, after speaking to her hairstylist Josh Liu, Refinery29 received intel that the haircut is "just a project we're working on."

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