24 Restaurants In Europe That Will Up Everyone's Social Media Game

We know that it can feel a little silly to stand up in the middle of a restaurant to get the perfect pic of your food — but we can’t help it, we all want our feeds to look amazing, right? Plus, when you're in a restaurant that has a nice aesthetic or a pretty vibe, it's like they're asking us to advertise for them!

Some people may think that taking pictures of your food looks a little ridiculous, but let’s be honest: we have probably all found great restaurants and tried new foods based off photos we saw on our social media feeds!

Social media is actually an awesome tool for discovering new restaurants. This is especially true when you're traveling. Look, we know that not every meal that looks good on social media tastes as good when you actually sit down to eat it, but chances are that if a place is getting a ton of positive buzz, their menu is legit. 

Photographers and travel bloggers are always sharing photos of the delicious food that they try on the road. So if you’re taking a Eurotrip anytime soon, we've got your back. Here are 25 restaurants in Europe that will spice up your food-photo game!

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24 Ga Ya Ya (Berlin, Germany)


Berlin is full of so many incredible restaurants that it can be tough to choose where to eat in this hip city! Luckily, we have found a true gem for you.

Ga Ya Ya is an Asian fusion restaurant with a unique twist.

According to their website, you can ask the chef to surprise you with whatever she feels like making! It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but if you specify other dietary restrictions, they will be happy to whip up something special for you.

And just check out how colorful their food is — doesn’t looking at that picture just make you feel hungry?

23 Sketch London (London, England)


Going out to eat in London can be a little on the expensive side — but trust us, the experience is so worth it. This diverse, bustling city is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

Sketch London is a hotspot at any time of day. According to their website, this adorable restaurant serves afternoon tea each day, along with lunch and dinner. Their incredible interior is just begging to be photographed!

You won’t be able to resist snapping a few pics for your Insta feed. The owners wanted the space to look and feel artsy and creative on the inside.

22 Happy Days Diner (Paris, France)


We know this looks like the inside of a classic American diner, but the Happy Days Diner is actually located in Paris, France! Hard to believe, right?

It truly looks like it was lifted right out of the 1950s.

According to their website, they are well known for being the best place in Paris to grab a casual burger and a milkshake! Now, we know that visitors to Paris will definitely want to try some classic French food, but if you find yourself craving the comforts of home, the Happy Days Diner is the best spot to grab a good meal.

21 Le Louis (Monte Carlo, Monaco)


Feel like splurging on your Eurotrip? Look no further than Le Louis in Monte Carlo, Monaco, a favorite spot for those with a taste for fine dining!

This interior is simply gorgeous — doesn’t it look more like the inside of a palace than a restaurant? It’s impossible NOT to feel like a princess while sitting down for a delicious meal at Le Louis.

According to their website, dining at Le Louis is meant to be a “unique culinary experience” — so be prepared to drop a little extra cash on the kind of gourmet food that you can’t get anywhere else!

20 The Elephant House (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Why is the tiny coffee shop, The Elephant House, in Edinburgh so beloved by millions of people around the world? According to their website, this is the cafe where J.K. Rowling started writing the first Harry Potter novel!

Fans flock to the Elephant House day after day.

It makes them feel closer to the series they love so much just to see the place where she got her first jolt of inspiration to write the series that made such a huge impact on the world. Of course, there is Harry Potter memorabilia all over the inside of the cafe, so there is no better place in Edinburgh to take some Insta pics!

19 Väkst (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Copenhagen, Denmark, is such a quaint city that there are Instagrammable restaurants everywhere you look! But if we had to narrow it down to just one winner, we would have to go with Väkst. Just look at that interior — it looks like you are dining in a spacious greenhouse!

According to their website, they serve all kinds of cuisine, and whether you are a vegetarian or can’t live without steak, you will find something to suit your tastes here! And we are willing to bet that all of their meals would rake in tons of likes on your Instagram feed.

18 Tarihi Cinaralti (Istanbul, Turkey)


Istanbul is such a wild city — millions and millions of people live and work in this busy metropolis, which spans two continents! And millions of tourists also come through each year. What attracts them to Istanbul? Well, many of them just love Turkish cuisine!

So, where is the best place to get amazing Turkish food and enjoy unbeatable views?

Tarihi Cinaralti is a lovely restaurant and teahouse right on the river — according to their website, you can enjoy your lunch and afternoon tea right on the water! We can’t imagine a better place in Istanbul to enjoy a delicious meal with a view.

17 Restaurace Kolonial (Prague, Czech Republic)


The entire city of Prague looks like it was lifted straight out of a fairytale. If we didn’t know better, we would say that perhaps it was originally built to be the set of a Disney movie!

So, yes, what we’re trying to say here is that you could probably post a photo from anywhere in Prague on Insta and get plenty of likes.

But Restuarace Kolonial might just be the most photogenic restaurant. According to their website, they focus on traditional Czech cuisine in a fun, hip setting. It is a great place for a proper sit-down meal.

16 Orizontes (Athens, Greece)


Greek food just might be the best in the world — and it is always a great value for the price! Want to get an amazing meal in Athens with an even better view?

Orizontes is the perfect place to do it.

According to their website, they are located at the peak of Mount Lycabettus. This mountain is located in the center of Athens, and it is the highest point in the entire city.

If you come to Orizontes for dinner, you will be able to enjoy views of the entire city of Athens as you dine on delicious classic Greek food.

15 La Maison Gourmand (Warsaw, Poland)


Poland may not be the biggest tourist destination in Europe, but their capital city of Warsaw is an underrated destination for foodies who want to experience the best of Polish cuisine!

It is filled with traditional restaurants serving hearty Polish food as well as adorable cafes that are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Le Maison Gourmand is one of those cafes.

According to their website, this bakery serves up everything from croissants to cupcakes to mini pies. And just look at those cute little cakes all stacked up — it is the perfect aesthetic for a great Insta pic.

14 Paulig Kulma (Helsinki, Finland)


Helsinki, Finland is another great city that doesn’t get a lot of love from backpackers. This is partly because there seems to be a high price tag on everything in Finland! But trust us, the trip to this Scandinavian city is well worth the extra cost!

Helsinki is overflowing with hip cafes around every corner.

Our recommendation? Paulig Kulma is the best place to spice up your Insta page AND enjoy delicious coffee and treats. According to their website, they have everything from bread with savory fillings to perfectly roasted coffee to tasty little cakes — the choice is all yours!

13 The Doghouse (Howth, Ireland)


Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is home to a blossoming restaurant scene — and yes, it’s true that you will find many cute cafes and cozy pubs in the city center!

But if you want to find something unique and super photogenic, you will need to take a short train ride out of the city to the seaside town of Howth to have a meal at The Doghouse.

As you can see in the photo, it is actually quite luxurious! According to their website, this restaurant is meant to be as cozy as possible — they even have beds available if you’re waiting for a table!

12 Vegan Junk Food Bar (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


The Vegan Junk Food Bar is one of the hottest new restaurants in Amsterdam! They have only been around for a little over a year, but because of their incredible food, they are quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the entire city. According to their website, they serve up heaping portions of amazing vegan junk food.

So if you avoid eating things like meat and dairy, this is a great spot to swing by.

You can get vegan burgers, vegan cheese fries, vegan desserts — anything that your heart desires, the Vegan Junk Food Bar has it.

11 Veda House (Sofia, Bulgaria)


If you’ve never considered going to Sofia, Bulgaria before, learning a little more about their underrated foodie scene might just be the thing that changes your mind. Sofia is a city that is slowly coming into its own, and laid back restaurants like Veda House are attracting visitors.

According to their website, Veda House is a tea house and lunch spot, and they have incredible food that can suit any taste. Whether you are gluten-free, vegan, or just want to sit for a couple hours with a delicious pot of tea, Veda House is a chill cafe to hang out at.

10 Romeow Cat Bistro (Rome, Italy)


The concept of cat cafes has become so popular that it is now becoming mainstream in cities all around the world! If you ever visit Rome, we know that you will probably want to eat tons of pizza and pasta, but if you’re craving something different, check out Romeow Cat Cafe!

According to their website, they are home to several cute kitties that just want to snuggle.

They also have a delicious variety of hearty lunches and coffee drinks. If you happen to find yourself missing your own furry friend on your travels, you will definitely have to check it out!

9 Dinner In The Sky (Antwerp, Belgium)


Dinner in the Sky is not just a restaurant, it is a unique experience unlike anything else. This restaurants quite literally hangs in the sky. You will be sitting high above the city of Antwerp while you enjoy your dinner!

According to their website, making a reservation is a must, and it is best for group dinners. There is limited space, so if this is something you want to do in the near future, it’s time to start planning and book your spot! Trust us, there is simply nothing else like it in Europe — and can you imagine the photo ops?

8 The Artist (Bucharest, Romania)


As more and more people find out about all of the underrated attractions in Romania, this country is beginning to bring in more tourists. If you want to experience it while the prices are still low, now is the time to book your trip and see it for yourself!

This gourmet restaurant in Bucharest takes photogenic meals to a whole new level.

According to The Artist's website, this is the place to go in Bucharest if you want to try a truly sophisticated meal made with fresh ingredients. The chefs put so much effort into every aspect of every single dish!

7 Restaurant Kontrast (Oslo, Norway)


Just like Helsinki, Norway’s capital of Oslo isn’t the biggest tourist destination in Europe. This is most likely because it is also a bit more expensive than other popular cities. However, the cuisine is truly fresh and delicious, and you will not regret spending a little bit more on food!

Where to start your adventure in Oslo? Restaurant Kontrast is an ideal spot to treat yourself to some creative takes on Norwegian cuisine. According to their website, they put as much care into plating their colorful dishes as they do cooking them! Sounds like an Instagram foodie’s dream restaurant.

6 Atira-Te Ao Rio (Lisbon, Portugal)


In terms of cuisine, Spain might get a bit more attention than Portugal—but that is only because so many people still have not discovered the wonders of Portuguese food yet!

We’re convinced that you cannot find better seafood in any other country.

Where is the best spot to enjoy it? Atira-Te Ao Rio in Lisbon is a wonderful seafood restaurant. According to their website, they are located right on the water, so you can see exactly where your dinner was caught!

Just check out that gorgeous pink sunset and imagine yourself enjoying a delicious dinner in that very spot.

5 Black Bear Cafe (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


If you want to visit the United Kingdom without breaking the bank, Northern Ireland is without a doubt the best place to go. The capital city of Belfast is home to many amazing new restaurants, and you’ll want to make sure the battery on your phone is charged to snap photos of these cute cafes! Black Bear Cafe in Belfast is not one to miss.

According to their website, they serve baked goods, fresh iced teas, and incredible coffee — the coffee in Northern Ireland is honestly one of this little country’s best-kept secrets. It’s time to plan your visit!

4 Simply Raw Bakery (Vienna, Austria)


No one goes to a bakery to get a healthy meal, right? Well, not if you go to a traditional bakery where everything is baked with the usual ingredients —  sugar, butter, oil, eggs, etc.

But if you go to Simply Raw Bakery in Vienna, you will be treated to something totally different.

According to their website, this cafe only serves raw vegan baked goods made from fruits and natural sweeteners, like date sugar, agave, and maple syrup! So yes, the sugar content will still be high, but you will be able to enjoy a guilt-free treat — and, of course, post it on Instagram.

3 Cafe Du Bonheur (Zurich, Switzerland)


Zurich, Switzerland is another city that can easily drain your wallet, which is why you will have to plan carefully if you want to visit. But lucky for you, we’ve already got your first restaurant recommendation right here! Cafe du Bonheur is a great stop for lunch and a quick caffeine boost.

According to their website, they have everything from fresh seafood to delicious cakes for dessert! Their menu changes frequently as the chefs are always trying to find new dishes to spice things up. It is a great spot for people watching in Zurich—and snapping pics for Instagram!

2 Flax & Kale (Barcelona, Spain)


Just look at this amazing colorful bowl of pasta! Yes, most people will want to visit Italy to get their pasta fix, but have you ever considered Barcelona? Flax & Kale is a healthy yet delicious restaurant located in Barcelona where you can try creative dishes like the one in the photo above. According to their website, they focus on serving dishes created with fresh, nutritious ingredients.

They want to show their customers just how good healthy food can taste!

So if you want to stay healthy on your travels while enjoying delicious flavors, Flax & Kale is the perfect spot for you.

1 Greta's (Stockholm, Sweden)


If you just can’t resist cute cafes and coffee shops, you will definitely want to swing by Greta’s if you should ever find yourself in Stockholm.

According to their website, this is meant to be a glamorous yet relaxing space where you can just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe do a little people watching while you’re at it. 

The real draw is the aesthetic (but the food is great, too). Just look at that cozy pink interior — you will not be able to stop posing for pics! It looks like it was designed with Instagram in mind.

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