24 Psychological Reasons Why Each Zodiac Sign Hasn't Found The One (His & Hers)

You might be single right now or you might be at some point in the near future. The truth is that everyone has to deal with being single at a certain time in their life, and that can be a beautiful thing. It can also be pretty scary at times, don't get me wrong. If you're single at the moment, you might have asked yourself why in the heck you can't land a date that actually wows you to your very core?! Admit it! Even if you're enjoying being single and ready to mingle, sometimes you lie awake, wondering if you're ever going to find "the one".  You've dated a few weirdos, been on countless dates, but haven't been able to take things to the next level. At times, you start to wonder if there's a reason why you simply don't connect.

There may be a number of reasons why you're not making a love match. It could be that the stars haven't aligned in your favor, and that's exactly where you might have to look to in order to figure out what you need to start doing, (or avoiding!) in order to meet the love of your life.

As you may or may not know, Zodiac signs offer specific profiles about your personality, your likes and dislikes, and the pros and cons of your impulses and behaviors. So, go ahead and take a look at some of these zodiac sign traits carefully, because you might just discover the key that could put an end to loneliness for good, just as long as you're open to learning more about yourself.

24 Aries Woman: You Could Be Expecting Too Much


Confidence is a definite trait for a powerful Aries woman, which is one of the fire signs in the Zodiac. But an abundance of confidence can also be your downfall if you start acting like you're the center of the universe. Some guys might not be strong enough to handle a boss lady who knows exactly what they want. Another trait that is common with Aries is their energy, which they seemingly have enough for two. Things can backfire even when you mean well, like when you jump in and try to save the day. You're known for being in charge, all the time, and it might be pushing your potential love interest away. Maybe they want to jump in and save you for a change!

Your partner might not always understand why you tend to be so feisty at times. At the same time, you just don't understand why they don't get it that this is who you are. In the end, neither side wins, especially you, who'll end up single again. Another quality that doesn't always sit well with a significant other is the emotional roller coaster ride you're on. You could be energetic and happy one minute and then become the totally opposite a minute later. Then again, you need your freedom, and if you find someone that shows way too much emotion and wants to constantly see you, then you'll probably end things instead of dealing with the issue and trying to meet your partner halfway.

23 Aries Man: You Can Be Kind Of Chauvinistic At Times


Aries is often depicted as the ram because you're fearless and love to act tough, but sometimes that courage can give off the wrong impression. Like what? Well, people might perceive you as someone who's emotionally unwilling or unable to make a commitment. You also tend to be outspoken, which can really be off-putting to your potential love interest, particularly because they barely know you. You have no filters, and often times, the way you express yourself can be misinterpreted...badly.

The bottom line is that relationships aren't easy for Aries, especially the guys, but compassion will always go a long way in a relationship. And even though Aries men tend to think of themselves first, they also have a soft spot for the people they love. But that's always the dilemma you've always had as an Aries. You prefer to do things on your own, and your energy level is so high that most partners in your life will not be able to catch up. In order for a relationship to succeed, you would need to find someone who is socially and financially independent or things simply will not work. On the other hand, you're a very forgiving individual because you're always too busy focusing on your next trip abroad, your own projects, your family, and friends. The most beautiful thing about Aries men is that they're constantly doing their thing, which is why they're too busy to hold on to grudges. That in itself can be the key to a long-lasting relationship.

22 Taurus Woman: You’re Overly Emotional At The Worst Times


As an Earth sign, Taurus Women tend to stay grounded, which is an excellent trait because it makes you more practical and efficient. But you can be extremely materialistic at times and often focus too much on the superficial side of things, and not what's underneath a person's skin. So, most of the time, you end up hanging out with people who are beautiful on the outside but offer absolutely no value, no love, and no compassion. In essence, you easily surround yourself with beautiful and successful people, but you still feel lonely on the inside.

In this case, it's your overly charged emotions that tend to come out during the worst times ever, despite the fact that you enjoy a balanced life. When you become incredibly stubborn, you become temperamental, and when that happens, you can be really hard to deal with. Your level of PDA can also go from zero to a hundred in an instant, particularly if you suspect that there's a rival trying to steal your love interest. Obviously, no one wants to put up with someone who is so emotional, you can barely sit down and discuss what's bothering you. Fortunately, Taurus women are smart enough to know that they can find healthy ways to vent, like taking yoga classes, going swimming, or working out at the park.

21 Taurus Man: You’ve Put Up A Ton Of Walls


Just like the bull, which is this sign's true symbol, men born under this sign can easily lose it when they feel pressured to win the heart of the person they have developed feelings for. In fact, Taurus men will go into panic mode, which is probably why you tend to reach for a brown bag and start breathing into it when things get tough. The truth is, as a Taurus, you're pretty passive and you don't often show a lot of initiative. But there also seems to be an inner struggle within you between your passive nature and your traditional values. This leads to a slippery slope when you're unsure about how to best go about figuring out if someone has the same feelings you have for them.

You go crazy, trying to analyze the way someone else is behaving, and you do this in secret. This will usually go on for a while until you're finally able to figure out if making the first move is worth it or not. Until that happens, you put up tons of walls that certainly don't appeal to your crushes. But if the object of your desire happens to reciprocate, they're in for a treat, because as a Taurus, you're the kind of guy who loves commitment and will look after the person you love. Once they realize that you're sort of a gift sent from above, they won't be able to leave your side.

20 Gemini Woman: Sometimes, You Can’t Control Yourself


As an air sign, you've got brains and good looks, but you're also strong, independent and a force to be reckoned with. But you can't really control your emotions all the time. In fact, that's one of the reasons why you avoid getting involved in a long-winded philosophical debate or an argument because you know that when you do start debating and defending your ideas, that's when your emotions make their presence known.

But your emotional fixation isn't limited to crying or screaming. You can be overly emotional when it comes to love too. You develop this need to fall in love and cuddle almost immediately, but you do have the power to fall out of love in an instant too. It's why you might have trouble connecting with someone in the long run. There's just no way of knowing whether you'll remain emotionally committed to your significant other, or if you're about to end things over a silly argument. Of course, as a Gemini woman, you might not always show how deeply your emotions run, and in this particular case, it's because you just don't understand how you really feel. Deep inside, you feel like you know what you're looking for...you just don't want to waste your time waiting for someone to show you they're the one. Give people a chance and be patient. Love might be right around the corner.

19 Gemini Man: You’re Way Too Scared Of Commitment


When it comes to commitment, Gemini men aren't always on the same page as everyone else. As a Gemini, you're always willing and able to face whatever life throws at you, and you prefer to be on the move all the time, which can be a huge deal-breaker in a relationship. And ironically, you'll handle anything...except, in some cases, love. Under certain circumstances, your lack of commitment might be the result of the fear you feel. It could be because you've had your heart broken before and you simply don't want to put yourself at risk again. On the other hand, it could simply be because you're a wild child and the thought of being in a committed relationship would make you feel like you're losing your freedom. If you date someone who doesn't share your values and free-spirited ways, then you'll lose interest in relationships in no time.

Gemini men need to find the time to socialize and meet new people as often as possible. After all, Geminis are known for being sociable and are truly able to connect with a lot of people with barely any effort. But in order to finally find someone that rocks your world, you need to make sure that you're truly connecting with someone, and not just "hanging out". Otherwise, people might perceive you as not only unreliable but also scared of your own emotions. However, the opposite can be said when you do overcome your commitment issues and allow your childlike heart to experience true love. Boy, when that happens, you're like a volcano of energy and pure love.

18 Cancer Woman: You Tend To Give Way Too Much


A lot of women have a strong maternal instinct, but as a Cancer woman, your instincts are overpowering, especially when you fall in love. This often blurs the line between the role you're supposed to play as a significant other and what one would expect from a motherly figure. But a part of you can't help it because you always wear your heart like a crown and aren't shy about showing how protective, loving, and nurturing you can be. This will make you vulnerable because you will either find someone who will use you or you'll smother your partner to the point that they'll want to run, leaving you devastated.

After all, Cancer women are known for being these amazing human beings, who always put their needs ahead of their own because they're extremely selfless. But they often get rejected because no one wants to date someone who resembles their own mother, (well, almost no one!)

So, if you want to find true love, you'll need to learn to put some boundaries up to protect yourself when you're out there looking for a relationship. And once in a while, allow your significant other to go all out and treat you like the princess you are because you deserve it.

17 Cancer Man: You’re Might Be Too Insecure


As a Cancer man, your emotions flow heavily like a river, which makes perfect sense since you're a water sign. Your emotions run deep and you're very sensitive to others, but when you fall in love, all of your insecurities begin to surface. It's why you prefer to stick to certain codes of conducts when you're trying to find someone to have a meaningful relationship with. It's just safer that way and you feel more secure and in control of the situation.

You might also feel insecure about something much deeper, which is a common trait among those born under the Cancer sign, and that's the fact that you're overly emotional and you know it. Most guys have a thing about keeping their feelings bottled up because they think that being openly sensitive will make them look weak among other men, not to mention women. Oddly enough, what you might not realize is that by being an emotional person this also makes you sensitive to the needs of others. Compassion is an attractive trait to have because it makes you an effective listener and also a great problem solver. So, being sweet and emotional isn't something you have to hide because when the right person comes along, they'll absolutely love that side of you.

16 Leo Woman: You’re Often Very Intense


You've heard of the saying, "I am woman, hear me roar!" Well, Leo women are just like the symbol used to represent this Zodiac sign. If you're a Leo woman then the universe as you know it starts to revolve around the person you're crushing on, almost instantly. But this can easily get too intense, way too fast. It's not that there's anything wrong with pampering your partner, but you don't know how to hit the brakes, so you give everything to the one you love and that includes your heart and soul.

You're also pretty confident too, and you have the habit of making intense eye contact when you want someone, which is how they'll know that you're not into playing games. But some people can't handle such intense emotions, right off the bat. Your attitude and commanding posture will show the world that you're not the kind of gal that likes to back down. But you're also pretty stubborn and don't always like to compromise or accept change, and when you feel like you're backed into a corner, then you'll start showing your claws and your teeth. This type of behavior might be okay once you've been with someone for a long time, but when you're out there in the dating world, the intensity might scare away some people. Make sure to take it slow and allow people to get to know you little by little.

15 Leo Man: You Can Be Too Egotistical At Times


Just like most Leo women, a Leo man can also be really intense, but that makes you irresistible to most partners. You tend to love the proverbial chase as you look for your soulmate to spend your life with. In fact, the relationship probably wouldn't be worthwhile if the chase wasn't challenging enough for someone like you. Love will always give you an ego boost, and once you've got what you're looking for, you'll act less like a lion and more like a kitten who loves to cuddle in someone's warm arms. But you also like to hold on to things, particularly relationships that are over. You obsess over a love that was never meant to be and will always hold out hope for a reconciliation rather than look for someone new. It may be time to erase your ex's Whatsapp number!

Being stuck in the past often leaves you drained because you waste so much energy trying to win back the unattainable. It's difficult for you to let things go because you want to be liked by everyone, and this relationship fail doesn't look good on your life's resume, (or so you say to yourself!) At some point, the person you're trying to win over will get bored and start wondering whether you even see them as relevant or you just want them to date you in order to give your self-esteem a much-needed pick-me-up.

14 Virgo Woman: You Could Be Expecting Him To Do All The Work


A Virgo woman can be charming and maybe a bit shy, but she will always take control of the situation. If you're a Virgo woman, then you probably get a little scared at first when you're looking for someone to fall in love with, which makes it difficult for you to get off the proverbial ground. It's funny because usually, you can cope with just about anything, regardless of what life might throw at you, and you can organize pretty much everything in life, like finances, work, and home, but when it comes to love, that can be your Kryptonite.

Most people will see your initial shyness as you being reserved. They might even think that you're playing hard to get and move on. But the truth is that you're simply being picky, nothing more, nothing less. That pickiness, (which at times can be truly justified, I feel ya girl!) can make people perceive you as overly critical of your potential partners. And in part, this might be true. You might be too aware of their shortcomings, as much as you're about your own. This plays a major role when it comes time to deciding whether it's worth it to make a commitment to someone or not. For you to really fall in love, you have to find someone that's more protective, confident and stronger than you are and that narrows your options significantly. Still, the ocean is full of fish, you know? It's time to go fishing!

13 Virgo Man: You Second Guess Everything


As a Virgo Man, you expect nothing less than perfection from a partner because you are, after all, a perfectionist. You're usually athletic and handsome and will catch people's attention when you enter a room because you always manage to look your absolute best. No one will ever find lint on your clothes and you certainly don't want to waste your time on someone who's looking all scruffy. You also have a strong sense of duty and will tackle any challenges life throws at you....unless it involves falling in love. Relationships scary you a bit, and you sometimes give off the wrong impression, (accidentally, of course!)

The second someone likes you, you start to question everything. "Is this real or not?" "Am I falling in love?". Being too self-conscious can trigger your insecurities in seconds, so before you start falling madly over someone, you shut yourself off.  Since your love interests are not mind readers, they'll just assume you're giving them the brush off and move on. Another trait that might be keeping you single is the fact that you obsess over the tiniest criticism you receive, which makes you give up on love before you've had a chance to experience it.

12 Libra Woman: You Tend To Not Know How To Live In The “Now”


As a Libra Woman, you're practically a hopeless romantic, but when you do finally experience love, you start to question the reasons why you fell for that person, almost as if love was something you had total control over. You also tend to come off a bit guarded, especially if the person you're with is the kind of individual that your friends, family, and society, in general, would find to be unsuitable for your standards or status in the social hierarchy. As a result, you tend to see men in your life as passive creatures, but ironically, you're the one who tends to show a lack of initiative.

However, you will show some initiative when you're convinced that you have in fact fallen in love, even when you've fallen for someone under circumstances that are not the typical Disney love story. It's your way of showing off how liberal and powerful you can be. But you need to learn how to live in the "now" because "now" is really all we have. As a Libra woman, you'll spend more time thinking about a fairytale ending than appreciating a potential suitor that is right in front of you, and that could make it difficult for you to connect with someone long-term. It may be time to open your eyes and look around. Love might've been right in front of you all along.

11 Libra Man: You Can Be Too Pushy


As a Libra man, you tend to come off as being too pushy because the moment you lock eyes on someone you like, you already imagine yourself marrying that person. In fact, you bring up the subject of marriage as a way of letting your significant other know that you're serious about this relationship and you want to take it to the next level, but you don't necessarily ask yourself whether or not the other person feels the same way.

Unfortunately, you move too fast with this concept of "happily ever after," even at the very beginning of a relationship. These expectations will scare your partner unless of course, they happen to be a Libra too. But as an air element, you just can't help yourself. It's in your nature to push with intent to follow through with any plans that come to mind, especially when it comes to winning someone's affection. You simply have to know right now whether the answer to a long-lasting relationship is yes or no because from your perspective, you have a future to plan and you don't want to waste your time. And if the person you're dating tells you they want to take things slowly, you'll probably be heading out of the door. Make sure to be assertive, sure, but also give them time to get to know your beautiful self before putting a ring on it on the third date!

10 Scorpio Woman: You Can Be A Pushover At Times


As a Scorpio Woman, you're often misunderstood and labeled as being totally sensitive and fragile, which can lead to getting your feelings hurt because you tend to take things a little too personal. But you belong to this elite sign of people who have the potential of pushing people away when they put all of their emotions on the line. When you fall in love, you jump into the pool without checking the temperature of the water, which is odd given that you're a water sign. And when you fall in love, you allow your protective, emotional nature to rise to the surface and you'll do everything you can to satiate the needs of your partner, even at the cost of your own needs.

But at the same time, you're always looking for approval from others. So, you tend to be overly-apologetic in situations where you don't really need to apologize. Heck, sometimes you even find yourself asking for permission to do something because you're full of uncertainty and have this need to be guided. But when others, or even that special someone in your life, can't fill those needs, you feel hurt and you tend to turn into your significant other's worst enemy because you came to the conclusion that you've been acting like a pushover. There's nothing wrong in knowing what you want and asking for it!

9 Scorpio Man: You May Be Overly Attached


Scorpios tend to be mysterious, but ironically, this sign gets a lot of attention too. In some cases,  people can criticize you because as a Scorpio man, you're really passionate and intense about everything you do in life. You're determined and hardworking, which are great traits to have in a potential partner. You've never heard the word "impossible" because you're not a quitter either. That's husband material right there! But you're not always easy going, and there are many layers to your personality. Essentially, you're like an onion that needs to be peeled or a Tootsie Pop that you have to spend time with in order to get to the center and discover what you're really all about.

But you don't always give anyone a chance to breathe because you're so overly attached it might push people away. Once your emotions are locked in on someone, they'll run deep, and you will find it very difficult to fall out of love. In fact, your feelings of love can go the opposite way if you start to feel rejected by your significant other. But the core of those feelings will not go away anytime soon. Despite how strong your feelings are, you'll likely try to make it seem like the tender side of your emotions are irrelevant because you're concerned that they will make you look weak. But if you're able to overcome that obstacle and avoid getting too attached, you might have a shot.

8 Sagittarius Woman: Often, You Fall In Love Way Too Fast


When you meet a great person, it's only natural that you'll get a little too excited and fall in love right away, but as a Sagittarius woman, you do this way faster than most people do. Then again, you tend to misread the signs because you think that communication is a total turn on! So, when you strike up a great conversation with someone, you assume that this is love and automatically develop super strong feelings that may only be in your head. But it's only natural for you to make these assumptions because you yearn to find that special person you can be happy with.

In fact, you're looking for that individual who will make you feel complete. But he should have been here by now, so you're getting frustrated because sometimes, you kind of feel that your life has no purpose until you've found your better half. First of all, that's a lot of pressure to put on yourself and a lot of expectations to put on another human being. In most cases, you'll realize that in order to find true happiness, you simply have to rely on yourself. The person you will ultimately fall for will be there only to accentuate the happiness you already have.

7 Sagittarius Man: You Could Be Coming Off As “Too Available”


Sagittarius men tend to have a bit of a dark side to them, and as a Sagittarius, you often see yourself as the epitome of righteousness, and if anyone dares to challenge you on that, you'll be there to defend yourself. But this isn't one of the most dominant traits you possess as a Sagittarius man: it's the fact that you can come off as being "too available" despite your best intentions. You tend to fall in love rather quickly because you act like some kind of ruler or conqueror who has to win the heart of the one he loves. But in most cases, you don't just focus on one love, but on many. So, most people will keep you at arm's length because they're not sure if that romantic spontaneity is legit or if you're looking to just be in love at that moment before moving on to someone else.

Then again, you are a fire element, and you're always looking for a challenge and you have to stay active in everything that you do in life...and that absolutely includes looking for love. This might make it seem like you're not the most loyal person in the world, but once you figure out what you really want, you'll be open to exploring your feelings a little deeper and making a connection that is long-lasting and eternal. The only reason why you're still single is that most people don't have time to wait for you to wise up.

6 Capricorn Woman: You’re Too Afraid Of Making The Wrong Decision


As a Capricorn woman, you might find yourself struggling with your own feelings after falling in love because you've somehow convinced yourself that you might have made the wrong choice. It never occurred to you that perhaps you did choose the right partner and that it's okay to enjoy this relationship you're in, regardless of whether it lasts a lifetime, two, or three months. You're a total boss lady, who can be a bit too materialistic at times, (but who isn't, right?) Only problem is, this assertiveness can often portray you as someone who always thinks they're right. You tend to get upset when people question why you're feeling insecure about your relationship, especially when they don't realize that you've spent a great deal of time choosing the right partner, so you simply can't explain why you're feeling this way.

Being so responsible and calculating is why Capricorns are symbolized by the goat because goats don't change their views as easily as some of the other Zodiac signs. Ironically, your sense of duty and responsibility takes precedence over anything else in your life. And yet, when it comes to love, you simply refuse to take risks, because choosing to play it safe with a safe partner is so much easier for you. But in the end, you end up feeling very unsatisfied with the person you're with because you tried to rationalize love, and anyone can tell you that love isn't rational at all. Sometimes it's about enjoying the ride.

5 Capricorn Man: You’re Too Awkward About Your Own Feelings


As a Capricorn man, you're a strong-minded individual who can often come off as stubborn too. You're not the kind of guy who will bend to anyone's will and you can come off as arrogant at times, or in some cases completely unaware of your own feelings, especially when you first fall for someone. The first thing you'll do when you realize you have fallen in love is to begin acting a bit strangely. The reason you're behaving this way is that you're not very familiar with your own emotions, especially love, so you're left feeling baffled and a bit confused. In the meantime, when you encounter the person who makes your heart flutter, you'll start acting like you just crash-landed on Earth and your potential love will start to wonder if you are indeed from another planet.

In some cases, you may come off as an uncaring, cold computer who prefers to choose logic over love. But eventually, your heart will start to warm up, but will it be in time to keep your love interest from walking out the door? If you're lucky enough, you might just find someone who is willing to walk you through the early stages of falling in love until you've come to grips with what your feelings really mean. Once your emotions come to the surface, you'll be nothing but expressive and open about them. You're such a stable and loving person, that it won't be hard for you to make someone fall madly in love with your being...so long as you're able to be in touch with your own emotions.

4 Aquarius Woman: You’re Afraid Of Losing Yourself And Letting Go


As an Aquarius woman, you're very smart, but you're also easily excited and your temperament can be unpredictable at times. This makes being with you rewarding and challenging at the same time because your partner won't know what to expect from yo. It's like they never know how you'll react to things, and sometimes, it can be scary when you don't know exactly how someone else is feeling on the inside. But when you do fall in love, you will follow your heart as long as you don't find yourself feeling restricted or like you can't be your true self.

One of the worst fates that you can conjure up in your mind is the possibility that by getting involved with someone, you'll lose the person that you are now or want to be in order to accommodate your significant other. It's also very difficult for you to actually fall in love when you're constantly assuming that your partner is trying to change you into someone you are not. Fortunately, enlightenment comes to most Aquarius and at some point, you will realize that you can share your life with another person without ever having to lose anything. It's about finding someone who's just as quirky, unique, and free-spirited and wants you to evolve into your own person while they support you all the way.

3 Aquarius Man: You Might Not Always Know How To Communicate Properly


When a man isn't willing to communicate, the relationship can come to an end quite easily. As an Aquarius man, you might not tell your significant other the moment you started to feel like you weren't happy or when something they were doing started bothering you. You just kept it bottled up and allowed it to fester inside of you because you thought that time and patience would change things, but that didn't happen. Your partner isn't a mind reader. They may have a clue that something isn't right, but they can't know what's wrong exactly unless you come out and tell them. It sure beats waiting until you get to the point of no return and decide to call it quits.

Oddly enough, when you initially fall in love, you have no problems showing how you feel because love feels incredible and you're a human teddy bear, to be honest. You absolutely love to spend time with someone you love. But before you can embrace someone new in your life, you need to work on communication and self-confidence, which isn't always easy to do. But one thing you should always do is to trust your own feelings because they run deep. If you don't voice those concerns right away, your emotions can go from positive to negative, and then there's simply no way of fixing what's been broken.

2 Pisces Woman: You’re Only Hooked On “The Rush”


As a Pisces woman, when you fall in love, your cheeks will flush, your palms will sweat, and your heart will race before a first date. So, given the rush you get when you fall in love, why would you ever want to stop feeling this way? You feel excited, mesmerized and inspired by love, which are the typical traits of a Pisces. The object of your desire will become the focal point of everything you hold dear in that moment because you just love to feel that "rush." What's more, your date or your partner will know right away that you're in this state of mind because of the way you laugh and the incredible strength that you project even if all you're doing is walking towards him to give him a peck on the cheek. It's like you lose yourself in the zone and are unable to hide it, and that can be extremely attractive.

But being addicted to the initial "rush" can take you in one of two directions. You'll get bored and decide that you don't want to commit to one individual so that you can get to experience those feelings all the time. Or you might do the total opposite and assume that the person you've met may be the one you want to spend your life with and settle with someone you don't truly love. Whatever the case may be, sometimes it's better to be single before making any rash commitments.

1 Pisces Man: You Don’t Realize That Not Every Woman You Meet Is The “Love Of Your Life”

Most guys would never assume that the first woman they meet will be the one they'll spend the rest of their lives with, but you're the exception if you're a Pisces Man. You're sensitive, gentle, and full of compassion, and you would never intentionally try to hurt someone's feelings. But you're like a slippery eel that is difficult to grab a hold of because you're constantly looking for love in different places. And each time you fall in love, you will think you've found your soul mate. But ironically, each relationship you have will be completely different than the previous ones. In the end, all of these past relationships will teach you a lot about what love is all about, but you'll totally miss the most important lesson of all, and that's the fact that you're not going to find the love of your life every time you meet a woman. But in your attempt to find the one, you'll exhaust every single approach there is to the concept of love until you've emotionally burned yourself out. You might also spend too much time in a particular relationship until you finally realize that it just wasn't meant to be. Then you'll have no choice but to look for someone who is a better match for you. Sometimes it's about taking chances and recognizing if you're truly in love or if it's time to walk away.

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