24 Hairstyles For Mature Women He Is Most Attracted To

Women in their 20s to 30s tend to experiment more with different haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours, because, well, it is way more acceptable and doable. But, we promise you that if you're brave, you can pull off any hairstyle as a mature woman, even in your 40s-50s! After all, there are no beauty rules. It's about finding what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

When you feel that within yourself, the man you're walking alongside will love your hair because it will exude your confidence.

Here are 25 trendy and gorgeous hairstyles that you and your man will love.

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24 Get A Throwback To The Boho

via Pinterest

A mature haircut does not necessarily need to be neat and super-short. In fact, many haircuts that make a man happy are those that feature long and flirty hair.

One look we all encourage you to try is the boho-inspired hairstyle. With this, a loose and messy braid is so effortlessly doable, and the men totally dig it. Who said that being mature means leaving braids behind? No way!

23 Hit The Streets With 70s Glamour

via Famous Biographies

Getting older means more to do and less time on our hands, so a quick and appealing haircut ticks all the right boxes - and gives you time to spare. Men go bonkers for this look, and it is a throwback. You might recognize this vintage and classic haircut from That 70s Show - and you might just want to get groovy with it!

Go for this hassle-free haircut that consists of a few layers and a deep side part. Barely any time on your hands? It does not require a blow dry.

22 Let Your Locks Grow And Flow

via Billboard

We see Rapunzel’s long hair splattered everywhere all over our Instagram feed; back then, this slick and extremely long haircut was known as the "Cher."

Now that the Kardashians and Jenners are the new beauty queens, along with pop star Ariana Grande, locks that reach the buttocks, with layers, are what many women dream of having. Thank goodness for extensions.

You may not believe that long locks are a mature look, but the luscious and lengthy locks are so sultry and desirable that no man can resist them. 

You know what they say: your hair's your crowning glory.

21 Glass Hair? Totally Sultry

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From long to short hair, and back again, in what seems like a few minutes, it is hard to keep up with the Kardashians. With social media, we are instantly exposed to the hottest fads when it comes to haircuts, and this next one was evidently started by the self-made billionaires - and it's a winner.

If you want a mature look like Jen Aniston that will make any man want to run his fingers through your hair, opt for the "glass" hair look. It's all about having locks that are so shiny they look like glass, hence its name.

20 A Little Messy Can Be Mature Too

via LiveAbout

Want to be playful with your hair and win him over? Try out the messy bob as soon as possible.

This short haircut is mostly known for its French charm (cue the Bardot hat) which lends to the maturity of its super-chic look. When it comes to this haircut, to totally pull it off and make it look posh, you must focus on having tons of volume.

If you are ready to make this look your own, know that your hair will always look smoothly elegant.

19 Flip The Hair

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Throwing it back to the hipster years of the 1960s, this haircut is vintage yet mature and stylin'. This haircut can be so easily achieved, but a man will feel weak in the knees when he sees you looking dashing in it.

Ask for a medium-length haircut with no bangs or layers, so that you can achieve the flawless flip at the ends. It's the perfect way to channel the grace and style of Jackie Kennedy.

18 Love Your Long Hair? Try This!

via Woman's Day

If you've got long hair, try the waterfall haircut.

It contains a combination of strands with different lengths. It looks so lavish, you may want to keep it forever. Gigi Hadid made this cut gorgeous, as reported by Marie Claire, and that's thanks to her hair being cut in different layer lengths so her hair cascades over her shoulders.

17 Just A Little Is Enough


Depending on a person's bone structure and hair texture, different cuts flatter them. And, it is all about preferences too, right? Well, if you're looking for that new haircut to wow the hunk in your life, try the piecey layers.

We know not every lady is a fan of bangs and all-around layers, but these shorter few strands at the front make a complete difference to your overall look. Because they're not bangs, but not quite layers either, these shorter front layers are perfect for face-framing.

A cut as simple as this can add a completely new dimension to your look.

16 What Man Can Resist A Blown-Out Bob?

via Woman's Day

As mature women, we can all agree that your hair should not be flat against your head. It's just not flattering. A more appearance-boosting look is the bob with layers on top.

This will instantly create volume at the crown of your bob, as well as instantly make men notice your beauty, whether your hair is blonde, brown or grey. 

15 Avoid Split Ends With This Look

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If you are someone who does not take the time to make sure your ends are always fresh and healthy, that could leave your hair looking dull and lazy. Well, in order to quickly change that, get a shoulder-length style with subtle bangs.

This length of hair will avoid making your hair looked ragged, and with the subtle and split bangs, it will add a more youthful shine to your look, in a similar vein to Penelope Cruz's hair.

14 A Foxy Pony It Is

via Marie Claire

If you have long hair, and whether or not you're a fitness junkie, we wanted to let you know that men totally dig lazier hair days ― yeah, we're talking ponytails.

Do not be shy to show off your mane like the "Thank U, Next" singer, Ariana Grande. When you go for your next haircut, let your hairdresser know that you want to keep your hair long and lustrous so you can tie it up in a low or super-high ponytail. The look is a classic.

13 Watch Out For The Elongated Bob

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Looking for an elegant haircut that can be easily transformed? Make your 2019 fresh with an elongated bob.

Depending on your styling preference, straight or curly, this elongated bob can make all your dreams (and his) come true. To add some extra flair and glam to the look, part your hair asymmetrically, or in the middle. And, whatever you do, hide your ears to show off the face-framing cut.

You cannot go wrong with this look, and we promise that when you walk into a room, all eyes will be glued to you.

12 Get Side-Swept With The Bang

via Woman's Day

If you want to be on top of the fashion game, it is time to bring back the side-swept bangs. You may already be familiar with this haircut as it was all the craze in the early 2000s, but now mature women are rocking the look.

Men always like a little mystery, and with a side-swept bang, you're surely going to evoke some. This cut is a face-framing favorite, as it is versatile and modern.

Straighten your bangs sleekly for a night out with the girls, and you'll be feeling all the stares.

11 Try This Aussie Look

via Glamour UK

If you opt for this haircut, do not be surprised if you catch yourself constantly taking glimpses of yourself in the mirror or running your hands through your soft, fluffy and gorgeous locks.

Called the reversible layer cut, as defined by Refinery29, this look is the prime example of a great mature hairstyle. Made for both Netflix nights in and work days, it can be styled in a shaggy or sleek look. Want to look a little edgy on a night on the town? Blow-dry it quickly with a round brush. He will not be able to resist the bounce.

10 Want To Be Blunt?

via Us Weekly

The classic blunt cut is the way to go if you're looking for a mature chop. Its style usually follows the single-length rule, which makes the cut so versatile, modern, chic and casual all at once. However, hairdressers tend to make a couple of variations to the rad look. To give it extra edge, for example, some will add undercuts and baby bangs, which make the cut resemble a fringe. Others want one length to achieve a sleeker look like Victoria Beckham.

9 Say Goodbye To Mermaid Waves, Say Hello To Chandeliers!

via Elle

If you're itching to change up your look, look no further than chandelier layers. We have no doubt in our minds that you have all wished to attain the effortless beach waves of Blake Lively. Well, as foxy as her hair is, we strongly encourage you to sashay with chandelier layers that are perfect for long hair.

These layers fall freely and add volume that will have your man dreaming of being on the beach.

All it takes to attain this mature look is long layers at the back and gradual layers at the front, as Galore states, adding that it's pretty much a reboot of the Farrah Fawcett style.

8 Show It Off

via Pinterest

Some women are so daring and fierce when it comes to their haircuts, we do not blame men for always staring. This one is for my fellow gal pals out there who want to say a big "Thank U, Next" with 2019 fast approaching.

The asymmetrical undercut is a major look that you will be seeing more of in the upcoming year. Due to its simplicity, it's beautifully mature, while still having lots of personality. It's the perfect way to ring in a new chapter.

7 Let Curtain Bangs Shine

via Good Housekeeping

Any man will be attracted to what appears more natural and laid-back, and one of the best ways to add that appeal to your look is with curtain bangs.

Some women tend to skip over bangs because they are hard to manage; it is like an extra battle every morning. However, it doesn't have to be. If you're looking to add a little spunk, go for the low-maintenance curtain bangs that are a little longer.

6 Lob It Out

via Good Housekeeping

A lob ― what is a lob? You may have guessed, it is the sister/longer version of the bob.

What makes the long lob so special is how well it works in various lengths, and it's perfect for all face shapes. 

This is a go-to for many women worldwide looking for a more professional and sophisticated look. It's positively ageless!

5 We Love A Tapered 'Fro

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There is something for every woman out there, and the tapered cut should be a go-to for all women who deal with gorgeous and big hair.

Those women are usually on the lookout for any cut that is easy to manage, and the tapered afro cut should be their number one option. If you are afraid to rock with your natural hair, men will adore this mature look on you that incorporates clean lines and shorter sides. Do not doubt us, the popular hairstyle is super enticing and edgy too, especially with twist-outs.

4 A Shaggy-Do

via Woman's Day

If your relationship with your hair is starting to feel stale, then this cut is the one waiting for you.

A shag is the perfect haircut at any age, because it easily suits every face shape. The shag haircut is here to rock every women's world because there are different ways to do it.

Try the new shag which is extremely feminine because it is less choppy with an abundance of layers, or there is the sleeker shag that makes a statement with its very short bangs and messy soft strands. The coolest shag of all though is textured, long and has center parted bangs like Julia Roberts.

3 The Glorious Alternative Pixie Cut Is A Must

via Pinterest

We already mentioned the pixie haircut, but this is a variation of it that we suggest you try out.

If you want to have him gazing at you the entire night, this haircut will do the job, as it shows you are a confident woman who knows what she wants. Can you say Kris Jenner?

When you get to the hairdresser, ask for significant length on top, with body too. To give you an idea of the perfect length for this style, you should be able to pull your hair into a tiny ponytail. Versatile and mature, what more is needed?

2 Get Straight To The Point

via Harper's Bazaar

If you have long hair, and you feel like you're in a rut and do not know what to do with it, we have a solution for you. Avoid hair damage and go for one-length long hair. Yes, you heard us, no bangs, no layers, just one length. Basically, put your hair in a ponytail and chop it in a straight line, and you'll achieve the clean-cut style that's always gorgeous. No angles, no layers ― just a blunt straight line.

1 Showcase French Charm With Short Locks

via Cosmopolitan

Some classic haircuts never disappoint, even if they have been around since the dawn of time. The French are known for their chic and short hairstyles, and we all know how elegant French trendsetters have always been, so consider this Garcon cut as one of the most mature haircuts a woman could own.

With alluring French charm, you'll have a man on his toes with this cut that is short and shows off all your striking features. To polish your look, add some volume and hair accessories.

References: Marie Claire, Refinery 29, Galore

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