24 Fashion Pics Of The "Pretty Little Liars" Cast That We're Totally Obsessed With

For years, we were following the lives of four Pretty Little Liars and best friends who were all threatened by an anonymous person that went by the name A and set out to destroy their lives.

But now that they, and we, got our happy ending with all mysteries being solved, we miss seeing these foxy, independent, and girl-power ladies on our screens. One thing we cannot take away from them is their style; each character on the show was vastly different and unique, but they all had an incredible flair and fashion game.

Off-screen, these ladies are just as fashionable, and each and every one of them is a complete fashionista. They may have kept other secrets, but their fashion sense is one they have not.

The four women who played the "liars," Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale, are dashing, sultry, classy, stunning, and sweet like sugar and spice; all this combined makes us utterly obsessed with them.

Even though the show that made them rise to fame is over, we still find ourselves constantly stalking the IG pages of these beauties. Do you blame us when everything they do is so whimsical? They hypnotize us with their fashion sense and beauty, so we thought we'd remind you with the following glamorous pictures of all four ladies and what they are up to now.

24 Ou Lala, Madame Shay Mitchell

via dailymail.co.uk

There is something so mysterious about Shay Mitchell and it drives us wild. Here, the PLL star is pictured in Paris for Fashion Week this past month, and we bet you that you are already trying to think of ways to copy her haute couture look.

We bet you she never thought as an actress on a series that she'd join the high fashion ranks.

Alas, here she is looking stylish in an olive-green leather dress that looks great against her glowing skin. And let's talk about those astonishing leather thigh-high boots, which made her look très chic. And let's not ignore the beret that she wore like a true Parisian.

23 Troian Bellisario Looks Like A Princess Herself

via Instagram

We all recall the glamorous Royal Wedding of Prince William and Duchess Meghan Markle that took place in the Spring, but do you remember, or did you even see Pretty Little Liars alum Troian Bellisario? Saying she was a stunning wedding guest is a complete understatement; Bellisario made the very posh attire her own. Rocking a blush beige V-neck choker dress, we still cannot take our eyes off pictures of her from this day. And who knew she could make a head net look so foxy and classy at the same time? Bellisario you’re making us positively bashful.

22 Sparkles, Blue, And Ashley Benson

via Instagram

We did not even notice the cute fella in the picture because we were too busy paying attention to blonde bombshell Ashley Benson. Firsts things first, blue is definitely her color; just like her ocean blue eyes that are mesmerizing, the color is delightful on her and makes all her best features pop.

Usually, most people pull out the paillette gowns and other pieces only during the Holidays, but Benson is bold and daring enough to strut in a sequin blue skirt at any given time.

And we totally approve it; this is something Hanna would've worn too.

21 Lucy Hale Is The Fall Princess

via Instagram

We love fall because of its warm and cozy colors and tones, which fashion designers are always inspired by. Here is Lucy Hale, looking like a beautiful fall tree with her mustard yellow top (our personal favorite yellow) and the infamous corduroy and khaki color. We're so in love with this photo and her fashion-forward look that we may just have fallen in love with Hale all over again. To top it all off, she looks like she is in front of a barn, and that look blends in perfectly with the overall rustic and boho vibe.

20 Make Way For The Fashion Queen

via Instagram

Someone, please call 911, our heart just sank into our guts looking at Mitchell and her over-the-top fashionable outfit―our jaws might have dropped to the floor as well. Unlike her character on PLL, Mitchell is totally girly when it comes to her get-ups.

However, this look on the actress literally has us floored.

There is so much going on between the peplum leather black dress, the shiny leather calf boots, and the beige blazer tailored with a belt, we do not know what we love more. She looks majestic and mysterious and we bet that's what she was going for.

19 Bellisario Makes Casual Adorbs

via E! Online

If there is something about Bellisario (who also rocked a baby bump) that resembles her character on the show, it is her sense of style; like combining unique pieces together and making it work. We cannot deny that her style is also as mysterious as her personality, and this look is a prime example of it. We're loving the skirt that is embellished with flowers and exposes her legs, paired with an oversized and totally Bellisario top. She looks super cute and joyful, which matches her laid-back look. Of course, not everyone can pull off a pleasantly mismatched look like the stylish Bellisario.

18 Benson Has Us Falling Head Over Heels

via Instagram

There is something about Benson that makes us trip and fall head over heels every time we see her. She always looks so enigmatic and intriguing, which is why we're always stalking her 'gram.

Besides her piercing eyes, we cannot help but be mesmerized by her LBD.

Something Benson would have certainly worn on the show, this simple yet classy dress has us totally impressed. Why? Because the sheer sleeved dress looks like a million bucks on the actress. We totally have a huge crush on Hanna. Sorry, Benson, but it seems like she's spilled off the screen and into your life, too.

17 Lucy Legs For Days

via Instagram

No matter what photo we see of Lucy, her hair, outfit, and makeup are always top notch―to the point that we cannot take our eyes off her. She is that kind of woman, much like her character on the show, that could look cute and sultry all at once. Here is a retro look from Hale, that has us and millions around the world swooning over her. This photo of her is an exact depiction of Hale looking cute and sultry. The red leather short bottoms add appeal, while the black embellished off-the-shoulder top is flirty and playful. But why is no man sitting next to her at the bar?

16 Mitchell The Fashion Slayer

via Instagram

If that is how Mitchell walks into an office, firstly, we wish we worked there. And secondly, there is no way we would be able to concentrate. It's like she's got her own catwalk through the entryway.

Here, Mitchell is pulling off more than one of the most fashionable runway trends ATM; the plaid, the pantsuit, and the palazzo.

She is posing like she owns the room. And in an outfit like that, and with her signature luscious, dark, and long flowing waves, she surely does. And the outfit choice is great as it shows off her super long legs.

15 We Love A Retro Bellisario

via Instagram

If you have seen a more stunning photo of Bellisario, we want you to show it us because we are absolutely in love with this photo of the star; we have heart eyes right now. The photograph looks like one that belongs in the centerfold of a retro magazine; the softness and blur of the photo with her gold paillette dress scream classic vintage. And if you know Bellisario well, you know that her style is extremely vintage and old school. However, not many could pull it off the way she does, and not for nearly as long as Bellisario's kept rocking it all through the years.

14 Benson Never Disappoints

via Instagram

It is not every woman who has dared to try the blazer dress that is fast becoming a trend, so we'll hope this photo of starlet Benson will influence you to.

Benson has this natural allure that drives us wild; it is like whatever she puts on instantly looks attractive.

She has a keen eye for fashion (like the fashionista she is) and slayed in this dark blue blazer dress with a hint of satin. And whatever hairstyle she tries, always looks so put-together and effortless. She looks elegant all the while very foxy at the same time.

13 Can Hale Be Our Teacher?

via Instagram

Hale has us in a daze with this outfit―we are seriously impressed by this power suit because she looks like the sleekest business woman ever. Seriously, if she were to walk in looking like that, all eyes would immediately shift to her and it would feel like the time is paused. We find this outfit resembles her character in PLL, who had a style that was a little more reserved. And while she's mostly covered up thanks to the three-piece ensemble, she's not lacking in style. Her outfit is on top of the fashion game and we can't keep our eyes off this stunner.

12 Only Mitchell Could Go On A Motorcycle Lookin’ Fancy

via Instagram

There are certain trends that hit the runway that are way too outlandish for anyone to pull off, except for some like Shay Mitchell. You might see this fashion combo on the streets, but it's not for Shay's lack of slaying it.

Much like Emily in PLL who oozed confidence from every single fashionable pore, Mitchell is the same in the way she dresses.

This look speaks for itself, and we won't lie, if we saw her on the streets on a bike looking like that, we'd be distracted. With knee-high velvet boots on, a ruffled veil beige jumpsuit and a classic long grey trench, Mitchell has us screaming "Mamma mia!"

11 As Elegant As One Could Be

via CelebFeetScene

If there is one thing we love, it is to see Bellisario all dressed up and glamorous. She amazes us each and every single time even without a low-cut top or thigh-high skirt. Bellisario is the type of woman that does not need to reveal too much to look both foxy and formidable. Here she is pictured with her husband in a stunning floor-length floral dress that is very typically Troian. She looks super classy, mature and elegant, and that very much makes her stand out amongst her PLL friends who often opt for more edgy style.

10 White All Over

via Instagram

Does Benson ever smile? Not too much, but that model pose she gives is always so alluring and appealing. So, here is another picture from a photoshoot with the starlet stunting in a beautiful monochromatic outfit.

The usual neutral that people opt for is black, and often some find white and beige a little too risky.

However, leave it to Benson to make the neutrals looks so pretty, classic and clean. Most of us wouldn't last long in this light-colored combo, so props to her for rocking it. We just cannot stop snooping through her 'gram to find more crisp and style-icon-worthy snaps.

9 Hale Fever

via Instagram

We're feeling groovy just looking at this photo; we are about to put our palazzo pants on and head to the disco to boogie the night away like we're from decades past. Seriously, how adorable is she? Hardly anyone would look as good as Hale rocking a top and bottom that are extreme opposites yet somehow work together. With lioness patches on her wide-legged jeans, we can totally agree that Hale is just as fierce. And look how happy and full of life she is―peace and love, baby, it must be those laid-back vibes keeping her mellow.

8 Who Does It Better Than Mitchell?

via Instagram

The last time we saw The Matrix, we are pretty sure Mitchell wasn't the star of it, but if there were a remake, her fashion style would slay the role.

Not everyone can comprehend obscure fashion, but Mitchell makes any outlandish style look not only graceful and iconic but also somewhat normal.

No, there is nothing casual about her leather peplum jacket, black pants, and long lace veil, but it looks so lavish and she's rocking it so easily. And those legs... where do we get started? Do you think she took the red or the blue pill?

7 Hey Pretty Mamma

via UK Express

This pretty lady recently gave birth to a daughter, and she looks as posh and lavish as she always does. We believe that the drop-dead gorgeous mother could even make a garbage bag look elegant, but we're really glad Bellisario isn't taking the easy way out. She knows she has it; dressing up is absolutely one of her niches, and when she stepped out in this floral pantsuit, we can guarantee you everyone did a double take. Whatever she puts on matches her personality to the pin; graceful and classy with a side of fun and frivolity.

6 Attention: Benson’s Making Hearts Melt

via Instagram

Benson is one of those who could pull off any hair color or hairstyle because her confidence always shines through. Still, she knows what looks good on her.

And thanks to this photo, we are totally entranced by her beauty.

We don't know if it is the haircut, the makeup, or the off-the-shoulder blouse that has done that to us. Of all the looks Benson has been seen with, we love her with this one because she looks sophisticated and so classy. To top it all off though, the bare shoulder blouse with her short bob is caution: hot.

5 When Hale Decides To Dress “Up”

via Instagram

Whatever Lucy Hale wears highlights her facial features and accentuates all she's got but, much like her PLL character, she always looks mature, sassy, and intelligent. When it comes to this picture though, can we say "holy smokes!" Where has this Lucy Hale been hiding? She is always fierce and bubbly, but we are loving the amount of leg we're seeing with the stunning pointy-toed heels and of course, the button-down style dress. It looks like a menswear piece, but at the same time, Lucy takes it from ho-hum to super cute with the right styling and complementary heels.

4 The Sleek And Simple Mitchell

via Instagram

Who looks that perfect and flawless in a selfie? Seriously Shay, you are just putting way too much pressure on the rest of us.

What we love about the actress is that despite her fame and beauty, her personality is very down to earth, and her looks are laid back.

This picture is representative of that, as her personality beams through her eyes. Also, it is so rare that we see a Mitchell with slick, straight, and simple hair that we fell in love all over again. Plus, she hit the jackpot with the unbuttoned jean shirt and gold necklace.

3 Bellisario Takes Us Way Back

via Instagram

Bellisario is an extremely talented woman, and we are certainly not surprised to see her playing a 6-string in this photo. What we truly appreciate and find so appealing and attractive about Bellisario and her cool and chill-out attitude, is that it is reflected in her style. Here she is, appearing to sit in a backyard, with a large fedora on, vintage sunglasses, large pants, and a loose floral top. The style surely screams 1960s hipster, but Bellisario makes it look so natural. Plus, aren't musical instruments and dogs both to-die-for fashion accessories? Of course, Bellisario's not just using her pup for looks, she looks simply devoted.

2 Benson Stole The Spotlight At Fashion Week

via Star Style

Right up there with her friend Shay Mitchell, Benson was a guest at Paris Fashion Week at the beginning of October and did she ever stir up trouble. Of course, it was the good (and fashionable) type of trouble.

She wowed fashion enthusiasts with her outfit choices, but this look is our ultimate favorite―yes, we are fangirling.

Pictured here in her Isabel Marant Margaret dress, Benson looks phenomenal. And as a matter of fact, the dress looks like it was made for her, that is how perfect she looks. And we love it because it shows off her edgier personality.

1 We Love Lucy

via Instagram

Oh Lucy, you are fire hot like lava! She is so tiny and sweet, but whatever she puts on instantly makes her look smoking hot and fierce. Let's face it, most of us resemble bees when we attempt to wear black and yellow together. In most cases, the color combo is a style travesty. However, Lucy looks like a style goddess. We love that it looks a lot like an outfit Aria on PLL would wear (good times), but what attracts us most is how she always wears things that accentuate her petite frame. She is slaying in style!

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