24 Facts About The Famous Beauty Guru, Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star may be a talented makeup artist and YouTube personality, with over six million subscribers, but there’s so much more to him than just that. Not only is he known for his skills when it comes to makeup, he’s also recognized for his singing, modeling, acting and of course, his celebrity friendships and feuds. Not one to shy away from conflict, Star has had a string of disagreements and drama over the years with other YouTube stars and others running makeup lines, like Kylie Jenner's and Kim Kardashian's. So, what else is there to know about this Los Angeles-living, multi-talented individual? As it turns out, there’s a ton of information that some of his fans may not yet know about him.

Born in 1985, Jeffree Star is only thirty-two-years old but has reached many accolades to-date. From a young age, Jeffree began to come into his current identity with the encouragement of his mother. Jefree and his mother have a particularly close relationship and she frequently appears on his Twitter. Outside of his mother, what else has shaped Jeffree and his career throughout the years? Read on to find out more about your favorite beauty guru.

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24 Star Is A Makeup Artist, A YouTube Star, A Model, And A Singer

Back when Myspace was basically one of the only social media platforms, and before Jeffree was famous, he started a Myspace account in hopes of building a fan base for his career as a makeup artist and fashion designer. Once on there, though, he also decided to share his life with people and became pretty candid on the account engaging the audience with his musings. Then one day, according to The OC Register, he was hanging out with his friends and recorded a song just for fun while at one of their houses. He uploaded this to his Myspace account and to his surprise, it began to gain traction!

While he says he never intended to become a musician, nor did he take it seriously at first, that soon changed.

Jeffree went from booking modeling gigs and makeup jobs to also gain attention as a musician. Star started posting music more regularly until people began to recognize him for it. At the same time, his posts on Myspace would perform exceptionally well, making him an undoubted triple threat. Star's Myspace page can still be found if you want to check out what he was like in the early days. Judging by the Myspace, it appears that not a whole lot has changed — except that, perhaps, he's become even more popular.

23 His YouTube Channel Has Over 6.8 Million Subscribers

After gaining some success in the music industry, Star decided to focus more on his makeup career. While he had been successfully doing makeup for years, it was not until he launched his self-titled YouTube channel — on February 14th, 2006 — that he began to build a cosmetic empire. Today, Star has amassed a loyal following of 6.9 Million subscribers and it appears he is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to the website Promolta, Star can attribute his high YouTube following and consistent growth to a number of things. Star frequently and consistently posts about makeup, tutorials, cosmetic reviews, music while sharing the personal side of his life too. Due to his candid nature, Star is always very honest with his subscribers and gives super honest reviews so that his viewers can make informed buying decisions in the cosmetic line.

Another thing about Star's YouTube channel is that he is always trying the most up-to-the-minute trends. Star gets his hands on newly released and soon-to-be-released products then shares his thoughts on his channel. Star also uses YouTube to share his own cosmetic line, which has also acquired a following. To-date, Star has had over 824 million views on YouTube.

22 Star's Model Mother Raised Him On Her Own In Orange County

According to Height Line, Jeffree Star was born in Orange County, California to his parents Glenn and Laurie Steininger. Growing up, Jeffree was presumably an only child, as it is believed that he has never mentioned a sibling across his social platforms or in the press.

Star has been pretty vocal about how lucky he is to have been raised by such a supportive mother.

Jeffree was pretty much raised by his mother his entire life. At just six-years-old Jefree's dad passed away, leaving his mother Laurie to raise him all on her own. According to Height Line, Laurie was a model and would frequently leave Jeffree on his own while she was at a modeling job.

Regardless of her busy schedule when he was a child, Jeffree has a close relationship with Laurie and frequently posts about her on Twitter. Today, Laurie's Twitter handle is @MommaLaurieStar and she is still his number-one supporter. Laurie frequently retweets Jeffree's posts and posts photos of herself in his latest venture, from his makeup line to his clothing line — aptly titled, 'Vanity Forever.'

21 He Started Wearing Makeup In Junior High

According to We The Unicorns, Jeffree began experimenting with his mother’s makeup at a young age. When his model mother would go on assignments, leaving Jeffree on his own, he would get into her makeup and play around with it. Eventually, he opened up to his mother about it and convinced her to let him wear makeup to Junior high. His mother embraced it.

Jeffree began to look at his mother’s Cosmopolitan magazines for inspiration. He pulled looks from the models and ads in the magazines. According to his own website, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Star claims, "I used to copy looks from fashion ads in my mother’s cosmopolitan magazines and steal her eyeshadows.” Although he revealed that some people made fun of him for his more 'feminine' approach to dressing, his mother always encouraged him to be himself.

Jeffree tweeted in 2017, “Mother Star is the best. She taught me to be fearless and always myself.” There are a few images of Jeffree in Junior High online for those who want to see his early days experimenting with makeup. Evidently, those early days paid off, as he has made a successful career at becoming a makeup artist.

20 Jeffree Moved To Los Angeles After Graduating High School

At just seventeen-years-old, Jeffree Star graduated high school and pretty instantly set his sights on moving to Los Angeles. In an interview published on Laist with Los Angeles based radio station 89.3 KPCC, Jeffree revealed that he made the move because Orange County was not up to his speed. Jeffree was quoted as saying, “Orange County was too boring for me...I wanted to pursue my career.”

He then went on to talk about how he was the youngest of all of his friends — who were nineteen to twenty-years-old — so he moved out with them.

Once in LA, Jeffree relied heavily on his skills with a makeup brush to earn a living; he even admits he used to lie about his age to get jobs!

According to the interview, when he would get hired, he'd turn up and tell people, “Oh I’m twenty.” It seemed to work, as he was making enough money to pay the rent and then some. During the interview, Jeffree reveals that he worked as a makeup artist for adult films for a year. At the same time, he was also making money as a makeup artist on the sets of music videos.

19 Celebrities First Started Hiring Him To Do Their Makeup When He Would Sneak Into LA Clubs With Makeup On

When Star was seventeen-years-old and had just moved to Los Angeles, he wanted to go to all of the nightclubs with his older friends — despite being underage. He admitted in an interview featured on Stemjar that he would use a fake ID to get in. Star would wear mini skirts and dresses to the clubs and have his makeup done in the style that he is often now recognized for. Eventually, people started to notice him.

In particular, celebrities would take note of Star and his unique style, and approach him to inquire about doing their makeup. Due to his frequent nights out at clubs, he began to attract such a positive response from celebrities that they would have him sign a contract to do their makeup in their homes. In addition to gaining a pretty exclusive client list, he also landed some other jobs by frequenting the nightclubs — mainly modeling.

Star soon started to book modeling gigs as his network continued to grow. To this day, Star is pretty recognized by celebrities and has some famous friends. While he's friends with some of them, he has also frequently appeared in the media for having celebrity feuds.

18 He Is One Of The Most Popular MySpace Users Of All Time

In 2003, when Myspace first launched, Jeffree Star did not waste any time joining the social platform, which would soon revolutionize the way society interacts with each other. As mentioned above, Star started out promoting his aspiring fashion career and his skills as a makeup artist. Between his candid nature and his photos, Star began to steadily amass a following. He also built up a substantial following on several websites where he convinced readers to follow him to his Myspace account.

According to an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine, it wasn't actually until 2007 — when he started to record some of his 'funny garage band music' and then share it on his Myspace page — that he really started to gain popularity.

His music quickly acquired over 100 million plays making him the most popular "unsigned artists" on Myspace. In addition to that, he would post carefully constructed photoshoots on his Myspace page that would often get more than fifty-thousand comments per post. It was not after long that Myspace began to rank Jeffree as one of the most popular individuals with a Myspace account, where he began to frequent the "top tier list" on the social media platform.

17 He Released His First Single In 2007 Titled "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"

With a popular Myspace account and a relatively successful career as a makeup artist, Jeffree was working at the infamous cosmetic store MAC in 2007. However, Star started to explore his passion for music in the same year that he befriended Peaches' drummer, Samantha Maloney. Samantha encouraged Star to make music. He took her advice and began dabbling in electronica and pop music. In March 2007, Star released his first track titled Plastic Surgery Slumber Party. The track instantly became a success and helped him garner over 100 million views on Myspace.

According to his interview in Cosmopolitan Magazine, the success also led to him quitting his job at MAC in order to pursue a career in music. In the summer of 2007, Star signed on to be a part of the True Colours Tour, traveling to fifteen different cities throughout Canada and the United States. The tour was sponsored by "the LGBT Logo" channel and occurred during the month of Pride. Despite the success of his first single, it was not until 2009 that Star released his first album titled Beauty Killer. In 2010, Star signed on to Akon's label, but by 2013, he had quit the music industry.

16 He Appeared In Good Charlotte Music Videos

In January 2007, rock band Good Charlotte released a song titled The River, which featured Jeffree Star. The song also featured M. Shadows and Synyster Gates from the band Avenged Sevenfold. The song was featured on their Good Morning Revival album. Throughout the song, there are multiple references to the bible and the song intentionally runs for three minutes and sixteen seconds as a reference to “John 3:16.” Both Jeffree star and Megan Fox make cameo appearances through the video. Throughout the video, Good Charlotte performs on the river bank in LA while images sporadically appear that showcase both the glamour and the dark side of the city. Apparently, the visual montage was to show how they viewed Los Angeles upon moving there and after living there for some time.

As it turns out, Good Charlotte's big hit was not Star's only music video cameo!

In 2011, Star posted a link to a YouTube video on his Facebook account, which showed him in a music video created by the band Falling In ReverseThe music video was created for the song, I'm Not A Vampire. The song garnered over thirty-three million views online and Star's fans expressed how much they loved the video because he was in it.

15 Kim Kardashian Came To His Defense After Her Fans Started Trolling Him

In August 2017, Kim Kardashian took to social media to show off her upcoming product release of KKW Beauty Powder Contour and Highlighter palette by swatching each of the kits on her forearm. As someone who reviews products, Star quickly took to Twitter to point out that the swatches look like chalk. Star tweeted, "Umm...Kim what is going on with those new swatches?? They look like chalk."

Kim's fans then came to her defense and started to troll Jeffree's Twitter account by giving him heat for his past behavior, which according to Flare involved him saying offensive comments publicly on social media. Kim then took to her Twitter to say that she know's that she's not very good at swatching and that her makeup artist is currently teaching her how to do it properly.

She then also told her fans to stop the negativity on Star's Twitter feed. Kim tweeted that her fans were being "petty" by bringing up Star's past, even after he has apologized for it. However, her fans then gave Kim backlash, saying that you can't just apologize for the discriminatory behavior and think that everything is going to be okay. Kim then took to Twitter again to say that she didn't know about it and didn't intend on getting involved in defending him, but that she is always striving for positivity. Star, on the other hand, told everyone that they to need "shut up" about this Kim feud.

14 He Had A One-Sided Feud With Too Faced Cosmetics On Twitter

Not one to shy away from expressing how he feels publicly, Star took to Twitter to throw shade at Too Faced Cosmetics. According to Allure, this feud dates back to 2016 when Too Faced Cosmetics did a collaboration with beauty blogger Nikkie Tutorials, which apparently resulted in over $9 million in sales. According to Star, Nikkie only made $50,000 from that total. While Nikkie declined to comment publicly on the matter, Star took it upon himself to call out Too Faced founder Jarrod Blandino for taking advantage and not paying Nikkie enough.

Star tweeted multiple times at the Too Faced founder, but it doesn't seem like he responded back to Star, at least not on Twitter. Talk about a one-sided conversation!

To make matters worse, Star started another feud with him over Blandino's claims that Too Faced started the unicorn makeup trend. Star was quick to jump on Twitter again to point out that the brand Tarte actually came up with it first. While still there was no comment from Blandino, his sister eventually got involved. Blandino's sister allegedly went on Instagram to say that Star's makeup brand was "clown makeup." Star did not take too kindly to this and vocalized the way he felt about Blandino's sister on Twitter by saying she was trying to degrade him.

13 Kylie Cosmetics Removed Him From Their PR List Much To His Dismay

Just as Jeffree had some criticisms for Kim Kardashian and her cosmetic line, he also spared no punches when critiquing Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. Although Star has been criticizing Kylie Cosmetics for years on his Twitter, she has never actually responded back herself. So it has been a bit one-sided, but according to Seventeen Magazine, Kylie finally answered back in a more subtle way by removing Jeffree from the Kylie Cosmetics PR List.

To take it back to where it all started, Jeffree's first post about Kylie Cosmetics was in 2016 when he received some of her lip glosses in the mail. Jeffree posted a photo of the lip gloss wands that looked pretty disheveled with the caption, “So disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable.” He later followed up saying that he has no beef with Kylie but that he has a passion for makeup, to which Kylie did respond, saying, “I have the same passion.”

However just one month later, Jeffree called Kylie out again for overcharging for her products. Then in 2017, Jeffree called out Kylie Cosmetics again by saying the products are way too expensive. By February 2018, it looked like Kylie’s team had had enough, and they removed Jeffree from the mailing list as per his announcement.

12 Star Has Five Pomeranians

Jeffree Star and his partner, twenty-four-year-old Nathan Schwandt, own five Pomeranians together in Star’s multimillion-dollar home in Calabas, California. The dogs' names are Diva, Daddy, Diamond, Delicious, and their newest addition is fittingly named Drama. Drama only joined the family in January 2018.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Jeffree revealed that having so many dogs is a lot of hard work.

He was quoted as saying to his publicist while on set with the magazine that “Unless you have a Nathan, don’t get a dog.” It appears that the dogs are a ton of work, as up until recently Nathan was working at Jeffree Star Cosmetics but quit to build up his own social media accounts and take care of all of the dogs.

With his admittedly hectic schedule, Star reveals that he just would not have the time or energy to take care of five dogs. Cosmopolitan reveals that when the writer of the article entered the home, she saw Daddy running across the room with a pair of briefs from the laundry room, while all of the other dogs (minus Drama, who wasn’t there yet) kept interrupting the interview. Eventually, Star asked Nathan to take them out of the room.

11 He Might Be Collaborating With YouTube Personality, Jake Paul — Despite Facing Criticism

Jeffree Star was immediately faced with a backlash from his fans over some innocent enough tweets directed at YouTube star, Jake Paul. That’s right, Jake Paul — as in the brother of one of the most controversial YouTube bloggers of 2018, Logan Paul.

According to Allure magazine, Star was driving his Tesla in Los Angeles when he spotted Jake Paul driving in front of him. Star tweeted at Paul saying, “Let’s race our Tesla’s?” To which Paul tweeted back, “Lol down!! Was that your pink one!? So sick!! Next time drive me off the road like your fans are saying and vlog it” with a laughing emoji.

As it turns out, as soon as Star posted the initial tweet, his fans were not all that happy due to the controversy surrounding not only Jake’s brother, Logan, but also himself. Fans were quick to point out that Jake was caught on camera saying a racial slur at least twice while performing a freestyle rap. Allure also reveals that Jake was dismissed from Disney Channel for “destructive behavior.” Despite the critiques of his fans, Star tweeted at Jake inviting him to collaborate by saying, “When are you going to do my makeup?” As of right now, they have not worked together.

10 He Threatened To Sue Walmart For Selling Counterfeit Versions Of His Makeup

In February 2018, Jeffree Star and his legal team threatened to sue Walmart for selling counterfeit versions of his own products. According to We the Unicorns, on January 30th Jeffree posted a photo of Walmart’s website where they were claiming to be selling a lipstick from Star's cosmetics line. In particular, they were selling something they called “Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick.” But Jeffree was quick to point out that his product is not sold at Walmart and that they are attempting to sell counterfeit versions of it.

Jeffree tweeted the following about this situation: “Allowing 3rd party companies to sell counterfeit nasty, fake makeup on your website is illegal. And also highly dangerous.” He also added that “I have bought several fake #jeffreestar products from a few websites and I’m having it tested by a chemist to show you how deadly these products are... Video coming soon. Lawsuit coming soon.” Star also revealed that his legal team has already reached out to Walmart reps.

Star also expressed his disdain and concern across his Snapchat, where he went on to say that fake makeup contains “rat poison,” "lead,” and “cancerous ingredients.”

He added that it's very important to always research before buying a product.

9 He Met His Boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, Through Social Media

According to Grazia Daily, back at the beginning of 2017, Nathan Schwandt slid into Jeffree Star's DMs expressing interest in him. While they did not go public with their relationship right away, people started to speculate when photos of them in Paris together surfaced on Jeffree's social media accounts. At first, Star's fans just thought that they were friends, but while in Paris, he posted a suggestive photo, saying that they're falling more and more in love every day. Since then, the pair has been virtually inseparable.

Nathan and Star live together in Star's multi-million dollar home in Calabasas, CA. Nathan was also working at Jeffree Star Cosmetics for a while until quitting to pursue personal interests, like acquiring more success and notoriety on social media. Star has also had Nathan featured on his YouTube channel and has discussed their relationship at length in one of his posts. Star had said that before Nathan, he thought he would never experience love entirely because he was having a lot of secret relationships. According to Paper Magazine, Star did not know Nathan would be so open — as he had only dated women before Jeffree.

8 He Spent Over $59,000 On A Skateboard And Broke It After One Ride

In July 2017, Jeffree Star bought a Louis Vuitton Supreme skateboard that was only one of ten in the world. After revealing to his fans that the skateboard was pretty rare and unique, he also revealed that it put a bit of a dent in his wallet. According to an article on Revelist, Jeffree spent a whopping $59,268.76 on the skateboard. Jeffree shared the receipt on his social media, along with the announcement, just to show everyone how expensive it really was.

He also revealed that Louis Vuitton personally reached out to him to offer one of these unique skateboards for purchase because he is such a loyal customer.

Jeffree added “you know you’re rolling when someone offers you a $60k trunk and you just say, 'K.'” While Jeffree admits that his wallet cried after the purchase, he said that he was viewing it as an investment piece. However, that did not last long, as Star and his boyfriend Nathan took the skateboard out for a spin — and things took a real turn. The two went out to a skate park where Nathan proceeded to demonstrate some tricks, only to land on it the wrong way and break the board.

7 He Made Hurtful Remarks On His YouTube Channel That Landed Him In Hot Water Years Later

Jeffree Star is not one to ever shy away from controversy nor from being in the spotlight, but a few years back he was in the spotlight for the worst kind of reasons. According to Cassius Life, Jeffree made some harmful and derogatory comments about thirteen years ago, which resurfaced years later as his fame grew. In particular, a bright light was shone on his hurtful remarks when Kim Kardashian's fans got wind of him talking negatively about her swatching skills (see above). Kim's fans began to dig a little deeper about Jeffree's past and found the sorts of things he was saying as a means to encourage that Kim does not defend someone like him.

As Kim has mentioned in her post, Jeffree has since apologized about his inappropriate and hurtful remarks — but others are not so quick to forgive and forget. Part of Jeffree's apology on Twitter can be seen in his tweets above, but people were commenting that there is no true way to come back from the stuff that he was saying. Jeffree initially made those comments on his YouTube channel, which have since been deleted. He also posted a fifteen-minute lengthy apology video.

6 He Has Too Many Tattoos On His Body To Count

Jeffree Star has so many tattoos on his body that even he himself cannot confirm an exact number — and it’s far too hard for the naked eye to count. So what are they? According to Grazia Daily, Star has a tattoo above his eyebrow, which fittingly reads ‘Vanity.’ He also apparently has ‘Redrum’ written across his abdomen with the ‘r’ in ‘rum’ written backward.

While it may take a lot of time to round up all of the different tattoos Star has, Grazia Daily points out one that says, ‘cats meow,’ which is tattoed across his knuckles.

In addition to that, he has a ton of famous faces tattooed across his body. He has portraits of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn. He also has a portrait of his Grandmother and one of JonBenet Ramsey, which was done by his former friend, Kat Von D.

Kat was also the one who tattooed Audrey Hepburn on his body. He has a portrait of Edward Scissor Hands and Wednesday Addams somewhere, too.

5 He Identifies As Androgynous

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Jeffree Star talks about identifying as androgynous at the same time as he was releasing his new makeup palette, aptly titled 'Androgyny.' Star says that to him, androgyny is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. For him, androgyny is about "being fearless and yourself." He also added, "I feel like with this whole Internet era, people can be so judgemental and evil online. So this is about owning your own self and showing your self-worth."

When asked how he embodies androgyny, Star said, "The cool thing with me is I really can do anything, which is so fun. I wake up and I'm like, do I want to look like this today, or do I want to be super feminine?" He also discussed that from as early as twelve-years-old, beauty really helped shape his identity when he started to play with makeup. Star says he always loved the "idea of transformation" and to be able to become a character through your makeup. He also thinks that things have definitely taken a turn when it comes to people expressing themselves and still being accepted by those around them. Now he says there are all these boys that can express themselves through beauty products and it’s OK.

4 Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Helped Launch His Cosmetic Line

Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D and Jeffree Star first became friends over ten years ago when Jeffree had sent her an email inquiring about getting some tattoos. Star emailed Von D asking her if she would be able to tattoo some of Star's favorite beauty queens, like Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate. According to Bustle, Star says that after he sent that email, Kat responded with something along the lines of "Let's get this guy in here right now".

After that two met, they instantly hit it off and bonded, becoming best friends pretty quickly. The two not only bonded over their love of ink but they also both shared a mutual passion for makeup. As it turns out, well-connected Kat helped Jeffree launch his personal cosmetic collection, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, by introducing him to a bunch of people.

Simultaneously, Kat Von D launched her own cosmetics line and even named a product after Star: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Jeffree

Throughout the years, the two were frequently spotted out at events together and supporting each other on social media. Until recently, that is — but you can read about that little feud below. As it appears they are besties no more.

3 Star Recently Had A Public Falling Out With Kat Von D

What started out as a pretty solid friendship has apparently come to an end, according to Refinery 29. In July 2016, a brewing feud between former besties Kat Von D and Jeffree Star came to a head online, when Von D posted a fourteen-minute long video outlining that their friendship had fallen apart.

Von D revealed that their friendship came to an end over a series of text messages initiated by her, claiming when she claims that Jeffree was not paying someone that needed to be paid. Von D was on camera pleading, "I kindly ask you, Jeffree...all I ask is that you do the right thing." In the video she also said, "Hey Jeffree, can you explain to me why you haven’t paid BJ? And he basically told me to go [away] and then blocked my number.”

According to her, one of her friends BJ created artwork for Star, but Star did not pay BJ. Von D then posted on her Facebook that she is choosing to no longer be friends with Star "after years of putting up with Star's inappropriate behavior..." In response, Star also posted a long video on his YouTube account explaining his side of the story.

2 He Blocked Followers On Twitter When Doing A Social Media Cleanse

According to We The Unicorn, Jeffree Star went on a social media cleanse, blocking a ton of fans — much to their dismay. In particular, the genuine fans were upset and shocked that they were blocked. Jeffree revealed on October 17th, 2017, across his social media channels that he completed a "huge social media purge and unfollowed and blocked all the fake [people] in the beauty community."

However, in the process of unfollowing those 'fake' people, he also unfollowed some of his major supporters.

One follower posted on their Twitter, "I spent my $$ on his lipstick just for him to block me later on?" Another individual wrote that they were dismayed by him unfollowing them, adding, "When you’re a loyal fan, dedicated consumer of his products, and you’ve never done anything to him and suddenly you are blocked." This whole unfollowing thing was apparently triggered by a feud between another beauty blogger, Charles Gross. However, Jeffree says it's because he is "growing and changing mentally" and he is not unfollowing people for any other reason than that.

1 He May Be Working With Dior To Help Expand Their Range Of Foundations

In recent times, there has been a lot of attention to the fact that foundation often excludes certain skin tones. While Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics have hoped to resolve this problem, offering 30-40 shades of skin colors, Jeffree had not — until now, that is. In January 2018, Star announced that he was releasing a line of concealers that would include over thirty shades.

In addition to that, Star revealed on his twitter that he would be working with Dior to “expand their Air Flash shade range in the Spring.” According to an Instagram post by “@trendmood1,” which was posted on Allure’s website, Star loves Dior and says that it is one of his favorite foundation formulas. This collaboration is supposed to be released in Spring 2018, but some naysayers have said that Dior has never collaborated with ‘Influencers’ and that this is one of the first times that anyone has ever heard of this collaboration. It does not appear that the line has been released yet, so we guess we'll just have to wait and see if it happens.

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