24 Celebrity Instagram Pics That Are More Scorching Than The Sun

Instagram is the magical social media tool that has given the paparazzi a run for their money. Online media publications now flock to Instagram if they want to indulge on what is going on among its most popular users. It is a source for free images in lieu of paying the paps generous amounts for celebrities walking down the street. Luckily for celebrities who have an incredible amount of influence on their followers, they are empowered because they have complete control of what images go viral. They have the power to let people see them in the most flattering light. Being a celebrity means that you have the most followers as humanly possible. Some women have become famous via Instagram just by posting pics and looking hot.

In the age of millennial narcissism, the selfie reigns as the primary mechanism to capture yourself with a picture taken of you and by you. Instagram is a scrapbook of selfies where you can catalog literally anything that you are doing at the moment. There is just something about those filters and that perfect square that stay embedded in our brains forever. If you have a bangin' body, why wouldn't you want to show that off in a bikini looking beautiful with a dreamy background to match? Behold, here are the 24 best celebrity bikini Instagram pics.

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24 Emily Ratajkowski - That Body We Would All Kill For


Ever since Emily Ratajkowski made her big debut in the Blurred Lines video with Robin Thicke, people were dying to know who that foxy scantily clad brunette was in the video. What was really memorable is how perfect her figure was and that is what she ultimately became famous for. No offense to her, but having a small acting gig alongside Gone Girl hardly counts as a track to a serious career. Her role revolved around being that hot mistress. Emily Ratajkowski is more so a model than she is an actress at least for now. In any case, she has the perfect body. She is slim without being too skinny with perfect muscle definition. Not to mention she still has those feminine curves in all the right places. If this Instagram pic isn't enough to make you want to hit the gym, then we don't know what will.

23 Margot Robbie - An Ethereal Mermaid

@margotrobbie / Instagram

There is just something about underwater shots that make a woman look calm, peaceful and like she is in a trance. We are used to seeing Margot Robbie either as the mischievous Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad or a blonde bombshell in The Wolf of Wall Street. We are definitely not used to seeing her as a brunette with no makeup floating around underwater in a backyard pool. The cerulean blue in the background makes her fair skin pop and the multicolored bikini glow. There is something missing in this Instagram shot, she needs mermaid fins and she would have nailed it even better. There is always next time. Even someone as famous as Margot Robbie needs to have someone take a glamorous yet candid Instagram shot of her every now and again. She nailed it.

22 Bella Hadid - The Perfect Hourglass Figure

@bellahadid / Instagram

Bella Hadid is not shy about flaunting her body on Instagram and it shows in her open body language in this pic. After all, she is a top model for a reason: it is because she knows how to pose fiercely. Her destroyed denim bikini shows off her shapely figure and her colorful chrome Ray Bans are staring right into the camera as if to say, "What? Who...me?" We don't know if she is just trying to look cool in this Instagram pic or if she really is that cool in real life. It appears as though she is sitting on the edge of a yacht at some with some well to do people on a hot summer day. With bright blue skies and clouds to match, this looks like an all-around perfect day.

21 Lea Michele - Making Colors Pop In Tropical Paradise


Lea Michelle is best known for her role in Glee as lead singer and star Rachel Berry. In the theatrical community, she is known for her many roles on Broadway. In this pic, you would just think of her as some hot girl sitting by the pool basking in the tropical sunlight. Though she is clearly hamming it up in this Instagram pic, her views on Instagram and social media are rather contradictory. She told the LA Times: " We’re in a different age now, and the world of social media influences what people find beautiful and it’s very intimidating. If you’re on Instagram for more than five minutes you’ll be thinking about how to lose 20 pounds or whether you should dye your hair and why you aren’t more toned. But being healthy comes before any type of external beauty."

20 Kendall Jenner - Tangerine Orange Is Definitely Her Color

@kendalljenner/ Instagram

Instagram is a medium for models to pull off an off-duty model look as they get to post candid shots of themselves. It is perfect because it seems like they are not trying but you know damn well that they are asking someone to take several shots of them before they get it right down to a T. Kendall Jenner got someone to take the perfect angle of her as she was trying to look effortless in this burnt orange tangerine bikini. The color really pops on her complexion with her dark brown hair and light olive skin. The emerald body jewelry makes her pop even more. She looks like she has a much more slender build from her curvier sisters but still has a figure at the same time.

19 Alessandra Ambrosio - Brazilian Beauty Grilling All-American BBQ

@alessandraambrosio/ Instagram

Whenever we see someone with a perfect body like Alessandra Ambrosio's indulge in fattening foods like hamburgers and hotdogs, we can't help but feel a wave of horrendous envy. Alessandra flaunts her toned and lean physique while working the grill. It looks like a modern-day Norman Rockwell picture come to life with a hot babe in a Fedora on the Fourth of July. If this were taken in a more professional photoshoot, it would be something right out of GQ magazine. Her fedora hat and body jewelry pull together the blue paisley print bikini. So many people underestimate the power of jewelry paired with bikinis. The two are actually not mutually exclusive. Anyways, this woman always looks happy and upbeat and we would be too if we had her life. *Sigh*

18 Reese Witherspoon - Just Chilling Inside An Inflatable Donut

@reesewitherspoon/ Instagram

Reese captioned this pool snap, "#DonutWorryBeHappy?!" The adorable blonde Legally Blonde actress has always had that bubbly and vivacious personality and what better to show that off than a pink donut floatie? The flamingo pink on the floating donut and her sunglasses rims pop in a sea of clear aqua water on a hot summer day. She might not be flaunting her body in a bikini, but she still looks as cute as ever because she just looks like she is enjoying life. Reese Witherspoon is now a mother of three and her daughter looks like a younger carbon copy of her. It looks like right now, she just wants to chill away from the spotlight and live a more relaxed lifestyle. Time to pass the torch onto the gorgeous Miss Ava Philippe.

17 Selena Gomez - Getting Down And Dirty

@selenagomez/ Instagram

Selena Gomez always looks underage even though she is in her early '20s. This is what makes everyone feel like such a pervert for even glancing at her in a pic of her bikini. This one, in particular, will make you feel dirty since she is literally covered in sand...which is its own form of dirt, isn't it? Her hair is soaked in salt water and the waves kept coming in as she plays in the water. In this Instagram shot, she looks like a free-spirit without a care in the world. She is relaxed and happy and just wants the world to know that she is all grown up with that cleavage. The edges of the Instagram shot are a little out of focus which makes it look like an old-school Polaroid.

16 Emmy Rossum - Floating In A Sea Of Trippiness

@emmyrossum / Instagram

Emmy Rossum more intelligent than the average starlet. She gets more creative with her Instagram and takes shots of herself in unique situations which makes her more intriguing. She doesn't typically go for the overtly "look at me" sensuality like many Instagram models and celebrities try to pull off. Instead, she tries to convey a certain mood. Here, she looks like she is meditating thinking about floating into space. That or she might just be stoned. Her wavy hair is spread elegantly and floating to the surface. In swimming, what she is doing now is technically referred to as "dead man's float." The only thing that we are wondering is what is she even thinking about right now? We would like to think something deep but maybe not. Maybe she is thinking, "I need to get this chlorine off of me ASAP."

15 Miranda Kerr - The Beach Heart As Seen On Instagram

@mirandakerr/ Instagram

For some reason, girls on the beach now think it's cool to make heart shapes with their fingers. It's an Instagram classic because it basically says "I love how hot I look in my bikini on the beach!" Miranda Kerr embraces the heart fingers phenomenon while posing playfully in front of the waves. Her pinchable chubby cheeks are what are her trademark because that is her quirky feature that makes her stand out from the other supermodels. That cherub baby face matched with Victoria's Secret-worthy beauty make her a darling for all of her 11.6 million followers on Instagram. She looks more beautiful when she isn't trying too hard to look glamorous and when she is just being herself. This Instagram shot definitely personifies that.

14 Paris Hilton - Goes On Vacation For A Living

@parishilton/ Instagram

Paris Hilton has been the woman that we love to hate since the early '00s. She literally never has to do anything for a living except to be seen. Ah, the life of a socialite. Here, she flaunts her slender body overlooking the penthouse view somewhere luxurious. The reflection of the beach mirroring off of the window in the background gives us a hint as to where she might be. No matter where she is in the entire world, Paris Hilton will never go unnoticed. In fact, she gets paid to show up and events and parties. She literally gets paid to go on vacation while the rest of us cross our fingers for our tax break to come. Her neon-framed sunglasses add a spunk to her colorful patterned bikini.

13 Rihanna - Catching Some Salt Water Breeze

@badgalriri/ Instagram

If anyone can pull off big jewelry and a bikini at the same time, Rihanna has that down to a science. Her henna tattoos and banana yellow bikini make her skin tone pop as the sunlight comes down over her. There is nothing more exciting and fun than being in front of a motorboat in the middle of the ocean. The small rocky island in the background makes it seem like she is on an afternoon outing with a few peeps with a low-key kind of vibe. Rihanna never has to try too hard to look cool and collected. All of her tattoos are tastefully placed on her body to make her look exotic and coming from another world. Someone probably took this picture of her while she wasn't expecting it.

12 Demi Lovato - A Younger, Curvier Demi Moore

@ddlovato/ Instagram

Demi Lovato nails it with the sun poking out from behind her back. She proves that bikinis can be overrated one piece swimsuits can be just as hot. This is especially true if it has a cut-out back. One-piece swimsuits are fun to wear if they have some quirky pattern on them. Demi Lovato looks like a young Demi Moore in the face but with more killer curves. Her "come-hither" facial expression almost makes you feel violated because it's that provocative. The Instagram pic looks like it was taken later in the day with the background becoming more orange as the sun is going down into the horizon. Demi is a big ham and kills it with that stare that pierces through the camera. We wonder if those are red polka dots, hearts or cherries on her black and white striped swimsuit? If only we could take a closer look.

11 Heidi Klum - Licking That Fruity Popsicle


Heidi Klum is known for her playful and flirty personality. She always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Only she could pull off an Instagram bikini pic licking a popsicle without looking completely ridiculous. She has a body to kill for and makes most of us young women who are literally half her age feel inadequate. She is fitness goals because she has a lean body worthy of Victoria's Secret but she also isn't skeletal so that makes for a perfect inspiration. The flowery decorations by the pool make us wish that we could be better to do rather than just have to settle for some Motel 8 pool. For now, we can make due with what we have.

10 Chrissy Teigen - Living The Dream And Falling Asleep

@chrissyteigen/ Instagram

Funny girl Chrissy Teigen has made a name for herself not only by her beauty but by her wit and charm that makes people laugh. Her Instagram pictures show her expressive personality and she knows how to ham it up for the camera at any given time. It a safe bet to assume that John Legend took this Instagram shot of Chrissy while they were out vacationing on some remote island together. She looks like she was prepared for this shot and probably made him do a few more just so that she can choose from them. Those legs are perfectly stretched out as if she were doing a session of Pilates. You got to hand it to her, Chrissy knows how to pose like a pro.

9 Candice Swanepoel - The Birth Of Venus

@candiceswaneopoel/ Instagram

Candice Swanepoel is indeed a Victoria's Secret angel which is an elite squad that not too many get to be a part of. Seriously though, she literally looks like a real-life angel with that innocent face and locks of golden hair to match. Her light pink and white bikini under a little cabana with the light sea breeze in the background makes it look like she is a mermaid that has just emerged from the sea. She is ethereal and if you saw her while you were walking down the beach, you would have to do a double take because this Instagram shot simply does not look like real life. Her bronzed skin and beach waves fit the standard for a beach babe no matter where you are in the world.

8 Anna Kendrick - Time For An Adult Swim

@annakendrick47/ Instagram

Anna Kendrick is more of a cute girl next door than she is that hot girl from the other side of the world that is unattainable to most men. She has that high school girlfriend charm with a little bit of sass on the side. What makes this Instagram shot so adorable is that this is a scenery that you typically see little kids being shot in with the waterworks making a fountain out of the water. A back is a part of a woman's body that is highly underrated and seductive. Anna does a fine job in displaying that in lieu of cleavage or her butt. This makes us wish that we would have hit up the water park more often as teenagers.

7 Khloe Kardashian - Let Me Be Your First Mate

@khloekardashian/ Instagram

Khloe Kardashian has come a long way from being the chubby Kardashian sister to the smoking hot Kardashian sister. She has lost some weight and flaunted her figure every chance she could get. She became a total gym rat and started eating healthier and she became a force to be reckoned with that gave her sister Kim a run for her money. In this Instagram shot, she is donning a high-cut one-piece swimsuit that shows off her curvaceous hips. That sailor hat tops off the whole look because she is clearly having the time of her life on a boat somewhere out in the middle of the ocean. Khloe probably has to make the special effort to ensure that the paparazzi doesn't find her, or maybe she wants them to find her looking this hot. Who knows!

6 Miley Cyrus - Androgynous Hair, Feminine Body

@mileycyrus/ Instagram

Miley Cyrus reinvented herself by buzzing her hair as short as possible and bleaching it. Her tiny boyish figure makes her look androgynous but at this angle, we can see that she is indeed not a male. The crisp white sheets with the window light coming down on her make it look like "she just woke up like this." Even though Miley annoys us for her bizarre antics and being engaged to hottie Liam Hemsworth, we can't help but admire her natural beauty in this Instagram pic. This is one of the rare times we see her in her natural element without all the campy attire. Not to mention she has some incredibly chiseled abs to boot. We wish we could see like this more often, but alas.

5 Chanel Iman - An Idyllic Dream Come To Life

@chaneliman/ Instagram

Chanel Iman is an exotic beauty who is half Asian and half African-American. The lucky lady just recently got engaged to New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard after he got down on one knee and proposed to her on her birthday. The Victoria's Secret model captioned on Instagram: "I’m beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with you @sterl_shep3 you are my soulmate, my best friend, my everything! Can’t wait to be your Mrs.” Lucky for her, she gets to travel the world, have a handsome fiancé and looks gorgeous even if she is just wearing a black and white sports bra and bikini bottoms. Here, she is overlooking a wide range in a hilly country looking pensive AF. She is probably getting lost in thought somewhere in oblivion.

4 Bar Refaeli - More Sun Equals More Freckles

@barrefaeli/ Instagram

Bar Refaeli always looks like she is glowing with a minimal-makeup look. After all, she was able to steal Leo DiCaprio's heart for five years in their on-again, off-again relationship. Any lady who can keep Leo around proves that she is a goddess in her own right. She is in full-on selfie mode in this beach pic as she is getting tanner and tanner by the minute. It also looks like there are freckles popping up on her face as she keeps basking in the sun. Though people will be obligated to warn her that she will burn if she stays out any more in the sun, they won't because look at this view. She is like that hot friend that we never want to go to the beach with because we will pale (literally) by comparison.

3 Shay Mitchell - All Smiles And Sunshine

@shaymitchell/ Instagram

Shay Mitchell is the star of NBC's Pretty Little Liars as Emily Fields. What you might not know about her is that she is actually super active on social media. She is one celebrity who knows how to leverage her star status and turn it into a brand. She even has her own YouTube channel with almost 3 million subscribers. Not to mention that she has nearly 19 million followers on Instagram. You have to have respect for an actress who takes their career into their own hands rather than just coaxing on the few roles that they have landed on the TV shows. In any case, she looks happy, bubbly and radiant in the sunlight on the edge of a tile floor of a pool.

2 Gigi Hadid - Modern Day Pin-Up Girl

@gigihadid/ Instagram

Gigi Hadid is one of those few supermodels who are skinny enough to pull off high fashion but still have that soft curve to flaunt a vintage pin-up girl figure. This pose with her leaning over and giving that perfect angle for her tush to pop out all the while having cleavage for days throws us right back into the '50s. The sepia filter that she chose for this Instagram shot fades out some color to make it appear as if it appeared right out of a time capsule. Gigi is a true California girl at heart with her sun-kissed waves, bronzed skin and flirty polka dot ruffles on her bikini bottom. Even for how candid this pic is, she looks like a calendar girl.

1 Adriana Lima - Barely Any Makeup And Still Gorgeous

@adrianalima/ Instagram

Adriana Lima is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. She looks like she could have been created in a lab because she is just that perfect looking. From this angle, it looks like she is wearing a unicorn charm choker necklace or at least we would like to think so. With the natural lighting and little to no makeup, she still stuns without even having to put forth that much effort. The fact that she has a few moles on her body makes almost makes it appear as if she is not perfect. Keyword being almost, she is still perfect. That signature seductive stare could stop traffic and that is what she is most famously known for. No wonder she has been modeling for Victoria's Secret for the majority of her adult life.

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