23 Pics Of Jessica Biel Before She Became A Mom

Jessica Biel has always been gorgeous, making her one of the most photogenic celebs around. As an actress, she always nails her roles, and as a mom, she seems to be mastering motherhood with the same grit and grace. With a hubby like superstar Justin Timberlake by her side, Biel is one lucky lady, but something tells us it’s Timberlake who sees himself as the lucky one. Swoon.

These days, so much of Biel’s focus is geared toward her little one, not to say that she has given up on her “day job.” Biel is still in the spotlight showing off her acting chops, all while balancing being a wife and mother. She is as attractive as ever, proving that this woman only gets better with age. But that does not mean it’s not fun to flashback to before Biel earned the title of “mom.”

Here are 23 pics of the pretty lady, all before she became a mother. Looking back on her transformation toward what she has become today, it is truly remarkable how she has changed so much yet has remained the same in some wonderful ways, too. Enjoy!

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23 Lovely Locks In The Late ‘90s (And Lovelier Now)


The late ‘90s was certainly a fun time, from the wardrobes to the way ladies wore their hair. Biel was just as experimental, showing us that a wavy shoulder-length ‘do would be the perfect look for the stunning star. With the ends just brushing along her collarbone, this style suited her face and frame wonderfully. With highlights and just the right amount of product, Biel rocked this look as well as anyone could, giving us ‘90s vibes all the way. Many would argue that her more current look is a lot better, but that ‘90s action is pretty awesome too.

22 Biel Does Bangs

Via: Instyle.com

Not everyone can pull off wearing bangs, but with a face like Biel’s, any hairdo is a winner. Here she appears to be on set, or maybe it’s break time and she’s chatting up her co-star. With her cute ponytail putting her bangs on full display, Biel looks beautiful and youthful. Plus, those large hoop earrings are getting their time to shine, balancing out her look with an accessory that always looks lovely. Biel’s cute and summery outfit fit her figure nicely, showing off her strong shoulders and lean legs. This gal’s got the whole package, from bangs to her shoulder bag.

21 Dog Walking And Determined

Via: glamour.com

Biel isn’t exactly looking like she is having the best afternoon, but perhaps the paparazzi just snapped her pic at an unfortunate moment. She is out walking her dog, but that’s certainly not Timberlake with her. Is it an ex? A friend? Or someone who she is trying to get away from? A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but we are not quite sure what those are in this instance. Nevertheless, Biel is one determined dog walker, and she looks like she is not messing around.

20 Fresh-Faced And Fabulous

Via: businessinsider.my

No makeup, no problem. If anyone can pull off a fresh and bare face it’s the impeccable Biel, who looks beautiful whether her faces is freshly scrubbed and natural or covered in makeup. Many stars would shy away from the photographers if they weren’t “camera ready,” but Biel has no issues with showing off her true self, warts and all. Not that there are any, of course. Otherwise, Biel looks simply adorable in her belly-baring striped shirt and low-rise jeans. She is youthful and free, just like she ought to be.

19 From Blonde To Bombshell

Via: prevention.com

What a difference 10 years can make. In 2009, Biel was a blonde, showing the world that no matter what color hair she selects, she always comes out looking fabulous. Now in 2019, Biel is going for a light brown, but both colors look great against her creamy complexion. Perhaps in another 10 years from now Biel will go back to blonde again, but her current shade suits her perfectly. Plus, she may land a role that will require a change of hair color, so Biel may have to dye her ‘do for work-related purposes. Lucky for her she looks great no matter what.

18 "Tanks" A Lot!

Via: sharenator.com

Biel has a figure that ought to be flaunted, and that is just what she is doing in this form-fitting tank top. The actress is super fit and firm, so there is no need to worry that any wiggle will put a damper on her fun in the sun. With her hair pulled back and her makeup looking fresh, this pic of Biel shows off her confidence and cool character. She does not need to do much to look like a million bucks, so why go for high-end items when a simple tank is all it takes?

17 Hand-In-Hand With Her Honey

Via: sharenator.com

It’s just another day in the lives of Biel and Timberlake as they stroll along the sidewalk hand-in-hand. There’s no doubt that these two are madly in love, and the want the world to know that they’re smitten and serious. These days, these walks have a third family member in tow, but the connection is just as strong, if not even more so due to the love they share for their child. It must be a challenge for these two to go anywhere in pubic without being bombarded by fans, but it seems like they’re keeping their cool as they carry on their conversation.

16 Time Off With Timberlake

Via: boomsbeat.com

Hanging out with her honey, Biel Is all smiles as she sits among the crowd at some sort of event she’s attending with her main man. He seems to be quite interested in whatever it is they are watching, and Biel is also enthusiastic about what she’s seeing too. Perhaps these two were simply thrilled because they had some time to spend together; with their busy schedules who knows when they can find the time to do anything as a duo? But here they are, hanging out and looking cool. They certainly seem like the ideal couple.

15 Pre-Mama Drama

Via: wikifeet.com

Showing off her acting abilities, here we see Biel hanging out in bed with a co-star as they peruse a computer screen while looking quite serious. Biel looks cute and comfy In her worked-in dungarees and an olive V-neck T-shirt, again with those bold bangs that frame her face fabulously. Biel is a natural on screen, just like she wows us with her charisma when she is just being herself. Who could blame Timberlake for being so in love with his leading lady? She’s got it all, and then some.

14 Fancy Or Fun

Via: redbook.com

Biel and Timberlake are the perfect pair. They know how to dress up for the red carpet like champs and can also be fun and flirty, not taking themselves too seriously. This dynamic makes them fun-loving and free, something that will help make their relationship last and last. Unlike many Hollywood couples who break up before the two-year mark, this duo is in it for the long haul, showing us all that fame won’t break their beautiful bond. They seem like they are best friends, the perfect foundation for an everlasting union.

13 Throwback Thrill

Via: pinterest.com

If Biel looks at this pic, it will probably bring a smile to her face. If she knew back then how her life would turn out, she would surely be amazed at all she has accomplished. But when this snapshot was taken, Biel had no clue that she would become as famous as she is today, that she would marry someone even more famous, and together, they would create a family of their own. Life leads the way towards exciting opportunities, and Biel was always along for the ride.

12 Lots Of Leather

Via: elle.com

Who knew Biel was such a “stud?” This top-to-bottom leather and studs ensemble is quite the getup, proving that although this look surely isn’t for everyone, Biel can pull it off with ease. She looks amazing in red, and those pants fit her body like nobody’s business. Even her matching studded booties are on point. Biel may have some help with her umbrella, but otherwise, she’s in full control and cool as can be. Strutting down the street is Biel’s best move yet.

11 Casual And In Control

Via: thewallpapers.org

Looks like Biel is steering this situation, showing off her skills and know-how. Surely this scene is on set, but even so, Biel is taking the job seriously, proving she is in power and passionate about her performance. When it comes to playing the part, Biel is a pro, and even in a T-shirt and minimal makeup, she looks every bit the movie star. She’s a no-nonsense sort of celeb, showing everyone that she’ll be in the spotlight for a long time to come. Even as a mom now, she’s as determined as ever to shine like the star she is.

10 Sweaty And Strong

Via: kitchendecor.club

Working out and working hard sure pays off. Just look at those muscles on this movie star! She may not have as much time to work out now that she’s a mom, but with a frame like hers, she looks amazing when she’s super toned or if she gives herself some time off. Perhaps Biel was getting her body ready for a grueling movie role, or maybe she is all sweaty because she likes to stay fit and firm. Whatever the reason may be, Biel looks nothing short of terrific. Her hubby must appreciate her devotion.

9 Biel In Bed

Via: hotflick.net

Relaxing has never looked better. Seeing Biel with her shoes kicked off and her stress wiped away is surely something to strive for. She’s all smiles because the weight of the day is no longer on her shoulders. Plus, it must be extra inviting to jump into such a pretty bed. That colorful floral comforter sure is cute, something that shows off Biel’s bubbly personality. The only thing missing from that bed is her handsome hubby JT. Now that would be a nap no one would pass up!

8 “Pretend” Pregnancy

Via: jessica-biel.com

Yes, this is a scene from a popular movie, but Biel takes the role of motherhood to heart now that she’s a mom in real life. But before she was ever referred to as “mom,” Biel was doing her thing as an A-list actress, convincing the world that she was pregnant on the big screen. Perhaps this was foreshadowing for what was to come, but even then, Biel couldn’t have known when she’d become a mom when the cameras weren’t rolling.

7 The Jessica Trifecta

Via: TheRichest.com

What’s better than one pic of Biel? How ‘bout three in a row? This “Jessica Trifecta” shows the star in three unique looks, from the fun and flirty to the far more serious. One is an obvious movie still, but the other two show off Biel’s amazing body and her fine flair for fashion. Let’s hope she never wears a standard issue uniform like at the right in real life, but she pulls it off well on film. In any event, Timberlake would bail her out if need be.

6 Young(er) And In Love

Via: allcelebpics.wordpress.com

Before becoming parents, Biel and Timberlake were young and in love, perhaps planning for their future with marriage and babies on their minds. Maybe at this point it was too soon to tell what the future would hold, but these two seem like they were made for one another. Both look happy and like they’re falling in love, something that has lasted for many years with lots more to go. They make a great couple, look perfect together, and will hopefully be a pair ‘till they’re old and grey.

5 Ski Cap And A Smile

Via: PopSugar.com

A cute ski cap always polishes off a laid back look and Biel wears hers well. The pop of color brings some life to an otherwise monotone look, but it’s really her mega-watt smile that sets the tone for this leather-clad lady. She’s got a smile that could light up a room, something that has obviously helped her career get to where it is today. Of course her talents are on top of the list, but Biel’s good looks don’t hurt. Would she still wear this ski cap today? If so, she’d look just as adorable.

4 7th Heaven History

Via: hellogiggles.com

Fans of Biel’s popular TV show know that her excellent on-screen presence is what made her the success that she is today. Folks tuned in for the interesting storylines and exciting cast, but those who watched just to see Biel are probably still her biggest fans today. She’s so much younger here, but her beauty is just as incredible. While this show is no longer running, Biel can reflect back on her memories with fondness, and embrace the everlasting friendships she made along the way.

3 "Twinning" With JT

Via: cellcode.us

Both in head-to-toe black, the Biel-Timberlake team knows how to do the “twinning” thing with swagger. They both look amazing, and they both can’t stop looking at one another. Who could blame them? After all, both are too good-looking for their own good, and when they’re together, sparks are sure to fly. Now that Biel’s a mom, she can dress her little one as a mini-me, and all three can go about their day as a triplet trio. But once the kid’s a teen, the “matchy-matchy with mom” thing will be a no-go.

2 Red Carpet Rewind

Via: businessinsider.my

While she looked great at the time, this red carpet look is not likely to come ‘round again. Sure, Biel never looks bad, but this particular ensemble speaks to the time it happened; it’s not a look that is timeless…nor should it be. One thing that may get a repeat is the color of Biel’s hair. It looks rich and vibrant, full of shimmer and shine. And if you take each piece from the outfit and use it on its own, the items could work in some other capacity. On second thought, maybe this throwback look isn’t half-bad after all!

1 Baby On Board

Via: mirror.co.uk

Biel and her big belly are on full display, but is this the real thing or an on-set prosthetic? It’s surely hard to tell, but no matter the situation, Biel has that glorious “glow” that makes us think she is really “with child.” She is a great actress, so this bump could be a prop, but if it is a real one, she is all about ready to pop! Perhaps we can get Timberlake to confirm if it’s his or a faux fetus.

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