23 Photos Of Celine Dion Since She Started ‘Hanging With’ Pepe Munoz

Celine Dion is an icon. Musically, fashion-wise, and just through her general existence and presence in the world. If anyone is shaking their heads at that, it’s clear that they don’t know the beauty and the joy of Celine Dion.

Personally, we can’t imagine a world without her. It’s not even the fact that we have to be big fans in order to appreciate her impact. She’s just so innately connected to the cultural zeitgeist that flows around the world that we can’t not appreciate her work.

Not to mention the fact that she’s only gotten better the older she gets. Maybe that’s just a personal opinion; we can’t help but think that she feels the same too, though, especially when looking at her personal life lately.

She’s been glowing ever since she stepped back into the spotlight, and we suspect it’s partly due to her BFF (or potential BF?) who’s been hanging around her every time she walks out the door.

Pepe Munoz has been the subject of speculation over the last few years, and things reached a boiling point after their appearance at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Could this icon have an item? Or are they truly just best friends? We decided to find out.

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23 We've All Heard About Celine Dion's New BFF


Let’s start with the obvious: Celine Dion and Pepe Munoz have been seen together for several years now. Their relationship didn’t just spring up out of the blue. This is partly due to the fact that he’s been working for Dion as a dancer on her tours. Us Magazine quotes Celine Dion as saying, “we were dancing together...We bonded right away as friends, we had a good time. It evolved.”

Not to mention the fact that she apparently, “relies on [Munoz] for fitness training and styling advice.” Their kind of closeness definitely takes time to grow, so it’s not a surprise that these two are close now.

22 But There's Some Speculation That He's More Of A BF


Unfortunately, while the word “evolved” suggests that their relationship has grown into more of a romantic experience, Celine Dion insists that that’s simply not the case. Hello Magazine published this quote of Dion’s, which attempts to clear things up: “We’re friends, we’re best friends. Of course we hug and hold hands and go out, so people see that. I mean, he’s a gentleman. He’s giving me his hand to go out...I don’t mind because he’s handsome and he’s my best friend.”

Okay, we’re believing the best friend thing right up until “handsome.” Could there be some dormant feelings in Dion?

21 And Honestly, We're HERE For It


While we can’t speak to what Celine Dion’s heart is telling her, we can see that her heart is going on. Sorry; we couldn’t get through a Celine Dion article without at least one joke in there, though. Hello Magazine reminds us that Dion lost her husband three years ago.

Regardless of whether Munoz is just a good friend helping her work through her grief, or if he’s her new semi-hidden soulmate, we’re absolutely here for it. The way that Celine lights up when they’re together is beautiful. Not to mention the fact that close bonds are important. And closeness doesn’t always have to equal romance!

20 They Look Incredibly Cute Together


Sometimes all we want to do on a Saturday is to go shopping with our best friend. For some of us, this means heading out to Givenchy with Celine Dion on our arm. While we might expect this unlikely pair to look a little odd together, there’s something about their styles that just seems to mesh together so well.

The leather jackets, the pop of color, the casual-but-stylish outfits; Pepe Munoz doesn’t just seem to be a backup dancer for Celine Dion. He basically seems to be her style twin and someone that she’s really found a kindred spirit in.

19 Despite Their Clear Age Difference


It might be a little surprising to some that they’ve managed to form this close of a bond, though. The two of them have quite an obvious age difference. We’re pretty sure Celine Dion is immortal, but Pepe Munoz? Hello Magazine mentions that’s he’s 35, putting him at least a decade or two Dion’s junior. This might not be a bad thing. Feel young, look young is what everyone says, right?

Maybe they’re so well matched because of Celine Dion’s youthful grace and passion, despite whatever aged wisdom her face portrays. Plus, he’s no doubt a well put together guy, in order to be hanging out with Celine Dion in the first place!

18 There's No Denying He's Got A Whole Lot Of Love For Her


Okay, we’re not going to be able to divulge anyone's true emotional state in this article. What we can do is call on all of our first-year psychology lectures to see just how close these two might be based on their body language. However, it doesn’t take a university grad to be able to see how dearly Munoz feels about Celine Dion. Especially in this photo!

Yes, the eye-line isn’t perfect; for all we know he could be looking at a nice piece of cake someone’s holding. That passionate stare seems to be pointed in Celine Dion’s direction, though, which says that he probably has some very strong feelings for her.

17 But Celine Is Trying Hard To Keep The Rumors At Bay


No matter how close they are, Celine has been working hard to keep those rumors at bay. While there have been whispers floating around for a few years now, recently she’s taken to a couple of different interviews in order to dispell any myths. ET Online revealed that in an interview with The Sun, Celine was very clear about Munoz’s involvement in her life.

She’s adamant that they’re just friends. Best friends, yes, but still friends. According to ET Online she’s still very much in love with her husband, who passed away a few years ago. It’s actually really sweet, the fact that she’s still so outspoken about how much she loves him!

16 It's Not Keeping Her Out Of The Spotlight Though


Despite the passing of her one true love, Dion is feeling better than ever, according to ET Online. It’s proof that true love really never disappears, and Dion is grateful to her hubby for the time they got to spend together. She tells ET Online, “I see [my husband] every day through the eyes of my children...He gave me so much strength through all these years. For me now to explore and spread my wings it's like I'm having a second wind."

This is such an incredibly valuable gift, and one that even we can appreciate. Munoz isn’t the only thing giving Dion life; life is giving her life!

15 If Anything, He Might Capture More Of The Spotlight


However, Pepe Munoz is certainly garnering quite a bit of the spotlight. Not only does he have the looks to draw attention from the tabloids, but hanging with Celine Dion is sure to also garner a few of those curious eyes. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. Or, maybe not.

Celine Dion is such a superstar that she no doubt was given her pick of dancers around the world. It just makes sense that she chose one who has similar interests, talent, style, and a cute face. Celine Dion might be the reason the spotlight is there, but Pepe Munoz is making it shine even brighter!

14 They're Very, Very Comfortable Together


There’s no denying that these two are incredibly comfortable together. While Celine Dion says that it’s due to them dancing together, as we looked at in a previous entry, we can’t help but feel that there’s some deeper emotional connection, too. After all, their actions are that of a pair of best friends rather than dance partners.

We don’t have much experience with dance, so we don’t know if it’s typical for partners to become best friends. What we do know is that their body language highlights just how close they are. Hugging, placing hands on each others’ arms, and even whispering into one another's ears.

13 And She's Absolutely Glowing Every Time We See Her


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Celine Dion is on fire right now, and for good reason! While her one and only passed away a few years ago, Celine Dion is still living her best life. Grief is a powerful thing, but it seems to have given Dion a whole new way of living.

ET Online quotes her as saying, "I've had wonderful moments in my whole life. Getting married to the greatest man in this world and now knowing that he's at peace and he's resting and he's always within me.” No doubt that’s part of the reason that she’s glowing now.

12 Shopping, Dinner, And Fashion Show Dates Are Just A Taste Of Their Relationship


They’ve been spotted in many different places together, including on stage. While Celine Dion isn’t necessarily the party girl now, she is someone who seems to love going out and hitting the town. Dressing up and going shopping seems to be her favorite thing to do, as that’s what most of the paparazzi photos seem to be.

As all of us know, we definitely want to go shopping with someone who’s going to keep our spirits up and keep us grounded in reality when we’re staring at sequin bodycon dresses. Someone like a BFF. Maybe all their “dates” are really proof that Munoz is a trusted confidant and best friend rather than a lover!

11 But No Matter What, They Always Seem To Be Touching


They really are there for each other, too, right down to being comfortable with touching each other. And honestly, that’s a really valuable thing in some scenarios. Most notably the fact that Pepe Munoz saved her from a major wardrobe malfunction at Fashion Week, according to Us Magazine, pictured above.

They report that Dion “might have easily slipped out of the neckline, revealing a little bit more than she had intended to...As the two sat to be photographed before the show started, the dancer leaned over to pull the center slit of her dress in,” keeping Celine Dion safely covered! That’s the kind of friend we need.

10 Dion's Got The Biggest Smile We've Seen In A While


Sure, artists can be moody people. They’re up and down and often find themselves at the whims of emotions day in and day out. Not that we’re speaking from experience or anything, but happiness isn’t just happiness; it’s elation. This elation seems to be where Celine Dion is living lately.

Her smile is the biggest we’ve ever seen, which is saying something considering her work spans decades and decades. Having meaningful relationships is important, and we believe that it’s due to that and the newfound lease on life she’s got which is motivating that elation and sparking that huge, happy smile.

9 And Her Fashion Choices Are Getting More And More Bold


It’s not just her smile which is huge, though. Her fashion choices are also big, and we appreciate them in a whole new way now. While Celine Dion has always had her eye on the fashion world, it’s only within the last few years that we’ve really been reintroduced to her as a fashion icon.

That’s not to say that she looked bad before. In fact, we feel that she’s always been stylish. Her confidence has bloomed, though, giving her the motivation to try new and daring fashion choices even in her day to day life! This could also be why she’s been spotted at so many Fashion Week events.

8  They're Basically Artistic Soulmates


In some photos, it’s hard to pinpoint which one is more fashionable. While Pepe Munoz seems to have a very simple, straightforward style (and a wardrobe that consists of one angle-zip leather jacket), his fashionable ratings are off the chart; so much so that Celine Dion tells interviewers that she goes to him for style tips!

Their mutual love of fashion is just one reason that they’re getting the soulmate status in our minds. Their aesthetics are similar, and they seem to just click. Even if they aren’t romantic soulmates, they’re definitely platonic, artistic soulmates. And that might be more valuable for Dion in the long run!

7 And, Fashionably, Look Incredibly Good Together

people.com (Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: these two are so incredibly compatible on the fashion front. In fact, we can’t tell who they’re shopping for when they’re going shopping. The Givenchy and Dior bags could be for either of them.

Despite Munoz’s straightforward style and dark color palette, he seems to be acting as inspiration for Dion’s recent style choices. Her looks have been leaning more towards the black and gray end of the spectrum, with clean lines being the name of the fashion game. Not to mention all of those leather jackets they’ve been rocking lately!

6 She's Been Absolutely Owning Herself


For an icon like Celine Dion, it’s no doubt had to have been hard feeling solidly herself. With pressures from record labels, fashion companies, managers, and a variety of other sources, it’s no surprise that this woman is owning herself now.

When one reaches Celine Dion status, they don’t need to worry about making tactical professional decisions. Whatever they want to do or try becomes their work, and no one is going to question it. This could be part of the reason that she’s so happy to own herself and her creative process now. Or, alternatively, maybe she’s just enjoying the attention.

5 And They're Two Of The Most Photogenic People


Dancers, singers, and actors all seem to often cross over into a fourth zone of performing arts: modeling. Whether it’s modeling for their album covers, movie posters, or promotional shoots doesn’t matter. Nearly all of them seem to have some modeling on their resumes. This could be why both of them are so gosh darn photogenic!

We personally haven’t seen a bad photo of these two, even though most of their pictures come from paparazzi shots. With angles on point and their hair totally tamed, the two of them are the most photogenic pair around. Even if they’re not together, it’s no surprise the paparazzi love to snap their photos.

4 He's A Gentleman, Too, Always Offering His Arm


All of this seemed to start due to one very small action: Celine Dion grabbing on to Pepe Munoz’s arm. It’s not that she was ever trying to make waves or start rumors. In fact, Hello Magazine reveals that she appreciated it as a gentlemanly action. It’s not even a romance thing, it’s a kind of expectation! If that’s not the most adorable reason to grab on to somebody, we don’t know what is.

Not to mention the practical side of it too. Celine Dion can often be seen wearing tall heels. While platforms are no problem on cobblestone streets, those stilettos could definitely require some assistance with balancing.

3 They've Been Spotted Out At Dinner


Okay, Celine Dion’s face might not be that of a woman in love in this photo. But does that mean that they really are just a platonic couple? We’ll admit, the dinner date is a typically romantic move. Asking someone out for dinner is much higher stakes than asking someone out for brunch or lunch or even coffee.

When it comes to best friends, though, nothing is off the table. Dinner just becomes another meal, and the dinner date isn’t as romantic an endeavor as people think. We suspect that that’s what was going on here, despite the low lighting and nice jacket.

2 And Tend To Travel Together Too


The other thing that we’ve seen them doing a whole lot of is traveling together. Photos have been snapped of them at Paris Fashion Week most recently, but they’ve also been spotted out and about at places outside of the big fashion events as well. Don’t get your hopes up about these being love-fuelled getaways, though.

Celine Dion is a performer, and he’s one of her dancers. If she’s traveling for work, it’s no surprise that he’s going to be there with her; he’s part of the reason that the show happens! Really, it’s no surprise that they’re seen jet-setting. Dion’s kind of stardom and work takes her all over the world!

1 All In All, She Knows Her Worth And Has Found Someone Else Who Supports Her


Okay, maybe Pepe Munoz isn’t going to be the Celine Dion’s next husband, lover, or “boy toy,” to use a slightly outdated term. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t close, though. We personally think that these two have a kind of platonic-soulmate relationship thing going on.

From appreciating each other’s style to supporting each other when the days are long and difficult, performing together builds some strong bonds. While those sometimes lead to romance, we don’t feel that Celine Dion is the type to rush into a frivolous romantic thing. She’s just enjoying her life, and has surrounded herself with another person that enjoys it too!

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