23 Facts About Boy Meets World Fans Are Still Ignoring

Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric. Fans of '90s TV would probably make the argument these names are as recognizable as The Beatles! The main characters of the beloved sitcom Boy Meets World were special for many reasons, particularly because the cast was just like us. Through the series' seven seasons, the cast of Boy Meets World grew up alongside its target audience with the gang starting out in middle school when the show began and becoming fully fledged adults by the series finale. Cory and Topanga exhibited relationship goals from a young age, while Cory and Shawn gave fans ultimate friendship goals!

To note Boy Meets World has a bit of everything for everyone would be an understatement but like many beloved TV shows throughout history, there are multiple instances in the show that fans tend to overlook, maybe for nostalgic reasons, or perhaps because '90s babies were just too young to understand those head-scratching moments!

After years of binge-watching classic episodes of the series on beloved vintage VHS tapes, it's inevitable fans would notice little details worthy of conversation. From instances of fickle friendship between Cory and Shawn to Cory being an uncool boyfriend to Topanga, there were many reasons why Boy Meets World wouldn't fly in 2019.

Mr. Feeny taught the gang many life lessons, but here are some details he may have overlooked in class!

23 Topanga And Cory Married Too Young

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It's a moment all Boy Meets World fans had been waiting for since the beginning of the series. Six years after we watched Cory and Topanga blossom from awkward kids figuring out adolescence into grownups who had traveled the road of life together, the couple tied the knot during Season Seven!

Cory and Topanga's journey to the altar was a long time coming; their relationship was real for viewers because Boy Meets World illustrated every piece of the relationship puzzle, but Cory and Topanga experienced struggles due to marrying too young. Waiting would've been better!

22 The Matthews Played Favorites

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Amy and Alan Matthews were trailblazers in the world of TV parents! They were real with Cory and Eric, never sugarcoating any aspect of growing up.

As is the case in many families, the Matthews brothers had different personalities. Cory was always a man with a plan; he knew what he needed out of a specific situation, but Eric Matthews was seen as more of a goofball. Amy and Alan always had to crane their necks in order to make sense of Eric's daily shenanigans!

Parenting Cory may have been laborious, but Amy and Alan seemed to gravitate toward him.

21 Mr. Feeny Never Had A Life Of His Own

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The gang had George Feeny as a teacher and a mentor for the series' entire run, but Mr. Feeny was much more than Cory and Topanga's teacher; he was a surrogate teacher for millions of fans!

Mr. Feeny gave many lessons in the classroom and in the Matthews' backyard graciously over the years, but it seems there was rarely a time when Mr. Feeny was able to have a moment for himself. Any sort of plot designed for Feeny to have his own moment was seemingly crashed by one of his beloved students! Does George Feeny ever get a time out?

20 Topanga Wouldn't Have Gotten Away With Running Away

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In one of the pivotal episodes surrounding Cory and Topanga's relationship, "Corpanga" fans may remember when Topanga had to follow her family to Pittsburgh for her mother's job! The duo struggled with the idea of a long distance relationship and Cory spent the episode convincing his parents that Topanga was the one for him and he had no need for other girls!

The highlight of the episode occurred when Topanga traveled by herself to Philly because she missed her man. How exactly did Topanga get to Philly? Most importantly, how in the world did her parents not find out?

19 Topanga Would've Had Friends

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It's hard to believe there was a time before Cory and Topanga were a couple for the ages, but in the first season of Boy Meets World, Cory would've rather had nothing to do with his future wife!

Topanga was portrayed as the school's resident outcast geek because she was interested in saving the world and celebrating the legendary role of feminists who came before her. In real life, though, it's pretty impossible to imagine Topanga would've been completely without friends. She always wowed Mr. Feeny in class with her interesting takes, and certainly someone would've thought Topanga was cool?

18 Their School Was Unrealistic

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If you're looking for a classic episode of Boy Meets World that's comprised of key but subtle Cory and Topanga moments, a Season Two episode in which Cory and Topanga find themselves locked in school overnight while working on a class project will quench your thirst!

Like many classic sitcoms, there are a few moments in the episode which may leave fans still scratching their heads. First and absolutely foremost, how in the world could school personnel possibly lose track of students? Where are the measures of security which prevent students from being locked in school overnight in the first place? Feeny?

17 Cory And Shawn's Friendship Was Problematic

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It's pretty impossible not to mention both Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter in the same sentence; Boy Meets World's signature best friend duo are known for many memorable friendship moments which were the making of friendship goals, as CNN reports. But, after taking a closer look, there were elements of Cory and Shawn's friendship which were pretty problematic.

It's relatively normal for friends to compete over a potential beau, but not for bros-for-life Shawn and Cory. In an early episode of the series, Shawn attracts two girls, one of which Cory falls for as well. What happened to being friends first?

16 Cory Wasn't Always The Best Boyfriend

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Even if you are vaguely familiar with Boy Meets World, you're familiar with Cory and Topanga's swoon-worthy relationship; the duo knew from a young age they were meant to be together!

The combination of nostalgia and internet culture has celebrated the couple's beautiful moments but in the midst of every kiss and "I love you," Cory was not the best boyfriend he could've been. Boy Meets World fans are understandably passionate over their favorite couple, but really, Topanga deserved better!

In an episode full of "Corpanga" moments, he refused to deny a rumor about Topanga, which would be a no-go!

15 Eric Was A Great Brother

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We have so much to thank Eric Matthews for! He blessed viewers with his signature "Feeny call" and he gave us several laughs over the years. However, Eric's also a very underrated big brother who was always full of advice for Cory!

Eric was known as the show's resident goofball and was subjected to classic and goofy big brother tropes, but he was always there for Cory when he needed him. When Topanga moved away, Cory was sadly so shellshocked, only Eric could make his brother feel like he had a comforting hand during a difficult time. Family is always forever!

14 Topanga And Cory Had To Evolve

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Of course one of the most fun and sweetest aspects of watching Boy Meets World is watching Cory and Topanga's relationship unfold!

Their relationship is so enviable for many fans, but one element we tend to forget is that Cory and Topanga had to evolve and grow over the years to become the married couple they were in the final season. Halfway through the series, they had a potential peek into their future when Topanga tried to explain to Cory how important her babysitting gig was to her, while he was trying to be the "cool" one, as Daily Motion reports.

Patience and growth!

13 Angela Deserved Better

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Boy Meets World gave us Cory and Topanga, who we knew were destined to be together, and fans were also blessed with Shawn's notoriously single nature until Angela Moore came along!

Shawn's chemistry with Angela was so noticeable, even Shawn was nervous about his feelings for her because he knew Angela was incredibly special. Let's remember how badly Shawn treated Angela when he realized he had a crush. In a Season Five episode, Shawn dumped Angela after dating her for two weeks, despite knowing how much he liked her. Just like Topanga said, what kind of behavior and treatment is this?

12 Cory Was A Jealous Dude

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Relationships can be difficult and even relationship wonder-couple Cory and Topanga knew this to be true. However, in some cases, Cory went overboard, and because he was one half of our favorite couple, fans often forgot how often Cory could be wrong!

Boy Meets World fans remember Cory for being such an incredibly sweet person, but he was also an incredibly jealous guy at times, and his jealousy occasionally trickled over into his relationship with Topanga. In Season Five, Topanga and Angela went dancing, and the boys were having none of it. Everything was fine by the end, though!

11 Cory And Topanga May Not Have Been A Good Match

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Topanga and Cory's relationship was such an integral part of Boy Meets World that it's hard to contemplate messing with the science of destiny, but there are a few elements sprinkled throughout the show that prove otherwise.

Topanga and Cory struggled with the normal ups and downs of their relationship, but let's not forget there were a few moments when Cory had the idea Shawn would be a better match for his girl, simply because the two of them were friendly. Wouldn't this be a bigger problem IRL and not solvable by the end of the episode? Friendship should be non-negotiable!

10 The Gang Took Advantage Of Mr. Feeny

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The gang's relationship with their beloved mentor Mr. Feeny made us all want that relationship with our teachers, especially since Mr. Feeny made sure there was a good amount of space between the classroom and the Matthews' connected porch!

Cory and Shawn were always good sports about their unique relationship with Mr. Feeny, except for a moment in the sixth season when they agreed college was a bit too complex and used a fancy brunch featuring pancakes with smiley faces on them in order to get an extension for an important paper.

Shouldn't Cory and Shawn have known that would never work?

9 Cory And Topanga Were Too Idealistic

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Cory and Topanga often showed naysayers their relationship was capable of succeeding despite how young they were, and how the love between two people could always be real and authentic. Of course, realism rears its ugly head in the Boy Meets World universe occasionally, which only helped Cory and Topanga's relationship to be more believable for fans!

The happy couple had an inkling marriage would be complicated, but Mr. and Mrs. Matthews were in for a surprise when Cory's parents and their friends weren't willing to help them have a place to live, as IMDb reports. Shouldn't they have thought everything through beforehand?

8 Cory Could Be Misogynistic

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No matter how progressive Boy Meets World was, no sitcom relationship would be complete without some tension between the show's signature couple!

Cory and Topanga weren't exempt from this "classic" storyline. When the Matthews were newlyweds, Cory experienced a moment of jealousy when Topanga got the job of her dreams, and he had to make ends meet with a job located in Dullsville.

Why couldn't Cory be happy for Topanga's good fortune, and endure his tougher job so they could make their lives a little more livable and avoid a monumentally giant argument in which Cory was pretty terrible?

7 Shawn Could Be A Fickle Friend

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The gang's cool camaraderie with each other was always top-notch. The gang expanded mid-series with the introduction of Angela and Rachel, and their bond only got tighter. However, some of Cory and Shawn's antics were a little too... over the top!

Let us all remember a storyline in Season Seven where Shawn innocently parks in Rachel's designated parking spot, and his slight mistake sets off a series of pranks; the biggest one of all occurred when Shawn and Cory parked Rachel's car in her room.

It goes without saying nothing about this particular plotline is realistic at all, Feeny!

6 Topanga Was The Best Role Model

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One of the most iconic moments in Boy Meets World's history was memorable then, and it's only more poignant today! By Season Seven, Topanga was surely known for being one of the coolest and most transparent characters on TV! In a society obsessed with body image, Boy Meets World decided to take on the universally relevant topic of discussion when Topanga pondered her looks.

While the rest of the gang talked endlessly about their looks, Topanga turned to a slice of pizza in one of the series' most memorable scenes, and she asked them why looks were so important for them!

5 Topanga And Cory Were Bad Friends

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There's the common stereotype married people are lame, and of course, our favorite TV couple struggled with it, too!

Even though "Corpanga" and the gang always had a legendary bond, the Matthews experienced a moment of feeling over the hill when the others implied the couple had lost their zest for being fun, but let's not forget how uncool "Corpanga" treated the others in the wake of "being cool!"

Cory even implied he wasn't into going out to the hip club of the hour. We don't need Feeny to tell us it's all right to be who we want to be.

4 The Gang Couldn't Survive Without Mr. Feeny

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Of course, the final episode of Boy Meets World was filled with tear-inducing moments, but the saddest moment had to be when the gang had to say one last goodbye to the man who took them all under his wing, George Feeny!

Although it's understandable to any fan why the gang would be so dependent on Mr. Feeny's wise advice, what happened during the "lost years" between the finale and the beginning of the revival of the series, Girl Meets World? Did the gang ever participate in a group Feeny call, or where those years known as "the lost years?"

3 Shawn Was The Strongest

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Boy Meets World was known for how real the cast of characters was and their relatable situations! It's hard to decide which member of the gang was most relatable, but the spotlight deserves to shine on Shawn Hunter, for sure.

Shawn was often remembered for being Cory's sidekick and serving as comic relief for their shared mischief, but Shawn had to learn some of the most valuable lessons throughout the series, and he had to grow up a bit faster than the other characters.

He learned how to deal with grief on multiple occasions, and we salute him!

2 Rachel Deserved Better

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One of the most confusing plot lines in Boy Meets World's history was Rachel's storyline. Eric and Jack were suddenly in need of a roommate and they chose Rachel solely based on her appearance!

Even worse, Eric showed Rachel he didn't care about her a few episodes later when he decided to put cameras in their dorm room in order to get attention from other guys for popularity, thus putting Rachel in multiple vulnerable (and downright creepy) situations. To make matters worse, Eric didn't stop filming even after Rachel found out about the cameras!

1 Cory Was Dishonest

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Sometimes a dose of reality is good for those of us who liked "Corpanga." Let's not forget this very important fact: Cory once stepped out on Topanga.

Although the (fictional) couple endured the struggle and Cory memorably learned from his mistake, would it be right to simply gloss over this moment in their relationship? Cory and Topanga were iconic role models for couples everywhere, and as unfortunate as it is, some RL relationships don't have as much of a smooth transition into paradise in the way Cory and Topanga did.

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