22 Women Admit The Little Things Men Do That Make Them Fall In Love

If you’re hoping to lock down that long-time love, there may be a few things you can do to ensure that the person you choose to be with will want to be with you forever. Trying to attract a potential partner might seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a romantic person. There are many different traits and qualities that can make someone fall in love with you, and while there are some obvious and generally universal qualities in people that make it easy to fall in love with them, there are also some under-the-radar personality traits and romantic gestures that can do the trick just as well.

Of course, there are things like chocolates, flowers, and declarations of love that make people go weak in the knees. However, that isn’t the only way to get someone to fall in love. Sometimes, the simplest gestures that come from the heart are enough to make bae want to declare their love for you! Take a look through below and find out what real women have to say about things their significant others did or continue to do to make their hearts skip a beat and bring butterflies to their stomachs.

22 When You Share The Same Sense Of Humour, Sparks Will Fly

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There are many ways in which people can be compatible, or not, as a couple. Their sense of humor is certainly something that can be a deal-breaker. Humour is a very personal thing, and when someone simply doesn’t get your brand of humor, it can be tough to impress them, much less make them fall in love with you.

Again, it isn’t expensive jewelry or a luxurious date, but knowing that you can laugh with someone not only shows compatibility but also shows that you two can have fun together. When senses of humor clash, it can be a clear sign that there isn’t going to be a love connection. Relationships and love are about companionship as well, and who really wants a companion who they can’t ever share a joke with?

21 Doing The Dirty Dishes = Love

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When people think of “doing something nice” for their partner, usually, gifts or a fancy dinner date come to mind. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of many —or any money, really— to do something for your partner that will make her fall in love with you. Even simple things like doing household chores so that she doesn’t have to is enough to make her swoon. Ladies, can you imagine getting home after a long and stressful day to find that your significant other has helped out a bit around the house? Doing the dishes may not be the most glamorous gift, but showing that you care and want to help, especially when you know your partner is stressed out, is a gesture that someone is sure to appreciate.

20 Spending Quality Time Can Set The Heart Aflutter

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The older we get, the busier our schedules seem to be. With work, social commitments, family, and friends, it can be difficult to arrange a lot of one-on-one time with your partner. In this case, a little bit of effort can go a long way in showing someone you care and making them fall in love with you over and over again. As well, if distance plays a role in your relationship, things can feel even tougher on you and your partner, even if it is unavoidable. Even if you can’t physically be together because of distance, taking a few moments in your day to have a date over Skype shows that you really want to see and spend time with your partner, even if it is through a computer screen.

19 Romantic Gestures Are Swoon-Worthy

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If you’ve ever been in a relationship, chances are, you and your boo have had a song that reminds you of each other and your relationship when you hear it. This in itself is already pretty romantic. However, being so moved by the music that you want to grab your significant other and dance along to your song every time you hear it? Now that’s the kind of romantic gesture that will make her fall in love! It might sound a little mushy to some, but imagine being spontaneously asked to dance by your love, in any setting, and to a song that you’ve dedicated to one another. That’s sure to be a recipe for romance, and if you weren’t in love before, your feelings are likely to intensify afterward.

18 Genuine Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

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Post-It notes aren’t generally thought of as a means to deliver romantic messages (if you’re a fan of Sex And The City), you know exactly what we’re talking about. In this case, however, Post-It notes make this woman swoon for her significant other, because he uses them to tell her how much he cares, and how beautiful he thinks she is. It’s always nice to know that your partner finds you attractive, and oftentimes, especially after being with someone for a long time, people tend to forget to remind their partners about how they feel. It’s always nice to know that you’re loved and desired, and a few sweet notes around the apartment is a great way to show her that you care and that you’re thinking about her.

17 Be Her Rock, And You'll Have Her Heart

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Many people say that an ideal partner is someone who is there for them, no matter what. Unfortunately, many people keep searching for love, because they do not get to experience this kind of support from people that they date.

Knowing that you’re loved and supported by your significant other shows that they care about you and prioritize your happiness. It also shows that they want to see you thrive and succeed in life. Being with someone who is both a cheerleader and a teammate is so valuable because they will always be around to celebrate your victories with you. On the other hand, they’ll also be around to comfort you when you’re down and out. How can you not fall in love with someone who cares for you this way?

16 Musical Talent Is Always A Plus

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To some people, of the most attractive traits a person can have is some sort of artistic or musical talent. As mentioned before, songs can be incredibly romantic, and work wonders when you’re hoping to make someone fall in love.

In this case, all it took was the strumming of a guitar, and she was hooked! Serenading someone might seem like an old-fashioned romantic gesture, but it’s also quite an effective way to convey your feelings. If you’ve got a guitar lying around, and you want to make someone fall in love with you, it might be a good idea to tune those strings and warm up your vocal chords, because playing or singing them a song might seal the deal. Bonus points if you can write a personal song about your significant other as well.

15 Dental Hygiene Is Key

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Attraction is a very important aspect of any relationship. Most people want to know that their partner’s attracted to them because it makes them feel wanted. While there are people who place a lot of focus on making sure that their potential partner has a fit body or great style, there are others who are taken by more subtle physical features like your smile. It might seem insignificant, but you should consider the fact that a smile is likely one of the first ways you’ll interact with a potential partner. A smile also shows that someone is warm and friendly, which is always attractive. This is why it makes sense to ensure that your pearly whites are always looking good because this could be the key to making her fall in love with you.

14 Try To Keep The Spark Alive

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If you’re already with someone that you are in love with, you may think that all of this is irrelevant to you. However, just because you’ve been with someone for a long time, this doesn’t mean that the romance should take a backseat. Your relationship will always thrive and your love will grow stronger if both of you make an effort to keep the romance alive, no matter how long you’ve been together. If even after over a decade together, your partner still finds ways to surprise you and show you that he cares, it would probably be difficult not to fall in love over and over again. This just shows that even though you’re already together and in love, they still want to express their love for you in new and fun ways.

13 Flirtation Keeps Things Fun

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You might think that once you’ve established exclusivity in your relationship, that the flirtation goes out the window. Many people associate flirtation with the beginning stages of a budding relationship and don’t really think of couples who have been together for a long time to still have flirtatious exchanges with one another. Although it might not seem like much, keeping playful flirtation as a part of your relationship can really make her fall in love. Even if it’s only once in a while, flirting with her lets her know that you’re still attracted to her and that you still like to have fun with her the way you used to when you first got together. It is also an easy way to keep the spark alive between the two of you.

12 It's Nice To Know You're Wanted

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Some may feel like the only way to tell someone that they love them in to put it in writing. Others do it through song. However, sometimes, if you want someone to fall in love with you, you don’t even have to say anything at all. You can convey so many emotions with a single glance. When you have been with someone for a while, you really get to know them well. This is why you would probably know exactly how they feel when they look at you a certain way. Knowing that when they look at you, they express their love for you is definitely more than enough to make you fall in love with them again and again. This may be the literal form of the “heart-eyes” emoji.

11 Your Personality Can Be Your Ticket To Falling In Love

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Looks fade, but who a person is, good or bad, will always find a way of shining through. If you’re trying to make her fall in love, how you treat her will show her that you care. However, how you treat those she cares about will really show her what kind of person you are. Simply being kind to someone you’re dating or trying to woo isn’t a great reflection of how much you care about them. Making an effort to show kindness and care for their loved ones really demonstrates your commitment to someone because you don’t just want them to love you, you want the people they hold dear to love you as well. That really shows that you’re in it for the long haul, and it’s pretty easy to fall in love with someone who you know is committed to being a part of your life.

10 It's The Little Things That Matter

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You may not realize it, but showing someone affection, even in the simplest forms can give them butterflies in their stomach and make them fall in love with you. For example, kissing someone on the forehead might not seem like much, but the act alone makes this woman fall in love with her significant other more and more, each time he does it. Making someone swoon doesn’t always mean going all-out with your declaration of love. Kissing someone on their forehead doesn’t necessarily sound impressive, but it shows a level of intimacy. It’s as if you just want to be close to someone, so you find small actions to show them that you really care about them, even if you feel like you can’t do it in some grand way.

9 Show Her You Love Her, Even In Your Sleep

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Pretty much anything can make someone fall in love with you, even if you aren’t trying. Here, someone expressed their love while they were asleep and in bed with their wife, and even though it wasn’t a carefully thought-out romantic gesture, feeling like your significant other loves you so much that they dream about you too, definitely falls under the “things that make you fall in love” category. It’s hard not to fall in love with someone when you know that they love you so much, that you’re in their thoughts all the time, even when they’re seemingly unconscious. Besides, how many people can actually say that their significant other thinks about them, even when they’re asleep? If you’re a sleep-talker, this may be your ticket to someone’s heart.

8 Respect Will Always Earn You Points

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Making someone fall in love with you usually isn’t easy, and once you're in love, there are still sure to be challenges along the way. It can be difficult to put someone else’s needs before your own, but sometimes, it is necessary when you’re in a relationship. Showing someone that you care about them and respect them enough to honor their wishes is sure to earn you some major points in the romance department because you are basically telling them that you want to do whatever it takes to make them happy. There are so many people out there who simply back off at the sign of a challenge in a relationship. If you can show someone that that isn’t the kind of person you are, you might be doing just the right thing to make them fall in love with you.

7 Let Her Know You're Thinking About Her

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When you’re in love, the person you’re in love with probably occupies your thoughts a lot of the time. However, we also live in a time where a lot of dating culture is about being aloof and almost “too cool” to show that you care. Expressing your feelings doesn’t always mean actually saying the words “I love you.” Sometimes, simply showing someone that you are thinking of them is a strong enough message to convey how you feel. Making sure to send someone a text say “Good morning,” and “Goodnight” is probably not something that you do for all of your friends and family. If you’re taking the time to do this for a special someone, they’re probably getting the sense that you care, because you’re giving them special treatment.

6 Be There For Her, Even Through The "Silly" Things

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Loving someone can mean taking the time to learn about all of their special quirks, their likes, their dislikes, and even how they react to certain movies. For this woman, knowing that her significant other is always ready to comfort her with tissues when she’s sad—even though it’s only because she is watching some of her favorite sad movies—shows her that he is there for her for the serious things, as well as things others might find silly.

It can be really meaningful to someone to know that you are a shoulder to cry on for them because it shows them that you care about them. Yes, it may just be a fictitious movie, but being a constant source of comfort is likely to make falling in love with you almost irresistible.

5 Don't Forget About Chivalry!

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Chivalry isn’t dead! Being a gentleman should be the standard in which men behave—towards all people and not just women. However, people still forget that basic manners and good behavior can go a long way in impressing someone, especially if you’re trying to woo them and make them fall in love with you. If doing things like holding the door open for a woman isn’t one of your dating “moves,” you should absolutely add it to the list immediately.

Things like holding the door open for a woman is something that they hold in high-regard because so many people just don’t do things like that anymore. Again, it’s a simple gesture, but it shows that you care and that you respect her enough to be polite and show her good behavior.

4 Everyone Likes To Be Taken Care Of

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The feeling that someone thinks that you are a priority is certainly a wonderful one—especially when it means that they are willing to take care of you, even during unideal situations that may be inconvenient for them. Most people feel really vulnerable when they’re sick. It’s hard to feel and be cute in front of bae when you’ve got a terrible flu. However, it is very endearing to know that someone is committed to showing you that they care about you. Taking care of someone when they’re sick is the kind of gesture that can really show them just how much you care about someone. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you did this sort of thing, and the person you took care of felt a few love-like symptoms afterward.

3 A Little Effort Goes A Long Way

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Thoughtfulness is always a great way to win some points with someone you love. Sensing that someone you love isn’t feeling their best is one thing, but making sure that you try to cheer them up is a really wonderful way to show that you care. Spending some time together at home by preparing a date will likely make someone feel so loved and cared for.

You never know just how much someone appreciates the nice things you do for them, but if you are genuine about your actions, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that person expressed some genuine feelings for you as well. Doing things like putting together a date at home is the sweet kind of surprise that will surely get someone’s heart fluttering in your direction.

2 When "LOL" Turns Into "ILY"

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Some people say that laughter is the best medicine. In this case, it’s the exact love potion you might need to make someone fall in love with you. Impressing and attracting someone with your looks is one thing, but being able to hold a conversation, as well as make someone laugh can make you far more attractive to them, especially if your goal is to fall in love. Being able to have a humorous rapport with a partner means that your attraction to each other goes far beyond the physical. It’s also a lot easier to fall in love with someone when you’re just able to have a laugh and have a good time with them. It really builds a foundation of friendship, which can make for a solid relationship in the future.

1 Let Her Know You Love To Show Her Off

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When you’re in love, you just want the whole world to know it. While it might not be a good idea to shout it from the mountaintops, so to speak, at every chance you get, there are some subtle ways to do it that shows your significant other that you care. A simple gesture like holding your partner’s hand to let people know that you’re together is an easy (and not gross) way to show your affection to someone publicly.

Knowing that you want to show her off to everyone you encounter is certainly one way to make her fall in love with you because it means that you want people to know that you two share a bond, even if you aren’t actually saying a word about it.

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