22 TV Relationships We Don't Understand (They Just Don't Add Up)

If anyone ever told us that we get too invested in TV relationships, we would have to shrug and say that they were totally right. We can't help but want our fave characters to get together and be in love forever. Of course, it's not like this is our fault.

Many times, a show will set up two characters as mortal enemies but we know that they're going to fall for each other within a matter of episodes. We keep watching and we have our fingers crossed.

Take Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls, for instance. Lorelai has been getting her morning coffee fix (along with any kind of junk food she wants) from Luke's Diner for years, and yet it takes a while for her to realize that they're meant to be together. But fans know from the pilot that they would make a happy and adorable couple.

No matter how much we love love, we have to admit that sometimes, the characters who couple up on TV shows just don't work very well. Maybe they're mismatched for a specific reason or maybe it's the overall vibe that we get. Here are 22 TV relationships that we don't understand because they just don't add up.

22 Joey And Rachel: Better Off As 'Friends'


Did anyone think that it was a good idea when Joey and Rachel got together on Friends? That's definitely a rhetorical question because we all thought that it was the worst.

First of all, Joey and Rachel are better off as pals. They're part of the same friend group so that's the way that it should stay. We all know how awkward it can be when two friends start dating and it doesn't work out. And second of all, Ross and Rachel are meant to be together. This was one pairing on the popular '90s sitcom that should never have happened and that doesn't make sense at all.

21 Lorelai And Christopher On 'Gilmore Girls': She Belongs With Luke


The writers and producers on Gilmore Girls probably felt that Lorelai and Christopher should finally give their relationship a go. After all, he's Rory's dad, they dated back in high school, and they've had a bunch of flirty moments since then.

The problem is that Lorelai totally belongs with Luke. There is really no other person that she could ever be with. The Lorelai/Christopher relationship doesn't add up because while they were high school sweethearts, they've both grown up a lot since then and don't have anything in common anymore (or Lorelai has grown up—Chris has always been pretty immature—charming, but immature).

20 Spencer And Caleb On 'Pretty Little Liars': A BFF Betrayal


When it comes to Pretty Little Liars couples that don't make sense, Spencer and Caleb are on the list for sure.

We know that these characters belong with other people. Spencer has to be with Toby and Caleb has to be with Hanna. It's tough to watch a show for several seasons and then see beloved couples break up. And it's even tougher to watch a character fall for their best friend's ex-boyfriend (and the guy that she's actually in love with, even though she's currently engaged). We never really thought that these two would last, and it was all kinds of awkward to watch them.

19 Callie And George On 'Grey's Anatomy': Her One True Love Is Arizona


Of all the TV dramas, Grey's Anatomy is chock full of romance. It seems like every character has dated each other or at least been a bit flirty.

Back in the day, George and Callie on Grey's Anatomy dated. They even got married. It might be tough to remember since that falls like forever ago and the show is currently on season 15.

Even though we loved George (and still miss him), we never thought that he and Callie made a good couple. Callie's one true love is Arizona. The problem, of course, is that Callie and Arizona aren't a thing anymore (and neither character is even on the show anymore).

18 Buffy And Spike On 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer': He's A Bad Guy

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When Buffy falls in love with Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it makes total sense. Sure, he's a vampire and she's supposed to be responsible for saving her town from them, but she can see that he's kind, good, and decent. We love Angel (and he even got his own spin-off).

But why does Buffy fall for Spike? He's definitely a bad guy. He's the kind of vampire that she should be in conflict with, not starting a relationship with. This is a TV pairing that doesn't add up and no matter how many times we watch re-runs of this show, we will still think that way.

17 Lindsey And Lucas On 'One Tree Hill': No Chemistry

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Sometimes a show will do a massive time jump and that's what One Tree Hill did in season five. In the season premiere, we learn that Lucas is in a relationship with Lindsey... who is also his editor. Because now he's a successful (and published) author.

While we're thrilled that Lucas is following his dreams, we can't say the same about his choice of girlfriend. On every teen drama, there is at least one couple who is absolutely destined to be together forever. On One Tree Hill, we would have to say that couple is Lucas and Peyton. They have a magical love story and while Lindsey is a nice girl, she's not Peyton. Lucas and Lindsey just don't have any chemistry.

16 Owen And Amelia On 'Grey's Anatomy': They Seem Miserable Together

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While some episodes of Grey's Anatomy are sweet and light-hearted, others are definitely sad and tragic. Okay, most of them are sad and tragic. That just seems to be the nature of a hospital drama that features many character losses and breakups each season.

Of all of the couples on this long-running show, it's safe to say that Owen and Amelia are the worst. They don't make any sense because they seem miserable in almost every scene that they're in together. There's also the fact that Amelia literally runs away after they get married. Does that seem like a healthy relationship?!

15 Jerry And Elaine On 'Seinfeld': They Annoy Each Other Too Much To Date Each Other


Seinfeld is an interesting show for a few different reasons. The beloved '90s sitcom is a hilarious and clever look at a group of sarcastic pals in New York City, and there are many famous episodes and moments that fans still talk about all the time. If this was a different show, Jerry and Elaine would stay together (with many obstacles along the way, of course).

What makes Seinfeld special is that Jerry and Elaine remain friends after realizing that they're not right for each other. But we still can't believe that these two even dated in the first place and that they get together again in one of the episodes. They annoy each other way too much to be a couple.

14 Blair And Dan On 'Gossip Girl': Opposites DON'T Actually Attract


Some people say that opposites attract, but that's not the case with Blair and Dan on Gossip Girl. This relationship was a major mistake for the juicy teen drama that features stylish clothes, friendship stories, and an overarching mystery (xoxo, who is Gossip Girl?).

It doesn't add up that these two would date. Sure, both characters are smart and have a quick wit, but Dan is the Brooklyn hipster who doesn't fit in and Blair is the Queen Bee who bosses people around. They are way too different for things to work out. Plus there's the fact that Blair's best friend Serena loves Dan, and that should count for something.

13 Aria And Ezra On 'Pretty Little Liars': He's Her Teacher (And There's An Age Difference)


Fans of Pretty Little Liars have pretty much accepted that Aria and Ezra are always going to be together. They meet in the pilot and although they have some low moments along the way, they were always going to end up husband and wife.

But, of course, we also wonder how these two can really date each other. Shortly after meeting Ezra at a bar, Aria realizes that he's actually her teacher. There's also the fact that there's a big age difference between them since she's a high school student and he's working at the high school. There are a few things wrong with this relationship so it just doesn't add up.

12 Rory And Logan On 'Gilmore Girls': He's Not Always Very Nice To Her

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Regardless of whether we're on Team Dean (he's sweet), Team Jess (he's obviously the best choice), or Team Logan, we have to admit that Logan is a spoiled brat. In total contrast to Rory who grew up in a small town with a single mom, Logan grew up being handed absolutely anything and everything that he wanted.

Logan and Rory are a strange couple because he's not always very nice to her. He's the kind of boyfriend who will walk out of the room or go home when he's not feeling great or when he's upset about something. He always says that he needs space instead of actually talking to Rory about what's going on. They also take a break from each other and then she learns that he was with someone else. Let's be on Team Jess instead.

11 Ross And Emily On 'Friends': He's Always Pining After Rachel


Although Ross dates Emily on Friends and the two even get married, we know that he's always pining for Rachel. He even says Rachel's name at the altar when he's literally about to become Emily's husband. If that's not an indicator of true love, we're not sure what is.

It's a bad idea to pretend to be in love with someone when you're thinking about someone else. It never works out. Instead, Ross should definitely have admitted his feelings for Rachel (and she should have always known that they would end up together). It was tough to watch this situation unfold.

10 Marissa And Luke On 'The OC': They Have Nothing In Common


If we love teen dramas, then we love The O.C. We have happy memories of watching it every week back in junior high or high school. It's got pretty people, love stories, good friends, cool parents, and a beautiful beach location. Oh, and lots of great music, too.

Fans of The O.C. know that Marissa and Ryan are a great couple, but before Ryan comes to Newport, Marissa is in a relationship with someone else: a rich boy named Luke. The truth is that Marissa and Luke have nothing in common and they seem poorly matched. Sure, he's good-looking, but Marissa deserves so much more and Ryan is the guy for her.

9 Mindy And Danny On 'The Mindy Project': He's Too Old-School And Doesn't Support Her Job

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It's tough to watch Mindy and Danny's relationship fall apart on The Mindy Project. At first, we want nothing more than for these two doctors to get together. These characters are both hilarious in their own ways and they seem to have great chemistry.

Things go south when they have a baby... and Danny reveals how completely old-school his views on motherhood and family are. He doesn't want Mindy to go back to work and he wants her to become a stay-at-home-mom. That's just not cool. He should have supported her dreams and he should love that she's so ambitious.

8 Dawson And Jen On 'Dawson's Creek': They're Way Too Different

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When big city Jen moves to Capeside and meets Dawson, he falls for her immediately. But these two characters don't make much sense as a couple because they're way too different.

Even if we don't think that Dawson should be with Joey because of the whole soulmate and best friend thing, we can admit that Jen and Dawson don't seem very well-suited to one another. Jen is tough and sarcastic, and Dawson is much softer and more sensitive. Even though they give their relationship a try a few different times throughout the series, they seem like they should just be friends.

7 Carrie And Aidan On 'Sex And The City': He's Just Not Who She Should Be With


Some Sex and the City fans love Aidan and think that he and Carrie make a great couple. Others, not so much.

It seems so hard to root for Carrie to be with anyone other than Mr. Big. After all, the show sets the two of them up from the start. It's true that anytime we re-watch this amazing show, we wonder how Big can be so anti-commitment and why he won't just make a grand sweeping romantic gesture and sweep Carrie off her feet. But it just doesn't feel the same when she's with Aidan. He's just not the person that she's supposed to be with, and we think that anytime we see the two of them onscreen.

6 Kelly And Dylan On 'Beverly Hills, 90210': He Seems To Be In Love With Brenda Forever

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Fans of Beverly Hills, 90210 know that Shannen Doherty, who played one of the main characters Brenda, left the show after season four. It makes sense that she and Dylan couldn't continue their relationship since she wasn't on the show anymore.

But, still, it didn't make much sense that Dylan started dating her best friend, Kelly. Although Dylan and Kelly have known each other since they were kids and they understand how much it sucks to grow up rich with parents who totally ignore you all the time, it seems like Dylan has always been in love with Brenda. He'll randomly bring up visiting her in London where she's studying drama. Dylan and Brenda had such good chemistry that we think they were the better couple.

5 Toby And Yvonne On 'Pretty Little Liars': Why Isn't He Engaged To Spencer?


When we learn that Toby is engaged to a character named Yvonne, all we can think is, why isn't he marrying Spencer?

Toby and Spencer are a couple who need to be together. They are so sweet together and he knows everything about the mysterious "A" figure and the tough stuff that Spencer and her friends have been through. That kind of bond and connection doesn't come around all that often. It's truly weird to see Toby with someone other than Spencer, and it doesn't seem like any fan of Pretty Little Liars would want Toby and Yvonne to actually get married. Thankfully, they don't.

4 Lucas And Brooke On 'One Tree Hill': He's In Love With Her BFF Peyton

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One Tree Hill has many love stories within its nine seasons, and one of them features Brooke and Lucas. The two date in high school, but we can't help but wonder why he didn't just realize that he loved Peyton all along.

While Brooke is an awesome character (she's spunky, fashionable, kind, and smart), Lucas isn't the right guy for her. She meets her perfect guy when she falls for Julian a few years after high school, and we absolutely love them together. Brooke and Lucas? They always feel a bit off. There's also the fact that high school Brooke is so boy crazy that it doesn't feel like she really loved Lucas in particular.

3 Taylor And Ryan On 'The OC': They're A Strange Match

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Sure, we get that after Marissa left the show, Ryan couldn't just sit around missing her forever (even though we would have loved that... how romantic). Instead, Ryan started dating Taylor, the smart girl from school.

Ryan and Taylor are a really strange couple. They seem like two people who should just be friends instead. They don't have anything in common since they grew up in different worlds. It's true that Marissa and Ryan came from different worlds, too, but that seemed to work much better. Maybe it's because Marissa was vulnerable and having a tough time in her personal and family life, so she and Ryan could connect on that level.

2 Richard And Monica On 'Friends': They're On Different Pages About The Future


Although Friends fans think that Richard is sweet (and Tom Selleck plays him perfectly), he's definitely not right for Monica. We know why she falls for him (talk about tall, dark and handsome) but we also understand why they break up.

This relationship doesn't add up because Monica and Richard are on different pages about the future. She wants to get married and have kids, and since he's much older than her, he doesn't want that at all. We're so glad that Monica and Chandler end up together because, number one, they're super cute, and number two, they're a much better match.

1 Robin And Barney On 'How I Met Your Mother': She's Ted's One True Love


It seems impossible to watch every single episode of How I Met Your Mother and not think that Ted and Robin are made for each other. The show sets them up as The Couple from the very beginning. Ever since Ted steals that blue French horn for Robin, we're waiting for them to admit that they're in love.

It's weird when Robin and Barney start dating, mostly because we know that Robin and Ted should be together and because Barney and Ted are such good friends. Isn't there a guy code?! It's even worse when Robin and Barney get married. This is another TV relationship that we'll never understand (but we'll always love the show).

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