22 Times Brad Pitt Morphed Into The Woman He Was With (& Copied Her Style)

Has anyone noticed how Brad Pitt tends to look like the woman he’s currently with? And we’re not just talking about subtle changes here or there. Nope. We’re talking about a full-on style from head to toe.

And as seen in our list below, Brad has certainly been with his fair share of women in Hollywood. From Juliette Lewis to Jennifer Aniston, to Gwyneth Paltrow, and most recently, Angelina Jolie. Through these relationships, he has managed to adapt his style to the specific woman he was dating at the time. How does one man look like all the women he’s been with? Or do they look like him? What is going on here? We’re not quite sure whether we should laugh, cry, or be a little concerned because we’ve definitely never seen this before.

Twitter went crazy this year when the story broke out. A photographer from New York City, Sarah McGonagall, tweeted an old newspaper article that emphasized how Brad always corresponds his look to the woman he is currently with. Judging by the evidence, we couldn’t agree more.

But how is this possible and more importantly – Who is the real Brad Pitt? Well, he’s changed his looks so much that nobody actually knows.

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22 The Same Cut And Color

Via HuffPostCanada

We’re starting our list off with this throwback pic of Brad with ex-girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, on the red carpet back in 1997. They both had blonde cropped hair and there are quite a number of pics of them sporting even the same expression at this event. We certainly understand the popular saying – behind every great man is a great woman, but we didn’t realize it also meant that you two should go to the same hairstylist together. Maybe it’s because they were in a serious relationship, with Brad even proposing to Gwyneth in 1996 and referring to her as “the love of his life” in his Golden Globes speech that year. Whatever the reason may be, they were definitely two peas in a pod.

21 Rocking The Same Style Shades

Via VogueAustralia

We bet that if we could swap their faces, very few people would notice anything strange. Why? Because they practically look alike. So, of course, the shades are the same here but perhaps the reason why Brad and Gwyn looked alike when they were dating had something to do with science.

Huffington Post explains that “A study from the late ‘80s showed that couples who originally bore no particular resemblance to each other when they first married had, after 25 years of marriage, come to look alike. The researchers positioned that after years of sharing the same emotional experiences…subtle shifts in facial wrinkles and other facial contours began to appear.” We get that but what we don't get is how, after just a month or two of dating, Brad starts looking like his partner.

20 That Time He And Thandie Newton Stepped Out In Long Coats

Via Fishki

If you’re surprised to see this one on the list, you’re not the only one. There are a lot of relationships that Brad was involved in that have stood out and were much more publicized, but it seems as though this is not one of them. Actress Thandie Newton, known most recently for her role in Westworld, dated Brad Pitt in 1994 for about a year after they met on set.

Complex explains that “the pair met while filming Interview with the Vampire, where Pitt starred as Louis, the titular ‘vamp’”. What’s most interesting about this pic is that they clearly were into the long and oversized coats vibe and decided to rock it as a pair.

19 How About We Try Ponytails Tonight?

Via SputnikMundo

“Brangelina” have to go down in history as one of our all-time favorite Hollywood couples. They are both ridiculously good-looking, each of them has their own successful career, and they seem to both love charity and giving back to the needy. This couple was supposed to stand the test of time, right?

Well, as we all know, it didn’t quite work out that way. The couple are now going through a divorce and figuring out the custody of their 6 kids. This, of course, has caused many headlines with lots of speculations about who did what. While that’s going on, we’ll try to focus on their happier times – like the time they decided to rock ponytails together.

18 The Unruly Hair Vibe

Via YahooLifestyleSingapore

This particular pic was taken in 1999 when Brad was photographed with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. The first thing you’ll notice about this pic is the hair styling for both actors. Although the hair length may not be the same this time, it is clear that the color and styling is the same.

Both Brad and Jen opted for a sun-kissed messy hairdo that was the "in thing" for many people during that period. Another most noticeable thing is how they are sporting identical tans. Now, this begs the question – Did the two go to the same tanning salon?

17 Blazer + Belt + Blue Jeans... Exactly Like His GF

Via Pinterest

Okay, clearly these two went shopping together. That’s the only way that we can explain this pic. Actress, Robin Givens, is one of the beautiful ladies in Hollywood who has also been in a relationship with Brad Pitt.

So, even with someone who bears no physical resemblance to him, Brad still manages to look like his girl? The only way this can make any kind of sense to us is to consider his profession – he is an actor, after all. He’s used to morphing into different characters. Perhaps that’s exactly what happens when he meets a new girl – he uses his acting chops to adapt to the girl’s style.

16 Sleek And Formal By Angie's Side

Via TheCut

So far, we’ve seen Brad in quite a number of casual looks while with the women he was dating. So maybe you might have thought for a second that this thing of him morphing into his partner’s style only applies to casual looks. Surely when he goes formal and gets all dressed up the man manages to look different from his partner - Not quite.

In this particular image, we see Brad and Angie again. The couple is dressed in formal attire and we think that since Angie decided to have her hair all sleek and pushed back, of course, Brad decided to do the same.

15 Boho From The Hair To The Boots

Via E!Online

This particular image has to be one of the best examples of how Brad always manages to reflect the woman he is with. We don’t even need to say that much here – just look at the pic.

We understand that as people, we have the freedom to try out different styles to see what we like and what we’re into. What we don’t get is how Brad always tries out the style that his current girlfriend is rocking. Are they inspiring him or something? Or maybe he turns to them for fashion advice. Whatever the case may be, Brad was rocking the boho vibe with his then-girlfriend, Jitka Pohledek back in 1994.

14 Two Hats For The Price Of One?

Via ReckonTalk

Having similar styles is not all about dressing the same from head to toe. Sometimes you want to have your own individual look, but just have one item of clothing that connects you to your partner when you guys go out together. Well, the black hat seems to have done it for this pair. We wonder if it was a mutual decision, or if Brad was being a bit of a copycat...

Brad is photographed here with actress Jill Schoelen. Although they seem happy here, the pair’s relationship didn’t really end well. CTV News reveals that “Brad Pitt says one of the lowest points of his life was being dumped by his ex-fiance [Jill Schoelen] after he flew to Budapest to see her.”

13 Matching Rockers With Swooping Bangs

Via E!Online

We think we’ve finally figured it out – Brad Pitt is an easy boyfriend. Hear us out for a sec - Many women like to match with their partners when going to an event. It looks good to arrive in matching outfits, it's fun to pick out what our partner wears, and if we’re being honest, sometimes we like to be in control of what he wears so that we know for sure that he’ll dress decently.

Some guys don’t like that, while others fully commit to the process. Maybe Brad is just one of those guys who doesn’t mind having his woman take the lead in what he wears, right? Because, how else can you explain this?

12 Going Dark And Dramatic

Via Grazia

Brad decided to change his hair color to match his current girlfriend’s. This time, he chose to match fellow actress, Juliette Lewis’ hair color when they went out together.

It has become pretty clear that Brad has dated many women in Hollywood. What’s interesting about this particular relationship is that it was one of Brad’s favorites. Their relationship didn't last as the two broke up by 1995. Brad then told Vanity Fair in that same year, “I still love the woman. There’s some real genius there. I had a great time with her…It was one of the greatest relationships I’ve ever been in.”

11 And Then Going Lighter Together

Via HuffingtonPost

Since Brad said that his relationship with Juliette was one of the best (and this is a big deal because we know he’s had a number of relationships), we, therefore, understand why the man decided to change his hair color along with her. They were connected and clearly in love and the best way they knew how to show it off was to look similar.

In the previous pic, the pair had dark hair and as you can see here, they both decided to go much lighter. What we especially can appreciate here is how they also went for similar haircuts, which they obviously carefully blow-dried to achieve flippy 90s layers.

10 Trying The Same Hair Color... Again

Via NewIdea

Brad and Jennifer Aniston were together for quite a while, compared to a number of his other relationships. The two started dating in 1998 after being set up by their agents and then wed a couple years later in 2000, in Malibu. During this period, Brad was sporting a longer hairdo. Sometime in 2004, the actor decided to cut his hair and go much shorter than we’ve seen him before. What we particularly appreciate about this pic is that although he decided, for the first time, to get a completely different haircut to his partner, he still kept the same hair color as his partner's – showing us all that he really does enjoy matching with his girls.

9 It's All In The Details, Even The Floral Print

Via Popsugar

So, in addition to all the women we’ve already mentioned, Brad has also been with Christina Applegate. We know – What a lucky guy getting all the pretty girls in Hollywood. Anyway, so in this pic with the actress, one would first struggle to see where exactly the similarities are with Christina. You would think that perhaps Brad was trying to venture out and do his own thing – style wise. So, we thought that for a second, and then we soon changed our minds when we finally saw it. When you look closer, you’ll notice that Brad is wearing a floral print underneath his Blazer and the colors of this floral print match with his date’s.

8 Twinning?

Via BloomJoy

I think we can all agree that Brad and Angie are individually very good looking people. They both have very distinct features. Angie has her famously full lips that many people love to copy these days, as well as those striking eyes that seem like they can pierce through your soul. Brad, on the other hand, has an amazing physique, and one of his most striking features is his jawline. Now, individually, these two look nothing alike. We can definitely see that. However, what happens when they are placed together? How on earth does Brad look like the male version of Angie, and vice-versa? Maybe he goes to each new girlfriend's hairdresser and says, "I'll have what she's having."

7 Golden Locks & Metal Belts

Via BuzzMixer

Our younger years is when most of us decide to experiment with our looks, and Brad is no exception. We try out different hair colors, we wear the latest trends in clothing and shoes, and we may even change styles from day to day, depending on what we’re in the mood for – Who can blame us? It’s our lives after all.

So, while the rest of us were experimenting with the latest hair and fashion trends and figuring ourselves out in the process, it seems that Brad wasn't into that as he decided to look to his partner for inspiration on style.

6 Notice The Waves

Via TheSun

Brad is pictured here with fellow actress, Shalane McCall. EOnline highlights that “Brad played the actress’ boyfriend ‘Randy’ on four episodes of Dallas between 1987 and 1988 and was rumored to have romanced her off-camera as well. But in 1989, when she was 17, McCall married current hubby Trent Valladares and never looked back.”

So, Brad and Shalane never really confirmed their relationship to the public, however, we can’t help but notice how the two were already starting to have similar tastes in style. Take this pic, for instance – Same hair color along with the beautiful and perfectly placed waves.

5 Wearing Hats Together

Incredible Nature

We spoke earlier about Brad’s relationship with Robin Givens, we showed the pair wearing very similar outfits together, even the same jeans. So now we bring more evidence of how Brad enjoys looking very similar to his partners. Here, we have the pair sporting similar hats and the same style of sunglasses.

What’s puzzling about this whole article is – What on earth is Brad’s style? Like, what’s his own individual vibe? He’s done the boho vibe. The formal vibe. Long hair. Short hair. Dark hair. Light hair. Straight hair. Messy hair…and all this with his partners. We’re wondering what his actual style is but perhaps the first question should be – Does HE even know what his style is?

4 Going Formal As A Pair

Via GossipCop

We bring you yet more evidence that Brad likes to morph into his current partner. We see him here with his ex, Angelina, and the pair have a very similar hair color and almost identical styling. We’re certainly not mad at this look – this is the look that reminded us all that the pair were a power couple in Hollywood. As soon as they stepped onto the red carpet, heads were turning and no one could look away at this gorgeous pair.

What’s interesting most about the styles that Brad has had with Angie is that they were always formal – compared to the styles with his other partners. They were often called a “power couple”, perhaps they felt it as well.

3 Doing The Effortless Look Together

Via Popsugar

We have Brad again with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. This is clearly a stark contrast from the previous look he had with Angie. We have to give it to the man – he knows how to easily morph into different styles. We can’t help but feel that his acting chops must have helped him be able to do so.

Here, we see Brad and Gwyneth with the “I’m just casually good-looking with no effort" look. How will we ever unsee this...

2 Same Color And Short Do

Via ZeNL

From this pic, we can clearly notice the same hair length and same color. How do you get the same hairstyle as your partner? Maybe you guys get your hair cut and colored together? With Hollywood, anything’s possible.

Earlier we mentioned that couples dressing alike may have something to do with science, but it seems that this may actually be a growing trend now. Photographer, Stefan Draschan, took pictures of couples in the street who were dressed similarly. He highlighted to This Is Insider, “There are many ways to say ‘I love you. One way is to dress the same as your partner.” So, we guess Brad just really loved his partners then.

1 Twinning & Grinning

Via Izismile

So, we’ve already covered quite extensively in the previous pics how much Brad has taken fashion cues from the women he’s dated. Yes, of course, he and his girlfriend have similar hairstyles yet again. They decided to get their bangs cut and puffed up exactly the same – we know. But notice anything else similar? The grin, ladies and gentlemen!

Not quite sure what the two were finding amusing here, but clearly, it must have been funny because they have the same, all teeth out grin. So, Brad is not only dressing like his girlfriends but also smiling like them – Can somebody please explain what one earth is going on here?

Sources: Huffington Post, Complex, CTV News, This Is Insider, EOnline, Vanity Fair

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