22 Things To Know About Jeffree Star's Boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt

As the years go on, fans are becoming more obsessed with Jeffree Star. Starting out as a pop sensation, Jeffree has now cemented himself as a makeup mogul and style icon with an army of followers, which means that any relationship he enters into immediately becomes incredibly high profile.

In the seven years before 2014, Jeffree consciously chose not to date because he just couldn’t find the right person to make him happy and found the continuous attempts at a successful relationship too disappointing. But then something happened. He received a direct message on IG from a handsome stranger. He didn't know it yet, but his life would soon change forever.

Enter Nathan Schwandt. Jeffree found that conversing with the Michigan-native through text and direct message was like second nature, and soon invited him out to Los Angeles to meet in person. The connection was instant, and five years later, they’re still going strong.

Being Jeffree Star’s boyfriend, Nathan has captured the curiosity of the pop culture world. Fans want to know everything they can about the skateboarding, windsurfing, Star Wars-loving, designer-wearing man who stole Jeffree Star’s heart.

Check out these 22 little-known details about Jeffree Star’s boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt.

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22 Naffree Met Through Social Media


The world has changed quite a bit from the time our parents and grandparents were in their 20s. While they perhaps met dates at parties or through mutual friends, we tend to meet potential love interests on social media, and that’s exactly what happened with Nathan and Jeffree.

The couple did a Q&A session on Jeffree’s YouTube page and revealed that Nathan was actually the first one to make a move sending Jeffree a DM on IG. According to Your Tango, for several months they texted and called, and finally, Nathan flew out to Los Angeles to meet Jeffree for the first time.

21 Nathan And Jeffree’s Romance Began Before The Fame And Money


When you’re in the public eye, there will always be people who try to tear you down. Much of the criticism that Nathan receives seems to target his relationship with Jeffree, claiming that he’s using him for his money and celebrity status. But when they actually started dating, Jeffree hadn’t even begun his makeup company, nor had he started his successful YouTube channel.

So Nathan couldn’t have been after his money, because there wasn’t nearly as much as there is now! It was actually Nathan who encouraged Jeffree to create his YouTube channel and even helped him out in the early days of his cosmetics company.

20 Nathan Helped Jeffree By Collaborating With Him On A Makeup Venture


Couples who are really in love help each other out whenever they can! Your Tango divulged that Nathan has been there to help Jeffree consistently throughout his professional life and that the two even collaborated on a makeup venture. Together they put together a cosmetic line under Jeffree’s company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is called the Family Collection.

In the line, you’ll find six velvet liquid lips, two lip scrubs, and a highlighter. Though Nathan didn’t know much about the makeup and cosmetic industry before, he has learned a lot from Jeffree and enjoyed being part of the process of creating a line.

19 Nathan’s Family Loves Jeffree


The approval of your partner’s family doesn’t have to mean absolutely everything, but it is always easier when they do love you! Luckily for Jeffree, he seems to have the approval of Nathan’s people. According to Your Tango, Jeffree was incredibly nervous about meeting Nathan’s Midwestern family and confessed on his channel that the meeting could have gone totally wrong.

But when Jeffree finally did meet them for the first time, it went really well and they’ve kept up at that positive relationship. Today, Nathan’s family, based in Michigan, even join the couple when they take their vacations to Hawaii.

18 Jeffree Is Nathan's First Boyfriend


We don’t know every detail about Nathan’s life from the period before he met Jeffree, but it has been reported by multiple sources that Jeffree is his first boyfriend. Although he has been in relationships with other people before, Jeffree is the first man he has been with.

“It’s not about gender,” explained Nathan (via Heavy). “It’s more so about having a connection with somebody.” Jeffree added that he loves how Nathan follows his feelings rather than what society says he should do: “What’s cool about Nathan is he doesn’t need a label. He’s only been with women his entire life before meeting me.”

17 He’s A Pretty Talented Skateboarder


You might know this one already if you follow Nathan on social media! Not only is Nathan in love with skateboarding, but he’s also pretty good at it. You can find a plethora of skateboarding pictures and videos on his IG account, and they’re pretty impressive!

It has recently been reported that Nathan is also in the process of adding “wave surfing” to his list of skills. He has just learned how to wave surf in the past year and has said that he would like to take it up as a new hobby, so perhaps we’ll get to see some videos of him catching some waves over the summer!

16 His Idea Of The Perfect Date Is Something Outdoors


Since his hobbies include skateboarding and surfing, it’s not surprising that Nathan is an outdoorsy person. And from what we can tell, he likes to spend date night doing things outside! Whenever photos emerge of Nathan and Jeffree hanging out, they seem to be outdoors enjoying the wide open spaces.

We’ve seen them riding horses together, soaking in the sun on yachts in lavish locations, and even going hiking. Netflix and chill is probably not on the to-do list for this couple, as the two seem like they like to experience as much of the world together as they can.

15 Naffree Collaborate On Other Things Besides Makeup


The makeup line isn’t the only thing that Nathan and Jeffree have collaborated on! They are actually partners in a side business that many people aren’t even aware of. Since both admit to taking an interest in certain plants, they’ve now turned their passion into money, as all good entrepreneurs do.

Your Tango reports that they have learned about the medicinal and healing properties of the plant in question, and have also studied the logistics behind practical and recreational use of it, so they can give the right information to people that they do business with. With Jeffree's business savvy and Nathan's support, we're sure it will be a great venture.

14 He’s A Pretty Big Star Wars Fan


Nathan is a big fan of outdoor activities like wave surfing and skateboarding, but he’s also passionate about something else: Star Wars. From a quick glimpse at his social media pages, we know that he owns some serious Star Wars merchandise that only a hardcore fan would own. This includes his very own seriously cool Darth Vader mug.

“May the 4thbe with you! Star Wars for the rest of the evening,” he captioned the photo of his mug. This was in reference to May the Fourth, something that all true Star Wars fans celebrate. He also posted a photo of himself posing next to R2D2.

13 His Tattoos Carry A Lot Of Meaning


Another sign that Nathan is a huge Star Wars fan? He has a tattoo of the character Yoda. It’s easy to tell that he’s big on tattoos, but you might not have realized that his ink shows images that are meaningful to him, too.

On IG, he revealed that one of his more recent tattoos is a portrait of his late grandfather: “Got a portrait of my grandfather on my arms from @inkslingers yesterday!” he wrote. “Such an amazing piece. Love your gramps! Rest In Peace.” Nathan gets the majority of his tattoos done by Brian Gonzales of Ink Slingers.

12 He Has A Soft Spot For Designer Everything


Another glance at Nathan’s social media pages should also show you how much he appreciates designer clothes and accessories. Among the brands that he’s been spotted wearing in the past are Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. This is something that Jeffree relates to since he’s also been known to have a soft spot for Louis Vuitton.

And while the two are in love with all their accessories, they’re especially fond of their bag collection. During the California wildfires in 2018, Nathan made sure to collect their designer bags—among other things, of course—and save them from the flames. First things first, right?

11 Naffree Share A Family Of Fur Babies


It’s not just bags and brands that mean a lot to this couple. Nathan and Jeffree are actually the proud parents of five Pomeranian pooches. They bought Delicious, Daddy, and Drama together while Jeffree actually had Diamond and Diva before he met Nathan. The love is still spread equally between them, though, and Nathan doesn’t play favorites!

The dogs were all included in their makeup line, having lip shades named after them. Currently, Nathan and Jeffree don’t seem to have any plans to add any human children to their family, but they could possibly introduce another Pomeranian into the mix.

10 He Has A Particular Skin-Care Routine That He Follows


You can’t be with Jeffree Star and not have a stellar skin-care routine! It has been revealed that, as expected, Nathan does have a particular skin-care regimen that he follows every day, and it helps to keep him looking his best.

Every single morning, Nathan tones his face and then intensely moisturizes to make his skin as soft as possible. He’s also said to be a fan of a face mask every now and then. Jeffree is proud of his partner’s new routine since before meeting his makeup guru boo, Nathan actually had no skin-care plan at all! This is definitely a case of a relationship changing a person in a good way!

9 He May Have Sparked The Tiff Between Jeffree And Manny


While a lot of people love Jeffree Star, he’s also had his share of beef with other celebrities and makeup artists. One of the most notable incidents was the Twitter battle he engaged in with makeup artist Manny Gutierrez, who made a comment about photos of one of his “ex-friends” online.

Assuming that Manny was actually talking about Nathan, Jeffree hit back immediately and released the name of Manny’s new palette to the Twitter world. It hasn’t been completely confirmed that Manny was referring to Nathan in his original comment, but according to Your Tango, it’s a strong possibility that Jeffree's BF was the subject of the tiff.

8 Before Jeffree, Nathan Lived With His Parents


He’s now living his best life with the love of his life, but before meeting Jeffree, Nathan actually lived with his parents back in Michigan. This is something he revealed during his very first Q&A session on Jeffree’s YouTube channel. Today, he lives with Jeffree in Calabasas, in what we’re sure is an amazing house.

Although the couple now resides in Los Angeles, they still visit Nathan’s family in Michigan. Nathan’s father and brother have even been featured on Jeffree’s channel, so it’s clear that not even distance can get in the way of the strong bonds between the family and its newest (if unofficial) member.

7 He’s A Whiz In The Kitchen


Skateboarding, windsurfing, Star Wars, designer clothes, and cooking? It seems that another one of Nathan’s passions may just be cooking. We don’t know whether he’s still an amateur or nearing the skill level of Gordon Ramsay, but it’s clear from social media that Nathan does like to get in the kitchen every now and then and create something.

He might not be up to Gordon Ramsay’s level, but he does know how to achieve at least the bare minimum in the kitchen, which is more than a lot of people can say. Jeffree is one lucky guy, and we bet they share lots of tasty meals together.

6 Nathan Gets Spoiled By Jeffree


Who doesn’t want to spoil their boyfriend? Your Tango reports that Jeffree’s generosity has no limits when it comes to treating Nathan. Just one example is Nathan’s birthday trip to Bora Bora, which was the ultimate romantic getaway.

In the early days of their relationship, Nathan appeared on Jeffree’s channel and admitted that his dream location to visit would be Bora Bora, and so Jeffree made it a reality. The two escaped to the South Pacific island destination for Nathan’s birthday, where they were able to snorkel in the clear blue water and see magnificent reefs and sea creatures. Sounds divine!

5 He’s A Movie Buff


Nathan is a fan of Star Wars, but he also has space in his heart for other movies. In the past, Nathan has referred to movies as his “escape” from reality. We get it! Together, Nathan and Jefree have a huge movie library which they can access at any time, and it is the perfect way to leave the real world behind for a few hours.

Jeffree has time for movies too, but he’s more of a reader. Sometimes they orchestrate their date nights so that Jeffree reads a book while Nathan watches a movie and that way everyone’s happy!

4 He Was Jeffree’s First Partner In Seven Years


Before meeting Nathan, Jeffree wasn’t exactly a serial dater. In fact, he hadn’t had a partner in seven years. On his YouTube channel, he explained that he purposely took time away from dating because it was too difficult and stressful for him to commit to a serious relationship. He also revealed that in that time, he did have the odd fling, but he was never able to be in an honest, committed relationship.

The men that he saw only wanted to see him in private and never wanted to make their relationship public, which prompted Jeffree to swear off dating altogether. Until seven years later, when he met the right one.

3 Nathan And Jeffree’s Lives Revolve Around Work


A glance through Nathan and Jeffree’s social media pages will make you feel like their lives are lavish and extravagant, and while that may be true, they also work incredibly hard. In fact, in their household, just about everything revolves around work. Together, they have their makeup collaborations and their side business, and of course, Jeffree has his cosmetics company which Nathan helps him out with by working with his warehouse.

So it’s understandable that work is the main topic of conversation a lot of the time! But when they’re not talking about work, or actually working, these two like to escape on vacations, enjoy the outdoors, and watch Cops together.

2 Nathan Has A Home With Jeffree In Michigan


Nathan and Jeffree live together in Calabasas, but they also own a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While Calabasas is where they spend most of their time, they try to get to Grand Rapids for at least a few weeks every year just to be close to Nathan’s family. Maintaining that connection is important to both Nathan and Jeffree, so they always make the effort!

And even though they own a house there, their favorite thing to do when they arrive in Michigan is go camping. They also tend to enjoy the odd hike through Michigan every now and then.

1 It Doesn’t Look Like Naffree Are Getting Married Any Time Soon


The couple already has five fur babies to keep track of, so they probably won’t be having human babies any time soon. And similarly, it doesn’t look like they have plans to tie the knot. They have openly admitted that they’re in no rush to get married, mainly because they don’t like putting labels on themselves or their relationship.

They’re happy right now and don’t see the need to make things more official. That said, marriage isn’t out of the cards completely—it’s just not going to happen in the foreseeable future. At the moment, Jeffree already refers to himself as Nathan’s wifey, and that’s good enough for them!

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