22 Summer Outfits That Ooze The "Cool-Girl" Aesthetic

Summertime is the time when you’re finally able to break out the super cute, and super light, clothes from your closet. It’s the time where you go prowling through department stores and malls in order to find the absolutely perfect poolside outfit. It’s the time where we live on the net in order to find the best deals on sensational sundresses for every occasion. Even if we don’t find a deal, we’ll splurge our pocketbooks if we find the bathing suit that flatters every curve and brings out the color in our eyes.

This is what summer is all about: fashion.

Magazines go above and beyond with their summer fashion issues that usually drop right before the heat does so us women are able to get an idea of the types of styles we want to sport during the daytime and the nighttime. The best looks tend to be the ones that carry on during the day and can be switched out into nighttime looks just by simply changing shoes.

Here are 24 eye pleasing summer outfits we composed that can satisfy any fashionista's 2018 summer fashion fix and also not break the bank while you’re trying desperately to escape the heat.

22 It's All About The Cherries


Elle magazine was adamant about this very interesting thing for summer of 2018: Floral prints are out – cherry prints are very in. Just take a look at this particular flowy cotton dress (named the cherry cotton Laura dress). The model, in particular, has paired up the dress with some simplistic sandals (donning three small daisy flowers on them), a cherry covered white purse, sunglasses, and simple small hoop earrings. Also, take note ladies… POCKETS! Basically what every cotton summer dress needs, this dress has.

21 Beat The Summer Heat In A Chic Way


When attempting to beat the heat on a long summer day, every girl needs a go-to pair of skinny jeans that she can break out for every occasion: from running errands to having early evening cocktails with the girls, the skinny jeans are a must-have. And it’s also bold to experiment with color. In this photo, the model pairs some army green jeggings with a strappy pair of brown sandals, a camel shaded purse, and an oversized white tee-shirt with navy stars.

20 Millennial Pink Is Very In


You may not be a jumpsuit sort of girl, but this particular jumpsuit in Millennial pink will make you reconsider all your life choices you have made up until this point in time. Sure, jumpsuits really don’t do short girls any justice and are more often than not for women who are well over 5’5 in height, but this short sleeve belted jumpsuit from Target will have short girls going crazy. And one of the best parts is? It’s only $37 on target.com!

19 Graphic Tees Never Go Out Of Style


No matter how old you get, graphic tees will never go out of style. Where ever you go, you can always either blend into the crowd (like at a concert where you’re wearing a graphic tee with your favorite band’s album cover on it) or stand out in the crowd (wearing that same tee when out and about the town, paired with some skinny jeans and high heels). Here we have a tee donning the summer’s famous cherry logo paired with light blue jeans.

18 Ready For A Night On The Town


It used to be that long summer dresses (that just showed a peak of the ankle) were for tall girls who all weigh100 pounds or less. Not anymore. This look is all grown up and is walking the city sidewalks in perfect style now. This particular young woman paired her button-down deep blue wrap dress with open toe sandals and carefree sunglasses. The jewelry situation is minimal, which works best with a style like this. The less, the better is what works here.

17 Not Your Mother's Average Summerwear


This is a color pop that sticks on the mind for months on end – even after summer is over! Pairing a boldly colored striped skirt with a white blazer and a stunningly white mid-drift top can be daring, but it pays off in the long run. The kicker here is the actual kicks on her feet: white slightly raised sneakers that have an almost vintage 1990’s feel to them. Again, her jewelry is minimal and she only appears to be wearing a watch while sporting sunglasses.

16 Breezy Summer Linen


There’s something about simple grace that always reminds us of an ordinary sundress that is anything but ordinary. Chic in its own personal simplistic nature, this ruffly dress is ripped straight from the international fashion pages. In this beauty, you could be headed to the beach or off to have a mid-morning mimosa with the girls at brunch. This particular sundress is called the White Linen Carmen dress and can be found at datura.com for only $230. Pure and refined for a woman with taste to spare.

15 Nostalgic Overload

Sure, we’ve been slammed with the cherry designs over and over again, but there’s a reason for it: look how much they seem to pop out on a pure white sundress (can be found on revolve.com – where their dresses are just a tad bit on the pricey side, but extremely kind of the quality side) with straps. It’s the simplistic chic design that makes this dress stand out – not so much the cherries, although they do seem to help draw the eye.

14 Simple Grace


I remember thinking that pairing long, wide-leg pants with a loose fitting sweater was rather bulky growing up, but this model pulls it off like no other. And what seems to tie it together is the subtle navy color of the pants and the cursive writing on the elegant, white light fitting sweatshirt. The classic black sunglasses and the sneakers only add to the grace as the model looks like she should be walking the streets of Paris or a seaside European city.

13 A Color Pop On An Old Classic

The Fashion Eaters

While this outfit screams of classic style, what seems to make it stand out is the footwear the model is donning. Shaded a deep burgundy with a slight heel, the shoes are what draw them down and make them rise to admire the rest of the outfit. White skinny jeans with a long sleeve navy and white striped shirt paired with sunglasses and across-the-body handbag echo the twilight days of summertime more so than the steaming salad days more so.

12 Pool Ready No Matter What


The absolute best pool outfit is one that takes minimal effort in order to switch in and out of. Yes, that means wearing your bathing suit UNDER your designated pool outfit. This particular outfit does just that. We have a solid & striped Meghan Striped Bikini Top ($90 at net-a-porter.com), solid & striped Meghan Bikini Briefs ($80 at net-a-porter.com), Zara jeans wide leg contrast stitching ($70 at zara.com), Reaen flatscreen ($150 at raen.com) and Soeur Du Maroc Ibiza tote bag ($145 at shopbop.com).

11 Traveling Comfortably


There’s always one thing that regular people like you and I can’t seem to ever get down: traveling in style, but also in comfort. When we board a plane, we always want to be comfortable and for some reason, we never find that healthy balance when traveling on a plane (like most celebrities tend to). But this isn’t the case here. This model is wearing a loose fitting skirt, long sleeveless tank, and white sneakers. And tying it all together is the black bag that brings out the cleanness of the entire outfit.

10 Edgy With Flare


The punk rock look never really goes out of style, yet seems to change slightly with each passing decade. This go-around, the model is wearing black short overalls (with only one buckle buckled) while wearing a rock band tee underneath. She pairs it up with a simple gold choker, dark lipstick, and sunglasses. She’s instantly “punk rock” chic and is also beating the heat with minimal wear. This sort of outfit can be tricky since it’s usually better if blondes pull it off. But, nevertheless, be bold.

9 Making A Statement

The Fashion Guitar

The shoes this particular model is wearing is a bold choice here since she’s pairing low-key sneakers with a long, flowy beige dress with a colorful floral pattern. This could mean that she’s walking somewhere in comfort (and still in style) but can easily switch out her comfy flat shoes for high heels, or even a slip on flat when she gets to where she is eventually going. It’s an extremely versatile outfit for any occasion. And the fact that it has open shoulders is even better.

8 Girl Power


Midriffs with an overshirt are all the rage this summertime, even in darker colors. This model, in particular, is wearing black skinny jeans (with the stylish tears in each leg), a midriff that appears to be a sports bra as well, a light black jacket, and daring snakeskin sandals. While this works out as a night outfit, it probably wouldn’t be as cool in the daytime, especially if you’re out in direct sunlight. That’s would just be a burn waiting to happen.

7 Your Everyday Basics


This model has the absolute right idea with her pairing of a rather puffy, off-the-shoulder shirt and high cutoff jean shorts. For years, it seemed like the cutoff jean shorts weren’t going to make a comeback (they were extremely popular in the 1990’s) but they managed to creep back onto the scene. When wearing an off-the-shoulder top, it’s always best to draw attention to your hair by wearing flowing, beach waves along with some aviator sunglasses as this model right here is doing.

6 Cool Never Goes Out Of Style

Style By The People

Nothing, and I repeat, absolutely nothing beats simple, everyday jeans paired off with an oversized tee-shirt and a daring pair of shoes. It works great in any situation. This outfit can easily be doctored up to go fancy with a long necklace and a high, loose bun as a hairstyle. You can also add a boost with high heels and a boldly colored clutch purse. Either way, this outfit always beats the heats yet still manages to stay stylish in any sort of mood you happen to be in.

5 Just A Subtle Color Note


J. Crew has gone out of their way to create the perfect Cherry themed looks in order to rock this summer. They have also proved that a little can go a long way. What I’m referring to is this particular Cherry-embroidered V-neck T-shirt (now on sale for $24 at jcrew.com). When paired with off-the-wall colored jeggings, jacket, and chic pair of sunglasses, you can do more than beat the heat when outdoors – you can turn heads all summer long as well.

4 East Hampton Get-Away


You don’t necessarily have to be slipping away to the Hamptons this summer in order to dress like you are. If you ask any New Yorker about vacationing in the Hamptons for the summer, they’ll all tell you one thing – comfort is key. Here, comfort and style collide with a Mara Hoffman checked Ingrid dress ( $425 at bonadrag.com), Topshop Petra beaded shoulder bag ($350 at topshop.com), Creatures of Comfort Como sandal slide ($395 at creaturesofcomfort.com) and a Roxanne Assoulin bracelet ($375 at modaoperandi.com).

3 Beating The Heat With Heart And Style


Sometimes, you just have to take a risk during the summertime. And this outfit is a daring, yet cooling, risk that is rewarding. It walks the line between formal and casual, especially when it’s paired with some rocking accessories. You’ll certainly start a buzz with this Zara printed tunic ($70 on zara.com), Mango Fish Bamboo bag ($70 at mango.com), Charles by Charles David Mya knotted satin slide mule ($33.50 at lastcall.com) and Lele Sadoughi banded hoop earrings ($118 on lelesadoughi.com).

2 Not Your Grandmother's Sundress


On the hanger, this dress may not capture the eye right away. It’s an old fashion blend that appears like it’s from another century entirely. But truth be told, when you’re wearing it, it’s simply stunning. This Sea Josephine Pencil Dress may cost a pretty penny ($495 at sea-ny.com) but it’s worth it if you need to impress at your work’s annual summer cocktail get together, or if you’re just attending a friend’s midday pool party. Either way, you’re sure to have your friends’ tongues wagging at your chic style.

1 Plain Jane Overalls Are Soooo 2017


I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled when overalls suddenly started to come back into the fashion picture. They always seemed a tad bulky and had that “farmers” vibe to them. But not anymore. These specific overalls can be worn with or without a shirt (without if you’re going for a more nighttime look since they would look amazing matched up with a pair of high heels) and you can find them at zara.com for the low price of $50 bucks.

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