22 Shots Of Chrissy Teigen That Will Make John Legend Fall In Love Again

It seems like Chrissy Teigen sort of came out of nowhere with her overnight success. Her big break came from being a Sports Illustrated pin-up girl to the TV personality that we all know and love. Her larger than life personality and her famous crooner husband, John Legend, put them both on the map as the couple that we aspire to be as #RelationshipGoals.

In 2017, she took second place to Gisele Bundchen on Forbe's list of highest paid models. She was discovered for the first time while working at a surf shop in late high school. Soon after, she began her career as a professional model in 2004 and later became a model on Deal or No Deal.

Since then, she has used her vivacious personality and approachable demeanor to create her personal brand. She even used her own pregnancy as a marketing opportunity (which is genius). In 2016, she published her first cookbook, Cravings, where she dishes her favorite recipes. We don't know whether to jump on this bandwagon and make those delicious recipes or to be insanely jealous that she eats all those high calories and still maintains that perfect figure. She has frequently co-hosted for MTV, E! and alongside Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model. There is literally nothing that this woman can't do. Suffice it to say that she has a perfect life.

22 Vacation To Venice: Simple And Chic

Fashion Gone Rogue

Chrissy Teigen is a woman who has mastered the art of coordinating her makeup, jewelry, and fashion choices to compliment each other rather than clash. You will never see her on a worst-dressed list because she always gets it right. In this Instagram selfie, while vacationing in Venice, she is rocking the liquid-lined cat eye, red lips and gold studded headband. If you are going for that classic look, it is always better to wear a black top in order to make the red and the gold pop. Call it the science of off-duty fashion. She fits right in with the fashionista Italian women walking down the streets with this elegant look. If this doesn't make you want to book your next flight to Italy, then nothing will.

21 Really, Is She Just Rubbing It In Our Faces?

The Odyssey Online

Let's just call Chrissy Teigen the Queen of Food Porn. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, food porn is when images of food are portrayed in an aesthetically pleasing way. What could possibly be more pleasing that Chrissy Teigen in a swimsuit munching out on chicken wings by the pool? She should be the poster girl for Buffalo Wild Wings and she would just be laughing all the way to the bank with it. She is definitely a model that breaks the stereotype of models not ever eating and having eating disorders. No lack of appetite with this girl. In fact, her body just gets more amazing the more she eats and us minions are all just jealous. In this photoshoot, she is blatantly teasing John Legend with those chicken wings. He is salivating and she just isn't going to share with him. Poor guy.

20 Throwing The First Pitch

Your Next Shoes

It was an adorable family moment for Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and baby Luna when they threw the first pitch at Seattle Mariners and and Minnesota Twins baseball game in June 2017. Prior to that, Chrissy Teigen did the honor of throwing the first pitch at the Dodgers vs. Angels game at the Dodgers Stadium in August 2014. Before throwing the pitch, she tweeted "oh crap. I'm pretty drunk" and the media ate it up like a three-year-old at a candy shop. That wasn't the only goofy social media activity that was going on. She began by sharing a photo of her dad on Instagram: "Dad making birthday margaritas like only dad can!! I love you dad, happy birthday!!!!" That picture was followed up by a pair of tweets: "Crap I'm pretty drunk" and "My mom is bombed." Oh, Chrissy. Never a dull moment with her.

19 Sports Illustrated Part One: Cage The Elephant

Sports Illustrated

Caged swimsuits are all the rage in fashion because they point to all the curves of a woman's body. Chrissy Teigen put the caged monokini on the map in her spread in Sports Illustrated. There is just something about the way she is hiding in the shadows peeking over the sunlight of the palm leaves that add an air of mystery to that stare. With a black caged monokini and a hint of gleam from the layered choker that she is wearing, this look is basic but alluring all at the same time. She is wearing minimal bronzed makeup and looks flawless with that golden glow. Sports Illustrated made the right decision for picking Chrissy Teigen as their main feature. These next entries will pay homage to her appearance in Sports Illustrated.

18 Sports Illustrated Part Two: Classic SI Pose

Sports Illustrated

This pic from Sports Illustrated probably took up 2 pages as a centerpiece of some sort. This is a classic SI pose where the model leans over horizontally so that you can literally see her entire body. Men will stare and drool while women will stare with envy and maybe some awe. This is the kind of awe that makes you question your own sexuality as a heterosexual woman. Chrissy Teigen just has that kind of effect on people. Her fun multi-colored bikini with turquoise and neon yellow give a fun island flare with a colorful bangle bracelet to accessorize. Her hair is drenched in salt water making for some snarly beach waves when it drives, but it doesn't really look like she cares. She looks pretty clean for someone who is laying around in sand.

17 Sports Illustrated Part Three: Surfer Girl Without The Surf Gear

Sports Illustrated

There is just something about a mismatched bikini that gives another layer of awesomeness at the beach. It shows that you are a colorful, quirky individual who isn't afraid to not be perfectly matched up all the time. It probably also says that you don't have OCD either, which is an extra added bonus. Chrissy Teigen is every surfer guy's dream girl in this pic as she is straddling a surfboard. Her two wavy strands hanging to frame her face while half of her hair is tied back in a messy bun. Once again, this is a Sports Illustrated shot that puts her perfect figure on prominent display. She is curvy in all the right places and fit at the same time, not too many women can pull off that body type.

16 Sports Illustrated Part Four: Look At That Body


Chrissy Teigen looks like she was created in a lab because she is just that perfect. She is slender but has some big knockers and womanly curvature all at the same time. Usually, you get to be voluptuous while having to watch your weight or be super skinny and be disappointed that you don't get to fill out and look sexy. Her black bikini is anything but basic for this Sports Illustrated shot. The tassles that hang from the bottom of her bikini and the turquoise chains that pull the look together substitute for the need to wear jewelry. The side braid and green smokey eye make her look sleek and exotic without overdoing it. Can we just rent her body for one day so we can have an opportunity for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot?

15 Sports Illustrated Part Five: Such A Perfect Day

Sports Illustrated

Chrissy Teigen just shines in bold colors that set the stage for the tropical theme of Sports Illustrated. Rather than a typical sexy bikini in this shot, she is wearing a cut out one piece that looks sporty yet feminine at the same time. Her skin is flawless and perfectly tan without it looking like one of those fake spray tans. Her complexion is probably naturally that tan anyways given the fact that she is half Thai. By the way she is posing, this is a flattering way to show off that banging body of hers. John Legend definitely knew what he was talking about when he wrote, "I love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections." Seriously John, where are Chrissy Teigen's imperfections? None that we can see thus far.

14 Sports Illustrated Part Six: An Exotic Beauty

Sports Illustrated

Here, Chrissy Teigen looks like the modern day Pocahontas in a long, sleek braid and bronzed skin. The olive tones in her skin shine radiantly with the drapey choker and peach tie-dye top. Sports Illustrated has mastered the art of toning it down without losing sex appeal. Rather than showing her off in a bikini this time around, she is wearing a crop top and a bikini bottom. Though there are many hair tutorials showing us how to do that side braid, we still can't get it quite as perfect as the one she has here. What makes Chrissy Teigen such a timeless model is that she knows how to rock any look and put her own spin on it. She never looks like the same person in every picture.

13 Sports Illustrated Part Seven: Those Eyes And The Way The Light Hits Them

Sports Illustrated

This is probably one of the many "best shots" that Chrissy Teigen has taken for Sports Illustrated. She looks like a pin-up Hula girl whose skin glows in the sunlight and the amber shades pop out in her eyes. That bedroom stare of hers is what probably did John Legend in for good and he probably decided to marry her as soon as he was seduced by it. The light pink printed bikini and matching fine-beaded necklace match the bronze tones of her skin beautifully. Her casual stand-up pose shows off her body for what it really is: slender, curvy and feminine. She might not have the ripped abs that we see some other celebrities flaunt, but the softness works for her and it caught the eye of Sports Illustrated.

12 The Bride That We All Want To Be

Her Beauty

Chrissy Teigen was probably one of the most beautiful modern-day brides to ever walk the earth. Her wedding to John Legend in 2013 was nothing short of magical and they set their sights on a Lake Como, Italy wedding at Villa Pizzo. America's favorite couple fell in love while on vacation in the area, so it felt like a natural fit for their nuptials. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend seem to have a love affair with Italy since that is the place that they most frequently vacation. The wedding guests including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West which makes sense since the women are both famous for being famous and the men are successful musicians. Speaking of which, we wonder if John Legend sang at his own wedding. That would be romantic and kind of sad at the same time.

11 The Pic That Sparked Instagram Backlash And Jealousy


Shortly after giving birth to Luna, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend decided to celebrate her first Mother's Day by doing what she does best...cooking. On May 8th, 2016 she posted a pic of herself on Instagram cooking with the caption: "Mother's Day Brunch - low and slow scrambled eggs, chicken and waffles and roasted bacon, oh my!" Many replies were in praise of her lovely kimono and questions asking about where she got it (you know, the typical shopping inquisition). Some replies were from fellow new mothers who did not appreciate her flaunting her perfect body even right after having given birth. One comment read: "way to make new moms feel bad about themselves." Okay, so maybe people are just jealous or maybe this one has a point. Not everyone can look like that just one month after giving birth.

10 Lady In The Street And A Freak In The Kitchen


Chrissy Teigen is breaking away from just being known as a "supermodel" or "John Legend's wife" and getting into her favorite hobby in the world to showcase her true talent: cooking. Since she published her first cookbook, Cravings (which has been a big hit for book sales), she is now working on her second cookbook full of delicious recipes that her and John Legend enjoy on a daily basis. At this rate, we would not be surprised if she was offered her own cooking show on Food Network or TLC. Maybe she just needs to gain some more momentum with these cookbooks and do a few more interviews on talk shows to get her name out there. We all know who Chrissy Teigen is but she has yet to solidly establish herself as a cook like Rachel Ray.

9 The Type Of Baby Mama Every Guy Wants


Chrissy Teigen stuns even when she rolls out of bed with not one shred of makeup covering her face. This Instagram picture that she posted for John Legend on Father's Day proves just that. While the "All of Me" singer was on tour, she decided to surprise her husband with a selfie of her naked with a cake. Chrissy shared a photo from her visit on Instagram, writing, "Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston :) gift level 10/10." Seriously, what straight man wouldn't want to wake up next to this? John Legend is one lucky man. Then again, she is also very lucky as well. After all, he did write an entire song about her that topped the charts, and not too many women can say that their hubby can do that for them.

8 With Baby Luna, And Now Pregnant Again

Little Things

Chrissy Teigen has proved herself to be relatable to all new moms out there from her candid talk about postpartum depression to her struggles to get pregnant in the first place. She told People that “You have your good and bad days. I just had a bad day a couple days ago,” she explains. “But the bad days do not outweigh the good days anymore. Just when you think it’s really, really bad, it’s going to get better. So hopefully, if you’re going through something tough you can find some peace in knowing that.” No matter the extent of someone's fame and fortune, that still doesn't make them impervious to certain psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety. Chrissy Teigen gives hope to many mothers struggling with postpartum depression.

7 Beachy Hair, Don't Care: Tyler Rose Swimwear Runway Show


Before her big 2012 Sports Illustrated debut, Chrissy Teigen was just like any other working model seeking her big break. Back then, she was known as Christine Teigen before changing it to a more cutesy "Chrissy" title. In this pic, she walked the runway during the Tyler Rose Swimwear fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim at the Raleigh on July 19, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida. It's hard to believe that this was literally eight years ago, but everyone has to start somewhere in their careers. Models are no exception. Her teased up beach hair and colorful combinations of bikinis she wore at the Tyler Rose Swimwear shows set the foundation for her tropical trademark she exudes in the majority of her photos. There is always something nostalgic about a throwback pic.

6 That Dress, Though. Dayum. Oh Yeah, And John Legend

US Weekly

This woman seriously needs to be awarded the Hottest Mom of the Year Award when she wore that showstopping gown to the 2016 Oscars. Chrissy Teigen wasn't afraid to flaunt her growing baby bump in the stunning red lace Marchesa gown. The best part about being a celebrity is that designers are lining up for the privilege to dress you for these types of red carpet events and you don't even have to pay a dime. The red lace Marchesa gown clung perfectly to her body and her adorable baby bump. She paired it nicely with a vibrant red clutch and a long the perfect sized studs. The prep work took quite a bit of time. Before to the show, Chrissy shared a snap which showcased her glam squad literally sewing her into the gown.

5 Our Spirit Animal For Maternity Wear


Chrissy Teigen has admitted to taking some valuable advice for maternity fashion from fellow new mom and bestie, Kim Kardashian. "She told me to go stretchy," the supermodel reveals in InStyle Australia. "I always wanted to be the person who showed off the bump because it looks beautiful and I think you should embrace it. Kim does that well and I love seeing that belly of hers and I know Kanye does too — we're lucky to be with men who find pregnancy sexy." No matter what she is wearing when pregnant, Chrissy knows how to pick the right outfits that flatter her figure no matter how far along she is. While many women drop to the point of giving up when it comes to fashion well into their pregnancies, she is definitely not one of them.

4 Everything Feels Better Through Lace

Daily Mail

Lace is feminine every woman who has ever worn it has felt sultry and sexy. Chrissy Teigen shows us how to rock lace without overdoing it with a green lace mock neck top by Femmes D’Armes and wide-legged black pants that covered her stomach. This was taken in the early trimester of her pregnancy while she dined with John Legend at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. This was one of those romantic nights where you just want to get a little dressed up for your hubby. Granted, they were probably harassed by paparazzi, but that just comes with the territory for being a high-status celebrity couple in the public eye. In any case, we just love this look on her and she is officially a fashion icon. The End.

3 Still Sensual Even When More Clothed Than Usual On The Beach

Elle Australia

So this one looks like another Sports Illustrated shot, but it's actually a spread from an editorial in Elle Australia for the January 2017 cover shoot. This was actually her first post-baby shoot after giving birth to daughter Luna. She is showing off her fit figure which we will aspire to have as a goal after having a baby. We are dying to know what she did in order to get back in shape. It's so funny we are used to seeing Chrissy Teigen on a beach since that was never her forte. She told Elle Australia in an interview: "I would much rather shoot completely naked than in a swimsuit, it’s just always been my thing. I’ve never been much of a beach girl. I grew up in Washington—it’s freezing in that ocean. So it’s out of my comfort zone."

2 Just For Her Cookbook, Cravings


Social media goes lightyears when it comes to launching people's careers nowadays. In fact, B-list celebrities and normal people can become household names by creating a massive Instagram (or Twitter, etc.) following and getting their followers to buy into whatever they are selling. In the case of Chrissy Teigen, she has gained millions of followers by posting pics of her collecting, cooking and posting all of her favorite recipes on Instagram. She does have some amazing recipes and she is definitely hitting a nerve with pregnant women by giving her book the title Cravings. From John Legend's fried chicken wings to her mother's homecooked Thai classics, this woman can simply do no wrong. Not only is Chrissy Teigen a hotter version of Rachel Ray, but she is a marketing genius to boot.

1 The Famous Unexpected Shot That Went Viral


Chrissy Teigen is not one to hide her emotions behind a stoic face. Given the fact that she has such an expressive personality, it is no surprise that she was caught grimacing on camera at the 2016 Oscars. It happened in reaction to the Stacey Dash's bizarre appearance at the awards ceremony. In an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, she explained the story: "Our whole area was still talking about it well into the Sarah Silverman segment because we were just so floored by the silence," Teigen said of Dash's "Happy Black History Month" cameo. "And it was so funny to see Chris [Rock] and Kevin [Hart] both look at each other like, 'Oh man, that was weird.' It was so funny to us." Keep on grimacing, Chrissy. We are not complaining.

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