22 Recent Photos Of Jenna Dewan Since Her Split From Channing Tatum

One of the most surprising splits in Hollywood was that of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. It really speaks to their ability to act because no one saw it coming. It also speaks to the fact that we never know what is going on behind closed doors and that what we see on social media isn’t always real.

When they announced their split, we wondered, like with most Hollywood couples, whether they would get back together. That’s clearly not the case for these two and they have taken steps to move on with other people.

Jenna Dewan has certainly moved on. Gone are the days when a girl mopes around eating ice cream and not washing her hair because Jenna has never looked better! She is stunning, fit and still rising to the top of her career. Getting a divorce just doesn’t seem to faze her and she appears to be doing just fine. She is now co-parenting with Channing as they raise their little girl together.

Check out these 22 recent photos of Jenna Dewan since her split from Channing Tatum.

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22 She’s Adjusting To Her New Normal

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Now that she’s divorced, Jenna has to adjust to a new life that doesn’t include Channing Tatum, at least not in the way that it used to. She had an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in which she explained how she is doing fine and adjusting to her “new normal.” She stated how she and Channing are working together as best they can.

“We’re just getting used to it,” she shared. “We’re in a very positive energy together, trying to be the best parents to Everly. We support each other.”

It can’t always be easy, especially since divorced couples don’t always get along as well as they would like.

21 Being A Co-Parent With A Committed Dad

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Channing Tatum certainly is one of those dads who wants to be a large part of his child’s life and that’s why he requested to have equal visitation. He’s been working hard to spend a lot of time with his daughter since the split. Before any type of court proceedings, their daughter, Everly, was just going back and forth between her parents without any type of schedule in place.

Channing made sure this year to go before a judge and request an official custody schedule to be put in place. He received an order to see his daughter on Mondays and Tuesday while Jenna gets her on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

20 Forging Her Own Path

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This is one couple that has remained mum on the subject of why they broke up in the first place. Even though enquiring minds want to know, they won’t tell us. There have been rumors that it was Jenna who wanted out and she broke Channing’s heart. But no one really knows.

A source close to the couple told E! News, "They had been trying for a long time to see if they could make it work. It became clear over the last year that they wanted different things and were no longer on the same path."

19 She Couldn’t Be Better

via Just Jared

Divorce looks good on Jenna because we have to admit that she has never looked better. It doesn't seem like the divorce was too surprising or heartbreaking for her, and maybe that is because it was her idea.

“This year has just been a really incredible year in a lot of ways. A lot of change, but you go with it and you make the best with what you can,” Dewan told People. “I’m really great and doing wonderful and I thank everyone for their love always.”

She is moving forward with a positive outlook and that’s the best thing that anyone could do after a split.

18 They Are Starting To Move On With Other People

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Channing Tatum was probably the first to move on with Jenna look-alike Jessie J, who he’s been dating for a while now. He wasn’t the only one who moved on, though. Jenna is now seeing Broadway star, Steve Kazee.

They were first spotted together at a Halloween party last year and it was pretty clear that they were together. “He’s super handsome,” an onlooker told Us. “She was introducing him to people in the group. They were dancing all night.”

It looks like she found someone who is interested in the same things that she is and they definitely make a cute couple.

17 She’s Admitted To Being An Untidy Mom

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Jenna has admitted that she’s just like us when it comes to juggling a career with being a parent. It’s not an easy task. Sometimes you end up looking untidy and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

“I’m a total [shambles],” Dewan admitted to Harper’s Bazaar. “I’ve never once woken up early with enough time to get ready before I get my daughter to school … My hair’s always wet, I’m always changing clothes. I mean, it’s always a little haphazard in my life.”

Anyone who is a mother can probably relate to those kinds of mornings!

16 It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

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Jenna has always been very candid about the fact that her life is moving along but it’s also not smooth sailing all the time.

“I feel I’ve been on a wave of growth,” she told Women’s Health. “It does look different; it’s a new normal, and I really think we’ll get used to that.”

It can’t be easy for anyone to have to go through a divorce in the public eye. “It’s always challenging to go through a big change and have the whole world have an opinion about it,” she added.

15 Spending Time With The People That She Loves

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Part of healing after a divorce is spending time with friends and family. Having a support system during that time is so important. Being a mother means that you are always on the go and without a support system, it can drain you.

“There are lots of days [when] l am really tired, especially after becoming a new mom. There's nothing more exhausting because physically, mentally, emotionally, it requires you to be on all the time,” Jenna has said, as Brainy Quote reports.

That's why it’s so important to surround yourself with people that you love so that you can get through it.

14 Channing Tatum Is Making Necessary Arrangements For Work

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When Channing Tatum asked for joint custody he had to make sure that he was available when his daughter needed him. That can be a challenging task when you are an actor who has to travel for work. But Channing is willing to do whatever it takes. Tatum has stated, “I am committed to spending my custodial periods with Everly.”

This arrangement must make things easier for Jenna as she's able to co-parent.

There are times when Channing will have to travel with his daughter. He asked the judge if Everly is allowed to travel with at least one parent. Basically, if they want to take their daughter somewhere internationally, they need to receive permission from the other parent.

13 She’s Working With A Non-Profit In Peru

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Part of Jenna's journey after her divorce is to do things that fill her with joy and happiness. She has been working with a non-profit in Peru for a couple of years now and it’s changed the way that she thinks. She described how change happened to her to Harper's Bazaar,  saying,

“[All right,] let’s make your life the best version of your life that it can be. Let’s think broader. Let’s think bigger. I expanded, I grew up, I matured. I’m a very ambitious, passionate person. And when an idea comes in, and once you see the light, it’s really hard to un-see the light.”

12 She Says Her Evolution Had Nothing To Do With Her Marriage Ending

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Many people might assume that all these changes in her mindset and lifestyle may have been the catalyst to her marriage ending, but Jenna says that’s not the case at all. Sure, she wanted to find a bigger sense of purpose but ending her marriage wasn’t part of that thought process.

“The moves I’m making are completely not related to my marriage or separation, interestingly enough,” she shared with Harper’s Bazaar. “I was always very happy being a wife.”

Some things just aren’t meant to be and you can’t force it. Jenna just wants what’s best for herself and her daughter.

11 She’s Learning To Love Herself

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Going through a divorce can be a huge setback. What was once something magical has completely fallen apart. That can have you thinking all sorts of things about yourself. Jenna is learning to love herself and that’s important in the healing process.

“You have to be fulfilled in order for everyone else to be fulfilled. I'm a way happier, more pleasant person to be around when I take time for myself,” she told Women's Health.

That’s usually the case for anyone. You can’t be a good mother or a good wife if you are drained and stressed out all the time.

10 Being In Vegas Is Different As A Mom

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Before you have kids traveling is very different, especially if you are going to Vegas. Jenna learned pretty quickly that going to Vegas means something different when you are a mom.

“I have [had] a lot of experiences in Vegas. They used to be way more fast and furious, and now I’m a mom. It’s a little different,” she told People. “Now I come to Vegas to find out what shows to show my daughter, rather than staying up all night partying.”

Vegas can be exciting for a child because of all the lights and pizazz but it’s definitely more of an adult playground.

9 Her Daughter Is Just As Entertaining As She Is

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By the sounds of it, Everly is growing up to be quite the entertainer, just like her mom. Jenna told People, “She’s always into something. She’s very distractible, but she does have her first dance recital coming up and I’m probably a little too excited, like I’m trying to contain my own excitement. She’s just excited about the costume.”

Her mother is a successful dancer and it’s likely that Everly will follow in her mom’s footsteps if she is already into dancing and entertaining at such a young age.

8 She’s Learned To Trust The Path That She’s On

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How stunning is this photo of Jenna and it’s almost saying to Channing, “Eat your heart out!” It must be hard to let go of such a beautiful woman.

Since she was younger, Jenna has always been striving for more and she has had to learn to trust her choices and be comfortable on whatever path she happens to be on.

“In high school, I was always thinking, 'Should I be doing more? What else should I be doing?' Now I know it will all come to me. I just have to trust my path, so that's very different,” she said, as found on Brainy Quote.

7 Being Perfect Is Hard For Anyone

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Women usually have a really bad habit of being too hard on themselves. We think that we have to be the perfect mothers, wives, daughters, and more. The moment when we can accept that perfect is impossible, the better off we are. Jenna told USA Today,

“I realized that if you try to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect actress, you start to feel [stressed]. You shut down. I got that really fast... I was running back and forth from breastfeeding to filming a scene, overextending myself on every level. I realized I have to make priorities, and my family is number one no matter what.”

6 Their Daughter Has Adjusted To The Split

via Life & Style

Kids are resilient and regardless of how much we worry about the effect divorce will have on them, they typically bounce back pretty quickly. What’s more important is that Everly is getting as much love as possible from both of her parents.

Both of them are doing what they can to make sure that Everly’s routines aren't changed. "They will be doing all kinds of family things together," a source told E! News. "They want to keep her routine the same and will be going to the farmer's market on the weekends and hanging out with friends. Nothing is going to change in her life and she has two parents who will be very involved in everything she does."

5 She Has No Problem Being On Her Own Again

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Jenna is now trying new things as she makes her way along her “new normal” path. “Those feelings started bubbling up for me, naturally … so I really wanted to expand my life, and myself,” the actress told Harper’s Bazaar. “And that was my journey, no one else’s.”

The interviewer asked what it was like to be on her own again and Jenna responded that it felt good. “I feel a sense of joy and freedom and excitement, truly, about a new chapter in my life,” Dewan shared. “And I have no attachments to how that’s going to look, or what that’s going to be. I feel really open, and I feel hopeful.”

4 She Gets Tired Just Like Anyone Else

via HawtCelebs

It can feel daunting just thinking about what it must be like for Jenna to juggle her busy career and life as a mother. We think that celebrity women must be like superheroes but the truth is, they are just as tired as we imagine them to be! As Jenna said around the time her daughter was born, via Brainy Quote,

“In real life, being a new mom, I would like to be able to sleep. I'd like to snap my fingers and be asleep because I'm a little sleep-deprived, at the moment.”

Wouldn’t that be amazing? We could all use that little sleeping trick!

3 She Doesn’t Put Pressure On Her Little One

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It would be easy to assume that since Jenna is a world-famous dancer, she would want her daughter to follow in her footsteps. The child is already doing dance recitals, but Jenna states that she’s not interested in being a “dance mom.”

She has no interest in putting pressure on her daughter. “I didn’t have a crazy dance mom, so it’s not hard for me to not be a crazy dance mom,” she told People. “It is hard for me to control my excitement when I take her to dance class because everyone wants to talk to me and I just want to zone everyone out and watch her. It’s so cute.”

2 She’s More Than Just A Mother

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Celebrities love to prove to the world that you can be a strong, fit and gorgeous woman all while being a mom at the same time. Jenna Dewan is certainly proof of that, but she received a ton of criticism when she posed sans clothing for the cover of Women’s Health.

“Apparently, when you become a mother, you’re supposed to leave your [womanhood] at the door, and I never understood that,” she explained to Elle. “I think there’s nothing [more attractive] than becoming a mother. You give life. It’s everything. And you don’t change who you are inside just because you have a kid.”

1 She Is Fit And She Likes It That Way

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It’s really important for Jenna's career that she stays fit, so it’s not surprising that she spends a lot of time working out. But exercise also makes her feel good.

“I really like to feel strong, and I like to feel... muscular,” she told Elle. “In the gym, I add more weight rather than increasing reps because I want to build muscle, so I can pick up my daughter. Before, it used to be like, 'I wanna get long, lean muscles.' Now, I’m just like, ‘I wanna feel strong and good.”’

She definitely looks fantastic and is an inspiration to all mothers out there.

Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, E! News, Us, Women’s Health, People, Elle

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