22 Best Pics Of Celebs In Crop Tops

For the past year or so, the '90s trend has resurfaced and girls with abs and flat stomachs everywhere are rejoicing over crop tops. There is no better way to show off how skinny and in shape you are better than wearing one of these. Crop tops are one of those trends that fluctuate in and out of fashion. Even when they are out, you can count on them coming back. Bare midriffs and showing a little skin is having its moment and parents with teenagers are either nervous or reminisce about the times they had to bodies to pull it off. When paired with high-waisted bottoms, crops tops that are fitted, have ruffles or corsets have a distinct '90s feel. Guys love girls in crop tops because they are subtlety sultry without overdoing it.

Though crop tops are definitely not for everyone, remember that the trend has come a long way since its inception in the Spice Girls days. Since crop tops resurfaced starting on the spring 2013 runways, they don't expose your entire stomach, just a peek of it. Crops tops started as a hot schoolgirl look but it has now evolved into a more sleek, mature and comfortable style. Again, it's always important to pair crops tops with a high-waisted skirt, shorts or skinny jeans in order to give it a more ladylike look. Here are 22 celebrities that showcase a vast majority of ways to wear crop tops.

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22 Daisy Ridley - Star Wars Actress Sparkles in Multicolored Lights with a Sequin Crop Top


Daisy Ridley is the breakout star of the new Star Wars series. Though many nerds out there in the world have a thing or two to say about how it doesn't equate to the old-school Star Wars films, we doubt that this girl gives a damn. Here, we see her rocking the long sleeve sequin crop top for the December 2015 Asos campaign. There is just something about the holiday season that makes every girl want to sparkle. Daisy Ridley and co-star John Boyega were the faces of the Asos magazine cover making teenagers and fans of Star Wars everywhere rush to the mall to copy their style. Every girl should own something sequined for New Year's Eve or for some other big occasion. Rather than going for the conventional dress, why not make it a crop top instead?

21 Gal Gadot - Wonderwoman Channels Old School Calvin Klein with a Marled Grey Long-Sleeve Crop Top


Gal Gadot was one of the breakout stars of 2017 blowing us all away as Wonderwoman. Feminists around the world rejoiced and women came to her endearment because it is rare to see a female lead in a superhero movie. On top of that, she has served in the Israeli army and is married with two children. Talk about a grown woman rather than a youngin breaking into Hollywood (as if that would be any news). She looks her most beautiful when she isn't overdone with makeup or any flamboyant outfits. This pic is a case in point. Her grey marled long sleeve crop top paired with high waisted destroyed jean shorts. With a plain white background and minimal makeup, she glows with radiance without having to even try that hard. We can only hope Gal Gadot keep kicking a$$ and taking names.

20 Emma Watson - Looks Elegant and Sultry with a Black Lace Crop Top

Glam Radar

Why do we love Emma Watson? Let us count the ways as to why she is everyone's crush. She is our girl crush and your boyfriend's crush all at the same time. She always rocks the latest trends while putting her own classy British spin on it. Unlike say, Kate Middleton who has to adhere to royal standards of conservative fashion, Emma Watson can rock the edgy styles while maintaining that dignified feminity. Ever since she was Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter, she was able to assert her own identity not only in that role but in her career as an actress. It is safe to say that she has been the most successful post-Harry Potter out of all the cast. Here, she rocks a sultry black lace crop top with a quirky one-earring set. Of course, only Emma Watson could pull that off.

19 Katy Perry - Ready for Coachella in a Tropical Print Bustier Crop Top

The Urban Socialite

Katy Perry has become famous for her bubbly persona and her fashion is quirky and colorful. The tropical print crop top that she is rocking for Coachella is certainly no exception. She is one of the few that can take something that is over the top and make it look chic in her own right. While others might wind up on the Worst Dressed Lists, Katy Perry takes colorful and "out there" to a new level. Though one time, she ruffled some feathers by dressing up as a geisha...she still looked fly AF no matter what anyone thought. Here she matches that sexy bustier crop top with vibrant colors with a matching A-line skirt with V for Vendetta-esque faces on it. Once again, we must stress that you try this look at your own risk.

18 Priyanka Chopra - Bollywood Beauty Looking Like a Vixen in a Caged Crop Top


Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood star whose fame has been gaining momentum in the United States. Like her predecessor Aishwarya Rai, she kickstarted her career by winning Miss World in 2000 and later went on to star in multiple Bollywood movies in India. In her role as Alex Parish in ABC's Quantico, she plays a young government agent going through training to become a special agent. More recently, she starred alongside Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch. Priyanka Chopra adds an elegant spin on the crop top with a black satin blazer and matching high waisted pants. The caged white crop top shows off her hourglass figure and toned body. One thing is for certain: you need to be in shape in order to rock a crop top.

17 Candice Swanepoel - Giving a New Definition to Biker Chic in a T-Shirt Crop Top with a Plaid Button Down


Seriously though, is there ever a time when a Victoria's Secret angel doesn't get it right? Candice Swanepoel gives a new definition to the crop top with her own grudge spin on it. Plaid can be a big hit or miss depending on how you wear it. Here, she has a T-shirt that wasn't really a crop top before but was turned into a crop top after someone cutting it down to a crop top. The inkblot stains on it give it a thrown-together, yet not dirty vibe to it. To top it off (or bottom it out), Candice has a black acid wash, destroyed jean shorts to tie the look all together as a sexy Sons of Anarchy biker babe who just hopped off the back of Jax Teller's Harley Davidson.

16 Gigi Hadid - Hippie Girl at Coachella in a Black Crochet Crop Top and Ruffled Suede Vest


There are many different times and places where one can don a crop top. Coachella is the Mecca for girls wearing crop tops and celebrity spottings at Coachella inspire fashionistas everywhere to study and observe. Gigi Hadid is not only the it girl of the moment, but a shining example of '70s fashion in this photo. The crochet black crop top matched with the fringe vest gives a laid-back flower child vibe. In order to pull it all together, the hip chains, layered choker necklace and forehead crown all coordinate together in a perfect melody of coolness. In other words, if Gigi is wearing it, then you can rest assured that girls will steal that style. Vintage fashion is having its moment and Coachella is the venue to embrace it.

15 Alessandra Ambrosio - Sporty Meets Feminine in a Floral Crop Top

Fashion Gone Rogue

Alessandra Ambrosio has a killer body and with that great power comes great responsibility. That responsibility would be to show the rest of the world how to rock a crop top, that is. As it turns out, you can wear a crop top and a swimsuit bottom and have that substituted as a bikini. Mixing a bold printed floral crop top with fitted, white boyshorts with a black border sets a trend on its own. The colors of the bold yellow and orange in the crop top is mellowed down with the solid black and white of the shorts. Since there is already black and white in the crop top as well, this outfit fits perfectly together. Her washboard abs are to kill for. If this does not inspire you to hit the gym and do some crunches, than nothing will.

14 Kylie Jenner - Back to Basics in a Fitted White Crop Top

Elite Daily

Though Kylie Jenner's speculated pregnancy is all over the news, we will all remember a time where her body was banging before a fetus had to go and mess it up. At least she will have a team of personal trainers and cooks to get her body back in shape the way it was before. In this prime example of a crop top, Kylie Jenner flaunts her curves and voluptuous body in the same exact way big sis Kim Kardashian does in a spaghetti strap white crop top with plenty of cleavage to boot. This is clearly a selfie and she probably played around with the light before taking the snapshot of herself to put on Instagram. Though she has had some plastic surgery on her face, she pulls it off a little too well making us all wonder if that is a good option for us.

13 Emily Ratajkowski - Stuns Walking Down the Street in a Ruffled Red Crop Top


Emily Ratajkowski has been one of those celebrities who has made herself famous simply for being famous. Sure, she has had a few small acting gigs like in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video and as Ben Affleck's mistress in Gone Girl, but her roles haven't ventured outside simply just being a hot chick. Her Instagram has millions of followers and people are just obsessed with her because of her knockout body and face to kill for. In this pic, she literally looks like a living walking version of the red dress emoji lady and she knows it. Her vibrant red off-the-shoulder crop top and flowing skirt could just stop traffic. Red is definitely a color that makes her pop and flatters her complexion. Of course, so off-the-shoulder type of outfit is complete without a choker.

12 Kendall Jenner - Who Wore It Better (Her or Kylie)? Also Rocking a Fitted White Crop Top


Kendall Jenner has established her identity amongst her sisters as the polished and glam fashion model. While the other Kardashian sisters have those curves, she has a svelte build where she probably eats whatever she wants and never gains a pound. Her super thin frame can pretty much pull off any outfit no matter how weird it is. Just like the previous picture of her little sister, Kendall is rocking a fitted white crop top that accentuates her body and shows off her abs. It is clear in this picture that she has a completely different build than Kylie and took after her dad (or new mom?) Caitlyn Jenner's Olympian body with long skinny legs and a fit little frame. It is clear that she got the lion's share when it came to the Kardashian gene pool.

11 Bella Hadid - The Powder Blue Brings Out Chic Simplicity in a Ribbed Long Sleeve Crop Top

Daily Mail

Many younger celebrities have embraced the #FreeTheNipple movement which involves women not wearing bras. Unlike popular belief, this is nothing new because it is reminiscent of the bra-burning movement in the '70s. In any case, Bella Hadid is using a long sleeved ribbed crop top to say make a statement that she just doesn't need a bra. Depending on your body shape, you might be able to get away with not wearing a bra with a crop top. Bella Hadid glows no matter how casual she dresses and this is no exception. She is mastering the art of "I don't really care" with minimal makeup, a short blunt haircut solid colors and of course, high-waisted jeans. Crop tops and high-waisted jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly.

10 Emilia Clarke - Edgy Yet Feminine with a High-Waisted Leather Pencil Skirt and Ribbed Long Sleeve Black Crop Top


We are so used to seeing Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones that we forget that A) she is a natural brunette and B) she doesn't usually dress in medieval attire. This is why we love her even more. Here, she is looking sleek, sultry and sexy AF in all black and a fitted, high-waisted leather skirt. Her long sleeve black crop top hugs her curves and accentuates her petite yet womanly body. There is just something about an actress who plays a boss in her leading role and then looking like a boss in her own right on the red carpet. Emilia Clarke has always been someone who keeps it simple yet stunning when it comes to her fashion choices. A barely-there choker with some gleam adds even more to the mystique.

9 Alessandra Ambrosio - Ultimately Trendy In a Tank Crop Top, High Waist Jean Shorts and Body Jewelry


Alessandra Ambrosio looks comfortable and trendy (two words that we don't see in the same sentence too often). This Brazilian beauty never looks like she is trying too hard whenever she is snapped by the paparazzi. Sure, on the runway she glows and look like a glamazon but walking down the street, she looks casual yet chic at the same time. Her loose-fitting white tank crop top shows off her toned abs and the fine-chained body jewelry gives a beautiful embellishment to make her shine. Just like many of the other ladies on this list, she is sporting some high-waisted destroyed denim shorts which she pulls of perfectly with her long, toned legs. If this pic isn't enough to make you want to hit the gym, than nothing will motivate you.

8 Hailey Baldwin - Apparently a Crop Top Doubles as a Swim Cover Up


Hailey Baldwin is one of those lucky girls who is really only famous for having rich and famous parents. So there really is no real surprise as to why she is besties with Kendall Jenner. In any case, she makes for a good specimen of modeling a crop top for us. There is just something about a girl looking good on Instagram that makes the rest of us feel like we could look just as good as her, even if those thoughts are purely delusional. In any case, rather than opting for a sarong or a boring beach cover-up, why not put on a fishnet crop top for some cover-up action? If Hailey Baldwin can pull it off, then why can't you? Seriously though, she is a trendsetter here.

7 Emily Ratajkowski - Shows Off That Perfect Body in a Coral Crop Top with Tropical Print Palazzo Pants


Emily Ratajkowski is at it again with that insane body and flawless skin to match. Look, she even has a line going down her stomach to flaunt just how naturally toned she is. *Sigh* In a sea of high-waisted denim to match crop tops, she is killing it with floral print palazzo pants. What is great about the palazzo pants trend is that if you live in a hot climate (especially during the summer), they are lightweight and colorful so that you can stay cool and keep your legs covered. Sometimes, we just get sick of the high-waisted shorts hiking up our butts and exposing our (other) cheeks for all the world to see. If you are already wearing something revealing on top, keeping your bottom half covered provides some balance. Thanks to Miss Emily Ratajkowski for being a shining example.

6 Bella Hadid - Athleisure At Its Finest in a Nude Crop Top and Matching Leggings


Crop tops and athleisure go hand in hand because when you are in the context where it is at least implied that you might be working out (even if you are not), then skin tight clothing is acceptable. Bella Hadid looks like she is going to a gym that has a dress code because her perfectly matching nude crop top and leggings look fly AF. The only thing that makes this outfit even sassier is her layered gold chains. For all we know, Bella Hadid is probably just out and about going shopping at some downtown LA boutique that we will never be able to afford. After all, you have to be dressed to kill even if you are just doing everyday routine things if you are a supermodel.

5 Chrissy Teigen - Exotic Chic in a Floral Crop Top and Matching High Waist Pencil Skirt


Twitter's favorite funny girl Chrissy Teigen never fails to stun and impress the $h!t out of us with her impressive fashion choices that hug every curve of her body. This style is very similar to the one Katy Perry was wearing above with the bustier crop top and matching skirt in tropical print. These colors are deeper and gem rather than bright and vibrant like Katy Perry's. In any case, this is a gorgeous outfit that flatters her skin tone and brings life to the event that she is hosting (or guest starring in...hell if we know). Her balayage hair and beachy waves give a laid-back vibe all the while looking put together with a crop top that flatters her figure. This is why Chrissy Teigen should be every girl's fashion spirit animal.

4 Hailey Baldwin - Woke Up Like This in a Guess Black Crop Top


Hailey Baldwin masters the "white trash" chic (without literally being white trash...at least we hope). She rocks this Guess crop top with some tousled bedroom hair, unbuttoned denim shorts and Converse sneakers. It is almost as if she is saying "I just woke up and don't care enough to dress myself completely because I'm going to be spending the entire day at the beach laying around anyways." The fact that she Hailey Baldwin is taking this selfie with Instagram film and a vending machine in the background remind us of that old Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial from the '90s. In fact, it seems that many of these new generation Hollywood youngins are sporting '90s styles. That is probably because it holds some sentimental value because that is at the same time they were born. Just a wild guess.

3 Miranda Kerr - On Point in a Tribal Print Crop Top and Matching Pencil Skirt

Your Next Shoes

Miranda Kerr always finds herself on the best-dressed lists for good reason. She knows how to play around with different textures without overdoing it. Her wardrobe is remarkable because she always looks chic AF whether she has just got off a 10-hour flight and is walking through the airport or if she is stepping onto the red carpet. She always glows with radiance because she stays true to herself, especially when it comes to her outfit choices. Here, she pairs a navy blue tribal print crop top with a flowing, cream-colored maxi skirt. What makes Miranda Kerr so crafty and clever when it comes to this particular outfit is that she matched her lipstick with her red heels to pull the whole thing altogether. She keeps it simple but still adds a pop of color.

2 Jessica Alba - Sports Meets Skater Girl in a Jersey Crop Top


Believe it or not, this is actually a throwback pic of Jessica Alba in the early 00's. That's right, she was hot back in the early 00's and she is still hot now. Crop tops were a thing back then and now they are making a comeback. Who knows what the next trend will resurface again in the near future. Maybe it will be bell bottoms, or maybe it will be body glitter. We simply will never know. Jessica Alba is actually wearing some low-rise jeans rather than the high-waist jeans that every girl who is in decent shape has in her closet. This was probably plastered all over the walls of teenage boys when it first came out because Jessica Alba was your high school boyfriend's crush ever since they laid eyes on her in Dark Angel. Now that she is a mother of three in her 30's, she still looks smokin.

1 Chrissy Teigen - Only She Could Rock a Leather Crop Top Postpartum

Daily Mail

Judging by the slight (and we can't emphasize more on "slight") imperfectly toned stomach in this photo, this was probably taken around the same time right after Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her baby daughter, Luna. That should send off a positive message to women to embrace their bodies rather than being ashamed of them. Perfectly flat stomach or not, Chrissy Teigen still looks hot with a black crop top with leather lining around the back. It is like mullet crop top where its longer in the back and cropped in the front. This is a more elegant and conservative take on the crop top where you are showing off your stomach but still managing to keep your back covered. Chrissy Teigen can simply do no wrong no matter what she chooses to wear.

Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk, Daily Mail, Glamour, InStyle

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