21 Women Share What Their Definition Of A Soulmate Is, According To Reddit

Raise your hand if you have ever dreamt of finding your “soulmate”, getting married, and living happily ever after. You know that picture perfect fairy-tale where you find “the one” and you are inseparable because you just get each other! Soulmate means something different to every single one of us. It could be someone to laugh with, someone to go on adventures with, or someone to just sit and watch movies with. Maybe they feel just like home or maybe they challenge you with new and different ideas. All you know is that you just want to spend the rest of your life with them. If you have found your soulmate, good for you! Tell us your secret! If you haven’t, don’t lose hope because they are out there for you! They might show up when you are least expecting it. It could be that cute guy you glance at in class or the super sweet girl you always see in line for coffee. Reddit is a place to talk about literally everything, so why not talk about love? There is such a wide range of definitions for the simple word “soulmate”, but we narrowed it down to 21, brought to you by the wonderful women on Reddit!

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21 Unconditional Love And Growing Together

One Reddit user, Escapisst, had a very simple, but absolutely perfect definition of a soulmate. Three things, let’s call it the trifecta, that makes a great lifelong partner.

She writes that “someone who gives you unconditional love, someone that helps you grow, and someone who helps you become a better person” is what she expects in a soulmate.

This is so true! You definitely want someone that loves you no matter what. A person that helps you grow and helps you become a better person, instead of inhibiting you, is exactly what everyone deserves in a soulmate. We’ll be looking for this trifecta with everyone we meet.

20 Everything Is New And Interesting


Another Reddit user, lolalaslam, has a very interesting view on the topic of soulmates. Her soulmate is the opposite of “home.” He brings an interesting perspective to everything and challenges the way she thinks.

She felt like she saw things in black and white, while “he had ideas and ways of thinking that were neon.”

How beautiful is that?! She claims she had an immediate, intense curiosity and was amazed by him. It is very important to challenge each other in good ways. Great conversation and the ability to see the other person’s point of view are very important in a relationship.

19 That Unspoken Connection


The crazy thing about true soulmates is that weird way of communicating or knowing something about them without even speaking. Whether it’s knowing when something is wrong or knowing exactly what they’re about to say, you just know and you have that connection. Another Reddit user, Tbjkbe, has an awesome definition for her soulmate. They met in high school, have been married for 26 years and she can

“still tell if he enters a room before she even sees him.”

Weird, but absolutely amazing! You are so drawn to and spiritually connected to your soulmate that some things don’t even require words.

18 Be Friends First

You’ve definitely heard a lot of people say their spouse or soulmate is their “best friend”. That is probably the most common answer when people are asked about “the one” in their life. Reddit user, Hunterxhunter_1, “friendzone” her soulmate before she even knew she liked him.

They started out as friends and they were so close she felt comfortable “letting out all her problems onto him.”

It wasn’t until he started seeing someone else that she realized he was the one! It is a great idea to be friends first because you get to know each other and build that friendship before anything else.

17 You Just Feel Comfortable

Think of that best friend you have that you’ve just always felt 100% comfortable with. Finding that feeling in a significant other and life partner is exactly like hitting the jackpot! When this Reddit user, placebenz, first met her soulmate, she

“felt more comfortable than she ever had in her life” and they talked literally all night!

What an awesome feeling! It’s okay to not feel that right away, some butterflies and awkwardness is okay. Once you meet “the one” and get to know each other more and more, you’ll feel a sense of comfort you’ve never known. And we’ll be super jealous.

16 Knows When To Give You Your Space

A common misconception in the relationship world is that you and your soulmate need to be inseparable. This is so not true! You might want to spend all your time together, but it is important to have your own life and to have time to yourself. Reddit user, Onyxena, explains that what she loved about her soulmate right off the bat is that he

“sensed when she needed her space and it wasn’t even an issue.”

Sometimes we just need our space and that’s okay! A partner who knows when to back off is a partner who is extremely understanding and compassionate towards your needs.

15 You Can't Stop Smiling


Another Reddit user, Chulaire, has a fun definition hopefully everyone can relate to. When you find that person you just cannot stop talking to, it is an amazing feeling. No matter what time of day it is, you just want to talk to them. Why do you want to talk to them all day? Simple, because they make you smile!

Every time she sees her soulmate, she writes, her “cheeks would hurt from smiling so much.”

Super adorable! Having a sense of humor that vibes well with yours is incredibly important. It can make for a very happy relationship. A person that can make you smile is a definitely keeper!

14 They're Your Matching Puzzle Piece


Nothing is better than finding that perfect matching piece when you are doing a puzzle. Imagine feeling that when you meet someone! Reddit user, meowmix0205, writes that when she met her soulmate she

“felt the universe click like when you put two puzzle pieces together.”

She further explains that he is not her half, but that she is a whole person and he is a “complementary puzzle piece.” Awesome, right?! It is essential to remain your own person, with your own hobbies and such, while still having that person who goes with you so well. Balance and a little independence go a long way in a relationship.

13 You Have A Lot In Common

They say opposites attract, which can be totally true! But a good relationship can also be built on having a lot in common. This means you just get each other! Reddit user, DeeLite04, very simply writes that her and her soulmate

“have a lot in common especially in how we think and things that have happened to each other in our lives.”

Having someone who knows and relates to your thought processes and what you’ve been through is incredibly important! This leads to better communication and allows you to be there for each other in the right ways when you need to be.

12 You Want To Share Everything With Them


Do you have that person you think of when something good happens? Without missing a beat, your first thought is “hey I need to tell so-and-so.” Another Reddit user, blueberrymohn, says that whenever she

“sees something beautiful, experiences something funny or comes across something great” she wants to share it with her soulmate “because it makes it even better.”

She knows he’s the one because of the fact they can talk about their feelings, whether they are good or bad. Being able to communicate about the boring or exciting parts of your everyday life is essential to a good relationship.

11 They Make You A Better Person

We touched on this earlier, but this one is so very important! Find someone who makes you a better person! Someone who lifts you up instead of bringing you down. Someone who brings out the best aspects of you and your personality, not the worst. Reddit user, berriesinblack, writes that

“you are in love when that person makes you a better person and when they bring out the best in you.”

She also states that “a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.” What a simple, beautiful, and perfect definition of a soulmate.

10 They Support Your Dreams

Shout out to all the ladies with big dreams! And a big shout out to the men who love that about them! Whether it is furthering your education, going up for that big promotion, or any big life change, your significant other should be there for you. Another Reddit user, finecupofcoffee, has found her soulmate and writes that

“he supports her education and career development and never makes her feel bad for wanting to progress.”

Being there for each other when it comes to making big moves in life and following your respective dreams makes for an awesome, indestructible relationship.

9 You Love Learning About Each Other

Have you ever met someone and you just want to know more? You are totally fascinated by them and they are totally fascinated by you. Reddit user, FarashaSilver, very simply says her and her soulmate “just kinda...clicked”.

She also “felt more comfortable in her own skin because he was just endlessly fascinated with her.”

Always wanting to know more about your significant other is a sign of a relationship that won’t get old. Anything that person tells you about themselves is something you want to know and that’s great! Find someone that thinks you’re the most fascinating person on the planet!

8 They Provide Stability

We all know what it’s like to have a little instability in life. We all get through it, but you do not want your instability coming from the person you’re dating. Another Reddit user, tonicCONgin, knows what it is like to date someone on both sides of the stability spectrum. An old boyfriend was very unstable and her current boyfriend is

“confident in his feelings and secure with our relationship.”

It is okay to work through some instability because it can make you stronger. On the other hand, you want to end up feeling solid in your relationship before you call them you’re a soulmate.

7 You Do Something Every Day To Make Each Other Happy


Here’s a challenge for you. Think of something that will make someone you care about super happy. And do it! Sometimes relationships are really that simple. Reddit user Meltez4lyfe writes that her and her husband

“do things every day to make each other happy.” She calls it “outdoing their love.”

Aaaawww! It could be as small as leaving a little note in the morning before work or picking up their favorite takeout on your way home. It might seem like a simple concept, but if you know something will put a smile on your loved one’s face, why not do it?! Like now!

6 You Know You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Them

This might seem like an easy one, but it’s actually very important. If you think you’ve found “the one”, take a minute to imagine being with them literally every single day for the rest of your life. That’s a lot of time! If you couldn’t be more excited for that time, you’ve found the one! Reddit user, MuppetManiac, very beautifully states that

“when imagining a future, he was always in it” and “the idea of a future without him made me very unhappy.”

That is what you should look for in a relationship! It should be someone you can stand forever with!

5 You Can Agree To Disagree

How you argue is crucial to figure out in a relationship. Fighting styles can be very different, but you need to figure out what works best for you as a couple. Reddit user, Tinycatface, says the most important part of her marriage is that they can

“disagree respectfully and find a common ground.”

Way to go! Realizing you aren’t going to agree, accepting that, and finding common ground is a million times better than dragging an argument out. Arguing is okay as long as you learn to adapt to each other’s arguing style and learn to let it go sometimes.

4 They Are Kind To Others

It is obviously very important for your soulmate to be a kind person, especially to you. When you are searching for your soulmate, take note of how they treat others. How do they act around their family or in public? Reddit user, TiredEyes0816,

knew she found “the one” when they were at a restaurant and he stood up for a server with a terrible table.

This table just wanted to complain, so when they left, he put his own money as a tip table for the waiter and “stopped to talk to the manager” to tell them what really happened. She realized that he was an incredibly kind person and good material for a life partner.

3 You Work Through Your Problems Together

Problems do arise in relationships, in even those “fairy-tale” stories you’re always hearing about. And you know what? That is totally okay! You just work through them the best you can. Reddit user, captainbkfire82, and her husband work very hard to handle their problems together and in a healthy way. It is all about

“unraveling and letting go of all their unrealistic expectations.”

Letting it all out when there is a problem or an argument is the way to go! Otherwise, you end up with an unresolved fight and probably a lot of sleepless nights. Communication and working together is the key to every relationship.

2 You Know They'd Be A Good Parent

If children are something you and your significant other see in your future, it is important to make sure that person will be a good parent. Kids deserve two really great parents. Reddit user thesixthamethyst writes that her husband is hardworking, patient, and she

“knew he would be a great parent.”

Discussing the fun stuff like baby names and clothes can be great, but talking about parenting styles and what you expect is crucial. You could make the cutest, happiest little family if you choose a great parent as a partner and discuss your ideas and opinions about raising children.

1 You Don't Get Sick Of Each Other

Nothing is worse than dating someone you kind of aren’t into and you get so sick of them so easily! Spending time with them is like pulling teeth. This is the opposite of what you would find in a soulmate. Another Reddit user, Kams88 and her husband can

“spend all day together and never get sick of each other.”

You could spend literally all the time in the world with each other, but you would still want more! Talk about couple goals! That sense of happiness with the person your spending the rest your life with is one of the best feelings.

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