21 Vintage Beauty Tips That Are Total Game Changers For 2019

There's no denying that the beauty industry has changed in a major way over the past decades. Thanks to technology, there are so many more products and brands on the market that women can experiment with. And, it's easier than ever before to become an expert. YouTube tutorials and beauty gurus have opened the door for any woman watching at home to be able to create a super glam look.

However, with all the products and information out there, you can definitely experience a bit of an overload. How do you know exactly which products are the right fit for you? What look are you even going for? The options are endless, which is why it's sometimes nice to go back to the basics and take a page out of a vintage beauty's book.

The beauty icons of previous decades may not have had as many products available to them as we do now, but they managed to look absolutely gorgeous thanks to some tips and tricks that they learned over the years. And luckily, many of them were open and honest about what their secrets were, which means we can learn from them just as we learn from modern beauty gurus.

Here are 21 vintage beauty tips that are still game changers in 2018.

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21 Contour With Two Shades Of Blush Like Grace Kelly Did

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Let's face it — for many of us, contouring is still a little bit of a mystery. It can definitely be intimidating to know just which shades you should go for, and how the entire blending process works. So, we love this tip from classic beauty Grace Kelly that gives you the same impact as contouring does but in a more user-friendly way.

Rather than contouring with deep bronze shades, Kelly would use a light blush on the apples of her cheeks and a darker shade underneath for a super easy, fresh, and beautiful gentle contour.

Who needs bronzer anyway?

20 Apply Different Shades Of Gloss And Lipstick To Create A Marilyn Monroe Pout

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Marilyn Monroe was known for her gorgeous pout, frequently highlighted with a bold shade of red. And yes, a lot of her beauty is just her natural beauty — but that doesn't mean she didn't have a few tricks up her sleeve! One of the best tricks this beauty passed down was her lipstick hack. Instead of just applying one shade, Monroe's makeup artist would actually combine five shades of lipsticks and glosses, at the very minimum, to sculpt her pout. It was designed to add some dimension to her lips and give a bit of a fuller appearance — and we believe it would totally work!

19 Incorporate Olive Oil Into Your Beauty Routine Like Sophia Loren

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Sophia Loren channels exotic Italian beauty like no other, and her beauty tips are all steeped in Italian culture, which we love. One of her go-to beauty secrets is super simple — olive oil. Since she knew beauty started on the inside, she would include at least two tablespoons of olive oil in her daily diet. And, the Italian ingredient did double duty in her beauty routine — she would apply it to her skin as a moisturizer, and even put it into her baths to ensure her skin was silky soft.

Many women nowadays love coconut oil, but why not give the Italian twist a try?

18 Follow Liz Taylor's Lead And Get Plenty Of Beauty Sleep

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Elizabeth Taylor was a classic beauty with a long career under her belt — and a whole lot of husbands! The gorgeous star likely had many beauty tips, but one of her favorites was something that's so simple — and yet something that so many of us ignore today. We're talking about good old-fashioned beauty sleep. She was a master of striking makeup looks, but she knew that the best canvas for an incredible look was a well-rested canvas — so she made sure that sleep was always a priority. After all, there's only so much that makeup can hide, even modern makeup!

17 Want An Audrey Hepburn Look? Separate Your Lashes (Although Don't Follow Her Lead Exactly)

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Audrey Hepburn was absolutely breathtaking, and one of her most striking features was her gorgeous eyes and long lashes. Nowadays, you can get thick, lush lashes with things like lash extensions and false lashes, but if you want to take a more natural approach, take her cue and make sure you're separating your lashes.

Now, we don't recommend her exact approach, which involved bringing a pin far closer to your eye than it ever should be.

But just getting a special lash comb and ensuring your lashes are all separated will give you that great doe-eyed look that Hepburn was so known for.

16 Forget Cucumbers — Crush Some Mint Leaves And Leave Them Under Your Eyes To Banish Dark Circles

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There's nothing that impacts your beauty as much as when you've got big bags under your eyes and just look absolutely exhausted. However, in this day and age when everyone has such packed schedules, people are often skimping on sleep and relaxation time. So, what's a girl to do? Well, take a page out of all these old starlets' books! Many stars including Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth swore by the process of crushing mint leaves and leaving them under their eyes. It's super simple, it's all natural, and it doesn't take much time or effort (plus it smells amazing!).

15 Spritz Some Perfume On Your Hairbrush Like Coco Chanel — And Say Hello To Amazing Smelling Hair

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Okay, though Coco Chanel may not have known this then, many of us now know that alcohol can majorly dry out your hair. So, this tip isn't one that you want to use every single day. However, every once in a while for a special occasion, it can make you feel totally glamorous.

In addition to spritzing your body with your favorite scent, take a moment to spritz your hairbrush. Then, brush your strands with the scented brush in order to get hair that smells incredible.

If you're really nervous about getting perfume anywhere near your hair, simply try this trick with specially designed hair fragrance.

14 Follow Katharine Hepburn's Lead And DIY An Incredible Exfoliator

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There are plenty of expensive exfoliating creams and scrubs on the market, but if you're looking for a more all-natural solution, try out the mixture that Katharine Hepburn swore by. The gorgeous star would create a mixture of lemon, sugar and olive oil to get her glowing skin — the lemon would help to tone and brighten, the sugar would gently scrub off dead skin cells, and the olive oil would help keep everything moisturized. Many people worry about the abrasiveness of the sugar crystals, but if you're looking for an all-natural alternative to the chemical-packed products out there, this just might be the perfect solution for you.

13 Take A Tip From Marilyn And Line Your Inner Waterline With White Liner

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Marilyn Monroe was definitely the whole package — every element of her face, from her skin to her lips to her eyes, was gorgeous. So, just as she had some tricks for achieving the perfect lush pout, she also had some tricks for making her eyes look alert and awake. One of the easiest tricks that is still totally effective today is to simply line the inner waterline with a white liner pencil.

Many women are used to lining their waterline with black liner to create an intense look, but the white liner makes your eyes really pop and look wide awake.

12 Forget The Curling Iron — Go For Heatless Curls That Are Super Long Lasting

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The reality is, even if you use heat protectant spray, using a scorching hot curling iron on your hair every single day can be majorly harmful to your strands. However, if you don't like the way your hair's texture looks when you allow it to dry naturally, there may be a great heatless solution. Look to vintage beauties with killer curls for a great tip — fabric curls! There are a few different styles, from rag strips to rollers, but the premise is just to wrap and roll your damp hair in sections, sleep on it, and wake up to gorgeous curls — no heat styling required!

11 It's All The Rage Today, But Mae West Was One Of The First To Use Coconut Oil In Her Routine

via: misslindsaylane.blogspot.com

Nowadays, using coconut oil as part of your beauty routine is fairly common, but blonde bombshell starlet Mae West was a bit of a trailblazer on the coconut oil front.

She used to count coconut oil as a staple in her beauty arsenal, and the best way to keep her skin looking young and dewy at all times.

So, it just goes to prove that, if you haven't tried coconut oil yet in your beauty routine, you definitely need to. It smells incredible, it's relatively inexpensive, and it definitely adds a great glow to your skin while packing in the moisture.

10 Forget Whitening Strips — Keep Your Pearly Whites Sparkling With Baking Soda

via: collectors.com

From strips to toothpaste to mouthwash to higher intensity treatments only available at the dentist's office, the amount of ways to whiten your teeth nowadays is astonishing. Back in an earlier age, there was one simple trick that many people used — and it's something you can very easily use today! Plain old baking soda. Before all those other technologies were on the market and on store shelves, people would rub baking soda onto their teeth and then rinse it to get pearly whites. Sure, it may not be quite as effective as some of the stronger, more chemical-packed alternatives, but it's a more natural, gentle approach.

9 Stick To Ice Cold Water For An Amazing Complexion Like Joan Crawford

via: columbiamissourian.com

Skincare can be so expensive, from creams to mists to toners and serums, and it can be hard to figure out exactly what will work for you. While a great skincare routine should definitely be a priority for any woman, this trick from the legendary beauty Joan Crawford costs absolutely nothing — so it's certainly worth trying out. As part of her routine,

Crawford would splash ice cold water on her face to clean and seal her pores and give the appearance of bright, glowing skin.

What's not to love about that? It may be a bit uncomfortable due to the temperature, but it's definitely worth trying if you want that gorgeous glow.

8 Take A Page From Vivien Leigh's Book And Give Your Skin Regular Facials

via: latimes.com

No matter how well you treat your skin, sometimes you just need a little help from the professionals — and that's where facials come into play. Actress Vivien Leigh was known for her absolutely gorgeous skin, and her little secret was her facialist, Madame Lubatti. Even if you can't quite squeeze facials with a professional into your non-movie star budget, pick up a mask or two that you can apply at home once a week to really replenish your skin. Whether you need help with oil control or moisturizing, there's a mask out there for you, and it can be a great addition to your skincare routine.

7 Get Actual Bette Davis Eyes By Putting On Petroleum Jelly And Cucumber

via: vanityfair.com

The idea of putting cucumber slices over your eyes seems like something that's only done in movies, but apparently, Bette Davis swore by the trick in real life as well!

In order to keep her eyes bright and the delicate skin around them moisturized, she would lay cucumbers on her eyelids before bed every night, and add a thin layer of petroleum jelly to keep puffiness and dark circles at bay.

It's a pretty simple trick, and doesn't cost much, so why not give it a shot? Most of us already have petroleum jelly in the bathroom somewhere — it's such a great moisturizer, especially in the chilly winter weather.

6 Match Your Nail Polish And Your Lipstick, A La Jane Russell

via: armchairaudience.blogspot.com

Most of us consider our lip color and nail color totally separate things. Perhaps you're a neutral girl when it comes to nails, but love a bright lip. Or, alternatively, perhaps you love a bold, vampy lip shade but prefer to go a bit more neutral when it comes to your nails. Break outside your comfort zone and take a page out of Jane Russell's book by matching your lips and nails, either going for a bold red on both, perhaps a vampy plum on both for fall, etc. The number of potential shades that would look stunning in both a lipstick and nail polish are endless.

5 Rinse Your Hair With A Glass Of Beer (Seriously!)

via: goodhousekeeping.com

There are plenty of all natural hair masks out there that use ingredients regularly found in your fridge, but this one may be new for many people — a beer rinse!

Allegedly, the sugars and vitamin B that are found in beer can give your hair an extra bit of shine and a bit of extra volume.

You'll definitely want to make sure it's thoroughly rinsed out, and may want to pair it with a fragrant shampoo just in case, but if it gives your hair a little extra boost why not give it a shot? Don't go for the craft beer on this one, though — your hair won't know the difference.

4 Brush Your Hair Before Bed, At Least 50 Times

via: refinery29.com

The idea of carefully brushing your hair 50, or even 100 times, before bed seems so old-fashioned and useless. I mean, what does that really achieve? It turns out, a lot. Now, it doesn't really matter the exact number of brush strokes you take — there's no magic number that will transform your locks. However, taking a minute or two to thoroughly brush your hair will stimulate your scalp, encourage your hair to grow, and help evenly distribute oils throughout your hair. It's a pretty easy way to keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous, and it just takes a minute or two at the end of the day.

3 Try Out A Jar Of Old-Fashioned Cold Cream

via: fineartamerica.com

There are a ton of great creams on the market, and many have tons of supposedly incredibly ingredients, but sometimes, simplicity is key, especially when it comes to your skin.  You've likely heard of cold cream before, but many modern beauty consumers just view it as something that their grandmothers used. However, you shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the classic moisturizing staple — it's been around for decades for a reason. It works!

It's great for both removing makeup and moisturizing your skin, and given that you can pick up a jar at the drug store for just a few dollars, it's definitely worth trying out.

2 Use Straight Up Rose Petals As A Little Beauty Boost

via: wikihow.com

There are countless facial mists and potions that are infused with rose petals because there's just something about the scent that is so luxurious. However, if you find yourself with a bouquet of roses at some point, pluck a few petals off those gorgeous blooms and use the actual natural flower in your beauty routine. Roses can basically be used as a natural blush, which means you can rub a little bit on your cheeks or lips to give you a really soft, beautiful glow. It may not have as much pigmentation as your favorite makeup products, but it's perfect for a natural look.

1 Witch Hazel Is A Tried And Tested Toner, And Has Been For Decades

via: chroniclesofvanity.com

There's a reason that so many toners on the market today use witch hazel as one of the ingredients — it's fantastic as a toner, and has been for years now.

While someone with super dry skin may want to avoid it, anyone with oily or acne-prone skin just might find witch hazel to be a magical solution to all their skin woes.

You can get a bottle of straight up witch hazel at most drugstores, and it can be a great addition to your beauty routine. Just be careful if you have super sensitive skin — it can be a bit harsh for some skin.

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