21 Times We Questioned The Kardashians' And Jenners' Parenting Skills

It's human nature to look at celebrities and want to live the lives that they lead. We see them buying $200 t-shirts, drinking green juice instead of coffee, and posting countless selfies on social media. It's easy to be interested in copying those things.

So it's no wonder that once stars become mothers, we start looking at the activities that they're doing with their kids and the decisions that they're making. Sometimes we agree with them, and other times, we're not on the same page. In the case of the Kardashian and the Jenners, we're not so sure that we agree with their parenting. Whether it's Khloe Kardashian and her baby girl True, Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi, Kourtney Kardashian and her three kids, or Kim Kardashian-West and her four children, we have some thoughts.

Read on to find out 21 times we questioned the Kardashian-Jenners' parenting skills.

21 Stormi Got A Gold And Red Chanel Purse For Her First Birthday

via Daily Mail

According to People, when Stormi had her first birthday, she got a Chanel purse. Yup, that's totally what we got when we turned one...

Of course, we probably don't even have any designer purses and we're decades beyond Stormi's age, so we can definitely question why this was an okay gift for a baby.

20 Kourtney's Daughter Had An Incident With Her Former Nanny

via TMZ

Cheat Sheet says that the nanny who was working for Kourtney's family doesn't work for them anymore because Kourtney's daughter scratched her. People say that Kourtney wasn't that upset about it... which is a little odd. We have to question this parenting decision as well, and we wonder why this wasn't seen as such a big deal.

19 Kylie Still Parties

via E Online

Fans couldn't believe that Kylie Jenner went to Coachella after bringing her baby girl Stormi into the world, and this is another time that we had to question her parenting skills. Wouldn't you stop this after welcoming a baby? How could you still have the same party lifestyle? We're definitely confused about this.

18 Khloe Is Cool With Keeping Her Crazy Long Nails After Having A Baby

via Page Six

Whenever we see photos of the Kardashian-Jenners, we notice one major thing: everyone has super long nails. And fans have pointed out (no pun intended) that Kylie and Khloe in particular have kept their nails like this even after becoming mothers.

That doesn't seem safe... or even all that logical.

17 Kim Let North Wear Super Big, Heavy Earrings

via IG and Hello Magazine

People weren't that happy that Kim Kardashian had her daughter North wear big, heavy earrings, as Cosmopolitan reported.

We can see in the photo on the left that the hoops do look pretty massive for a little kid. This is another time that we wondered about the famous mom's parenting.

16 Kylie Put Stormi In A Version Of Her Met Gala Outfit

via hearstapps.com

Daily Mail reported that Kylie had her daughter wear the outfit that she wore to the Met Gala, but a tinier version, of course.

This is really weird and we have to ask why would she want to do that? Stormi looks kind of confused and unhappy, and it honestly doesn't look very comfortable.

15 Kim Says She And Kanye Are 'Strict' And 'Firm'

via Us Weekly

We might be wondering about what kind of a mom Kim Kardashian is, and according to Cheat Sheet, she and Kanye have a "strict" and "firm" approach.

Being a strict parent is very intense, and sometimes it just makes kids want to act out or upset their parents because their schedules and routines are too structured.

14 People Wondered About The Angle Of True's Neck In One Pic

via IG and E News

According to Style Caster, when Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of her and her baby girl True on social media, people were really upset. Why?

Well, as we can see from the pic on the left, the angle of her baby's neck is really odd. It doesn't look very safe and it doesn't seem like she's actually holding her little girl properly.

13 Kourtney Had Her Kids Skip School To Go On Vacation

via Poosh.com

Everyone knows that getting an education is really important, and even if you're famous, you still have to send your little ones to school.

That's why people were upset when Kourtney took her children on a vacation to Finland. People said that she had her kids skip school, and we're not sure why that's a good idea.

12 Kim Had North Wear A Corset-Like Dress

via Teen Vogue

Romper mentions that there have been many moments when fans have wondered about the way that Kim is parenting. She had North wear a dress that kind of looks like a corset, and people were really concerned.

It doesn't look that comfortable and does look pretty tight. It also doesn't look like a dress that is too appropriate for a young girl.

11 The Moms Don't See Anything Wrong With Pierced Ears On Babies

via Sky News

Today.com says that Kylie Jenner got Stormi's ears pierced, which is something that people have been talking about.

Not everyone is okay with babies having pierced ears. It's a debate that doesn't seem to have a good answer. No matter how we feel about it, we can admit that it seems young, right?

10 Kim And Kanye Attended A Movie Premiere... But Chicago Had Just Been Born

via Us Weekly

According to Romperfans were also wondering about why Kim and Kanye actually went to a movie premiere when Chicago had just come into the world.

We do have to question that parenting approach. Wouldn't you want to stay home with your baby? Wouldn't you be way too tired to go out, anyway?

9 Kourtney And Khloe Kiss Their Kids On The Lips

via pinterest.com

There are some pics of Kourtney and Kim kissing their kids on the lips, and we have to wonder about that, too.

While some moms like to do this and don't see a problem with it, others find this super strange. It does seem a little odd and it's easy to see why it made many fans uncomfortable.

8 People Think That Saint Wasn't In A Car Seat The Right Way

via E News and Elite Daily

According to Style Caster, people also weren't thrilled when they saw photos of Kim's son Saint not sitting the proper way in a car seat.

The photo has tons of comments saying that car seats have to be rear-facing and that he's definitely sitting and facing the wrong way. We have to wonder why she made that choice.

7 Kourtney Let Reign's Hair Get Super Long, Which Some People Don't Love

via She Knows

We also have to question Kourtney's choice to let her son Reign's hair get really long. We've probably seen countless photos of the famous mother and son, and while they always look cute and happy, we might have wondered about his hair. Is that something that he really wanted? Or did he want a haircut?

6 Kim Didn't Mind North Having Makeup On

via People.com

In Style says that Kim Kardashian didn't mind that North used to wear makeup. This is definitely a parenting choice that we have to question. She's just so young.

Sure, Kim has said since that it's not something that she lets happen anymore, but we've seen a lot of pics of North with makeup on.

5 People Say They Shouldn't Match Clothes With Their Kids

via Celebrities Mafia

There are several photos of Khloe and True in matching outfits, and Kylie has done that with her daughter as well, as we can see from the matching Met Gala get-ups.

We have to question this parenting choice as well because it seems a little too intense. It also seems like something that might be done only for the social media photo-ops.

4 Kim Gave North A Nose Ring That Isn't Real, Which Is Strange

via Allure

Celebuzz.com says that Kim gave her daughter North a nose ring that wasn't actually real, and that confuses us a lot.

While we're glad that it wasn't real, since that doesn't seem super appropriate, why would a false one be any better? She is still way too little for anything like that.

3 Kim Celebrated New Year's Eve When Saint Had Been Born

via Pinterest

In Style also notes that after Saint was born, Kim Kardashian went out to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Just like when she went to the film premiere, we have to ask why this was a good idea. When you welcome a new baby into your home, isn't that all that you want to think about and focus on?

2 Kim Insults Kourtney, Saying She's Parenting 'Wrong'

via CelebMafia

According to the Dailymail.co.uk, Kourtney said that Kim says her way of parenting is "wrong" and that Kim is always doing things "the right way."

That's a pretty harsh thing to say to anyone, let alone your sister or even another member of your family. Can't we all just get along?!

1 Kim Threw Baby Chicago A Crazy Party

via E Online

According to E Online, Chicago's first birthday was Alice And Wonderland themed, and it seems way too much for a first birthday party.

Chances are, we never have had a party that was this elaborate. We probably just invite some friends out to a restaurant or have a small gathering at home.

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