21 Things That Really Happened On 'Vanderpump Rules'

Lisa Vanderpump surely knew what she was doing when she paired up with Bravo to get her restaurant and all the shenanigans her staff does on the air. The SUR guys and gals have stories filled with everything from humor to heartbreak, but most of the plot deals with hookups and heavy pours from the bar.

For those who don’t watch the show, now is the perfect time to peruse this list of the types of things that go down on the show. The topics sound nuts, but that’s just what drives fans to tune in week after week. And once that reunion shows come ‘round, it is hard to wait ‘till the next season to catch up with the cast.

Here are 20 things that really happened on Vanderpump Rules. The drama is real, the laughs are contagious, and the gang is always keeping it cool, that’s if they don’t lose their cool.

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21 Tom Sandoval Bought A Brand New Motorcycle Just To Drive To The Opening Of His Restaurant

Via: starmagazine.com

It’s a pretty exciting time when someone opens their own restaurant. The two Toms had such the experience when Lisa partnered with them to open Tom Tom. Always over the top, Tom Sandoval decided to make opening night one to remember. He surprised the other Tom by showing up in a super stylish white motorcycle he purchased solely for the occasion. Money well spent? He thought so.

20 Katie Yelled That Tom Schwartz’s “Junk” Doesn’t Work

Via: realityblurb.com

Lots of couples argue, but Katie and Tom seem to take their squabbles to the next level. Katie felt the need to scream out her car window that her man’s “manhood” wasn’t quite up to par – “not working,” to be precise. Was this a fact or just a way to get Tom back for his bad behavior? Obviously we’ll never know, but Tom must’ve been embarrassed regardless.

19 Kristen And Jax Got Together While She Was Still With Tom...In His Apartment, No Less

Via: bravotv.com

Jax is known for his bad boy ways, from cheating to stealing and so on. But when he got down and dirty with Kristen (the then-girlfriend of his best friend Tom), he took things to a new low. Kristen was no angel in the matter, and the both of them were caught and put through the ringer by their group of friends. The crew finally forgave the two, but if they watch reruns of the show, the feelings of betrayal are sure to reignite.

18 Stassi’s Boyfriend Told Her Boss, Lisa Vanderpump That He Admired Her Rear

Via: bravotv.com

When Stassi’s boyfriend (now ex) told her former boss Lisa that he admired the “view from behind,” the awkwardness was evident. It’s one thing to pay a woman a compliment, but in today’s “#MeToo” era, that sort of remark is a major error. This dude was a jerk to begin with by the way he treated Stassi, but after embarrassing her like that, she did a good thing by breaking up with him. Her new fella is a far better boyfriend.

17 Jax Was Unfaithful To Brittany And The Woman He Was With Recorded It

Via: radaronline.com

Jax’s friends told him that Brittany was the best thing that ever happened to him. He agreed. But by getting it on with another woman, he seemed to forget what a wonderful woman Brittany was. His habit of messing up a good thing was hard to break, and his hook up shook up the relationship. Not only did he “do the deed,” but the woman he was with had a recording to prove it. It’s a miracle that Brittany chose to stay with Jax. He’s one lucky guy.

16 The Girls Make It A Habit To Skinny Dip On Vacation

Via: okhereisthesituation.com

The gang seems to go on plenty of vacations. It’s a miracle the restaurant still runs smoothly when half the staff is off sunning and having fun. Speaking of fun, the females in the group can’t seem to swim without removing their bikinis. It has become something of a tradition, and we’re sure the guys don’t mind at all.

15 Lala Is Accused Of Being With Her Man Only Because He’s Rich

Via: theknotnews.com

Is Lala in love, or is she blinded by dollar signs? Some of the guys and gals in the group have had their doubts, but she insists that she loves the man, not just his money. But when she flaunts her new gifts and the fact that she travels by private jet, her story just doesn’t add up. Perhaps she’s in love and is lucky that her man is loaded, but would she be with him if he didn’t have such a bulging wallet?

14 Jax Stole A Pair Of Sunglasses On A Trip

Via: yahoo.com

Jax wound up in the slammer when he swiped a pair of sunglasses while on vacation. Why he did it is still a mystery, but he was caught and confessed. Sometimes Jax’s actions make no sense, but perhaps he’s looking for attention or wants to see what he can get away with. His behavior is far better now, so let’s hope he doesn’t slip up and steal something else.

13 Scheana Was More Worried About Her Makeup Than Her Divorce On The Reunion Show

Via: jezebel.com

Scheana was married for a while, but that relationship ran its course and she got divorced. While discussing the serious matter on the reunion show, she seemed to be more concerned about her mascara running down her face than she did about the fella she once vowed to be with forever. Andy Cohen had to get a kick out of it, and fans could tell why her ex wanted out.

12 James Constantly Has To Convince His Girlfriend That He’s Faithful

Via: whiplashbeautybar.com

Raquel is convinced that her man would never stray, but girl after girl has tried to warn her that he’s a liar. James tries to tell his girlfriend that the others aren’t telling the truth, but the stories are getting too specific and he’s starting to crumble. Will she still stay with him despite all the rumors? They are still going strong, so perhaps she’s not worried about the alleged “other women.”

11 Jax Lost His Temper At Work, With His Boss Right There

Via: bravotv.com

Lisa has given Jax plenty of chances to prove he could be a stand up guy, but when he acts a fool right in front of her, it’s easy to see why she had to let him go. He’s screaming and ranting, right there in the restaurant. No decent boss would allow this to go down in her place of business, so she shuffled him outside and kicked him to the curb.

10 Tom Sandoval Is Always Super-Emotional

Via: Reddit.com

Some guys are too macho to show any emotion, but not Tom. He’s a ball of sensitivity, and he’s not afraid to shed a tear. His emotions always get the best of him, more so than any other cast member on the show. He should always have a Kleenex on hand, because he’d cry over spilled milk.

9 Stassi And Katie Ripped Into Kristen’s Boyfriend During A Party

Via: realhousewives-fan.tumblr.com

The girls think Kristen’s boyfriend is a mooch. He apparently never pays for anything and lives at Kristen’s place. They also don’t like his attitude. While at a party at Kristen’s, Stassi and Katie ripped him a new one. They unloaded their anger and he didn’t have much to say. Kristen was mad, but she didn’t exactly prove that her man was a decent dude.

8 Lala Likes To Drink From A Baby Bottle To Calm Down

Via: Jezebel.com

Everyone has their own way of winding down, but most adults don’t reach for the baby bottle when they need to relax. Lala isn’t like everyone else, so she suckles her bottle, filled with warm milk, no less. Perhaps it’s better than guzzling down booze, but this behavior is odd, to say the least.

7 Stassi Throws Elaborate Birthday Parties For Herself With Wild Themes

Via: nbcubravostage.apps.nbcuni.com

It’s fun to celebrate when it’s a special occasion, but Stassi takes things to the extreme when her birthday rolls around. She throws elaborate parties, with themes, costumes, and décor. She must spend a lot to get these parties off the ground, but to her, the celebration is worth the cost. She is all about appreciating herself, making a “birthday week” out of it. Must be nice to have such high self-esteem.

6 The Toms Go All Out In Costume In Vegas

Via: jezebel.com

The Toms never fail to have fun, so when they dressed as ladies in Las Vegas, it wasn’t out of the norm. They always spend plenty of time getting ready, so when they emerged from their rooms in full costume, their looks were on point. Too bad the night ended with arguments after “too many” went down the hatch, but that’s what makes the show so addictive to watch.

5 Stassi Invented An Official Holiday - Outfit Of The Day

Via: lamag.com

Leave it to the fashion-loving Stassi to invent an actual holiday devoted to style. Her “Outfit Of The Day” has become a hit, where fans post their looks to social media for their friends to see and critique. She loves to share pics of herself, so now everyone can join in and get their pics out there too.

4 Lisa Has Swans In Her Front Yard (Among Other Animals)

Via: bravotv.com

Lisa lives in a mansion, so she has plenty of room to give a home to animals. Aside from her many dogs, Lisa takes care of swans, mini-horses, and an assortment of other animals. Perhaps this isn’t “normal,” but the animal-loving Lisa would never harm a soul. She’s giving these creatures a life of luxury. Some of her staff would love the same treatment.

3 Tom Sandoval Wiped His Tears On A Dog At Katie And Tom Schwartz’s Wedding

Via: sheknows.com

When Tom Schwartz and Katie got married, Tom Sandoval and Jax were his best men. They stood by his side and watched him (finally) say “I do” to his bride. Of course, Sandoval couldn’t hold it together, so he wept as they wed. Without a tissue on hand, he dried his eyes on the dog his was holding. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any allergies.

2 The Girls Put “A Spell” On Jax

Via: people.com

After Jax was unfaithful to Brittany, all the girls came together to put a spell on him. Perhaps this sort of voodoo would change Jax’s ways, but unless these gals are magicians, it would take more than a silly spell to get the guy to be good. In any event, the gals had fun bonding and proving to Brittany that they had her back.

1 They Call Katie “Tequila Katie” Due To Her Bad Behavior When She Has Too Much

Via: bravotv.com

Katie goes ballistic when she downs the tequila. Perhaps nobody is on their best behavior after one too many, but Katie is in a league of her own. She seems to pick fights for no reason and lashes out like a lunatic. She may want to reconsider what she drinks, or better yet, stop drinking altogether.

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