21 Pictures Of Tattoos These Celebrities Tried To Hide

There are many celebrities who love their tattoos - David Beckham, Cara Delevingne, and even Kaley Cuoco are amongst those with the most body art on their skin. However, they have never made a bad decision and had some permanent ink they will later live to regret. There are some stars that can't say the same and they had tattoos so bad that ever since they've tried to either cover them up or hide it away from the world under clothing.

Those who had the name of a partner or lover inked on their skin really didn’t see how this could possibly end badly. They believed at the time that that love was forever and the relationship would never end. Then before they knew it, they had split and it was time to sit in the chair again but this time get the body art surgically removed. After all, love isn't forever but tattoos are.

Then there are the tattoos celebs have had inked on their bodies that are so ugly and regrettable - they have paid thousands of dollars to remove it. Here we have a look at some of those disasters that these following stars all tried desperately to cover up.

21 Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo Was So Ugly He Lied And Said It Was For A Movie Role


Ben Affleck' 'hideous' back tattoo of a giant, all-color Pheonix was so terribly bad that he lied to his fans and claimed it was for a movie role. The Justice League actor spent several years denying it was real until most recently he was caught out by the paparazzi on the beach.

Then Twitter went into overdrive mocking his body art and one fan tweeted, "Next time you're feeling sad, remember that you're not Ben Affleck so you (probably) don't have a tattoo so big and so ugly and so universally ridiculed that you had to lie and say it was only temporary and just for a movie when it is so clearly not." Even his ex-wife Jennifer Garner chimed in, as she told Vanity Fair, "Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage I refuse to be the ashes."

20 Kylie Jenner Tried To Cover Up The Tyga Tattoo She Regrets


Kylie Jenner has made some bad decisions in her years but when she decided to tattoo "t" on her ankle for her ex-boyfriend, rapper Tyga, she really wasn't thinking straight. Soon after the couple split following three years together, she changed it to "la". During an episode of Life of Kylie, she explained, "There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. He and I will always, always have a bond,” she said. “There was no crazy fight, we just decided - well, I decided that I’m really young.

She added, "I don’t want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person." The reality star didn't learn from her mistakes and just months after dating rapper Travis Scott, the couple had matching Butterfly tattoos. They also welcomed a baby daughter, Stormi Webster, in February.

19 Johnny Depp Hated His Amber Heard Tattoo So Much He Changed It To Something Evil


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard couldn't make their marriage work and things certainly didn't end well. After 15 months of marriage, Heard filed a restraining order because he was "verbally and physically [harmful]" and Depp's legal team claimed that she was "attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging [harmful claims]", according to People magazine. There was no prenup and Heard asked the judge for spousal support and her legal fees to be covered, both of which was rejected by the court.

They finally came to a settlement and Heard was awarded $7 million which she said would be donated to charity. Then eagle-eyed fans noticed that Depp had changed the tattoo on his hand that read "Slim" - which was the nickname he had for Heard - to "Scum". So it's very clear how he feels about moving on from the divorce.

18 Nick Cannon's HUGE Mariah Carey Tattoo Had To Go

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After eight years of marriage and two children together, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey finally divorced because there was no "growth" in the relationship. Cannon revealed on The Wendy Williams Show, "It should be a (relationship) where everyone's becoming a better human being in the relationship. So when you get to a point where there's no longer any growth and you're not bettering each other... I felt like it was probably best (to split)."

He then had to sit through thirty hours of painful body art to cover the giant 'Mariah' tattoo he had inked on his back. The television host has also added the words, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" - perhaps as a nod to his previous marriage to the ultimate diva.

17 Pharrell Williams Had A Skin Graft To Remove His Tattoos


When you have an estimated net worth of more than $100 million then laser surgery is not the only option you have to remove tattoos. Singer-songwriter-entrepreneur Pharrell Williams had an actual skin graft to hide the tattoos he regretted. He revealed to The Daily Mirror, There's an institute called the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment. It's going to be pricey, but … it's worth it. I got fire on my arms, I don't need fire on my arms! I'm a grown man."

He explained, "It's basically like getting a skin graft, but you're not taking skin from your a** or legs - these guys actually grow the skin for you." Then proving he clearly hasn't learned from his regrets, he added, "When it has healed you can go get whatever tattoo you want."

16 Demi Lovato Quickly Covered The Lips Tattoo She Got When Under The Influence


Demi Lovato's lips tattoo comes with quite the dramatic saga attached to it. The Cool For The Summer singer revealed on Instagram that she was under the influence when she got inked and covered the design (which she compared to lady parts) with a large flower. However, this insulted the tattoo artist who gave her the body art in the first place.

Ashley McMullen jumped on the Instagram post and commented, "Cool post. Thanks for getting the tattoo covered up I did for free that you specifically asked for. Not to mention you didn’t even have the courtesy to offer me any money in the first place. You p***** all over our toilet seat and you made a fool of yourself. What a shame that people look up to you. The tattoo you covered it with kinda sucks too." Well, she certainly didn't hold back.

15 Marc Anthony Was Lucky To Have J-Lo On His Arm Anyway


In 2004, Jennifer Lopez was left heartbroken following her split from her then-fiance Ben Affleck. Her longtime friend, actor and singer Marc Anthony, was on hand to help her get through things then surprisingly they wed just six months later. Sadly it didn't end well and Lopez told W magazine, "When my marriage ended, it was not easy to find forgiveness. It wasn’t the dream that I had hoped for, and it would have been easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment, and anger. But Marc is the father of my children, and that’s never going away. So I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do."

Anthony was clearly feeling the same resentment as he covered his "Jennifer" tattoo with "State of Liberty” which is his pet name for his new girlfriend, Shannon. That's another tattoo he will need to get covered as they also divorced after three years together.

14 Megan Fox's Love For Marilyn Monroe Is Slowly Fading


Megan Fox has been compared to Angelina Jolie since the start of her career but her real idol is Marilyn Monroe - well, at least it was. Then the actress removed her Monroe tattoo because she the late icon was a "negative energy." She told the Italian magazine Amica, "I'm removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

She also threw some shade on Britney Spears, when asked about her belly button piercing, she said, "Oh, this? I did it when I was 16-years-old because I was a fan of Britney Spears. The only time I tried to imitate someone else. But then I thought it was tacky and so I removed it when I turned 20." Just say it how it is, Megan.

13 Khloe Kardashian Said Bye Bye To Daddy "Tramp Stamp"


Khloe Kardashian had two tattoos honoring her late father Robert Kardashian - she has "I Love You" inked on her wrist in his handwriting and a cross with angel wings and the word "Daddy" on her lower back. However, she really was not happy with the lower back tattoo and showed off to her fans on Snapchat that she was getting it removed. She wrote the caption: "Bye Bye Tramp Stamp."

She had the tattoo when she was 16 years old but now it was time to go - especially as the reality star revealed that her older sister Kim Kardashian would mock her for the body art. Khloe, who is expecting her first child with Tristan Thompson, joked on The Wendy Williams Show, "Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

12 Billy Bob Thornton Was Going, Going, GONE...


Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of tattoos and she has eighteen in total all over her body. There is one she ended up regretting and that was having the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton inked on her bicep. They were married between 2000 and 2003 but split because of his own insecurities. He told GQ magazine, "I never felt good enough for her. I’m real uncomfortable around rich and important people. I like how I am.”

The actress, who went on to marry Brad Pitt, revealed about her ex to Vanity Fair, "He’s a really good man. He’s hysterical - we had a lot of laughs. Probably one of the reasons I loved him so much is I don’t giggle that much, and we met as two people who had been through pain and addiction and life and just drama and deep inside ourselves and we got together and just started laughing." Sadly it wasn't meant to be and the tattoo was covered with the coordinates of where her children were born.

11 Tom Arnold Called Rosanne Tattoo "Worst Mistake Of My Life"


Tom Arnold wasn't holding back about his Rosanne tattoo and he called it "the worst thing I ever did." In 1984, his then-wife and comedian Roseanne Barr filed for divorce and to try to win her back he spent twelve hours in a tattoo parlor having her face permanently inked on his chest. He told TMZ, "On Valentine's Day that year I said I'm going to save the marriage and got a twelve-hour tattoo of her face on my chest. Stupidest thing I ever did."

He added, "I thought 'this is going to save everything'. And all it did was cause me more heartache because I had to go get a laser (removal). I knew that I would never have (be romantic) with anyone until I got that removed. It took a year and a half, but it was worth it. It was painful and worth it so Chad, that's crazy." We all make mistakes but this certainly tops the list.

10 Adam Levine Said He Finds His Tattoos "Pretty Stupid"


Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is practically head to toe in tattoos but there is one that really stands out for him. During a trip to Russia, he saw a guy with a tattoo that he tried to mimic but it didn't quite go to plan. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, The Voice judge said it was a "pretty stupid" idea and that the tattoo looks more like "a cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it." Well, it's hard to argue with that.

The Harder To Breathe singer has seventeen tattoos in total including the name of his wife, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, etched on his skin and "True Love" on his knuckles. The couple is celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary this year so it looks like things are going well and he won't regret that one.

9 Adrienne Bailon Surgically Removed Robert Kardashian's Name When He Was Unfaithful

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The Cheetah Girls singer Adrienne Bailon dated Robert Kardashian for two years and he famously slapped her (don't worry it was part of a prank) on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Things were going so well between them that she had his name tattooed on her backside but then he allegedly cheated and they split for good.

Years later, she appeared on Extra and had the name removed on camera. She explained, "I have my ex-boyfriend's name on my bottom. Not my favorite tattoo and that's the one I definitely want to get removed. I think I've waited for a very long time, long enough, to have this officially gone." Adding, "I think living the last six years with somebody's name on your body is a little weird and that's a bit more painful. Like, I'd have to explain that to my kids."

8 Britney Spears Thought Her Kabbalah Healing Tattoo Was "Hypocritical"


Britney Spears followed in the footsteps of her own idol Madonna and threw herself into the spiritual practice of Kabbalah. She was so dedicated to the religion that she even had a 'healing' tattoo on the back of her neck - the letters represent taking responsibility for everything in your own life and accepting that you can heal yourself. The Me Against The Music singer thought it was a good idea at the time but she now finds the body art "hypocritical."

Following her breakdown in 2009, one insider told Digital Spy, "When she got the tattoo, Britney was in control of her life and her career. The whole world can see she's lost control, and the tattoo made her feel like a hypocrite." Now she's back on track and better than ever - minus the healing tattoo.

7 Hayden Panettiere's Italian Message Has An Embarrassing Spelling Error

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When Heroes and Nashville star Hayden Panettiere was caught enjoying a bikini holiday in Florida, fans noticed she had on her ribcage a tattoo that read "Vivere senza rimpianti". She previously explained to Glamour magazine, "It’s Italian. When I was younger, I was upset, and my dad said he wanted to show me something. He slammed one door of the bathroom, and the closet door popped open - it was a trick with the air."

She continued, "He said, 'Whenever one door closes, another one always opens.' So my tattoo means ‘Live without regrets.' It’s not that you don’t regret things in life, but you at least try to learn from them." Ironically, the tattoo is misspelt and should be "rimipiant' - so maybe this is one regret she won't be able to live with.

6 Blake Shelton Hates His Hunting Symbol Because It Looks Like "Ladybugs"


Blake Shelton enjoys showing off his Southern roots by deer hunting. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, "Sometimes I’ll go hunting for caribou or elk hunting. But bow hunting white-tailed deer in Oklahoma is my favorite thing. It takes me back to my childhood. There’s just so many memories and special things that have happened to me that revolve around deer season, honestly. It’s my favorite time of year."

He sure loves hunting but not the tattoo he got of his favorite sport. The Voice judge joked to Yahoo!, "I probably have the crappiest tattoo, not only in country music but maybe in the world." At first, people mistook the deer tracks for ladybugs so he decided to add the barbed wire to make it look "more manly." Turns out it just made it worse.

5 Denise Richards Inked Charlie Sheen's Name Before Things Took A Turn For The Worst


Denise Richards was married to Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen for four years before they divorced in 2006. She sued her ex-husband for $1.2 million so she could buy a new house for their two young daughters and his attorney told People magazine, "It is not enough money for her, besides the approximate $10 million she has received from Charlie under her short marriage."

Richards fought back via Twitter, "Mr. Singer (the attorney) according to your calculations your client owes me an enormous balance. Wow, thank you!" Not soon after the ink dried of the final divorce papers, she quickly 'reworked' her 'Charlie' ankle tattoo into the shape of the butterfly. He also removed her name from his left wrist after things went sour.

4 Nick Carter's Paris Hilton Tattoo Didn't Last Long


Backstreet Boys band member Nick Carter had only been dating Paris Hilton for six months but was so besotted with the heiress that he had her name tattooed on his wrist. When the couple eventually split one month later (talk about a doomed relationship) he had a pair of skull and crossbones to cover up the name.

He revealed to People that the relationship didn't work out because there was so simply no trust in the relationship. Shortly after the breakup, he said, "Our relationship totally was based on distrust. She didn’t trust me. I didn’t trust her. I just want everybody to know that I’m single and ready to have fun again. I’m a wild and crazy guy." Nothing like announcing to the world you're back on the market shortly after a split.

3 Amber Rose Replaced Wiz Khalifa's Face After She Walked In On Him


Amber Rose sure knows the meaning of 'out with the old in with the new' as she inked over her Wiz Khalifa's face on her arm with the face of another man. The model and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West covered the large portrait of her baby daddy with sunglasses and a beard so it no longer looked like him.

Shockingly, the pair's alleged split came after she walked in on the rapper when he was with two twins at the same time. Radio host Peter Rosenberg said on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, "Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time. Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters." He added, "I believe from my relationship with Amber, that she knew they had problems, she knew he wasn’t happy - she wasn’t happy either." No wonder she was quick to get his face removed after walking in on that.

2 Eva Longoria Snapchats Her Pain As She Removed All Memory Of Her Ex-Husband


Eva Longoria had some firm advice for her fans - do not get tattoos. She shared on Snapchat the painful removal of three tattoos that all related to her ex-husband, former NBA player Tony Parker, who was allegedly having an affair. She had 'NINE' his player number on the back of her neck, one of their wedding dates on her wrist, and his initials on her other arm.

The Desperate Housewives actress told her fans about her tattoos, "I'm about to zap these suckers off." She also added that removing the one on her wrist was the most painful. She complained, "Oh my god. Why is there such delayed pain? It comes in like a wave, a wave of pain." It's enough to put anyone off tattoos - or marriage.

1 Pamela Anderson Tried (And Failed) To Erase Her Famous Barbed Wire Tattoo

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Pamela Anderson is famous for a lot of things - Baywatch, Playboy, Ugg Boots and tiny shorts, blonde hair, her curves and of course, her signature barbed wire tattoo. Now, the actress and model has changed her mind about the body art it's almost invisible after several sessions costing around $1,000 each to have it removed.

A friend revealed to Mail Online that she no longer wanted the tattoo because it would be an "eyesore" as she became older. They said, "Pamela is seeing the effects of age and hard living on her body. Her skin is getting soft. She feels like her tattoos are going to become eyesores. She's not a kid anymore. She doesn't want blurry ink all over her wrinkled arms." Even the wild ones have to grow up one day.

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