21 Pics Of Tiffani Thiessen That Prove Why She Was Our Childhood Crush

Tiffani Thiessen has been in the spotlight of Hollywood since 1989, when she starred in the television show Saved By The Bell as Kelly. Saved By The Bell was a beloved show by teens, young adults and others in the 18- to 40-year-old age range. People loved following the antics of this group of friends and their trials and triumphs in high school. They even had a spin-off of the show to follow the friends into college as well as movies that really spoke to ’90s kids everywhere.

Thiessen then went on to have a role in the hit show Beverly Hills, 90210 as Valerie. ’90s kids had posters of her on their walls, would travel to get her autograph and dreamed of being the person that got to be her real-life love interest.

Lucky for us, Tiffani never went away. She has recently made a huge comeback with the announcement of her new series Alexa & Katie. This time, she is playing the mom, growing with the ’80s and ’90s children that had, and may still have, crushes on her. Why was Tiffani such a heartthrob for so many ’80s and ’90s children? See the 21 photos through her career and there will be no question. She’s still quite the heartthrob today!

21 Tiffani Was Like A Real Life Teresa Doll

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One of the hit toys for girls through the decades have been Barbie Dolls. In the late ’80s, one of the first brunette Barbies was introduced. Her name was Teresa. She often wore vibrant colors opposite of Barbie, which helped her tan skin stand out just as much. Tiffani took on Teresa’s personality and look in this Saved By The Bell photoshoot.

Her tanned skin and brown hair stood out with her vibrant, floral crop top and jeans. She looked like Teresa in real life. Even the earrings resembled Teresa’s fun personality. Tiffani’s portrayal of Kelly was a lot like what we imagine the Teresa doll would have been like. Everyone loves a doll, which made Tiffani even more lovable after people saw this image.

20 Lady In Red Was One Of Tiffani’s Best Looks

Tiffani played a relatively sweet character that did not take anyone’s bullying or belittling during Saved By The Bell. People loved her take on this role and thought she channeled her own life into the character.

In one photoshoot, Tiffani wore a tight-fitting red dress with her signature black belt around her waist. She wore her hair up, although it was styled to messily fall around her face and shoulders.

She looked fierce and feminine all in one picture. Her arms crossed with a slight smirk on her face offer up a challenge to people looking at the picture. People fell in love with this look and with the strength in her personality. Even girls wanted to be more like her and formed some girl crushes.

19 Edgy College Years Made Tiffani The Rebel Girl Of Our Dreams

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The college years of Saved By The Bell offered a cast change for some of the characters. Tiffani remained in this series, but took on a bit of a different persona. She carried on her “do not mess with me” attitude and became a little more punk. The ’90s were huge for grunge and punk looks.

This picture kept Tiffani girly, but the combat boots and sweatshirt tied around her waist offered a bit more of a rebel feel. With her arms crossed and a serious expression, she offered a bit of a mystery, building a wall between herself and others. For many people, this made her more alluring as they fell in love more with her character, Kelly. She even chopped off her signature long locks for a modern cut!

18 Tiffani Made Leggings And Boots Cool

Leggings are often considered to be a weakness for those admiring a certain woman. For a long time, legging-type styles were exclusively for working out or for wearing under skirts. Tiffani made the leggings and boots trend something to be desired in one of her photoshoots.

She wore high-waisted leggings with black cowboy boots and her signature belt in this photo. On top, she had an oversized shirt that was open to reveal a bikini-like top. This look was a part of her role as Kelly and made people love her. It made her stand out from the other girls on the show, proving to be the beautiful, popular girl that was there to set trends, not follow them. People love a sense of individuality, and she had it!

17 All Eyes Were On Tiffani, Even In Group Pictures

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As an actress, group photos were a part of Tiffani’s regular life. Most of these photos were used to promote the shows she was in. Somehow, she always managed to stand out. In this photo, Tiffani was separated from the other girls in the photo. She also had one of the most vibrant dresses on, making eyes draw over to her. Her genuine smile and the bit of mystery she put up by crossing her arms intrigued many.

It was these types of things that really made people love Tiffani and her characters. She put her true self into the characters and was natural in almost everything she did. Not everyone could pull off that floral print, but Tiffani made it look fiery hot, yet innocent. How did she do it?!

16 She Made Michael Jackson’s Style Look Feminine And Cool

Michael Jackson was, and remains to be, a huge icon in music, dance and fashion. In this photograph, the Saved By The Bell girls all seem to be channeling a little bit of Jackson in their looks. Tiffani had a signature Michael look going on, but with a much more feminine twist. She wore a black oversized blazer with black leggings.

Typically, Michael wore a white shirt under this style with his white socks pulled over his black pants. Tiffani channeled this, but wore a white crop top and had the white socks with stylish black shoes. She, of course, accessorized this with a belt. She could have been in the King of Pop’s video, but she may have out-staged him with his own look! She looked amazing.

15 She’s Like A Kiss From A Rose

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Some looks are really hard to pull off. Some of these looks include turtlenecks, fur and shapeless dresses. Tiffani combined all three of these elements and managed to look smoking hot. Tiffani never had to show much skin in order to have her beauty, both inside and out, shine.

Tiffani captured a romantic vibe with this photo. She kept the mystery by revealing little to no skin, while doing a Tyra Banks-worthy smize. She held a single red rose up to her face. It made everyone wonder who gave it to her, why she had it and what it meant to her. People wanted to be the one to give her that rose and felt a pang of jealousy when they saw this romantic gesture in an image.

14 Tiffani Worked Out Without Breaking A Sweat

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Athletic wear is a trend of today and people cannot seem to find where it stems from. Taking a look at this image from a Saved By The Bell photoshoot, we think she may have started it. This capris pant and crop top matching set looked stunning on her. It showed off how incredibly fit she was, which is most people’s cup of tea. She looked ready for the gym, but like she would sweat glitter.

The blue and grey tones in this outfit really complimented her tan complexion. Plus, her adorable smirk and fun stretching pose motivated many to get up and move in an aerobics class or by strolling around the block. The look screams let’s get physical without the Olivia Newton-John song getting stuck in our heads.

13 She Made Kelly The Cheerleader From Heaven

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Although some people may refuse to admit it, many people had crushes on cheerleaders during high school. Whether it was their confidence, their moves or their uniforms that attracted them, most people liked them at one point or another. Tiffani’s character Kelly in Saved By The Bell was a cheerleader.

When the team got new uniforms, Tiffani rocked it. They went from being dull and dreary to vibrant and fun. Tiffani was able to rock a crop top and mini-skirt without looking tacky. The crop top even had a turtleneck, but she still looked like a cheerleader out of every teenager’s dreams. Many people wished they went to Bayside to be in Kelly’s presence. Tiffany rocked it as a cheerleader and as Kelly.

12 Tiffani Was Pretty In Pink As Kelly

The ’80s and ’90s were known for their neon colors. Neon colors are not known for being particularly attractive on anyone, but they made their way through everyone in those decades. In this promotional image from Saved By The Bell, Tiffani posed in a two-piece set consisting of a bikini top and high-waisted shorts. Although this outfit was neon and had a loud print on the shorts, it made Tiffani look super innocent.

Added in with her sweet smile and a scrunchie, this captured a sweet side of Tiffani. It made her approachable and gave her a fun persona. She was a bit like the girl next door in this outfit, which made hearts skip a beat around the world. Just cut Zach and the picture is perfect.

11 Such A Sweet Face

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Tiffani always had a pleasant smile on her face. It often felt like a real smile, not a forced one for the cameras. Overall, Tiffani had a very sweet and approachable face. Her eyes were stunning shades of blue, possibly hazel, that looked welcoming and unjudging. Tiffani has sweet cherub cheeks with dimples that could rival even the cutest baby.

All of this, plus an authentic smile make her look and seem sweet as pie. This image specifically spoke to her sweetness, as she also wore a modest outfit of shorts, a white oversized t-shirt and an open vest. It was a young and fun look that people loved. No one likes to imagine that their celebrity crush is mean, so the sweeter the image, the better!

10 The Crop Top Seen Around The World Made Our Hearts Flutter

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As the Saved By The Bell gang got older, so did their looks. Tiffani chopped all of her hair off into a chin length bob, helping her look older. In this shot from her wedding to Zach, Tiffani’s character Kelly looked stunning. She wore a printed sarong-styled maxi skirt paired with a black crop top. That little mid of midsection made our hearts race.

She looked older, sophisticated and edgy all at once, while still looking approachable. This older look helped her grow with her fan base and really helped grow her character. Tiffani was acting older and more mature, requiring a change of style. It worked in her favor! The best thing is, she never lost that smile.

9 Tiffani With Her Girl Squad Proved She Was Nice Enough For Us

Tiffani was one out of three of the main girls on Saved By The Bell. This trio of girls was always photographed together and were often featured in plot points together, depicting the realities of growing up and being in high school together. This picture shows each member of her girl squad.

Despite having two other beautiful ladies in the picture, Tiffani still stood out. Her white-based outfit contrasted the outfits of the other two. With a cropped halter top and matching pants, Tiffani showed just the right amount of skin to be modest, but still made jaws drop. She looked fit and tan, the equivalent of “tall, dark and handsome,” but for women. She looked comfortable, which helped her look less posed and more like a real person in this photo.

8 Even As A Blonde, Tiffani Took Our Breath Away

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When Tiffani started doing Beverly Hills, 90210, a lot changed. Her character was much different than Kelly, which is what most people were used to. She took on a bit of an edgier role and was often depicted in group pictures as dark and moody. She stepped out one day with new blonde hair, a huge contract to her dark brown hair that everyone had known her for. She pulled this hair style off fabulously.

It made her piercing eyes stand out even more, like they were being highlighted by her hair. It even made her smile seem more vibrant. Although some people say brunette over blondes, many people made an exception for Tiffani’s new look. It was like a new Tiffani had emerged. People loved it.

7 In This Moment, We All Wanted To Be Zach

Many people started shipping characters in television shows and books before the term shipping even existed. Many people’s one true pair consisted of Kelly and Zach on Saved By The Bell. This picture simultaneously broke hearts and made hearts sing. Tiffani looked flawless in this pink outfit and showed off her long and beautiful brown hair.

Her character being with Zach made some people jealous but made other people scream with excitement. Many people who had crushes on Tiffani wished that they could be in Zach’s shoes. Lip-locking with Tiffani would have been a dream come true for most of these heartbroken fans. Sometimes, it is hard to separate fiction from reality, especially when you have an extreme crush. However, Zach and Kelly were meant to be!

6 She Was The Lifeguard We Needed To Save Us

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No one ever wants to need a lifeguard. We have seen shows that show us the dangers of the waters and how lifeguards can have an impossible job. This picture, however, made many people want to need a lifeguard. Tiffani looked amazing in her one-piece teal bathing suit. The suit fit her perfectly and showed off her lean muscles.

She accessorized with a charming smile and this picture became a fixture in many people’s minds. She looked absolutely stunning. It is difficult to wear a bathing suit and look good, but Tiffani made it look effortless. She even looked like her typical happy self. She became the envy of many. This was a poster we know people put up in their rooms through the ’90s.

5 Tiffani As A Bride Made Hearts Around The World Weep

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When the person that you love gets married, it can be a heartbreaking experience if they are not marrying you. Although Tiffani’s wedding to Zach was fictional and it involved her character, Kelly, many people felt a sense of disappointment that their crush was off the market.

Many people saw her in her beautiful white gown and wished that they were at the other end of the aisle, waiting for her to walk to them. She showed off her playful side with frosting on her finger, threatening her husband with a face full of frosting. While this ended the dream for some, it enhanced it for others. Now they could imagine being her spouse and feeding her cake during their wedding reception. The dreams and crushes spiraled from there.

4 Tiffani As Valerie Changed Her Entire Look

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Tiffani went from the sweetheart on Saved By The Bell to the rebel girl on Beverly Hills, 90210. Again, Tiffani got to play up the grunge and alternative rock part of the ’90s for this role. This picture shows her with her love interest on the show. She is pictured in boyfriend jeans and a black vest, with her dark brown hair at shoulder length and wavy.

This is a huge difference from her character, Kelly, showing that Tiffani could do it all. Some people who have crushes on her prefer one character over the other, but she looked fantastic as both characters. This was one of the first images without her signature smile, making this role more mature and serious. Now, the bad boys could have her, too!

3 Her Eyes Pierced Our Souls

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It was not often that the world got a close-up picture of Tiffani Thiessen. This picture came around the time of Beverly Hills, 90210. Her hair was cut to right above her shoulders and was much sleeker than it had been in her role as Kelly on Saved By The Bell. She featured a more serious look in the picture, with a nude pout on her face. What really popped in this picture were her eyes.

Her eye color seemed to change a lot, but was always a light shade. In this picture, her eyes seem to be a light hazel. They stare right into the soul of the person viewing the picture. For some, this picture caused a love at first sight vibe. Tiffani looked like a girl from a young adult’s dream.

2 She Was Made For Any Hairstyle And Any Outfit

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As Tiffani got older, she changed her look more frequently. She had more creative freedom with her look. This photo was not a promotion for any of her television shows, capturing her true essence. In her cropped red sweater and washed out jeans, she looked like a true ’90s dream. This image really captured her.

We finally saw her smiling again and it was a true smile. It also featured a new hairstyle and length on her. Her brown hair was cut about chin length and flipped over her head in a casual, messy look. She looked more suitable for the adult fans and was a great, natural look for her. People saw her as more than just an actress in this photo.

1 She’s Still A Heartthrob Today

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Fast forward two decades and Tiffani is still looking amazing as ever. Now a mother, Tiffani continues to act and to include her kids in appearances. She has a new show called Alexa and Katie premiering soon, in which she plays a parental figure.

Now that many Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hill, 90210 fans have gotten older, they can appreciate a working mother that is taking roles that fit her age. Even the kids in their 20s are talking about how gorgeous she looks, especially since she still looks so young.

Not everyone can pull off animal print, but Tiffani looks flawless and fit! She continues to impress people with her acting and cooking skills and while balancing real life and family. She is a class act!

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