21 Pics Of The Kardashians That Give Us An Inside Look At Their Real Lives

The Kardashians never fail to impress us with their glamorous lives. On social media, they’re always flaunting their new, luxury purchases, designer cars and gadgets, and the elaborate places that they visit. It seems like they’re flying somewhere new every weekend, in their private planes no less. All in all, being a Kardashian seems to mean living in the lap of luxury, and we could certainly get used to that.

With that being said, social media definitely doesn’t tell us everything about celebrities’ lives. There are tons of things that happen behind-the-scenes that fans may be surprised to learn about their favourite stars. At the end of the day, most celebrities, the Kardashians included, are actually pretty normal, and even relatable. Who would have thought!

The photos that made this list all show the realities of what it means to be a Kardashian, and will give you more insight into the famous family. From chowing down on junk food, fooling the camera with helpful shape wear, or just having a big breakdown, the Kardashians have proved that they’re just like us time and time again. Well, just like us except with a ton of extra money to spare. We’re still pretty similar, right?

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21 They Can't Stay Away From McDonald's, Even When They Travel

via instagram.com

Given how body-conscious they are, fans tend to think that the Kardashians stay away from all things considered fast food. But, then lo and behold, Kim snapped this glorious photo on a trip to Japan last fall. The reality star must have been a sight to see as she waltzed into the burger joint with her infamous pink hair and bodycon outfit. Kim kind of looked like a tourist in her puffy jacket, baseball hat, and matching grey leggings, but we’d be able to spot that booty from a mile away. While no one has been able to confirm what Kim ordered while at McD’s (if anything at all), it’s reassuring knowing that even the Kardashians have to give into their greasy cravings every now and then.

20 They Pump Their Own Gas

via people.com

Fans tend to assume that the Kardashians have someone to do everything for them. Between their personal assistants, managers, personal trainer, life coach, publicist, beauty team, chef, and everything else in between, you’d think this famous family could find someone to pump their gas. But here is this photo proving us wrong! In this pic, Kim looks all dressed up to go to a red carpet event or interview, though she still had to make time to fuel up on her car.

A quick Google search will reveal that there have been tons times the reality star has been spotted pumping her own gas, including times she’s been in cocktail dresses and even when she was heavily pregnant.

Who would have thought!

19 They Binge Out On Carbs

via Mirror

It seems that all of the Kardashian sisters have told us at one time or another the lengths they go to maintain their figure, including the strict diets they restrict themselves to. And, in most cases, those diets mean cutting our cards. But this photo is proof that the Kardashian women haven’t forbidden carbs altogether!

During an episode of KUWTK, Khloe, Kim, and their BFF Jonathan Cheban got take-out pizza and age it greedily in their car. It was refreshing to see the sisters digging into a greasy meal without complaining about their figures. Of course you have to be careful about what you eat if you want to stay at a certain weight, but it’s nice to know these famous ladies don’t go overboard with it.

18 They Get Flooded By The Paparazzi

via radaronline.com

Everyone knows that the paparazzi is relentless when it comes to snapping photographs of the Kardashian Klan. But many fans don’t realize just how crazy the media attention is for the famous family. This photo shows how there are literally dozens of reports swarming around Kim as she tries to make her way into an event.

The celeb is all dolled up in her floor-length gown and stilettos, but the paparazzi will barely give her any room to breathe.

And, despite having an army of security, it looks like they can do little to prevent the crowd from closing in on Kim. Could you imagine having this much paparazzi following you on the daily?

17 They're Always Trying Some New Beauty Treatment

via pinterest.com

If there’s one thing the Kardashians are known for, it’s their vanity. The famous family isn’t afraid to dish on the lengths they’ll go to maintain their beauty and youthfulness. On KUWTK, Kim has given fans an inside scoop one some of the regular beauty treatments she gets done. Both she and her sisters have been subjected to tons of beauty mod rumours over the years. The girls get so much work done, it seems like they’re going in for a new procedure every week. Beauty is pain, as they say!

16 They Like To Let Loose

via Mirror

Nowadays, the Kardashians are a bit more careful about when they’re photographed partying in public. But, before they became uber famous, both Kim and Kourtney were known as party girls around Hollywood. There are tons of pics floating around of the sisters, just like this one, that show them partying with fellow A-listers, including Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton. Actually, Paris and Kim used to be pretty good friends before the latter became a household name, and they were often photographed partying together. However, sources say that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters have all agreed to never be photographed in public wasted, thanks to Mama Kris’ excellent PR skills.

15 They Don't Always Stick To Their Diets

via Wetpaint

Kourtney is the biggest health nut in the family, often proclaiming to her fans how she only uses organic ingredients when it comes to feeding her family. Many fans have lamented about how boring her three kids’ taste pallets must be after only eating Kourtney-approved food, which sounds like it includes a lot of vegetables and bran. However, pictures like this prove that they're not afraid to break their diet now and again. There's even a photo of healthy-freak Kourt chowing down on a couple bags of chips alongside her daughter Penelope. And in bed, might we add. Maybe the Kardashians aren’t as health-conscious as we always thought.

14 They Use The Help Of Spanx

via hollywoodlife.com

The Kardashians are famous for their curvy figures, and it’s a known fact that they like to brand their bodies as au natural. None of the girls have admitted to doing anything to enhance their curvy backsides, and only Kourtney has admitted to "improving" her cleavage. The sisters won’t even go so far as to admit when they’re wearing shape wear or not. But this photo proves that even the Kardashians can’t resist getting a bit of help from Spanx. Though Kim’s body was absolutely rocking in this white skirt, it was clear she was wearing a pair of biker Spanx underneath to keep everything in place. Considering that many ladies like using shape wear under certain tight outfits, who are we to judge Kim?

13 They Don't Always Look Picture-Perfect

via dailymail.co.uk

It seems like every photo published of the Kardashians shows them looking absolutely flawless. So, it was actually refreshing to see this realistic photo of Khloe that was published when she was a few months pregnant with her daughter, True. Many fans unkindly pointed out how frumpy the star looked in this velour tracksuit, and that her backside looked larger than normal. Khloe actually went out of her way to respond to the unflattering series of photos online, telling her fans she couldn’t wait to hit the gym up once she gave birth. Hey, Khloe still looks better than 99% of the population, even when caught in a bad angle!

12 They Spend Hours On Their Makeup

via pinterest.com

We can only imagine how many hours the Kardashians put into their hair and makeup on the daily, especially if they have a red carpet to attend. All the sisters have confirmed that they each have a beauty team that will work on them for hours prior to a special event. They’ll have people doing everything from applying their makeup to styling their hair to doing their nails — and all at the same time! This picture shows how chaotic, yet glamorous, it must be to be a Kardashian getting all dolled up to step out in front of the cameras. As thrilling as it must be to do it once, we can imagine it getting old quickly if this becomes your daily ritual.

11 They Have To Deal With "Normal" Beauty Issues, Just Like Us

via pinterest.com

Given that they have access to some of the most expensive skin care in the world, we’ve come to expect that the Kardashians must have flawless skin 24/7. But it turns out that even the most well-connected celebs can stills struggle with acne. Kendall has been called out several times in the media for her pimples and acne scaring. The supermodel is usually able to conceal her impurities with makeup and the help of filters, but whenever she goes au natural, its clear that her skin isn’t completely perfect. Though we’re sure Kendall hates the public pointing out her flaws, we think its refreshing to know that not even the Kardashians have perfect skin. Besides, acne or not, Kendall is still smoking.

10 They Do Things On Their Own, Too

via dailymail.co.uk

We’ve already mentioned that most fans expect the Kardashians to have people who do everything for them, including lug around their bags at the airport. Isn’t there some sort of VIP treatment if you’re famous? Evidently there isn’t, because there have been tons of times the Kardashians are picture carrying their own luggage around the airport. In this recent photo, Khloe was seen balancing her Hermes on one arm and her massive suitcase on another. Whether Khloe is just down-to-Earth or there were no airport personnel to assist her, we’re not sure. But it’s nice knowing that even celebs have to deal with the pain of carrying suitcases!

9 They Take Unflattering Selfies

via weheartit.com

Kim K is the indisputable queen of selfies, but this photo is proof that even she can take a bad selfie. In this pic, Kim posted next to her big sister Kourtney with a big smile on her face, even though both girls were sporting cringe-worthy tans. Kim’s was so bad that we can actually see the line around which her sunglasses were protecting her.

Nowadays, we’re confident that Kim wouldn’t leave her house if there was something off about her look, let alone snap a selfie and post it for her fans to see.

Then again, the Kardashians probably have a whole collection of embarrassing pics that are meaningful, they just wouldn’t want them shared with the public!

8 Their Kids Aren't Always Graceful

via splashnews.com

Anyone who’s raised a toddler knows that they don’t stay well behaved for more than 15 minutes. So, fans have always wondered how the Kardashians get their large brood of kiddos to act so prim and proper for the cameras all the time. Well, it sounds like the Kardashians just know how to fake it (or how to edit it something to their liking), since this photo is proof that Kardashian kids aren’t as graceful as one might think. In this candid shot, poor Penelope slips and falls on her way to her car as mom Kourtney walks on. This hilarious shot actually got turned into a set of memes, which explains why the Kardashians hate it when awkward pics like this get published.

7 They Spend Hours At The Gym

via instagram.com

Sure, the Kardashians have some very good genes, but the sisters are adamant that it takes a lot of time in the gym to maintain their enviable figures, too. Sources have claimed the girls will spend upwards of 3 to 4 hours per day at the gym if they’re trying to get toned for a specific event, in addition to their strict diets. Khloe has undergone the biggest body transformation in the past few years, dropping an estimate 40 pounds since the beginning. The star is no stranger to posting workout selfies like this one, showing her fans just how hard she works to get her rocking body. It’s hard work being a Kardashian.

6 They Take The Kids Out To Eat

via pinterest.com

No, the Kardashians don’t just tuck their kids in with the nannies when night comes. It turns out the family actually does go out after dusk for family-friendly activities, like grabbing a bite to eat. Grandma Kris looked relatable AF when she was photographed entertaining her granddaughters Penelope and North as they enjoyed a meal together. Though the famous Momager looked happy, she also looked a bit frazzled while trying to keep the kids from misbehaving (and making sure they ate their food). But, given that she raised six kids herself, this is probably a walk in the park for this alumnus.

5 Their Kids Have Tantrums In Public

via Hollywood Life

Here’s another pic proving the Kardashian kiddos aren’t as well behaved as their parents like to make it seem! No one can forget the time 2-year old North West threw a fit in the front row of New York Fashion Week. The toddler and her parents had arrived at the event in matching all-black outfits, but it didn’t take long for their little one to start acting up. At one point, the paparazzi caught Kim having to exit the runway because Nori was making too much of a scene. Despite North’s meltdown, many fans commended Kim and Kanye for staying calm during her tantrum, proving that they’re actually awesome parents. In this photo, North is having another tantrum, but Kim seems composed. You can't exactly blame North for freaking out with all these people surrounding her and snapping pictures.

4 They Get Emotional Sometimes

via Kardashians - Trendolizer

Just because you live life in Hollywood doesn’t mean it's perfect! There have been plenty of times the Kardashians have broken down on camera due to the drama happening in their lives. And, boy, do they always have drama. In this particular photo, Kim was breaking down in front of KUWTK cameras during her first vacation following her Paris robbery. The celeb was on the phone with her sister explaining that she still felt unsafe following the harrowing incident. From allegations of feuds between family members and sentimental moments, there have been tons of times the Kardashians have cried in front of the camera for fans to see.

3 Their Looks Are Important For Their Career

via instagram

Given that the family became famous for their shapely bodies, it’s no surprise the Kardashians now put so much emphasis on their looks. Many fans have pointed out that their fame would likely fade away if the girls weren’t able to maintain their striking looks that made them so famous in the first place.

As a result, sources say the sisters spend hours in front of the mirror before making a public appearance.

Their vanity has gotten to the point that they’re scared to be seen in public without makeup on. But, given how harsh the media has been when photos are published of a Kardashian au natural, we can’t say we blame them.

2 They Treat Themselves To Sweets

via People

We’re pretty sure that the Kardashians coordinate their public image to the point where they make sure no one is photographing them eating. The point is, it’s rare to find a pic of the sisters chowing down on something tasty (and, no, kale is not considered tasty). But this photo proves that the girls treat themselves to something sweet at least once and a while! We've seen Kim grab a soft ice cream a few times, but we were surprised to see Kourtney actually chowing down on something sweet, considering she's so health-conscious. Though we doubt the girls would be pictured in the same pose nowadays, it’s good to know that cake isn’t forbidden in their healthy households.

1 They're Not Always Selfie Ready

via instagram.com

Let’s be honest, the only photos the Kardashians will post online are the good ones — probably the only one they liked out of a selection of a hundred, and one that has been carefully edited and posed for. That’s what we’ve come to expect of the Kardashians, at the very least. But this candid shot of Kim with her niece Dream proves that the Klan isn’t always selfie ready. Dream was clearly not in a good mood when she shot this pic, but we love that the family decided to share it anyways. It turns out the Kardashians are more relatable than we ever thought!

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