21 Pics Of Celebs Who Look Stunning In Workout Gear

It's no secret that looking amazing is a huge part of a celebrity's job. Whether they're showing off their toned physique in a performance on stage, in a photo shoot, or on camera, they want to look their best at all times. So, the vast majority of celebrities have some kind of workout routine. Yes, there are some who are more naturally slim and don't have to work quite as hard, opting for yoga and things like that rather than hardcore cardio to melt the fat, but almost all of them are active in some way or another.

Now, for most of us regular humans, it's easy to feel a little less than glamorous when you're in your workout gear. After all, it may not look the same on you as it does on the fitness models who advertise it, and when you're leaving the gym all sweaty, forget it — you feel utterly gross. However, it seems that celebrities don't really have to worry about that — most of them look absolutely amazing in workout gear. In fact, if we were them, we would just live in our sports bra and leggings and show off that body!

Here are 21 celebs who look smokin' hot in workout gear.

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21 Gigi Hadid, strutting her stuff post-sweat session

via: pinterest.com

Gigi Hadid pretty much always looks flawless — there's a reason that she's a model, after all. The camera just seems to love her, whether she's posing while all glammed up or just captured by the paparazzi while she's out and about. Her workout gear here is pretty simple — black leggings and a sports bra. While it's definitely a cute look for the gym, it's a bit much for wearing out and about on the street, so she topped it off with a black coat to combat the chill. The result is so chic it could very easily be on the runway. You get to see her toned abs without feeling like she has too much skin on display, and we love her sunglasses and hair thrown into a messy bun.

20 Demi Lovato showing off the curves she works so hard for

via: instagram.com

Demi Lovato has gone through her fair share of struggles over the years when it comes to her body image and habits. After struggling with addiction and an eating disorder for years, she's finally starting to come out the other end, healthy and happy — and we absolutely love this version of Demi. She's no longer trying to starve herself or practice harmful habits in order to fit a certain size. Instead, she's learning to take care of her body, to stay active and fuel it properly without beating herself up just because it's not magazine perfect. She's become totally passionate about getting her sweat on, and we absolutely love this look — high waisted leggings, a cute sporty cropped tee, and a hint of a bright pink sports bra? Amazing — we'd wear this in a heartbeat.

19 Jenna Dewan Tatum with her insane dancer's body

via: shape.com

Jenna Dewan Tatum got her start as a dancer before she ever decided to venture into acting, so it makes sense that she's always had a toned physique. She knows how to fuel her body with healthy foods, and she makes staying active a priority. Plus, when your hubby is Channing Tatum, you probably want to bring your A-game, right? This workout look proves that she's a lot less high maintenance when it comes to her workout clothes than we thought. We imagined she'd rock gear from her dancer days, or some crazy outfit that showcased her physique, but instead, she's opted for plain leggings with a little detail to add visual interest and a soft grey v-neck shirt. This is totally something we can imagine wearing to the gym ourselves.

18 Ashley Tisdale taking a pre-workout selfie (we've all done it)

via: cosmopolitan.com

Ashley Tisdale has stepped away from the spotlight a little bit now that she's no longer a Disney channel staple, but the young starlet still has plenty of years ahead of her and plenty of opportunities to decide which direction she wants to take her career. While she's definitely able to pursue acting or music — or both — we have to wonder if she has ever considered going into the fitness world. She obviously makes working out a priority, and she looks totally amazing in workout gear. It takes a bold woman to rock just a skimpy sports bra and leggings in a workout session, and we admire her guts — and her adorable pink shoes. The fact that she took a pre-workout selfie rather than post-workout tells us she's about to get some serious sweating done.

17 Kourtney Kardashian showing off her insane physique — and insane closet

via: instagram.com

Khloe may be the Kardashian sister best known for her time in the gym now, but once upon a time, Kourtney was the Kardashian who was all about health and fitness. She's never been overweight — she was always the most petite of the sisters — but she's made it a priority to keep her physique up over the years, despite having children and leading a busy life. Now, she may not have taken us on a tour of her workout clothing closet like Khloe did, but she obviously has quite a few cute pieces to slip into when it comes to getting her sweat on. You can never go wrong with an all-black workout outfit — just like a little black dress, it's just always chic, flattering and perfect for any occasion, from a solo workout to a group class.

16 Julianne Hough looking fierce in her all-black outfit

via: celebmafia.com

We're not sure exactly what it is about an all-black workout outfit that inspires so many celebrities, but you'll spot this combo again and again. Perhaps they want to blend in at whatever gym or studio they're heading to, or perhaps they just feel powerful and unstoppable when they're clad head to toe in black. Hey, not everyone loves wearing shades of neon, even to the gym! Julianne Hough is known for her amazing physique — all those years as a dancer definitely sculpted every part of her body — and even though she's been branching out to other parts of the entertainment industry, she makes sure to keep her fitness routine up. This legging and crop top combo may be simple, but on her, it looks totally amazing — we even love the retro sunnies.

15 Kylie Jenner in a crop top/yoga pant combo that shows off all her curves

via: yeahceleb.wordpress.com

Kylie Jenner seems to wear workout gear out and about while she's running errands more often than to the actual gym, but hey — if you feel confident in it, why not? This matching crop top and leggings combo in a shade of grey with neon green detailing has some major retro vibes that definitely go with Kylie's curves. Rather than rocking a gym bag, she's holding a purse and smoothie, so either she just doesn't bother bringing a gym bag to wherever she trains, or she just went to get a smoothie in the outfit she was lounging around in at home. Hey, no judgment here — and when you look this amazing in workout gear, why not wear it all the time? We have a feeling she may borrow pieces from Khloe's fitness closet more often than Khloe knows!

14 The infamous Jennifer Lawrence yoga pants shot

via: youtube.com

Jennifer Lawrence isn't an actress who's particularly known for her passion for fitness. In fact, she's always been vocal about having a more 'real' body by Hollywood standards, and the fact that she's totally okay with that. However, she has taken on several roles that require her to look a certain way, so she's definitely no stranger to the gym. We're not sure if she was coming from the gym in this photo or if this was just what she was wearing around town to run errands, but one thing is for sure — the world because totally obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence in workout gear. I mean, who knew a pair of simple black leggings and a grey tank could look so good? Lawrence doesn't wear super revealing clothes very often, so we often forget how amazing her physique really is.

13 Rihanna looking like a straight up queen in this ensemble

via: mutually.com

Okay, we know she's got her hands full with her wildly successful Fenty Beauty brand lately, but we kind of hope that Rihanna decides to expand into the world of activewear at some point. We have a feeling the pieces she came up with would not only be functional and chic, they'd have some major edge and style to them as well. Her own choice of workout gear proves that perfectly. She's opted for a formfitting pair of grey leggings and a grey long-sleeved crop top, both with some lettering and print — and she looks absolutely amazing. Given that she's rocking a red lip, real purse, and loose hair, we have a feeling this was just the outfit she picked to wear out and about, but who knows — maybe this is how amazing she looks after working out.

12 Jennifer Lopez with a body so amazing we can't even handle it

via: pinterest.com

Okay, seriously — we know Jennifer Lopez has released some supplements and things like that over the years, but the woman really needs to work on a full nutrition plan and workout guide that helps explain how on earth she is literally aging backwards. Her body has always looked incredible, but it seems to just get better with age. However, we do take comfort in the fact that she's admitted it's not just natural, a physique earned by laying on the couch and eating ice cream. She's been outspoken about the fact that she definitely works hard to maintain her insane body, and makes fitness a big part of her life. That's how she's able to stay on top of her game and keep performing, even though she's no longer a 20-something starlet.

11 Alessandra Ambrosio, working on her Angel abs

via: cosmopolitan.com

Alessandra Ambrosio is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret, where she's stripped down to lingerie on the regular. So, it makes sense that she would want to ensure her body is always looking its best — you never know when they'll whisk you away to a photo shoot to model lingerie or swimwear. Ambrosio is a mom now, but you'd never be able to tell based on how insane her body is. This outfit is super simple — black leggings, a pale blue sports bra peeking out, and a grey tank that she's tucked into her leggings in a way that is totally chic. But, it totally works — she's definitely rocking a model-off-duty vibe and looks absolutely amazing. No wonder Victoria's Secret loves to use her in their shoots so much!

10 Bella Hadid looking totally gym chic

via: cliqueinc.com

Just like her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid manages to look amazing in just about anything she wears, including workout gear. We're totally loving the retro vibes she has going on with this particular outfit. First of all, the pants — she's one of the few celebs we've spotted wearing track packs (although fairly fitted ones) rather than plain black leggings, which is refreshing. Then, of course, there's the cropped long sleeve tee, and the jacket tied around her waist that hints she had a full-on matching tracksuit outfit. So cute. The baseball cap is likely just to shield her from the paparazzi a bit, but it definitely works with the outfit as well. We absolutely love the fact that she's opted for something a little different than your standard tank and leggings combo.

9 Chrissy Teigen, burning off all those delectable dishes she whips up in the kitchen

via: whowhatwear.com

Chrissy Teigen definitely isn't the type of celebrity you'll find clocking endless hours at the gym — she'd much rather be in the kitchen, whipping up some decadent treat. However, as a model, she knows she has to keep her body looking a certain way, so she does make time to exercise enough that she's still swimsuit ready at all times. This simple outfit is super cute — we'd love to add that black and white sports bra to our collection — and we love the fact that she tossed a black leather jacket over it all rather than a typical sweater. It adds an edginess to the look that makes it seem like she could be going anywhere, not just to or from the gym. She looks totally amazing in this outfit.

8 Selena Gomez looking chic after SoulCycle

via: instyle.com

Even if you've never gone to a group fitness class in your life, chances are you know what SoulCycle is. The popular spinning workout is beloved by countless celebrities, and it seems that Selena Gomez is one of them. She was spotted by the paparazzi leaving a SoulCycle class, and her outfit is totally cute. She opted for a simple black sports bra and leggings combo — a look that seems to be favored by countless celebrities — and just tossed an open coat over it before she headed out onto the streets to continue with her day. Most people wouldn't feel comfortable rocking a sports bra out in public, but hey — when you're a celebrity and you have a body that amazing, may as well flaunt it, right? She looks incredible.

7 Hilary Duff looking totally gorgeous in coral

via: pinterest.com

One of the things we love most about Hilary Duff is that she's not a typical stick-thin starlet. She definitely has gone through some phases, including one where she majorly slimmed down in a way that didn't really look healthy, but she's since learned to embrace her natural curves. However, that doesn't mean she's cut fitness out of her life — on the contrary, she works hard to get that curvy body we all covet. While she's gone for fairly standard legging, we love that she got a bit more colorful with her choice of tank — and the cute layering she has going on here. That shade of coral looks amazing with her hair and skin, and she proves you can venture outside the realm of black and grey when it comes to workout gear.

6 Jessica Alba with the hottest mom bod out there

via: cosmopolitan.com

Jessica Alba may be a mom now, but that doesn't mean she's started to totally ignore her fitness routine. She's likely super busy, parenting and running a company and all that, but she makes fitness a priority in her life — and it shows. I mean, her body is literally incredible. We love the fact that she went with a neon orange sports bra for this look — it definitely livens up the plain black cropped leggings and grey tank. Although we have to hand it to her — something about the cut and material of that tank makes it look a whole lot chicer than your average athletic tank. Seriously, though — we'd really love to know all her secrets for staying in shape, because she looks absolutely amazing, year after year.

5 Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian looking fab in all black

via: dailymail.co.uk

When you have as many sisters as the Kardashian-Jenner family has, you basically always have a gym buddy. Sure, they all likely work out on their own on a regular basis, but when you're lacking motivation or just want someone to chat with between sets, why not bring your sister along? That seems to be what Khloe and Kourtney were thinking about this shot captured by the paparazzi. Both have opted for chic all black looks — Kourtney in a cute zipped sweater and teeny shorts that showcase her toned legs, and Khloe in leggings that show off her curves and a simple black tank. Both of these ladies are known for their passion for fitness, so it really just makes sense that they would hit the gym together from time to time.

4 Kendall Jenner working on her model physique

via: cosmopolitan.com

Kendall Jenner definitely has a different physique than the rest of her sisters, who have curvier figures, but that doesn't mean she skips the gym. After all, as a model, she needs to make sure her body is looking a certain way. We have a feeling she doesn't train as much with weights like Khloe does and instead opts for some basic cardio and light weights if any, but hey — any way you opt to move your body is beneficial to your health. While the straps might get a little irritating during your actual workout if they ride up or slide around, we kind of love this cropped top with the strappy details — it's definitely a different look, and it's always refreshing to see a new take on workout gear.

3 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking like she just stepped out of a shoot

via: pinterest.com

As someone who spends most of her time modeling lingerie and swimwear, it makes sense that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would make fitness part of her schedule. After all, she could very well be called up any day and told to book her plane tickets for a tropical shoot where she'll be showcasing skimpy swimwear. In this shot, Rosie seems to be leaving some kind of class — our super-sleuthing skills detect the words 'Ballet Bodies' scrawled on the door of the building behind her. That would explain why she's wearing flip-flops rather than sneakers — she likely did a workout barefoot or with grippy socks. We also totally love the cozy-looking hoodie she's tossed over what we presume must be a sports bra — so cute. We'd steal this outfit in a heartbeat.

2 Nina Dobrev looking totally stunning in a matching printed blue outfit

via: celebmafia.com

If you follow Nina Dobrev on Instagram, you'll know that the starlet is all about fun fitness classes with her friends. She's always down to take a dance workout class or anything fun like that where she can get her body moving and spend some time with her girlfriends. And, this shot proves that she definitely makes fitness a big part of her life — just look at that physique! She has a very slim body naturally, but all her workouts have added some curves to her frame that are totally amazing. If she ever decides to hang up her acting hat, perhaps she'll venture into the world of group fitness — we'd totally do a workout DVD led by Nina. I mean, who wouldn't want a body like that?

1 Kaley Cuoco taking a progress pic to check on her hard work

via: pinterest.com

Many celebrities go through seasons when it comes to their fitness regime — sometimes they're really into the gym, either for personal reasons or because they're prepping for a role, and sometimes they take it a little bit easier and focus on maintenance rather than achieving new physique goals. Kaley Cuoco definitely got way more into the gym in the past few years than she was when she was a teenage starlet just getting her start in Hollywood, and it shows. She's naturally slim, but her exercise regime has sculpted her body in a major way. She shared this shot where she's taking a selfie of herself, and to be honest, we'd totally be taking endless selfies if we looked this amazing in workout gear. Plus, that bright pink sports bra is so fun!

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