21 Pics Of Celebs Going To Prom With Their Fans

Most people think of prom as a quintessential high school experience, almost as important as getting your diploma. After all, countless teen movies or television shows feature the life milestone in memorable scenes, and there's always some kind of prom storyline. The internet circulates adorable tales of prom-posals, and it's basically a cultural phenomenon that you just can't escape.

Now, while celebrities are frequently on the guest list for all kinds of industry events and red carpet outings, there are quite a few celebrities who never actually got a chance to go to prom because they were too busy pursuing their dreams in the entertainment industry when they were that age. Then, there are celebrities who had a bad experience at prom, or just a not very memorable one. Either way, it seems to be a popular choice to travel back in time and hit up prom for the first (or second) time by a fan's side. That's right — while you may think that you'd never, ever have a shot at going on a date with a celebrity, many people have found success when asking them to a major event like a prom. After all, who wants to turn down a cute promposal?

Here are 21 celebs who went to prom with a fan — dreams do come true!

21 Kylie Jenner Got The Chance To Finally Attend A Prom — With Her BFF By Her Side

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Kylie Jenner has complained before about the fact that she didn't really get to have a normal high school experience thanks to her family's reality television empire. And, it seems that extends to prom — she never went to her own since she was homeschooled, given that she was insanely famous by the time she was in high school and would have very likely been hounded by her fellow classmates at any regular school. She got the opportunity to experience prom for the first time when she learned of Albert Ochoa's prom drama — his original prom date rejected him, so she stepped up and attended as his date (along with her BFF Jordyn Woods). That's right — Ochoa had not just one, but two gorgeous celebrities on his arm for prom night. Talk about a player!

20 Young Rihanna Made This Guy's Night

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Way back in the day, MTV had a prom-centric reality show by the name of Once Upon A Prom. And in one of the episodes, a student named Richard made it his goal to get Rihanna as his prom date. Now, RiRi was a rising star at the time and hadn't quite reached the stratospheric levels of popularity she has today. However, she was still a really big deal — and she ended up agreeing to go to prom with him! Rihanna was topping the charts with her first hit when she was still just a teenager, so she actually never got the chance to attend her own prom, so that evening was probably a fun change of pace from the regular hustle and bustle of fame for her (and how cute does she look in that dress?!)

19 Thanks To A Reality Show, Taylor Swift And Her BFF Headed To Prom In Alabama

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Given that her love songs are likely played at endless high school dances and proms, it's a little bit surprising that Taylor Swift never actually got to attend her own. That's because she was too busy touring the world and writing love ballads to get a corsage and head to prom in a limo of her own. However, MTV gave her a chance to experience prom with her BFF Abigail by her side as a fan's date. She ended up picking her date from a batch of fifty students who were dateless and looking to score a celebrity prom date, and senior Whit Wright ended up being the lucky guy. She attended the prom at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama — the perfect spot for her, given her country star status at the time!

18 Drake Ended Up Chaperoning His Cousin's Prom (Can You Imagine?)

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Just imagine you're a teen, rolling into your prom, you glance up and amidst the cheesy decorations and dim lighting you see... Drake. Well, for students heading to prom at a Memphis high school, that's the experience they had. It turns out that Drake decided to act as the chaperone of his fan and cousin Jalaah Moore. Now, Moore already had a date — she wasn't looking for Drake to be by her side all night — but we have to imagine bringing a huge superstar as a chaperone increased her street cred in a major way. Drake apparently secured a Rolls Royce for her to head to prom in style and hosted an after party for her and 400 of her closest friends. Talk about a majorly over the top prom experience!

17 Vanessa Hudgens Partied at Prom With This Brave Guy Battling A Serious Illness

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Battling a serious illness is obviously a huge struggle at any stage in your life, but we can't even imagine what it must feel like to be facing a serious diagnosis when all your friends are preparing for prom and just enjoying their carefree student lives. That's the situation that Cesar Guerrero was in — but his prom experience was brightened by a secret celebrity guest. It turns out that his prom was thrown by Sylmar High School and The Art of Elysium, a charity that Vanessa Hudgens has worked with over the years, so she decided to donate her time and attend prom on Guerrero's arm. He shared a few selfies with the caption "it was really nice getting to know you and to dance with you... it really meant a lot to me that you took your time off and come to my prom." Aww!

16 Tupac Answered A Fan Club Letter And Showed Up At This Girl's House For Prom

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Nowadays with the rise of social media, fan clubs aren't exactly all the rage. After all, if you really want to reach out to your favorite celebrity, you can send them a message on Instagram or Twitter (there's no guaranteeing they'll respond, but hey, you can try to slide into their DMs all you want). However, back in the day, the fan club was a real thing — if you were obsessed with a certain actor or musician, you were a member of their fan club, plain and simple. High school student Kia Chenelle decided to write a letter to Tupac's fan club in an attempt to get the world-famous rapper as her prom date — and to her surprise, he actually showed up! And not only that, he rolled up in style, in a limo, and gave her over $1,000 for her dress. Talk about a classy guy.

15 This Young Player Was Determined To Get A Celeb Prom Date — And He Did!

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We're pretty sure that students who attend high school in Beverly Hills are more celebrity savvy than your average student — after all, they're have a closer proximity to the entertainment industry than most teens. However, Jake Davidson wasn't content to rub elbows with celebrities at Beverly Hills restaurants — he wanted a celeb as his prom date. So, first, he reached out to Kate Upton — who unfortunately had to turn him down. The determined Davidson reached out to another supermodel, Nina Agdal, who agreed to come with him. There was a bit of a hiccup in his plan — no one over 21 was allowed into the prom, and since Nina was over 21, they had to dance outside. However, he can say he went to prom with a supermodel, which is more than most teens can say!

14 Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant, Who Was Just A Rising Star Student-Athlete, Took Singer Brandy

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This one is a total blast from the past. While Kobe Bryant is known today as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, a sports legend, back in the day he was just a 17-year-old student-athlete in search of a date to prom. Given his rising star status, he was granted the opportunity to attend the Essence Awards, where he ended up running into superstar actress and singer Brandy. So, he asked her to prom — and to his surprise, she said yes! Brandy became famous when she was still in her early teens, so she didn't exactly have the most normal high school experience, and she dished to TMZ that "I just felt like a normal 17-year-old. It was so much fun...I really needed to experience that, and I wouldn't if Kobe never asked me."

13 Mila Kunis Answered A Marine's Request And Accompanied Him To The Ball

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Okay, the Marine Corps Ball isn't exactly like a high school prom, but it's somewhat comparable — an occasion for individuals to get all dressed up and spend an evening together celebrating. So, when Sgt. Scott Moore was preparing for the ball, he decided to dream big when it came to his date and put together a video on YouTube in which he asked actress Mila Kunis to be his date. Perhaps to his surprise, she agreed to come — and the two apparently had a ball. Moore spilled about his experience to People, saying that the A-List actress wasn't a diva at all — she was "very nice and very respectful" and mentioned that "she gets credit and a lot of respect for coming here, not being part of his world and following through on her word." Go Mila!

12 Demi Lovato Went With Her Childhood Friend, Even Though She Was A Huge Star By Then

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Okay, this one is so cute we can barely handle it. Apparently, Demi Lovato made a promise to her childhood bestie Nolan Narddechia back in kindergarten that they'd go to prom together. When his prom rolled around, Lovato was already a huge superstar who had spent years touring the world and appearing on television shows and basically just being a huge deal in the entertainment industry. However, she didn't forget that promise she made all those years ago — she got a Rolls Royce for the evening, bought a gorgeous strapless red dress, and rolled into prom by Nolan's side. The fact that she honored a promise she made years and years ago, one that Nolan likely figured she'd forgotten all about, just makes us love Demi even more.

11 This Student Prom-Posed To Victoria Justice — And She Accepted!

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For students looking to get the attention of a celebrity today, making a YouTube video seems to be one of the most popular ways — and that's exactly what New Jersey teen Max Whitmore did back in 2013. He really wanted to go to prom with brunette bombshell Victoria Justice, so he put together a totally over the top 3-minute video promposal pleading his case. Justice just couldn't make his prom date work with her busy schedule, but she replied to his video and promised she'd make time to see him next time she was in New York — and that's exactly what she did! He may not have gotten the change to buy a corsage for her, but he got to show her around school, take a selfie or two, and then go to one of her shows later, which is pretty amazing.

10 Basketball Star Dwyane Wade Was A Slam Dunk As A Prom Date

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Based on what we see on his social media accounts, Dwyane Wade seems like a bit of a goofball. Sure, he's a total monster on the basketball court, and his skill and physique may make him seem majorly intimidating — but in reality, it seems that he's a far sweeter guy than he lets on. A Miami teen and huge Dwyane Wade fan made a YouTube promposal asking the basketball superstar to be her date to prom, and he initially declined. However, he ended up going to the prom and totally surprising her — and her reaction was beyond adorable. He shared some shots on social media with the caption "never be 2 scared to ask, they might just say yes."  He's got a point — what's the harm in giving something a shot?

9 Kellan Lutz Went To Prom With A Fan Who Previously Won A Video Chat Contest With Him

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Teenager Brianna Siciliano lucked out not just once, but twice, when it came to her favorite celeb Kellan Lutz. Apparently, the teen won a contest that gave her the opportunity to have a video chat with Hollywood heartthrob Kellan Lutz. They had a fun time chatting and kept in touch a bit afterward, and at some point when Brianna's prom was on the horizon, she must have decided to ask him if he'd go with her — and he agreed. She shared some photos on social media, and confessed on Twitter that "I'm considering this my first date ever fyi." Uh, if we had a date with a superstar celebrity, we'd totally consider it our first date ever too — although how on earth do you follow that up? Talk about pressure for the next guy!

8 Ronda Rousey Was Another Celeb Who Got A Marine Ball Invite — And Accepted!

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We're kind of not surprised that the Marine Corps Ball seems to be a hot destination for celebrities accompanying marines. After all, there are many celebrities who support the military in some way, often by traveling to bases around the world to perform or just meet the troops. So, when a marine gets the courage to ask a celebrity to the Marine Corps Ball, most of them say yes because, well, how do you say no? Cpl. Jarrod Haschert was apparently a huge fan of UFC champ Ronda Rousey, so he asked her to the ball — and she accepted! She later spilled the beans to TMZ, saying that the marine was "a real gentleman and a real sweetheart." Aww! We have to admit — we kind of always hope that the celebs end up totally falling for their fan. How cute would that be?

7 Reality Star Evelyn Lozada Experienced Her First Prom With A Fan

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Evelyn Lozada, who you may recognize from the reality show Basketball Wives, never had the opportunity to go to her own prom. It's not because she was famous at the time, as is the case with many celebs who miss their proms — she actually ended up missing her prom because she was pregnant at the time, and just didn't feel up to going. However, she got to experience her very first prom when a student in Bloomfield, Michigan, Anthony Nelson, reached out to her on Twitter and asked her to be his date. And she didn't just pretend to have fun — she was totally into it, gushing that "I've never had a corsage! You guys don't understand how HAPPY I was!" Too cute for words. We hope that it was everything Anthony dreamed of.

6 Katy Perry Crashed A Prom In Australia, Surprising Countless Fans

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Frankly, we're a little bit surprised that Katy Perry hasn't been prom-posed to several times by now — she's a major superstar, and majorly gorgeous! However, she definitely made some major fans in Australia when she decided to crash a high school prom. You see, a particular high school in Melbourne was having their prom at the same hotel Katy was staying at, so she wandered in and gave them all a huge shock. She performed a song live (Beyonce, obviously), took selfies with many of the students, and basically just gave them all a prom story to remember. I mean, can you imagine being able to tell the story of the time a huge superstar just showed up at your prom? Plus, she seemed to be having an absolute blast, which is pretty cute.

5 Justin Timberlake Was Yet Another Celeb Who Attended The Marine Corps Ball

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We're happy to say that it's not just male marines who manage to brave their nerves and send an invite to a celebrity — female Marines do it too, and combat instructor Kelsey De Santis got a pretty amazing response. She asked superstar Justin Timberlake to accompany her to the ball, and he surprised her by actually showing up as her date! The two seemed to have a fun evening together and took several selfies at the table — including this one of Justin Timberlake enjoying a nice drink or two throughout the course of the festivities. According to De Santis, JT was "a complete gentleman." Now, the only question is, did he get tipsy and end up performing a few old-school NSYNC songs? We'd love if that were true.

4 Justin Bieber's Prom Crashing Was Captured On Video

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Given how young Justin Bieber's typical fans are, we can only imagine the kind of chaos he would provoke by wandering into a prom. After all, that's basically his main demographic — teen girls! Back in 2015, after a day of recording, he ended up crashing the Chatsworth High School prom. The actual organizers were apparently not too pleased because Bieber and his crew allegedly went past security (plus they were worried it would be a security issue). Well... it kind of was a security issue, given that all the attendees basically lost their minds at the sight of the fedora-wearing pop star. He tweeted about his experience, saying "always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher" We can't imagine what some of those teen Beliebers must have felt like when he walked in.

3 Jason Derulo Was Yet Another Celeb Who Crashed A Prom

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Okay, let's get real for a second — proms aren't exactly the most amazing parties in the world. They're a little cheesy, and they're usually heavily chaperoned, and they're really just fun because you have the chance to celebrate with all your friends. That's why we're kind of surprised that so many celebrities decide to crash proms — but hey, maybe every now and then they want to be reassured of their fame or something? Jason Derulo apparently showed up out of the blue at the Culver City High School prom and had a total blast. He performed a few songs live for the attendees and even had the chance to announce the prom king and queen. One thing is for sure — those two will likely always remember the moment they were crowned by an actual celebrity.

2 Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Crashed A Prom Together

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Ah, to have been a fly on the wall at the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute prom back in 2009. Teen sensation Selena Gomez was apparently having a dinner party at the same location where the prom was taking place, and ended up crashing the prom afterward because, well, why not? She went back to her dinner party and left the students to enjoy their prom, but she ended up returning later in the evening with some of her friends, including fellow celeb Demi Lovato. While the actual students were probably totally jazzed they had the opportunity to party with celebrities, some of the prom organizers weren't exactly thrilled about the prom crashers and ended up asking Selena and Demi and their entourage to leave. Selena tweeted about the experience, saying "peeps I crashed a prom tonight and danced with a high school!! Amazing!! I finally had prom!"

1 After 2 Years, John Mayer Agreed To Attend Prom At A Pennsylvania School

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We're not sure exactly what it is about John Mayer that Pennsbury High School loves so much, but apparently, the school in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania had been trying to get the singer to attend prom for two years. Finally, in 2004, Mayer decided to take them up on the effort and headed to prom. He posed for a ton of pictures, did a short three-song set live for all the attendees, and gave them a prom experience they'd probably never forget. It just goes to show that it really never hurts to ask, even if you don't think something is realistic — it may take them two years, it may take them ten, but a celeb may eventually decide to reach out to fans and attend an event you never thought they'd bother with.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com, dailymail.co.uk, instagram.com, elle.com

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