21 Pictures Only Lonely Girls Would Post

Okay, ladies. Let's just be open and honest with ourselves for a minute here. We are all guilty of acting at least a little desperate or insecure on social media. It's easy to deny, but it isn't so easy to fool all the people who saw the evidence and who will never let us live it down. The truth is, we have all posted pictures with captions that reveal how bad things were in our lives at one point or another, and for a small majority of the women who do this, they actually keep doing it well into adulthood because they want the pity, they want the attention, and they want people to just look at them!

While this is super sad, and frankly, borderline pathetic, sometimes it's just too easy to give in! All it takes is one moment of weakness and suddenly our drama is online for the whole world to see. Don't believe us? Take a look at the evidence! It's all over social media - we couldn't escape it if we wanted to! To prove just how easy it is to post a pic revealing how desperate or insecure we are, here are twenty-three examples posted to places like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more:

21 Using A Snapchat Filter As Any Social Media Profile Pic


Does it get any more "look at me!" than this? Ladies, we get it, you're super cute and you love the attention you get when you post an okay pic of yourself enhanced with a Snapchat filter of a flower crown or those horrible dog muzzles and ears, but the truth is those filters are only cute to yourself. To the rest of us, we're just smiling and nodding while waiting for you to choose a normal pic that doesn't terrify little children. Girls who are desperate for attention are the only ones who bother posting these pics. Everyone else laughs at the filters, maybe shares them with a friend or family member, who also laughs, then they all get over it and move on to more important things. Now, it's your turn to move on, too.

20 Starbucks Drinkers


Is there booze in that drink or is she just really deep into her thoughts about pizza and whatever iced beverage is in that cup? We get it! You like Starbucks! It's your life and you can afford to spend $5+ each visit! Unless you're showing off a new drink combo, there's really no reason to post thousands of pictures of yourself holding a Starbucks drink. Half the people who enjoy the drinks aren't even really ordering coffee because, as any coffee drinker can tell you, the actual plain coffee is always disgusting from Starbucks. There isn't enough sugar or creamer in the world to change that and it's because the corporation is more interested in furthering itself with basic fruity beverages than it is with actually selling coffee. And you, women of Starbucks, are only helping them along.

19 Squad Goals


Okay, so you and your squad are hanging out, again, and you think it'd be super cute to snap a quick pic, again, to put on social media *yawn* again, and you think you're going to blow up your feed with tons of great pics of you and your best buddies and everyone will think you're so popular and you have so much fun!

Except that no one cares.

Unless you're on a trip out of town and enjoying something brand new and exciting, no one is going to bother giving your pic of you and your friends at Starbucks a second glance. If you really want to turn heads, try taking your girls out for something new, try dressing up for a themed party, and show what squad goals are really all about.

18 "I'm So Ugly"


"Oh no! I'm soooOOOoooo depressed right now and when I look in the mirror, all I see is my ugly face. I think I'll post my ugly mug on Facebook or Instagram to see how many people agree with me."


No one who truly feels disgusting would willingly post a bad picture of themselves on social media. In fact, the ones who post pictures with captions indicating they're ugly are actually just fishing for compliments. There's a reason their "ugly" pictures involve great hair, immaculate wing tips, the perfect filter and pristine lighting. These just might be the most desperate and insecure of the bunch! They just want attention and men, those who are equally desperate to be noticed, are the only ones who pretend to fall for this trick. Do yourself a favor and just admit you're pretty and you love the pic you just took!

17 Look At Me - I Mean Look At My Pet!


Caption about loving their pet: CheckWearing a tank-top or crop-top: CheckAngling the camera to show the pet (kinda) but mostly me: Check

These "look at my pet!" pics are either entirely of a pet or they're of a girl desperate for attention with her pet somewhere in the shot. Unless Fluffy is doing something super cute, it's unlikely this girl really wanted to show off her fuzzy buddy. These girls are more interested in using their pets as an excuse to get more "likes," "hearts" or followers. Don't be fooled by this desperate move! When a girl really wants you to check out her pet, she'll actually post a pic of said pet, and if she's in the picture, she'll be in the background because Fluffy is the one who deserves the spotlight.

16 Perfect Date Pics


Nothing says "we're in love" like pictures where both parties are looking at the camera, instead of each other, and they aren't even smiling. Yup, that's what relationship goals are, the perfect date where we spend more time posing for a camera than actually spending time with each other. Do you want to know what a real perfect date post looks like? They're usually ones where the other person isn't aware you're snapping a pic at all, or the only image is post-dated with something like the flowers he gave you, or the ticket stubs from the movie, or even the foil swan the swanky restaurant made out of your leftovers. Only insecure girls try to post pics proving she actually got a man to take her out for the night.

15 #NoFilter


"Oh my gosh! That girl looks so awesome! There's no way she got that pic without using some kind of filter! Oh, but wait! She put '#NoFilter' so she must be a really gifted photographer instead! Wow!" said no girl ever. No one is fooled by the whole "#NoFilter" tag, lady.

We're all filter experts, so if you try to say you're not using one today, you're going to be instantly caught. You know this, so why lie about it? 'Ain't no shame in the game! Just admit that you used whatever filter and that's how you got this gorgeous pic of yourself! Take the opportunity to teach the rest of us a little something about the filters you prefer and then do yourself a favor and move on!

14 The "No" Makeup Look


Much like #NoFilter, the whole #NoMakeup thing isn't working out when your face is as shiny as a light bulb. Suddenly having super dark, thick eyelashes doesn't come off as believable either. It's okay to show yourself with minimal makeup, but when you try to pretend you're not wearing any, you're going to get called out and the only one who looks dumb in the end is you. Either go without makeup and say nothing or go with makeup and say nothing. Unless you're in the midst of a cosmetics tutorial, there's really no reason to claim you are or are not wearing any makeup. Only insecure women do that. Don't show the world how insecure you are by lying about being makeup-free. Take the world head-on and flaunt that natural beauty without calling attention to it.

13 The New Car Pic


How many times have we been forced to witness a girl posing seductively with a car while she excitedly announces she just bought it? Or worse, the women who do a close-up of the car's brand to show off what she's got? The ultimate pics that really make a girl seem desperate and insecure are the ones with captions explaining she didn't actually go out and earn the car, but someone bought it for her. Yay! Someone has a sugar daddy, or someone is super spoiled! We don't care that you have a new car, Cindy, we just want to move on with our lives without looking at pics of you trying to look important or to gather as many "likes" as you can to fuel your insecure little ego.

12 Look At My Hair!


No one is looking at this girl's hair. Let's be honest ladies, when we really want someone to look at our hair, we'll pose at just the right angle to show off our most prized body part. This girl isn't exactly posing in a way that showcases her hair. She's got a very particular t-shirt choice and her eyes aren't saying "check out my perfect hair." Only insecure ladies have to try to point out their appeal to others. Don't be insecure - proudly post your good pics and don't lower yourself by bothering to caption it. By the way, this girl's hair really does look good. Too bad others like her have to resort to other, more specific, angles to get people to pay attention.

11 The Money Shot (Literally)


Ladies, don't get all crazy just because you got a little cash! Does this girl know how to do her makeup? Heck yes! But does she know how filthy money is? She's putting it against her lips and that's just nasty. On top of that, we know we aren't the only ones to notice that they're all a bunch of singles, right? If you're going to pretend you're rich, at least make the first few bills hundreds or twenties to make it look like you've got a lot in your hand. Realistically, though, it's only the girls who are trying to put on a show and who are desperate for attention that try to show off their money this way. They don't look cool or rich, they just look like they're trying too hard.

10 Look At My Stuff


How easy is it to get all dolled up then go stand next to a fancy car and claim you own it? It's not that difficult. In fact, there are tons of examples of men and women who claim they're rich and who say they've got it all when really they just know how to keep a social media presence and take advantage of every opportunity to pose next to anything that can be twisted into an impressive photo. It's mildly entertaining to see how people do this but ultimately, it's just sad to watch how desperately they run around trying to appear richer than they are. There's nothing wrong with having an average income, so don't fake it! As for those who really do have the money and the fancy stuff they pose with, please use your energy for something other than boasting!

9 False Sadness


There's nothing quite as telling as the "Help me, I'm sad" picture post. If you're really sad, you're lost in thought and just trying to deal with the situation. Sad people don't grab cameras and pose just right to appear to be super depressed. Girls who post these fake pics are the worst because they're not just screaming "Look at me, I'm desperate for attention and I'm super insecure!" but also because they're taking attention away from the people who could really use some help. The people who are actually reaching out for friendship or a shoulder to cry on are the ones who are calling you, texting you, not making their situations public on Instagram or Facebook. If you're one of the girls who like to post fake sadness pics, do us all a favor and just stop.

8 Well-Traveled


Firs, you went on a mini-vacation to the Bahamas and now you're embarking on a week-long cruise through the Hawaiian islands. We all love looking at your posts of really cool locations, but do you really need to post a picture of yourself waiting in line to board the ship? Or a photo of you smiling with absolutely nothing in the background? We're already following you on social media so we already know what your face looks like. Only insecure women take the attention off their breathtaking views and try to get the world to focus on their hair, makeup, "morning look" and other, equally boring, subjects. If you're a seasoned traveler, you know better than to take a ton of selfies. You're seeing the world! So show us too!

7 Going Out!


"Okay everybody, I'm going out, so to prove it, I'm going to snap a quick pic so you can see how cute I look! Alright, I'm getting in the car coz I'm going out! Better snap another pic! Oops, forgot my purse so I'm running back in. There it is on the counter, see it? Better take another picture!"

For the love of GOD, please stop!

We get it! You're going out! Again! We don't need a play-by-play and we definitely don't need to see what you look like every time you feel like running to the grocery store or to the club! Very little shows how desperate for attention a person is than a selfie accompanied by a caption about going out. If you're really excited about going out, take a second to show us the club you're at, not just how you looked before you got there!

6 I'm In Love!


We've all been in love at one time or another, so the desire to take a few couple pictures makes sense. Take a picture with your Romeo and proclaim your love to the heavens! But if your feed becomes nothing but pictures of the two of you, something is wrong. When all you see is a girl with her man, it says several things about her, including "I have no friends because my man is all I need right now," which of course, inevitably, turns into "I'm so heartbroken because I'm single now and I have no one!"

Ladies, it's okay to take pictures showing how in love you are but don't get all desperate to show off the one good relationship in your life. It's okay to keep your friends in the mix and it's definitely okay to take a break from public couples photos.

5 The Fake "Just Woke Up" Pic


Somehow you managed to contour your face, get some mascara on, and your hair magically looks like you just stepped out of a salon, but yeah, you totally just woke up. No one's buying it! When women wake up, they want to brush their teeth and comb their hair! They don't want the world to see what a mess they've become overnight! Some of us drool in our sleep! Some of us thrash around and our hair becomes a tangled nest! No one should sleep with makeup on, but if it happens by mistake it certainly won't look pristine by morning! Every woman who has to post a "just woke up" picture that makes her look amazing is screaming "I'm insecure so tell me I look pretty!"

4 The "Accidental" Selfie


"So I was playing with my phone and dropped it and when I tried to grab it, it totally just randomly took this amazing pic of me! Can you believe it!?"

No, we can't believe it. In fact, we don't believe it. It's rare to take an accidental picture, but when it does happen, the image is usually blurry, it shows that we're reaching out to catch it with a fearful expression on our faces, and we certainly aren't in some artsy pose. When you're desperate for attention and have run out of other options, the accidental selfie is where most girls turn. Don't do it! Be strong! Don't give in to the pressure to show off your good side with a fake "accidental selfie" post! You're better than this!

3 "So Bored"


More like "so boring!" There's a reason most dads tell their kids, "You're not bored, you're just boring." Like most dad-isms, it's true. When you're bored, it's because your creativity has run dry. There are literally millions of things you can do at any point of any day, so when you post a bored expression and a caption indicating you're bored, what you're really doing is saying, "I have nothing to offer so here, look at my face." Sound kind of sad and desperate for attention? Yeah, we think so, too. While everyone would love to believe they're photographers, sometimes some pictures just aren't worth posting. If you don't want to be seen as a desperate or insecure person, just remember to post genuine photos that really showcase what you like and who you are, not what you want people to believe you are. In the end, you'll be happier.

2 #Unloved


OMG, Skyler didn't notice I dyed my hair and I totally did it for him so now I have to turn to social media to post a super depressing pic so everyone knows how deeply I've been hurt today. Oh, boo-hoo. Listen, ladies, only desperately insecure women post depressing, tearful pics of themselves, and the super bad ones go as far as adding cryptic captions like "My life is over" without ever elaborating. These girls sit back and look to see who cares enough about them to comment or ask them what's wrong, but the bottom line is these girls are really just trying to find attention in the most annoying way possible. If you're really hurting about something, you don't turn to social media for attention, you turn to a close friend and seek actual help. Don't be this girl. It's just sad.

1 Look, Guys, I Got A New Shirt!


We all know the girl who gets super excited about something like a new shirt so she just has to take a pic of it but when she sends it to us, all we see is a hot mess of a woman who isn't really trying to show off her new purchase at all - she's only trying to show off herself. Ladies, nothing says "I'm desperate and insecure" like having to post pictures of one thing while showcasing another. Seriously, no one, and we mean NO ONE falls for that mess, so why lower yourself that way? If you want to look hot, then look hot. Don't try to pretend to be humble about it by half-heartedly trying to draw attention to something like a shirt that's barely in the pic.

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