21 Of The Highly Rated Honeymoon Destinations (According To Trip-Advisor)

We know that daydreaming about your wedding is fun—but what comes after could be even better. Your wedding is one special day to celebrate with all of your family and friends, but your honeymoon is a private vacation with the one you love. You get to go to your dream destination, you get to relax, you can fly off to Europe, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, wherever you want to go! It’s definitely one of the best trips that you will ever take. Because it’s all about celebrating you and the one you love most, and the bond you share between each other. What could be more beautiful than that?

Obviously, choosing where to go for your honeymoon is a major decision. You want to pick somewhere that will be romantic, luxurious, and relaxing. You don’t want this to be any old vacation—you want to go somewhere special and create memories that you will remember forever. But don’t worry—whether you’re in the planning phase or just daydreaming, we’re here to spark your imagination. We have plenty of great ideas ready for you! Here are 21 of the highest rated honeymoon destinations all over the world, according to TripAdvisor.

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21 Eagle Beach, Aruba: A Seaside Paradise


You may already know that Aruba is a gorgeous tropical island with plenty of amazing resorts for you and the love of your life to relax on your honeymoon. But which one do you pick? Where to stay on this beautiful island? According to TripAdvisor, Eagle Beach is the place to be. You’ll have access to unbelievable spas, restaurants with delicious food, and resorts that are for adults only—no kids running around on your honeymoon! Want to go kayaking or paddle boarding instead of laying on the beach? You can do plenty of water sports at Eagle Beach, too!

20 Waianae, Hawaii: A Hidden Gem


We don’t need to tell you that Hawaii is one of the best honeymoon spots in the world—but it’s not just one island! There are so many to choose from—where on earth do you go? Well, lucky for you, reviewers on Trip Advisor have spoken, and it looks like Waianae is the perfect place for your honeymoon. Waianae is on the island of Oahu. Whether you want to snorkel with dolphins, catch a few waves, spend your days splashing in the sea and just chilling out on the beach, Waianae is the place for you and your husband.

19 Paris, France: The City Of Love


Paris is by far one of the most romantic cities on earth! Naturally, it is a perfect choice for your honeymoon, and the reviews on Trip Advisor are here to back us up. There is simply no better city in Europe to enjoy your honeymoon. Do you dream of wandering through the Louvre? Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower and seeing the city from above? Eating macaroons, cheese, baguettes, and chocolates? You can do all of that and more in Paris, and we guarantee that you’ll be so in love with the city that you won’t want to leave!

18 Hermitage Bay, Antigua: A Famous Luxury Retreat


Hermitage Bay is no ordinary resort—this place truly has it all. It is world famous for reaching new levels of luxury. And according to the glowing reviews on Trip Advisor, Hermitage Bay truly lives up to all of the hype. You may just have to see it for yourself to believe it! Some reviewers even say that the food from Hermitage Bay is the best they’ve ever had. And that’s just the cherry on top of the glamorous suites, oceanfront views, welcoming staff, and the amazing sunsets you’ll be treated to every night. There’s no resort quite like it!

17 Puerto Del Carmen, Spain: A Coastal Escape

World Atlas

Spain is definitely a popular travel destination—the food, the beaches, the nightlife, and the incredible cultural all inspire travelers from across the world to visit. However, did you know that Spain isn’t just a stop on the backpacker trail—it can also be an incredible honeymoon destination? According to Trip Advisor, the best honeymoon destination in Spain is the Canary Islands—specifically Puerto del Carmen! Explore the grottos, spend hours on the sunny beaches, treat yourself to fresh Spanish seafood, spend all night out dancing with your new husband—honesty, what could be better for the honeymoon of your dreams?

16 Captiva Island, Florida: An Island Oasis


If you live in North America and you don’t want to fly so far away, why not look for a honeymoon destination that is a little bit closer to home? Captiva Island, right off the coast of Florida, may just be the right choice for you! It’s not quite as busy and popular as some of the well-known spots in the Florida Keys, so if you want something a bit quieter, it’s worth checking out. According to Trip Advisor, it’s a great choice for couples who want to rent a little cottage, cruise along the shore, and enjoy some peaceful evenings.

15 St. John, US Virgin Islands: Blue Seas, Clear Skies


Want to experience a lovely Caribbean getaway? St. John’s may just be the best choice for your honeymoon. As you can see, you’ll get to swim in crystal-clear waters, hike through the lush jungles, and perhaps even encounter some friendly local wildlife! According to Trip Advisor, honeymooning in St. John’s makes you feel like you’ve been whisked away into a dream—the locals are kind and friendly, the natural beauty is practically unparalleled, and you may find yourself wishing you could stay for another few weeks! It’s the kind of place that is truly hard to say goodbye to.

14 St. Simon’s Island, Georgia: Off The Beaten Path


When you think of Georgia, you may think that only Savannah and Atlanta are the must-see cities—but Georgia has a few hidden gems that many people overlook. According to the happy couples on Trip Advisor, St. Simon’s Island is one of them! This romantic destination is not to be missed. What will you find waiting for you at St. Simon’s? Miles and miles are wilderness, incredible Southern food served in cozy restaurants, candlelit evenings in your romantic accommodation, and the knowledge that you’re getting off the beaten path and trying something a little bit different for your honeymoon!

13 Coco Plum Cay, Belize: A Tropical Dream Come True


Belize is becoming a hot travel destination, especially for divers and nature lovers! But did you know that it also has a few honeymoon spots that rival some of the best Caribbean island resorts? It’s true—the secret is out! According to Trip Advisor, Coco Plum Cay is comparable to some of the most famous luxury resorts around. And the best part isn’t even the stunning views, the incomparable sunsets, or the unique accommodations—it’s the staff that greets you like a member of the family when you arrive and meets your every need until your honeymoon trip is over!

12 Koh Tao, Thailand: For Laid-Back Lovebirds


Want to turn your honeymoon into a true adventure? Why not consider the tiny Thai island Koh Tao? The only way to get to Koh Tao is by boat, so you may feel a little isolated from the rest of the world—but according to Trip Advisor, that’s exactly what makes this honeymoon destination so special! Koh Tao is the perfect spot for foodies, yogis, divers, and budget travelers who want to experience a little more luxury than you can find on mainland Thailand. If you and your husband are explorers at heart, Koh Tao might be the right destination for you!

11 Lake Arrowhead, California: Tucked Away In The Wilderness


Do you love visiting national parks, going camping, and spending time with your toes in the lake or hiking through the forest? Then maybe a beach resort is not the best choice for your honeymoon. Perhaps you might actually consider spending it somewhere like Lake Arrowhead, California. According to Trip Advisor, this is the best honeymoon spot for nature lovers! Lake Arrowhead is actually located right in the San Bernardino National Forest. You’ll be able to find solitude, to spend quiet evenings on the docks just listening to the wind blow through the trees, and to just be alone together.

10 Baros Island, Maldives: Every Couple's Dream Destination


You’ve probably seen plenty of pictures on the Maldives on Instagram—it seems to be every travel blogger’s favorite spot these days! And we can’t blame them—it’s known for being one of the most luxurious, romantic honeymoon destinations on the planet. According to Trip Advisor, the beauty of the Maldives is no myth—it is truly one of the most amazing places to spend your honeymoon. Can’t you just imagine spending two weeks in one of those cabins on the ocean, swimming right out the door and floating in the crystal clear waters? We can’t think of anything better!

9 Bruges, Belgium: A Quaint, Cozy City


Bruges is an unconventional honeymoon destination, but you would be amazed at the luxury that awaits. Reviews on Trip Advisor reveal that Bruges is definitely an overlooked honeymoon spot, and more couples should check it out! This small Belgian city is known for its charming aesthetic—it looks like a town in a Disney movie! And while you may not hear much about Belgian food, rest assured that it is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Now, doesn’t enjoying delicious Belgian chocolates at a gorgeous little cafe on the riverbanks sound super romantic? Start packing your bags now and get ready!

8 Capri, Italy: For The Cultured Couple


Another amazing European destination makes the list! Capri, Italy, is the perfect mix between warm, sunny beaches and Italian culture. You won’t want to stay at a mainstream resort—Capri is the place to book something a little more authentic. What does Trip Advisor have to say about all the perks of honeymooning in Capri? There are so many it’s hard to list them all! In addition to all of the incredible Italian food you’ll get to eat, you can visit famous sites like the Blue Grotto, cruise around the island, and, of course, lay on the beach and tan.

7 Folly Beach, South Carolina: Sunsets And Sandy Beaches


Folly Beach, South Carolina has been a beloved beach destination for decades! If you haven’t heard of it, we’ll let you in on what the just-married couples on Trip Advisor have to say about spending their honeymoon at this beach. On Folly Beach, you have miles and miles of beach, where you can go surfing, take eco tours, or hang out on the boardwalk. Want to have fresh, local seafood every night with an oceanfront view? Well, at Folly Beach, you can do that! Just imagine strolling down the beach watching a colorful sunset with the love of your life.

6 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: For Fun-Loving Free Spirits


You might assume that Punta Cana, a popular resort area in the Dominican Republic, is just for crazy college kids on spring break—but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are plenty of high-end resorts in this area that are quieter, calmer, and much more romantic—perfect for couples on their honeymoon! According to Trip Advisor, couples in Punta Cana can enjoy horse back riding along the beach, leisurely yoga classes with views of the water, wonderful island style accommodations, and most importantly, locals who just want to make sure that you fall in love with the island!

5 Ubud, Indonesia: Eat, Pray, Fall In Love


Did you know that the small collection of villages known as Ubud, Indonesia, became famous when it was featured in the film Eat, Pray, Love? Well, clearly it must be a romantic destination—what better place to go for your honeymoon, right? According to Trip Advisor, Ubud is the best honeymoon spot for couples who want to completely relax, stay somewhere private, and truly get in touch with the culture of Indonesia. Just imagine getting massages in the jungle, floating in a flower bath with views of the rice paddies, and even getting to play with monkeys and visit elephant sanctuaries!

4 Merida, Mexico: An Underrated Vacation


When you think of vacation destinations in Mexico, you probably think of places like Cancun and Cabo, right? Well, there is so much more to Mexico than these big resort towns, and while those can be fun honeymoon spots too, reviews on Trip Advisor reveal that the small city of Merida is definitely an underrated choice for couples! When it comes to the unique boutique hotels, you’ll have to see it for yourself! Plus, who doesn’t love authentic Mexican food? Just picture yourself swinging in that hammock, in total blissed out vacation mood, about to start your new married life.

3 Treasure Beach, Jamaica: No Worries, Just Good Times


Want to truly relax and let go of all your worries and cares on your honeymoon? Well, Treasure Beach in Jamaica just might be the place for you. Trip Advisor shows that couples who spend their honeymoons in Treasure Beach seem to leave totally satisfied—it’s hard to find anyone who was disappointed in their experience! The resorts at Treasure Beach are immaculate—the aesthetics and colors are just gorgeous, and combined with the incredible views of the ocean, you will not want to spend a second inside! You’ll be far too busy floating around in the clear blue waters.

2 Long Island, Bahamas: A Classic Couple's Choice


If you haven’t already been to the Bahamas, you probably want to go! This is not only a dream vacation destination for so many people, it’s also a popular honeymoon spot! According to Trip Advisor, the best place for happy couples to stay in the Bahamas is an area called Long Island—and no, it’s nothing like Long Island in New York! It’s got long stretches of sandy beach, and it’s so much more relaxing than staying in a city. There’s a reason that everyone loves the Bahamas so much—you will just have to come find out for yourself!

1 Grace Bay, Turks And Caicos: Nothing But Sun And Sea


With a name like “Grace Bay,” you know this destination must be a dream come true. Just look at those white sands and crystal clear waters—who wouldn’t want to spend all day there? According to Trip Advisor, Turks and Caicos is an amazing honeymoon spot, and you could probably find a great place to stay anywhere on the islands, but Grace Bay wins for best couple’s retreat. Do you want to go snorkeling and see the coral and marine life? Want to spend your honeymoon at one of the most laid back spots in the Caribbean? Grace Bay is for you?

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