21 Mocktail Recipe Ideas For The Most Beautiful Baby Shower

When it gets super hot outside, we want drinks and we want them ASAP. We know that we should be drinking water on a daily basis and there's not much that feels better on a scorching day than an ice cold glass of h20... but sometimes a girl needs something a bit more interesting. (Also, we've all forgotten to drink water more often than we would like to admit, so there's that, too.)

That's where mocktails come in. Mocktails are basically a gift to the summer season. Whether we're hanging out with our best friends on a balcony, staying inside to watch a movie and beat the heat, or chilling out in our parents' backyard which is giving us serious envy (and is serious #goals), mocktails are always a good idea. More than that, they're the best idea ever, especially for a mommy-to-be who's celebrating her lovely baby shower!

So where do we begin? There are so many kinds of drinks that we can make and they all sound so good. From fruit to kombucha-based drinks, we've got more than enough options. Maybe we should just make all of them. These 21 mocktail recipes are all that we need to quench our thirst this summer, and we think that we should whip up every last one of them!

21 Honey Berry Kombucha Smash: How Sweet Eats

Pinterest/How Sweet Eats

Is there anything more beautiful than this mocktail?! That would be a no.

This Honey Berry Kombucha Smash from food blogger Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats is the perfect drink to cool down with this summer season.

It's got kombucha (of course), honey (same), raspberries and blueberries, and some ginger beer. Since kombucha is so trendy right now, this mocktail is perfection. It's definitely one that we would want to snap a million photos of and post on social media to make everyone that we know jealous. And everytime that we look at our pictures, we'll totally want to make it again.

20 Sunrise Grapefruit Mocktail: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Pinterest/Like Mother, Like Daughter

Just like the name of this mocktail — Sunrise Grapefruit — is fun and exciting. It basically screams "summertime" and will quench our thirst for sure.

This recipe from Like Mother, Like Daughter has only a few ingredients: simple syrup (which is just sugar and water), club soda, grapefruit juice, and grenadine syrup.

If we're huge grapefruit fans, then this is right up our alley. And if we're not, we're pretty sure that this recipe could make us massive fans ASAP because it sounds and looks so good. This would be a great one for our next summer afternoon party, whether a barbeque or just a quiet gathering at our parents' place.

19 Raspberry Peach Lemonade: The Chunky Chef

Pinterest/The Chunky Chef

When it comes to summery beverages, lemonade is definitely at the top of the list. We knew these back when we were kids and begged our moms to let us make some lemonade, or maybe we were mini-entrepreneurs and had lemonade stands on our street.

This Raspberry Peach Lemonade from The Chunky Chef is an awesome summer mocktail. You make lemonade, then a puree of raspberries, peaches, and water, and add a simple syrup (sugar and water). It's simple yet sounds delicious and is also gorgeous, which is always a bonus. It goes without saying that we can snap a lot of pretty photos of this drink.


18 Grapefruit And Rosemary Mocktail: Buzzfeed

Pinterest/Buzzfeed/Place Of My Taste

Now that's a beautiful drink. It just needs a porch, balcony, or background. A hammock. And maybe a nice breeze.

Thanks to a post on Buzzfeed, we have this Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail recipe from Place Of My Taste.

To get that nice rosemary flavor into the drink, you make a rosemary simple syrup, and the other ingredients are sparkling water and pink grapefruit juice. It's always nice when something both tastes good and looks good, and when you add the fact that this recipe is simple, that's even better. This is seriously stunning and our friends will love us forever if we make these for them.

17 Sangria: Love Bakes Good Cakes

Pinterest/Love Bakes Good Cakes

Sangria is an amazing thing to order at a restaurant is casual or fancy. It's definitely a go-to summer drink, whether it's date night or we're hanging out with our girlfriends. Since we can order it in a pitcher, it's pretty popular. Plus it's just plain delicious.

Thankfully, if we're looking for a summer mocktail, we can use this sangria recipe from Love Bakes Good Cakes and be good to go. Yes, it's sangria and also a mocktail. It's the best of both worlds.

It's got a nice mix of juices — orange, lemon, grape, and cranberry — along with sparkling water or lemon-lime soda. Of course, adding citrus slices is the most important part.

16 Lime Fizz Cooler: Paleomg


This looks super refreshing and like total perfection on a hot day, the kind of day where it seems like no matter what we do, we just can't cool down. We're sweating before we even leave the house and just want a nice lazy summer day.

This recipe for a Lime Fizz Cooler from food blogger Juli Bauer of Paleomg will hit the spot when temperatures are rising.

The ingredients are coconut milk/cream (you want it to be thick), sparkling water, honey, ice, and lime juice. Easy and so good. These just say "let's throw a party and invite our friends and family and show off our fancy drink-making skills."

15 Grapefruit Lime Spritzer: How Sweet Eats

Pinterest/How Sweet Eats

These Grapefruit Lime Spritzers from How Sweet Eats involve a pink grapefruit Italian soda, which sounds super amazing on its own, so we can only guess how epic and magical this mocktail is.

You add ice, club soda, and lime juice to that, and boom, you've got the best drink ever (well, besides the rest of the drinks on this list... they all seem awesome).

There are some food combos that just work. Grapefruit and lime are definitely one of them. We might have never made something that involves these two things, though, so this is our chance. And we're going to be happy.


14 Strawberry Mocktail Mules: A Teaspoon Of Happiness

Pinterest/A Teaspoon Of Happiness

Strawberries are good and a strawberry drink? Well, that's even better.

These Strawberry Mocktail Mules from Simply Whisked sound and look awesome.

How do you make them? You'll combine ginger beer with strawberry puree and lime juice and club soda. As we can tell from the other recipes on this list, club soda is a perfect thing to have around when we want to whip up a bunch of mocktails, whether we're having people over or just want a few drinks for ourselves. If we served these up at a party, everyone would be more than happy, and we'd be popular for sure.

13 Pink Panther Mocktail: Nosh My Way

Pinterest/Nosh My Way

With a name like Pink Panther Mocktail, we can't wait to make some of these drinks and give it a try. How could we not fall in love? We totally will fall in love with these brightly colored, gorgeous drinks.

We'll combine pureed strawberries with pineapple juice and top our drinks off with whipped cream. That last bit sounds amazing, right?! Who doesn't want a mocktail that is both a beautiful pink color and also comes with whipped cream? We want one (or five). And we can't wait to make these for our friends this summer. We know that everyone will adore them.

12 Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade: Chelsea's Messy Apron

Pinterest/Chelsea's Messy Apron

Blueberries are one of the greatest things about summer. They are fresh and juicy and sweet, and it's hard not to eat them at all meals (which sounds like a great idea).

Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade just sounds magical, and this recipe comes from Chelsea's Messy Apron.

All we need to do is to add blueberry puree (blueberries, water, and sugar) to sparkling water and lemon juice and zest and we'll be grinning from ear to ear with the amazing drink that we just made. It would really be a shame not to Instagram this beauty so all our friends can be super jealous.

11 Watermelon Green Tea Refresher: The Busy Baker

Pinterest/The Busy Baker

Are we in the green tea camp or do we prefer coffee (and lots of it)?

It's safe to say that a lot of us are clearly in the coffee camp and that we're pretty much obsessed at this point. Love it, can't live without it, can't wake up without savoring a cup (or a million).

But if we love green tea as well, which is totally allowed, we should give this mocktail a try. this Watermelon Green Tea Refresher from The Busy Baker sounds super, well, refreshing. It's a perfect name for it and we just know that we have to make it soon.

10 Roasted Peach And Strawberry Fizz: Dreaming In DIY

Pinterest/Use Your Noodles

Such a pretty drink is just begging to not only be made on a hot summer afternoon but to be Instagrammed all over the place. Let's do exactly that, okay?!

This drink from Use Your Noodles is fruity perfection. With sparkling water, apple juice, ice, and strawberries and peaches, it is both easy and healthy, which is a really awesome combination. Since it's healthy, we can feel perfectly fine about making and loving it all summer long. That's basically the best news ever. What are we waiting for? Let's go make it right now (and take 100 photos of it).


9 Hibiscus And Ginger Kombucha Margarita Mocktail: Sweet Lizzy

Pinterest/Sweet Lizzy

Doesn't this mocktail sound so fancy?! When we want to take things up a notch and throw an elegant soiree, or just have a few friends over but keep things as sophisticated and delicious as possible, it sounds like we absolutely must whip up this drink.

This Hibiscus And Ginger Kombucha Margarita Mocktail from Sweet Lizzy has got some amazing stuff in it. We'll combine a homemade simple syrup (honey, water, and dried hibiscus flowers) with cilantro, ginger kombucha, and lime juice. Chances are that hibiscus is new to us as an ingredient and not something that we buy or use all the time, so this will be fun and interesting.

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8 Pineapple Mojito: Watch What U Eat

Pinterest/Watch What U Eat

Yes, that is definitely a mocktail. And yes, we need to make it and give it a try ASAP (and make it 100 more times this summer season).

This Pineapple Mojito from What What U Eat has got lime juice, sparkling water, pineapple, grape juice mint, and agave. It's an absolutely amazing drink to make when we need to cool down (or we needed to cool down an hour ago and are still sweating way too much). Instead of complaining that it's too hot and we miss winter, we can make a gorgeous drink like this one and be glad that it's still hot outside.

7 Pineapple Ginger Iced Tea: The Kitchen McCabe

Pinterest/The Kitchen McCabe

The Kitchen McCabe has an awesome recipe for Pineapple Ginger Iced Tea that we need to make right now. Yes. We need to get into the kitchen immediately.

It's got turmeric root, ginger, lemon juice, water, and pineapple, so it's all healthy ingredients that are simple to track down. It sounds super refreshing from the ginger and pineapple, doesn't it?!

We can totally see ourselves cooling down with this drink this summer... and we can also see ourselves continuing to drink it as the weather cools down. It sounds that good and we think that we're looking at our new drink obsession.

6 Raspberry Ginger Kombucha Slushie: Sweet Lizzy

Pinterest/Sweet Lizzy

Kombucha is a super trendy beverage these days and if we haven't given it a try, this is a cool, fun way to do that. Sure, we can just grab a bottle from a grocery store or local market... but where's the fun in that? Isn't it so much more fun to make a mocktail using kombucha? Yup, it definitely is, and this one from Sweet Lizzy sounds awesome.

This Raspberry Ginger Kombucha Slushie has two cool things going for it — kombucha and the fact that it's a slushie — and we just know that it would come in super handy when we need to beat the heat on the next day when the temps are way too high.

It's lime juice, ginger kombucha, frozen raspberries, and some maple syrup if we want to add that.

5 Sparkling Peach Punch: Dreaming In DIY


Okay, yum. Peaches are a summertime staple that we can't get enough of. It can be tough to wait for them to start appearing in our local markets and supermarkets, but when we finally lay eyes upon them for the first time each summer, it's a magical experience.

We can whip up this Sparkling Peach Punch from Carlsbad Cravings and be extremely content because it involves our fave summer fruit, peaches (no offense to all the other equally amazing summer fruits). It's got a few kinds of peaches (canned, Jell-o, and juice). We can see ourselves drinking this a lot.


4 Drink Pink Mocktail: Love Bakes Good Cakes

Pinterest/Love Bakes Good Cakes

We just have to try a drink that is called Drink Pink Mocktail. Also, it's an amazing light pink color, so it has both an awesome name and pretty color going for it.

This drink from Love Bakes Good Cakes is also on our to-make summer mocktail list.

We'll combine lemon-lime soda, white cranberry juice cocktail, and a can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate. We can add any citrus slice and some pomegranate or raspberries to each glass if we want to, and we definitely should since that would make things extra pretty. And pretty drinks taste even better. Yup. They do.

3 Melon Ball Punch: Divas Can Cook

Pinterest/Divas Can Cook

This just looks so good, it would be pretty sad not to make a pitcher of these drinks... and Instagram them at least once. Maybe twice. Okay, okay, let's Instagram them a bunch of times. Our followers will be okay with that since this is the prettiest drink ever.

This Melon Ball Punch from Divas Can Cook allows us to get creative in the kitchen since we'll be using an ice cream scoop to make balls out of melon. It's got lemonade, these adorable balls of fruit, sparkling white grape juice, and lime juice.

Hosting a party soon? These sound like the best possible mocktail to offer (along with the others here, that is).

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2 Rosemary, Honey, And Grapefruit Spritzer: Tending The Table

Pinterest/Tending The Table

Okay, so by now we can tell that grapefruit goes with a lot of other flavors and ingredients, and it definitely goes with rosemary. This mocktail also involves honey, which is an amazing addition.

If we want a mocktail that will impress anyone that we give it to (or just want to hoard it for ourselves, which is totally fair, this recipe from Tending The Table is perfection.

It's got club soda/sparkling water, rosemary, honey, and grapefruit juice. It's one of those recipes that proves that things don't have to be complicated to be epic. Also, this is really pretty, which we always appreciate.


1 Rhubarb Water: From Away

Pinterest/Meal Hack

Have we ever had Rhubarb Water before? Probably not... so this recipe from Meal Hack is an awesome place to start. Sure, we can drink water, but that's kind of boring and way too plain. We want something more exciting.

You combine lemon juice, water, sugar, and rhubarb pieces, and there you go: an amazing, cool, interesting and unique drink.

This seems like the kind of thing that we would make once and become completely obsessed with. Everyone that we know will be asking us where we got the cool idea, and we won't be able to stop making them. Sounds like a summertime plan.

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