21 Little-Known Facts Kristin Cavallari Keeps On The DL

The year was 2004 and the world belonged to a group of sunkissed teens who wanted to bring the public into their extremely "relatable," but also extremely chic, teenage existence! Laguna Beach became a pop cultural phenomenon for MTV because it gave the public what they wanted in the form of watching an elite group of teenagers experience all of the normal pangs of the universal adolescent experience, with a tinge of sunscreen thrown in, along with a pinch of an iconic theme song by Hilary Duff!

Laguna Beach was responsible for introducing the world to Kristin Cavallari. "K-Calv" was not only like every school's resident mean girl, she was 10 times tougher and she knew how to keep the entirety of Laguna Beach High School in line! Kristin's run on Laguna Beach gave her a reputation as reality TV's resident villain, but the former mean gal is determined to show the public she is so much more than the complete opposite of Laguna's "good girl" Lauren "L.C." Conrad!

Kristin has evolved into an absolute dynamo. The girl remembered for famously walking into Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding on The Hills is now a mother of three who spends her time expanding her already blossoming empire! She's released cookbooks, opened her own store, and detailed life in front of the cameras in a memoir. Kristin is certainly "balancing it in heels!" Mrs. Jay Cutler currently stars in Very Cavallari, and here are several things she's keeping on the DL.

21 She's Insecure About Her Reality TV Past

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Dig into your memory bank. Chances are you have a memory of a queen bee who knew how to rule the roost. She was tough and confident, and she took no bologna from anyone. Kristin Cavallari was her name and her queen bee status on MTV's Laguna Beach was her game!

The former Laguna gal is all grown up and in control of her reality TV destiny. K-Calv revealed to Elle, "I had a little moment before we started filming [Very Cavallari] of, oh my god, I think I made the wrong decision..."

Thankfully her moment of insecurity was fleeting!

20 Kristin Thinks She Had No Style

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Kristin's superb stylish looks were a mainstay in fashion magazines during the Laguna era, and she's been a frequent face of the 2000s fashion nostalgia craze, so it's a little disappointing to hear the Laguna gal believes she had no style cred back in the day. Kristin, girl, you're a throwback queen!

Between Kristin's two gigantically popular reality shows, you'd think she would have an outfit somewhere in her archive which makes her feel nostalgic, but according to Elle, this isn't the case! Kristin revealed, "I don't think there's one outfit where I'm like, 'That was a good choice.'"

19 Kristin Would Rather Retreat From The Spotlight

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If we've learned one thing from watching Kristin on Laguna Beach and The Hills, we know living in California can be a whole mood. Reality TV's version of Los Angeles can make us feel like we have to constantly be on the lookout for impending drama, and after many years of dealing with drama, drama, drama, Kristin is understandably ready for a rebirth!

Kristin's new lease on reality TV life is currently taking place on Very Cavallari, and viewers get an insight into Kristin's Nashville-based store, Uncommon James. The southern lifestyle is where it's at for Mrs. Jay Cutler!

18 She Felt Fooled By The Network

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No matter how binge-worthy reality television can be, it can be hard to swallow when we learn some moments on our favorite reality shows are more authentic than others!

The veil over reality TV was famously lifted regarding authenticity on the series finale of The Hills, and Kristin, who famously joined the show during its fifth season, supported the chatter about how "real" the show really was. Kristin weighed in on the debate by saying, as Entertainment Tonight reports, "I can tell you, most of my stuff wasn't real."

Contrary to its theme song, some elements of the show were actually written!

17 Kristin Wasn't Really Laguna's Mean Gal

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Do you find yourself watching old clips of Kristin on Laguna Beach or The Hills and think, "Ouch, couldn't she have been a little nicer?"

Turns out, you're not the only one feeling this way! Watching old footage of her younger self is a bit tricky for Kristin to navigate. Not only is she rewriting the narrative of her public perception with Very Cavallari, but she's also taking opportunities to speak out against how her personality was framed on TV.

Kristin told CinemaBlend, "When I saw the first season [of Laguna Beach] I was [surprised by] how I was portrayed...!"

16 She Was Fed Lines

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We know our girl Kristin never misses an opportunity to speak her mind, so one scenario in which we never thought Kristin would find herself is being told what to say. MTV specifically delivered lines for Kristin to say during filming for episodes of The Hills!

Kristin has always been known for coming in clutch with the perfect comeback for any situation, and now she's coming clean about reality TV. She was specifically directed to deliver certain lines to beef up certain scenes on the show.

Cavallari candidly revealed to BuzzFeed, "In The Hills, they would text us exactly what to say."

15 She Won't Stay Mum About Authenticity

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After years of being included in debates on how "real" or "fake" reality TV may be, one subject Kristin is tired of staying mum about: whether or not her scenes on The Hills actually took place as they were portrayed on TV, or if producers used heaps of behind-the-scenes magic to manipulate The Hills into being broadcast just as we remember it.

If you're looking for a concrete answer on the subject, it depends on who you ask! According to her Hills costar Whitney Port, what you saw on TV was what really went down, Us reports. Kristin, on the other hand, respectfully disagrees wholeheartedly, as BuzzFeed confirms.

14 Kristin Was Genuinely Excited About The Beach

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Even though Kristin's vibe during the days of Laguna Beach was that of a mega mean girl, K-Calv was still a teen who felt excited by the possibilities of life, and what's cooler than scoring an opportunity to appear on camera for a TV show which would later become a huge hit with teens?

Don't be fooled by the persona; Kristin was genuinely excited to be cast on Laguna Beach! According to E!, her dad asked her, "Do you remember when you were a junior in high school and MTV came to town and you came home all excited?"


13 'Laguna' Brought Her A Wave Of Nerves

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For a confident chica who was never short of self-confidence on camera, Kristin may want to keep any mention of getting the jitters on the DL!

Not everyone becomes self-confident overnight; we have to gain experience from living our lives and learning different kinds of lessons on a daily basis, and Kristin's experience on camera certainly qualifies! According to Us Weekly, teen Kristin "was so nervous. I started spouting away. If I wasn't so nervous, I probably would've come out looking a bit better."

Really, though, don't we all feel a similar way at times?

12 She Knew Her 20s Were A Work In Progress

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Growing up and figuring ourselves out can feel like an endless puzzle containing equal doses of confusion and downright cool experiences! Even though figuring out every aspect of the person we strive to be can be difficult at times, it's important to remember we're all works in progress.

This piece of universal life advice has worked well and has been helpful for Kristin, especially after spending her formative years in the spotlight.

Kristin may have described her life as a reality TV staple "a mess," as Inquisitr reports, but she acknowledges that she was "just trying to figure it all out."

Us too!

11 Kristin Stays Mum For Her Kids

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By now you've heard about the upcoming reboot of The Hills, but don't count on any appearances from the stars' babies!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a son and Kristin has three children with Jay Cutler, but there's a slim chance the little ones will gather around to watch vintage episodes!

Kristin was asked if she would let her children in on her past, and she's not speeding up the process! She revealed to E!, "I don't think I can stop them from watching but I'm not about to sit them down right now and play it for them."

10 She Talks To Audrina On The DL

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The joke's on them!

A famous element of The Hills involves the fights and feuds of its cast members. So, it feels almost triumphant to learn that a few of the cast members were actually friends in real life!

Despite some scenes depicting Kristin and Audrina as frenemies rather than best friends, the castmates talk in real life. Ssh, don't tell the writers of the show!

As it turns out, Kristin and Audrina get pretty deep, too. Kristin revealed to Us Weekly that Audrina confided in her that filming the revival "has been hard" for her.

Sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on!

9 She Never Watched Her Ex On TV

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Back in the day, the romance between Kristin and Stephen Colletti made waves on Laguna Beach, and the tide only got stronger with the addition of a love triangle between the couple and Kristin's longstanding foe, Lauren "L.C." Conrad!

In the years since Laguna Beach wrapped, Kristin hasn't been shy to spill some very important tea; the romance between Stephen and Lauren was pretty manufactured, E! reports, but the chemistry between K-Calv and Stephen was nothing but completely authentic.

Considering the drama between the former couple, it comes as no surprise Kristin never tuned in to watch Stephen on One Tree Hill!

8 She Didn't Send Brody A Wedding Gift

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Before Brody Jenner received lots of recognition for being part of the extremely famous Kardashian family, we knew him for his romances with the women of The Hills. For the show's alternate ending, viewers witnessed a pretty emotional moment featuring the last goodbye between Kristin and Brody, but was it really "goodbye" for these reality TV stars?

The passage of time affects us all, and sometimes friendships drift. Despite the duo still keeping in touch, Kristin told Us Weekly she didn't send Brody and his new wife a wedding gift because she "wasn't invited." No hard feelings, though! They remain friends.

7 'The Hills' Led Her To Wedded Bliss

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After seeing Kristin experiencing her share of broken romances on camera, to see Kristin finally experience true love is wonderful!

Fans can see Kristin's marriage to Jay Cutler depicted on her latest TV venture, Very Cavallari, but what about the beginning of their relationship? Their romance eventually turned into a touchdown, but the duo had to score some points before they were able to make their romance work.

Fate often plays a stronger role than we realize, and it certainly did for Kristin and Jay. Timing was everything! Kristin was away filming when Jay asked her out, as Bustle reports.

6 Kristin And Jay Almost Didn't Tie The Knot

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Sometimes the greatest love stories aren't always the material of fairytales. When a couple is candid about their ups and downs, it gives us insight into an authentic relationship!

Kristin and her now-husband Jay Cutler are not shy about giving fans a look into the not-so-perfect timeline of their courtship and eventual marriage. Kristin has spoken up about not wanting to go out with Jay when he first pursued her, but the couple has also shared the story of their (first) engagement.

According to Us Weekly, the couple ended their engagement after three months!

Sometimes, you just need time!

5 Kristin Is Extremely Type-A

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The life of a boss babe requires lots of time dedicated to several tasks and lots of tools needed for organization, so you have to be on top of absolutely everything in your extremely busy life!

Kristin Cavallari is the star of her own reality show, she's an author, and she's a mother of multiple children, so it's understandable our girl has a Type-A personality.

There are so many tools and sources needed to maintain a busy lifestyle. Kristin knows exactly what she needs in order to succeed! She told The Skinny Confidential, she has "three separate calendars" to keep her organized.

4 She Needs Time Away From The Kids

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When you're parents of small children, it's pretty impossible to find some quiet time with your partner, and Kristin definitely knows a thing or two about attempting to squeeze in some quality time!

Kristin and Jay have a jam-packed busy schedule on a daily basis, so they do what they can to get some quiet time. When you have a family full of cute kids, some parents may want to keep the need for couple's realness on the DL, but Kristin's rather candid about her need for private time!

Kristin admits the couple catches up on conversation every night, as Us Weekly reports.

3 Jay's Sisters Were Big Fans

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Imagine meeting your future mate and you are already a familiar face to their family? Usually meeting the family doesn't happen until much later in the relationship, let alone after the first date, but for Kristin Cavallari, her future husband's sisters were already fans of her work on MTV before they knew her IRL. Touchdown!

According to Kristin, via Good Housekeeping, "His sisters used to watch Laguna Beach so [Jay] knew who I was." Can you imagine the conversation at the Cutler's family dinner table?

2 Kristin Is A Health Hottie

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Kristin has penned cookbooks and her love of cooking has been well-documented on social media, and the Laguna gal really has genuine fun with food!

Kristin's love of food isn't only for the public; she finds ways to incorporate healthy foods into her personal life with Jay Cutler and her three children all the time. In fact, she is quite insistent on providing healthy meals for them.

According to Parents, Kristin candidly explained, "I truly believe that everything I need to flourish nutritionally is found in nature and that some stuff just shouldn't be messed with..."

1 The Cutler Kiddos Are Off Limits

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When you've built your own brand after being in the spotlight for many years, it's vital to have some privacy for yourself. For Kristin Cavallari, her children are her key to privacy!

Having a reality show heavily featuring your husband on camera may take some maneuvering to keep your children out of the spotlight and away from the camera's glare. The privacy of her three kids is non-negotiable, though.

Kristin revealed to E!, via an article in Good Housekeeping, "I don't really show my kids on social media..." Completely understandable, Kristin!

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