21 Female Celebs Who Are Beautiful But Don't Have That "Extra Appeal"

Beauty is subjective, and what one person finds beautiful another person may not. There are certain objective standards of beauty that the majority of people tend to agree with, but there is no one absolute standard of beauty. There are also different kinds of beauty. Some women have a more sultry and edgy aesthetic, some women have a very fresh-faced and a sweet beauty that would never work in a more edgy role. It does not mean that one kind of beauty is better or more desirable than the other. It just means there something out there for everyone! We all have different tastes, and for some people the women on this list are it. Some actors and actresses look different in every role they take on, but some cannot get out from beyond their aesthetic and that is why you will rarely see the women in this list in dark and intense roles. A lot of the women in this list have played princesses and just the kind of roles that require a cute face.

Their whole look lends themselves to lighter roles, that have an inherent sweetness in them that echoes the sweetness that these women project. Saying a woman is cute or sweet is not meant to infantilize her at all in any way, and many people fall head over heels over the gorgeous women here. We are just saying they fall in a different beauty bracket than Sofia Vergara or Kim Kardashian. Which one do you prefer?

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21 It Is Hard To Picture Emma As Anything But Innocent And Sweet Hermione!

We have all watched Emma Watson grow up on the big screen when she began acting in the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise when she was only 11-years-old. And while she has blossomed into a gorgeous young woman who has proved to be very intelligent and talented actress, we have a hard time imagining her going for the same role as someone like Megan Fox. They just have different strengths. Emma also carries herself in a way that does not lend her public image to being something salacious. You do not get to see sultry photos of her on her Instagram like a lot of her peers choose to do. Keep doing you Emma, with how successful she is clearly it is working.

20 Anna Kendrick Has That Cute Pixie Face

Anna Kendrick with her delicate and slight features is like a human-sized pixie. And she is still not even average sized! The hilarious actress has kept a very clean and respected image in Hollywood and she has found a lot of success. It is not hard to see why she is a strong actress that has great comedic delivery. She's also super cute and everyone likes that! The great about having such a sweet face is that you tend to age differently. Anna is going to look like she is 21 for a long time, and not because of cosmetic surgery. In fact, a lot of women in this list will age very gracefully, that is the benefit of having a baby face. Heck if Anna was not famous, she definitely would be getting carded everywhere she goes even though she is actually a whopping 32-years-old. You were not expecting her to be so old were you!

19 Ariana Grande Is A Pint-Sized Package Of Cute


Ariana Grande is pretty much the modern-day definition of the baby doll aesthetic. She is tiny, talented, and even has dimples. It does not get cuter than this pint-sized singing sensation. She is another celebrity that people will probably eternally think of as a teenager because she just does not age! Did you know she was already 24-years-old? Ariana is an easy choice because she did come from a Disney channel background. Her starting off point for her career was the Sam & Cat show. And basically anyone that has been on Disney is cute, it is like mandatory in order to work for the company you must be able to play an actual Disney princess in real life. And even though they dress Ariana up in some very sultry and adult get-ups, that face just screams innocence.

18 Fresh Faced And Beautiful, Lupita Nyong'o Exudes Beauty

African Warrior Magazine

Lupita has been a breakout star in Hollywood and she shows no signs of slowing down. Almost universally adored not only for her acting but for her intelligent and compassionate personality, it is almost like the Mexican-African actress can do no wrong in the eyes of the public. And now that we have commended her for her personality and talent, she certainly is not hard to look at either! She could go out without a stitch of make-up and still blow everyone away. But again, even though she is drop dead gorgeous Lupita does not have the kind of aesthetic that would lend itself to a sassier role. She is rumored to be starring alongside Rihanna in a buddy type movie, and she is obviously meant to be sweet to Rihanna's spice. Both beautiful women, just different.

17 Amy Adams Is Basically A Real Life Version Of A Disney Princess

Amy Adams looks like Walt Disney literally drew her himself, and she came alive from the paper. She also looks like the Disney version of Lindsay Lohan, and we feel like that perfectly captures the differences in their beauty. Both gorgeous women, just different. That is after all why she played the princess come to real life in the popular movie Enchanted. It is also why she will be reprising her role as Giselle in the sequel to Enchanted.  Not only does she look perfect for the part, Amy Adams also has the perfect sing-song voice to act as a princess. All of this makes up the cute and talented package that makes up Amy Adams. The same way that everyone pictures James Marsden when they think prince charming, people think of Amy when they think princess.

16 Hillary Duff Is Easily One Of The Sweetest People In Hollywood And She Looks It

Hillary Duff has managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that have befallen her child star peer that she worked with and grew up with. Her co-star from Lizzie McGuire has gotten into trouble with the law, her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter has had a very public fall from grace. Lindsay Lohan was her frenemy back in the day, and the two ladies have had very divergent paths since they became adults. Hillary has always played the sweet nice girl, and it is because she does it well and looks the part. Some may say that she is a one-dimensional actress, but she is good at what she does. You know what you are getting with Hillary Duff and there is something comforting about that. Especially for those of us that have grown up watching her!

15 Miley Has Made It Back To Her Wholesome And Cute Roots

Miley is acting like she never went through her crazy phase where she was doing everything and anything she could to break out of her child star Disney mold, and to show the world how edgy and grown she is. Remember when she was basically trying to be a rap star? And would show up to red carpets wearing basically nothing?? Well, that angelic face has been going back to her wholesome roots. She is dressing like a sweet southern girl these days and has not been photographed sticking her tongue out for ages. Not sure what changed, but we are digging it. Wild Miley is just kind of annoying. And Miley has a look that lends itself much more to something charming and sweet, just like her singing voice does.

14 Ariel Really Wants To Be Kim K, But With Her Pretty Moon Face It Ain't Happening


We were introduced to Ariel Winter when she got her big break acting as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. She was just a tween when she started on the show, and she is now a 20-year-old young woman. Like many women in the industry, she has been going through a phase where she wants to show the world she is an adult and she has been doing it with the kinds of clothes she wears. Basically, she is trying to be Kylie Jenner, and it has gotten her a lot of attention most of it not so positive. Just embrace your aesthetic Ariel! You are a beautiful girl that does not need revealing clothes to prove it. She is probably sick of being told she looks so much younger than she is, but she needs to just embrace it.

13 Amanda Seyfried Is The Definition Of A Doe-Eyed Princess

HD Wallpapers

There is no doubt that Amanda Seyfried is a gorgeous woman, but her look works a lot better in the role of Rapunzel than it would in let's say, a character in the Sin City franchise. The best actors seemingly transform themselves when they play a character, so that you can barely recognize them when they are in another role. But for a lot of the women on this list, even though they are very talented they have such a strong beauty that it is difficult to transmute it into anything else. But you need all kinds of different people to fill up all the diverse roles that are up for actors today. And casting directors probably reach out to Amanda Seyfried for the roles that will serve her talent and looks best.

12 Anne Hathaway's Aesthetic Is Perfect For Broadway, Bad For Las Vegas

Anne Hathaway is a drama kid through and through, she is can sing, she can act, and she is gorgeous. But even when you try and make her ugly for a role, like when she shaved her head for her Oscar-winning role in Les Miserables she remains beautiful. And Anne fully embraces her aesthetic and works with it to find the best acting roles that lend themselves best to her talent and look. And she does come off like a bit of an uptight personality, so it is hard to imagine her in any kind of raunchy role that would require her to get down and dirty. We all have our strengths, and it is important to work with them in order to be successful!

11 Kelly Clarkson's Cute Face Hasn't Changed Since She First Came Onto American Idol 

Kelly Clarkson is an icon in the American Idol world, and years after being on the competition she is still as popular as ever. It doesn't hurt that she truly has one of the best voices in pop! She can sing live and without autotune, a skill that seems to be becoming obsolete when it comes to present day singers. Kelly has been open about her self-esteem struggles from being in the public eye, especially because she is curvier than the standard lady in Hollywood. But with her powerful voice and sweet personality, Kelly just seems like one of the cutest and sweetest people in Hollywood. It is also refreshing to see in music someone more physically conservative, so many current singers really tend to make their body a commodity to go along with their music.

10 Bet You Didn't Even Realize That Dakota Fanning Is Not Only An Adult, She Is 23-Years-Old

Famous People

Dakota Fanning looks like some real live Elvin princess straight from the pages of Lord Of The Rings. She has a very unique and almost ethereal beauty. She is an extremely talented actress and we have all been watching her acting skills in movies for years. Dakota has been acting since she was a little girl. And even though it has been over a decade since one of her first movies came out, Uptown Girl people probably still think of her as that little girl. It's because like many of the other women on this list, she doesn't age! They are all like the cutest vampires you have ever seen. Dakota is not only an adult, she has been an adult for a handful of years now. You cannot imagine Dakota dancing in a music video on a car in a mini skirt, can you? She just does not have the look.

9 Lucy Hale Is Typecast As The Sweet Nice Girl For A Reason

Even though she was a lead on a very sultry show, Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale was supposed to be the compliment to the show's darkness. She was sweet, pretty. Perfect girl next door. Alongside her co-stars, they covered a lot of the different aspects of female beauty. Lucy Hale was the girl next door, Ashley Benson was the blonde bombshell, Troian Bellisario was the sporty girl, and finally, Shay Mitchell was the model looking friend. There was something for everyone! It was also a good illustration that there are not only the two types of beauty we have focused on in this story primarily but so many different kinds, each one as beautiful as the last. Life is a lot more fun because we are all so different and have different tastes.

8 When You Think Jennifer Garner You Just Think Classy & Sweet

Just Jared

Jennifer Garner is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and goes to show you don't have to look like a drop dead gorgeous beauty contestant to have a shot at her success and fame. That is not to say that Jennifer is not a beautiful woman because that would be a lie. She is stunning! It is just a more reserved and classic beauty, and she has never really done anything to cloud her innocent public image or make us see her as anything but wholesome and angelic. Except for maybe getting married to Ben Affleck but it seems like she learned her lesson about that the hard way. Jennifer just looks approachable and down-to-earth, like the nice West Virginia girl she is.

7 Debby Ryan Has The Doll Face Required Of All Disney Channel Stars

Teen Vogue

As we have mentioned, to be a child Disney star you basically have to be able to look like a Disney princess. Big doe eyes, pretty lips. A sweet face, these things make up the package of a Disney starlet. Debby Ryan has starred in two of her own Disney channel shows. Jessie where she played a nanny to a rich New York family, and she also starred in Radio Rebel after that about a shy girl who finds her voice as a radio DJ. Most recently Ryan has had a recurring role on the show Mysteries Of Laura where is definitely playing a more adult role than she ever has before. Many fans are hoping for a reboot of Jessie which was a very popular tween show, but you may have to settle for her cute face in Mysteries Of Laura for now.

6 Sarah Hyland Might Play A Cool Party Girl On TV, But Her Look Lends Itself To Something Else

It seems that the same beauty genes run in the Dunphy family. We kid, obviously Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are only related in TV world but they do share a similarity. They both fall into the same beauty category, like the rest of the women on this list. And if you were incorrectly thinking that only curvier women with round faces fall into this beauty category, we both that has been dispelled by now. There are a lot of different body types in this list! Sarah is still starring in the super popular Modern Family alongside Ariel, her on-screen sister. We can't wait to see what these actresses do with their career after the show! But with how popular Modern Family, we do not see it ending anytime soon.

5 Zooey Deschanel Is Basically The Face Of The Quirky Cute Girl Aesthetic

Rolling Stone

Pretty much the premise of her hit TV show New Girl is that she is an awkward, quirky, but super cute woman. In the show she is juxtaposed with her best friend who is a model, pointing out the differences between the two. And while both women were very beautiful, it was clear that they were very different and carried themselves very differently. Thank goodness for differences like that, we all have different tastes and it would not be fun to not have options in this life! Both women were presented as equally worthy and beautiful, but the differences in their look was obvious. Zooey Deschanel has proudly been rocking the quirky beauty shtick for years and hopefully making everyone feel better about their own quirky beauty!

4 Mila Kunis Has Not Aged Since She Was A Teenager On That 70's Show 


Lucy Hale and Mila Kunis could almost be twins! So, of course, they would be in the same beauty based list. Mila is a happily married (to Ashton Kutcher) Mother of two who is 34-years-old but has not aged since she starred on That 70's Show over a decade ago. She has that youthful beauty that will be better than any botox treatment as she ages! She looks like a perfect little doll!But also beyond being beautiful, she just seems like a really cool chick you can hang with. You probably most recently watched her star in A Bad Moms Christmas with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. The pretty and hilarious actress is in an upcoming comedy movie with SNL treasure Kate McKinnon, so keep an eye on their upcoming movie! There is never enough Mila Kunis in our lives!

3 The Mowry Sisters Are Double The Charming!


The stars of Sister, Sister! have been around for decades and they have not aged since we watched them as teenagers on Sister, Sister! The sisters have had many decades of success in the acting world since they started acting back in 1991. Currently, they are 39-years-old and have both started their own families. You have probably seen both sisters pop up here and there in various sitcoms or talk shows through the years as they have remained steady workers in Hollywood. You probably will not see them acting together on the screen anymore, but wouldn't it be great for nostalgic and sentimental reasons for those of us who used to watch them together, for a Sister, Sister reunion! Looking at their on-screen and real-life little brother, Taj Mowry, it is obvious cute genes run in the family.

2 Carey Mulligan Is Pretty Much A Real Life Fairy - And Of Course A Member Of Mumford & Sons Is Married To A Fairy

The Independent

When you think of the British folk rock band Mumford & Sons if you are familiar with them and their music, you probably think of some kind of green garden on the English countryside full of whimsy just like their music. Well, we cannot imagine someone better fit to marry a member of that band that English actress Carey Mulligan. The actress is like a real-life version of a little pixie princess, about which we are sure Mumford & Sons will write a song. You are probably surprised to hear that Mumford & Sons does not already have a song called something like Sweet Pixie Girl. Carey Mulligan is the perfect muse for their music! Although we hope he married her for more than just that!

1 Keisha Knight Pulliam Is As Cute Today As She Was When She was Rudy On The Cosby Show

For those of us who grew up watching The Cosby Show, you definitely at one point in your life have said that Rudy is just the cutest kid. And she really was, audiences could not get enough of her. And now that Rudy is a grown woman, that woman being Keisha Knight Pulliam, she is still as cute as ever. We are pretty sure if you just put current day Keisha back into the role of Rudy as a toddler, no one would blink an eye. She has still retained that joyful and adorable face that audiences fell in love with way back when. If you miss having some Keisha Knight Pulliam in your life, you can catch on the very first seasons of America Celebrity Big Brother!

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