21 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands That Show We Don't Have To Choose Between Style And Sustainability

When it comes to fashion, it can often be easy to get overwhelmed with so many different choices. Fast fashion is a huge part of the way we shop and is a part of so many of our favorite stores at the mall. With rapidly changing styles and the growth of e-commerce, there are simply so many different stores and brands to choose from.

This also means that, with more and more emerging brands, we’re able to think about which of those decisions can best benefit both ourselves and our environment. More brands are bringing eco-awareness into their goals and mission statements, centering their products, manufacturing, and packaging around more sustainable practices.

As we learn more about making those eco-friendly choices in our lives, it’s totally possible to narrow down our shopping decisions to be a little more sustainable. There are so many fashionable “green” brands that are gaining more recognition with every year. In fact, you might be surprised to find that it’s easy to go into your favorite department store or shopping mall and find sustainable brands and styles that are not only fashion-forward but are eco-friendly and accessible. The best part? Many of these “green” brands are ones you might already love.

21 Adidas

The sustainability initiatives being led by Adidas are some of the most cutting edge in the sneaker and footwear industry! The ever-popular brand has recently taken steps to make eco-friendly, comfortable, high-quality sneakers accessible.

According to the Climate Action Program, this year Adidas partnered with Fashion For Good, an organization that brings sustainability to all corners of the fashion industry.

Sustainable innovation - such as in these sneakers, which are made from ocean plastic - is the name of the game when it comes to Adidas. The brand hopes to become a source of eco-goods, as well as to encourage industry partners to take a similar sustainable stance.

20 Aveda

When it comes to hair and makeup, Aveda is one of the most eco-friendly choices you can find. Available both in their own brick and mortar stores as well as your local drugstore, Aveda products are unique in that their packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET. That’s right - Aveda was the very first beauty company to make the change to sustainable packaging. The brand works to minimize their footprint with every product they make, ensuring that recycled goods are at the heart of their packaging process.

According to Aveda’s guiding principles, the brand strives to offer packaging that can be recycled wherever possible, to use environmentally sound materials as commercially possible, and to challenge their partners to adopt the same sustainable thinking.

19  Birkenstock

Looking for the perfect summer sandals that’ll both keep you looking (and feeling) cool? The Birkenstock brand is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly options when it comes to footwear.

Healthy environmental practices have always been one of Birkenstock’s core values, stemming from the fact that these shoes are naturally durable and therefore last much longer than regular shoes or sandals.

According to Birkenstock’s sustainability initiative, a large percentage of the natural materials used in their products come from totally sustainable sources such as cork, natural latex, leather, and copper, among others. Bolstered by the belief that protecting natural resources is one of the key issues of today, Birkenstock works to ensure that everything from product creation, to packaging, to shipping meets its eco-friendly goals.

18 Levi’s

Classic cool jeans have always been in style, and are likely to always be in style. That’s why it’s all the better that they can be made in sustainable ways! Levi Strauss and Co has been paving the way for more eco-friendly practices when it comes to their ever-popular blue jeans.

As noted on the Levi Strauss and Co sustainability initiative website, the brand has always made sustainability and positive impact the forefront of its goals. The company focuses on making products that are long lasting, thereby reducing the level of waste in all aspects of the production process - from inception to consumer purchase.

17 Patagonia

Patagonia, a company originally started with the goal of making tools for climbers, is the perfect brand to turn to when you’re looking for everything from cute dresses to the very best in outdoor gear.

In fact, hiking remains at the heart of Patagonia's brand, even as the business has expanded from a small company into a worldwide giant.

According to Patagonia’s Sustainability and Mission Statement, the brand fights to reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. Patagonia donates time, services, and at least 1% of their sales to grassroots environmental groups worldwide - so every purchase goes back to helping the planet!

16 Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal

You’re probably familiar with the Urban Outfitters brand. The company has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with stores worldwide. The care-free, wonderfully vintage fashion that’s so recognizable has absolutely become a staple in just about every mall and shopping center. But did you know that Urban Outfitters has an eco-friendly line?

That’s right - Urban Outfitters is totally embracing the idea of upcycling with their Urban Renewal brand. The clothes that can be purchased through Urban Renewal are those that have been repurposed - pieces that one can find through yard sales or flea markets, and then are ‘upcycled’ to create new styles!

15 ASOS Eco Edit

The ASOS brand is another name that has been recently rising through the ranks of popularity. With a variety of styles and quality clothing, ASOS is definitely a brand that’s gained quite a lot of reach and can be found in a variety of stores.

ASOS also has an eco-friendly line: ASOS Eco Edit.

The line finds and supports up-and-coming sustainable clothing, as well as beauty items and jewelry.

Started in 2010, Eco Edit has grown exceedingly fast. According to ASOS’ sourcing director Simon Platts, ASOS is continuously reviewing their buying habits to focus on sustainable and fair trade goods.

14 Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel focuses on sustainable basics - from dresses to tank tops, sweatpants to hoodies. Many of the fabrics used are organic eco-fabrics, meaning that not only are they sustainably sourced, but they’re super soft and comfortable as well! Alternative Apparel has made a stunning commitment to sustainability by ensuring that over 80% of their garments are made with both sustainable materials and processes. According to the Alternative Apparel Social Responsibility Initiative, the brand’s goals are to have consumers invest in every stage of a particular garment’s life cycle - from those sustainably sourced fabrics to each process used to produce the garment.

13 PACT Organic At Target

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re getting quality fashion at a great price and that what you’re purchasing is eco-friendly! What makes Pact Organic so great, though?

You can purchase the brand at your local Target, making it not only super sustainable and affordable but also very accessible!

Pact clothing is designed for humankind - it focuses on using fresh cut, sustainably sourced organic cotton to produce super comfortable fair trade clothing that empowers each wearer. The brand’s eco-friendly materials and practices are truly the centerpieces of the company as it consistently strives to serve people and the planet.

12 Reformation

Reformation is a sustainable brand that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. Their goal is to make each and every garment as lightweight, comfortable, and eco-friendly as possible - and they definitely achieve this with gorgeous pieces like this one!

The brand believes that it’s not enough to just report successful earnings in each corner. Rather, Reformation strives to show successful sustainable practices and proof of lowering their footprint with each quarter. They put sustainability at the core of each and everything they do, from factory to final product. According to Reformation’s sustainable practices, the brand invests in green building infrastructure to minimize any waste.


You’re probably already familiar with TOMS, the sustainable and fair trade shoe company that has gained quite a bit of notoriety in the last decade. Founded in 2006 in Playa Del Rey, California, the company has taken great strides in both ensuring that their products are eco-friendly, but in giving back to those in need.

According to TOMS social responsibility goals, the company works to provide safe water to countries in need.

With the creation of TOMS Roasting Co, launched in 2014, the brand has helped provide over a whopping 335,000 weeks of safe water! With sustainability at the heart of the company, TOMS strives to bring clean water to as many people as possible.


The popular sneaker and sportswear brand NIKE has been taking steps to make sustainability goals part of their overall mission. The brand strives to focus on sustainable innovation when it comes to the development of new products and is rolling out plans to make their production processes more eco-friendly as well.

According to NIKE’s sustainability initiatives, the brand truly believes that environmental issues are some of the most important that we’re facing because of their inherent effect on each and every one of us. NIKE ensures that they’re constantly improving their sustainability practices, as well as those of the suppliers they work with in order to expand positive, eco-friendly impact.

9 Timberland

Timberland has continuously been at the forefront of quality and style. What makes Timberland a great brand, however, is the fact that they’ve taken on a culture of sustainability and are constantly striving to reduce their footprint.

An outdoor lifestyle brand at heart, Timberland works to protect the environment both in their production practices and in how they give back to the communities around them.

According to Timberland’s outdoor responsibility initiative, one of the brand’s main goals is to work on resource efficiency and reducing waste. In addition to this, Timberland has made a commitment to tree planting and urban greening in the cities in which their stores are located.

8 The North Face

The North Face is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to outwear, particularly super comfy (and quality) winter coats and jackets! One of the great things about The North Face is the brand’s commitment to leaving a positive impact on the environment.

For The North Face, this also means looking at all of the processes that go into the production of their garments. From separate recycling centers for difficult-to-recycle goods to a sustainable cafe for those that work on their California-based campus, the brand strives to bring sustainability and eco-friendly thinking into every single aspect of their work.

7 Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher, founded by the designer of the same name in 1984, is a company that emphasizes sustainability in the fabrics that they use. In fact, 70% of all the cotton used in Eileen Fisher clothing is sourced from organic cotton. Of course, this wasn’t enough for the brand, which started its own recycling program to encourage customers to get into the idea of recycled clothing.

People can donate their lightly used Eileen Fisher clothing in return for $5 per garment.

After being dry cleaned, the donated clothing is then resold. The best part about this program, however, is that the income funds business grants and leadership programs for women!

6 Jane Iredale

Founded in 1994, Jane Iredale makeup began with a single product: the "Amazing Base", a soothing, natural makeup base that quickly became popular with dermatologists. From there, the company quickly grew, expanding its wealth of natural makeup products to include just about anything you’d find in your makeup bag!

Jane Iredale products strive to enhance natural beauty with natural ingredients - no harsh chemicals needed. Following a belief that natural and organic products are best able to enhance the skin’s natural glow, the brand has taken a very holistic approach to beauty - and what it means to look, feel, and be healthy.

5 Amour Vert

Amour Vert is the perfect example of style and sustainability coming together to create some seriously great products. The brand, based out of Santa Monica, California, creates classic sustainable staples that fit right into any wardrobe.

The company was founded on the values making a positive impact on the planet, particularly in an industry that can be known for its waste creation.

Amour Vert has taken the stance that sustainability starts with the very fabric of each and every garment made. For this reason, they’ve made it their mission to work only with fabrics that don’t pollute, as well as to keep their supply chain as local as possible, thereby reducing their overall footprint.

4 Wwake

Founded in 2012, Wwake focuses on bringing the beauty of the Earth right to your jewelry box. The brand has become known for it’s sustainably sourced gemstones and it’s 100% women run, design, and driven structure. The brand focuses on fine jewelry, producing timeless classics that’ll look gorgeous no matter what your personal style might be.

According to Wwake’s sustainability information, the brand is a member of the Jewelry Industry Summit and Ethical Metalsmiths. In addition to being centered around sustainability, the brand encourages partners and other members of the Jewelry Industry to take a look at how they can make their products more eco-friendly.

3 RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty strives not only to make natural beauty products made with organic ingredients accessible but to shift thinking and buying patterns towards more sustainable options.

The brand can be found everywhere from your local Sephora to your favorite department stores.

The brand was founded by Rose-Marie Smith, who had encountered a series of health problems due to high levels of toxic chemicals in her system from none other than the beauty products that she was using. After finding out the cause of her sickness, Rose-Marie strove to create natural, organic beauty products that not only promote natural beauty but are made 100% natural with zero toxic chemicals - and thus, RMS Beauty was born!

2 Re/Done

The Re/Done brand strives to help people ‘rediscover’ iconic vintage jeans by recycling gently worn, vintage styles for resale. The idea behind Re/Done is that pre-loved jeans can find new life with just a little touching up. By shopping vintage and recycled, consumers can be confident that they’re buying products that haven’t created tons of waste.

According to Re/Done’s Brand Mission, the company itself is not so much a denim company as it is a label that works to find and restyle classic jeans. Each piece with the Re/Done label is expressly unique, as each pair is handpicked and hand cut.

1 H&M’s Conscious Collection

H&M is a super recognizable brand with stores worldwide. They’re at the forefront of today’s fashion and are considered a household name, with classic closet essentials and fashionable business casual sets. The brand is known for its fun artist collaborations and has an ever growing and changing range of everything from handbags to jewelry, children’s clothing to shoes.

Plus, the H&M price point makes the brand very accessible.

Their sustainability goals are definitely something to be excited about. According to their sustainability site, H&M is dedicated to designing affordable fashion that is available to everyone while leading the charge in creating a fashion industry that is based on renewable fashion.

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