21 Celeb Selfies You'd Think Men Would Love (But They Actually Hate)

Selfies are a tricky thing. It's kind of crazy that we've just accepted that people want to take photos of themselves and receive all kinds of praise and accolades for that. Before the age of iPhones and social media, we would have thought that we would seem super narcissistic for taking selfies. But these days, it's not only accepted, it's expected. It's almost weird if we don't take selfies. Oh how times have changed...

The funny thing is that we girls seem to love selfies but guys don't feel the same way. While there are absolutely males out there that love taking photos of themselves, selfies are kind of a girly thing. After all, we want people to know how good we look every day, or at least when we're having a particularly good hair day. Hey, we're only human.

If us regular people love a good selfie, it makes sense that celebrities would, too. And, unfortunately, sometimes celebrity selfies are kind of... bad. That's putting it lightly, actually. In fact, if we're not fans of these selfies, it's pretty clear that the guys in our lives wouldn't like them, either. Check out these 20 celeb selfies that we would expect men to love but that they're just not that into!

21 Kim Kardashian: Trying Just Way Too Hard

Everything about this says that Kim K is trying hard. Like way too hard. Like extremely hard.

It's a little bit silly that she posed like this, sitting on a bathroom counter and putting her hands on her leg and staring at the camera with such a serious look on her face. It totally looks like she's trying to seduce whoever is staring at her, but come on, Kim Kardashian is obviously beautiful. She doesn't need to try to look gorgeous. She just is. She really should just take normal selfies because she honestly doesn't need to look like she's trying this hard. It's way too obvious and it's not a good look for her. We know that although most guys would agree that Kim is incredibly hot (and that's an understatement), they wouldn't be into this particular selfie. Her hair and makeup make her look like a completely different person, and Kim is hottest when she's just herself.

20 Ariel Winter: Showing Way Too Much For Someone So Young

That's some serious cleavage that Ariel Winter is showing here. While of course no guy is going to complain about cleavage since obviously that's something that guys are into (another massive understatement), this is clearly too much.

Most guys would probably agree that Ariel is showing too much skin for someone who is so young. After all, she's only 19. She might look and act a lot older (as in a lot older...) but she's still in her teen years. And this is a lot of boob for someone that age. It just doesn't feel that appropriate. We think this would be a really cute selfie if she had just worn a dress that actually covered up her chest because otherwise, she looks completely beautiful. Oh well...

19 Bella Thorne: Literally Bathing In Her Own Filth

Again, we have to ask: WTF?! And if we're asking that, we're pretty sure that men are going to be asking that, too. Bella Thorne may be a talented actress, but she's known more for her weird outfits and confusing selfies than for any of her film or television projects, and this is one selfie that just makes absolutely zero sense.

It literally looks like she's bathing in her own filth. Just look at that water. It's... a dark color. Why? What's going on? It's also strange that she's wearing so many necklaces. It seems like they would get in the way. She's probably in a hot tub, or at least that's what it looks like, but this is still kind of confusing. Okay, it's more than kind of confusing. It's completely confusing. And if we're confused, we know that our guy friends and boyfriends and brothers will be, too.

18 Amanda Bynes: Scary Selfie

It's no secret that Amanda Bynes is considered kind of crazy these days. It's really sad since we all grew up watching her hilarious movies and we thought that she was so talented and so adorable. But now, that's all changed, and now all we get are scary selfies like this one.

Seriously, what's going on here?! Amanda looks like she's gotten some plastic surgery that went wrong. Her lips are way too big and full and she's also making a really creepy face. It looks like she's attempting the whole duck lips thing but it's not really working out too well for her. She doesn't look cute, she just looks strange, and she makes us wish that she was doing well so we could see beautiful selfies of her.

17 Kylie Jenner: Guys Want Real Women, Not Plastic Women

While most guys would agree that a celebrity like Kylie Jenner is gorgeous, they honestly want women who look super real and normal. They want the sweet girl, the girl next door, the girl who doesn't need selfies and plastic surgery and fancy outfits. They can't chill with a girl who tries too hard and who only cares about their physical appearance. It's just not what they're looking for in a long-term girlfriend.

It's safe to say that guys wouldn't like this Kylie Jenner selfie since she honestly looks super plastic. If we heard that this was a Barbie doll of Kylie Jenner, we would believe it. That's exactly what seems to be happening. Everything, from her hair to her face and makeup to her body, looks anything but real. It's kind of strange...

16 Lindsay Lohan: Too Blonde

We think that Lindsay Lohan looks her best when she looks the most like herself, and that's when she's got red hair. We're not really sure if she's a natural redhead, but that's the way that it seems, so we're just going to go ahead and say that she most likely is.

We don't think that guys would like this selfie since she looks fake and she doesn't look anything like herself. Guys want girls who look like themselves and who always act like themselves, too. That's what we want in the guys that we date, too, so that's something that we have in common. This is just one of those selfies where it looks like the girl is trying too hard to look good. No guy thinks that's hot.

15 Khloe Kardashian: That Body Can't Possibly Be Natural

Is that Photoshop? Or what? It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners have been said to Photoshop some of their photos, especially the photos that they post on social media platforms like Instagram, so it's really not out of left field to suggest that.

Khloe Kardashian is absolutely beautiful and we know that men agree with us. But we know that men would also agree with us that her body doesn't look 100 percent natural in this particular selfie. For one thing, her waist looks way too small and like it has been altered with some photo editing software, and for another thing, her hips don't look like they match her waist. It just doesn't look normal or natural. We're left scratching our heads, wondering what's going on here. We know that if Khloe had just taken a photo of the way that she actually looks, it would be an epic, amazing selfie. Sigh.

14 Kylie Jenner (Again): Time To Start Being Humble Kiley

This selfie seriously makes us scream "UGH!" and we're sure that guys would feel the same way. People might say that if you've got it, you should flaunt it, but we're not so sure that applies to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. They know that they have it... but they probably flaunt it way too much. Like way too much. Like 24/7 and all the time.

We think that Kylie should start being more humble because this isn't a cute look. She's just proving that she loves herself more than anything else in the world and it seems like her favorite thing is to take and post selfies. If that's not the case, then she really needs to think twice about posting more selfies like this one. Guys just don't like girls who are way too conceited.

13 Scarlett Johansson: Enough With The Duck Lips Already

Oh, the duck lips. This was a selfie trend a while back and it's unfortunately still around, even though it honestly seems like it should have gone away by now. There are just some things that should never stick around. Duck lips are absolutely one of those trends that should be totally retired.

Scarlett Johansson honestly seems like a really cool girl, like the kind of girl that we would be friends with. It might sound like a bit of a cliche to say that a celebrity doesn't really act like a famous person, but that's honestly how we feel about her. We wouldn't really expect to see a selfie like this from her, and we know that guys feel the same way about duck lips that we do. They definitely aren't big fans.

12 Taylor Swift: Guys See Right Through The 'Fake Shocked' Look

Okay, T-Swift, we get it. You want people to think that you're surprised most of the time. The problem is, are you REALLY that shocked?! How can you be? It's not like you don't know that you're the biggest singer around (or at least one of them). You also can't really be that shocked that you met Justin Timberlake since, again, you're the biggest singer around. If anyone would meet him, it would totally be you.

We know that guys aren't into the fake shocked look, either, so this is another celebrity selfie that we're not so sure that they would love. We definitely don't love it. Even if we're big Taylor Swift fans (and let's be real, we probably are, since her pop songs are so perfectly catchy), we have to admit that she needs to start looking normal in selfies. She can honestly just smile. It's not a big deal. It wouldn't be difficult.

11 Kim Kardashian (AGAIN!) : Two-Toned

What happened here?! This looks like some self-tanning experiment gone wrong... or like Kim got a bit too much sun. Whatever went down, it doesn't make her look as beautiful as she always does, and for that reason, we're going to say that guys wouldn't be down with this selfie.

Sorry, Kim K. You know that we love you. It honestly looks like she fell asleep on the beach with her sunglasses on and so part of her face got burned (like seriously burned) and the rest didn't. How is it possible for someone to look super pale and super burned at the same time?! We didn't know that was a thing, but apparently, thanks to this Kim K selfie, we know the truth. If her face was all the same skin tone, this would actually be a really cute selfie.

10 Vanessa Hudgens: Kind Of Dirty Looking, No?

What is going on with Vanessa's hair?! Any guy looking at htis photo would have to ask the exact same question.

She's such a beautiful girl and usually looks absolutely amazing. It's so confusing that this is actually a photo of her. We just don't get why her hair is two colors at once. Wait, it's actually three colors. That's even worse. The top of her hair is brown, the middle section is bright red, and the bottoms are a weird orange. We're pretty sure that guys would be just as confused as we are and wonder why she doesn't just have her usual dark brown/black hair. She looks so much better than this all the time. We might not have even thought that it was her if we didn't know. That's how different she looks.

9 Demi Lovato: Trying Too Hard

Everything about this Demi Lovato selfie, from her smokey eyes to the seductive look in her eyes to her cleveage, seems to suggest that she's trying too hard to look good. The problem with a selfie like this one is it makes the girl seem like she's super insecure. It's like she's saying, "I don't think that I look good just the way that I am, and I don't care about inner beauty and all that jazz, so here I am, looking like what I think 'sexy' looks like."

We know that Demi Lovato is so beautiful and that she doesn't need to try hard. She doesn't need to try at all, actually. If she had just taken a photo of herself with no makeup on and with her hair in a ponytail and in regular clothes, we would have loved it. And we know that every guy would love it, too.

8 Emma Watson: Super Serious

We're not sure why Emma Watson looks so serious here, and we're also not sure why she would have chosen to take this selfie in the first place. She's not smiling, so she's obviously not in a good mood, so really, what was the point?! To show off her silly hat? If that was the case, then why wouldn't she grin or make an equally silly face? That would be super cute and would be something that we (and guys) could get behind.

Emma looks really tired too, and she even looks kind of mean and harsh. We don't think that she's a mean person. Well, we hope that she's not, because it's not like we want to think that Hermione is mean IRL. That would suck. We just think that if she was going to take a photo of herself, the least that she could do was smile.

7 Selena Gomez: Guys Don't Actually Like Bangs, Who Would Have Thought

Maybe some guys like bangs... or maybe it's just a certain type of bangs that they like? We're not sure. The question of whether or not bangs look good is a tale as old as time and it doesn't seem like there's going to be a real answer anytime soon. All we know is that whenever we've gotten bangs, we've spent the next six months or so wishing desperately that they would grow back, so... maybe bangs are a no-go.

Selena Gomez is obviously super gorgeous. We know that every guy out there thinks so, too. Maybe the problem with this selfie is that her bangs are super thin and kind of randomly in the middle of her forehead. Girls who look cute with bangs typically wear them super blunt and straight across their forehead. These just don't really work that well. Sorry, Selena. You look amazing every other time that we've seen you.

6 Avril Lavigne: Someone Needs To Invest In Makeup Remover

Is it a trend to take selfies when you've just gotten out of the shower and are naked underneath a towel? We would have said no, no way, but apparently it is, at least according to this selfie that Avril Lavigne took.

It looks like she took her makeup off and is bare-faced... except for her eye makeup which is clearly still on. We're not sure what happened here. We're also not sure why she has this strange expression on her face. It's like she's kind of shocked but it also looks like she doesn't really care. She doesn't even look like herself, which is our main issue with this selfie. Avril is honestly really cute and we think that she should have posted something different.

5 Cara Delevigne: #NoMakeup #NoThankYou

We know that guys love it when our faces are free of makeup, even if we're still super confused that they would feel that way. Our boyfriends always prefer it when we're embracing the natural look. This photo of Cara, though, is just too much... because not enough is going on. It's a little bit too natural. Okay, okay, it's way too natural.

She is a beautiful girl, but in this particular picture, she looks... unwashed. That's it. It looks like she hasn't washed her hair in days or even weeks, and that's just never going to be attractive. It's one thing to wear no makeup. That's beautiful. It's not so beautiful to have no makeup and unwashed hair and to just look really, really messy. That's not the best combination.

4 Lea Michele: Trying Way Too Hard To Be Sexy

Whoa. We get that Lea Michele would think that this would be a sexy photo, but... it's not. It's just not. Why? Because she thinks that posing this way would make her look sexy, and that proves that she's trying way too hard.

Trying too hard to look sexy means that you just won't look sexy. It's a rule or something. We're not into the fact that it's like we're staring right down in into her boobs. And the fact that her eyes are closed is just too much. That makes us feel like we're staring at her naked body or violating her privacy or something. Of course we're not because, hey, she chose to take this photo and post it online, but that's just the way that we feel. We're sure that guys would think that she's trying too hard and should have gone with a more natural look and pose.

3 Miley Cyrus: Not That Cute

The problem that we have with this selfie is that Miley Cyrus is trying super hard to look cute... and she looks the opposite. Again, there are those annoying duck lips that we can't even believe people are still doing. And then there's the fact that she's lifting her shirt up to show off her stomach, and that just looks weird.

Oh yeah, and Miley's totally in her underwear. Um. Okay. This selfie makes us really uncomfortable since it makes us feel like we're looking at something that we're just not supposed to see, and we're not down with that. We think that she should have posted another photo. Sure, Miley loves to be wild and to start controversies, so maybe this was done on purpose, but come on. This is just awkward.

2 Iggy Azalea: Not Men's Favourite Thing To Look At

This is another really messy selfie that is probably a bit too natural. That's really the best way that we can think to describe it. Iggy Azalea usually looks a lot more glam and put together than this, and while we hate to say that we hate when someone looks natural, we're not sure that this look works for her.

We know that most guys would think that this selfie is kind of "blah." She honestly looks like any regular person, and since she's a celebrity and she's a really creative one at that, that baffles our minds. Why would she want to look like such a Plain Jane? Wouldn't she want to look more like herself and more interesting than this? It's just so confusing. That's really all that we can say.

1 Nicki Minaj: Why Nicki, Why?

Sure, in theory, a selfie taken after a shower is pretty sexy. It's obvious why, so we're not about to explain it. Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about another super obvious thing: this is a pretty strange selfie.

Why would Nicki Minaj take this selfie? And why would she post it? This is the same problem as the selfie that Iggy Azalea took: it makes her look really plain and not like herself at all. Nicki also looks kind of mean here, and we don't think that's ever a good look. It's not something that guys want to see. It's like she's in a horrible mood and she just had to take some photographic evidence of it. Maybe she's thinking about her next Twitter fight with a celebrity...

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