Make 2019 The Year of Self-Care With These Tips

Self-care should be a priority for all of us in 2019, but it can be challenging to not only schedule time but also to put ourselves first.

PopSugar kicked the New Year off with some tips on how to make 2019 the year of self-care. One of the best tips is to take a bath. In our fast-paced world, the bath has fallen to the side in favor of quick showers. However, there is nothing quite like relaxing in a nice hot tub. Add some bubbles and candles to make the bath seem more like a spa experience.

Manicures & pedicures are another significant investment for self-care. Some people get them regularly, while others only get manicures for a special occasion. Whatever the reason, getting a killer manicure and pedicure will always make a person feel better. Along the same lines, if possible, a person should treat themselves to a facial every other month. It will generate the same good feelings that a manicure does, plus the face needs TLC too.

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Reducing screen time is excellent for self-care. One way to help achieve that is to turn off social media notifications. Those notifications are tempting, without the temptation, a person is more likely to cut back on their screen time. If a person wants to detox from technology, then turning off their phone for a while is a must.

The most important thing when it comes to self-care is creating time for oneself and not just an hour. Take a "me" day at least two times a month. A "me" day is when a person does not work at all, including housework and running errands. Everyone should take a day to something they love, even if that is binge-watching TV all day.

Another tip that falls in the same category as a "me" day is saying no to nights out, especially when there is little desire to leave the house. Going out all the time not only takes a physical toll it can also be hard on the bank account. It is ok to spend time alone at home instead of going out. In fact, it can be just what the doctored ordered.

The year of self-care is really all about putting oneself first more than it has been done in the past.

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