Do 2019 Right: Tips For Making Positive Changes In The New Year

In a few days, a new year will be upon us, which means it is time to think about ways to make positive changes in 2019. Stop being negative and repeating the same mistakes with these helpful tips that will have you living a positive lifestyle in the new year.

People tend to declutter their lives as one-year ends, and a new one begins. In keeping with the idea, doing a digital detox will help you yield a serious positive change in the upcoming year. Get on social media and unfollow anyone who is toxic, makes you feel bad about yourself or just annoy you. It is decluttering digitally, and it will make you feel just as good as regular decluttering.

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It's Time for a Digital Detox.[/caption]

Make a list of all the things you want to do in the next year. Now, this is not resolutions, like lose weight or save money. The list can include things like where you want to vacation, making plans to see a friend you miss or even trying a new class. It is all about accomplishing things that make you feel good. Write down an explanation next to each item on how you can make it happen. Then cross it off once it is done because it feels incredible to cross things off of a list.

Experiment with new food ingredients. It is easy to get in a rut when it comes to cooking. Take the time to find a few recipes that intrigue you, regardless of the ingredients and try them out. A lot of times a recipe will sound good, but there will be some weird ingredient, so we never try it. Forget that notion and try them all, discover new foods and open up your culinary skills.

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Last but not least, tackle those tricky things in your life. People always want to take control of their lives, especially as a new year approaches but they don't necessarily want to deal with the tricky stuff. Doing this is the not so fun part to self-care, where you deal with things that can give you anxiety or stress you out. Deal with any issues you have been putting off, such as going to the dentist or opening a savings account. It is about making a good change even though it can be dramatic, and you don't want to deal with it.

Whatever tips you use to help you have a positive 2019, remember it is easy to be negative but living a positive life is more fulfilling and enjoyable. Do what you need to do to live in a positive environment, even if it is challenging.


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