Achieve Your 2019 Goals With These Wellness Themed Planners

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means thoughts of 2019 resolutions have already begun. As we say goodbye to this year, the hopes, dreams, and wishes for the new year start to fill your time.

It is challenging to keep New Year's resolutions or goals. In fact, the majority of people give up on their year goals before February. This is especially true when it comes to wellness goals such as losing weight, eating healthy, working out or even try and get more sleep.

Most new goals have to do with fitness or wellness. There is a new hack to help you keep those 2019 goals, using a wellness planner. Not an app but an old-school planner where you have written things down. The great thing about physical planners is they will help you be accountable, all while tracking your progress.

The Paper Source Food Exercise Sleep Wellness Journal is one of the best planners around. It has over 70 pages of logs where you can set your fitness and wellness goals, monitor your progress and track your food intake all in one place. The journal is only $15 on the Paper Source website.

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The Cupcakes & Kisses Weekly Desk Calendar and Daily Planner is an excellent source to keep track of your shopping lists and workout schedule on a weekly basis. There is a section for notes, appointments and your goal tracker. Plus this gem is super cute and only runs $15 on Amazon.

The Notes With Your Toast Meal and Lifestyle Planner is perfect for helping track your meals and your workout days. The planner is pricey at $75 on Etsy because it is handmade from a woman who created it to help her on her healthy lifestyle journey. It is a great planner with sections for finances, meal planning, workouts, appointments, and a weekly weight log.

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The Simple Elephant Planner is more than just a wellness planner. It is a daily and weekly agenda that helps you activate your goals that include living a happier life and showing gratitude. The planner also doubles as a journal and has a vision board section. It is pretty much everything you need to help achieve your 2019 goals in one planner. Oh, and it is cheap at only $19 on Amazon.

Of course, there are plenty of other options out there, but these are some of our favorites! Do some research, and find the right wellness planner for you, it just might change 2019 for the better.


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