2019 Brides Are Ditching The Flowers In Exchange For Cotton Candy Bouquets

It's 2019, and a new year means new trends. One of the latest trends when it comes to weddings is for the bride to ditch the traditional flower bouquet for something more quirky and, well, edible. So, instead of the bride getting an expensive flower arrangement to carry down the aisle, she is now getting a stick of cotton candy - less costly and definitely adding a bit of originality to any wedding ceremony.

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Many young couples who are planning a wedding are trying to cut down on costs because weddings tend to get really expensive no matter the initial budget. One thing a lot of people will cut back on first is flower decorations; it is really expensive and, to be honest, they typically do not even last very long. Some brides have taken this further, and exchange also the bridal bouquet for the inexpensive option of cotton candy, and while some might find it too whimsical and corny, others appreciate the idea for the very same reason.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, some sugar loving brides make sure not only they but also their bridesmaids get their very own stick of cotton candy to carry during the wedding ceremony as well. Anyone with allergies will be delighted not to have to hold a bouquet of sneeze-inducing flowers right under their nose for an hour or so, but is it possible to resist taking a bite?

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For those brides who do not have the biggest sweet tooth or want to include another favorite food in their wedding bouquet, the sky is the limit! Last year showed us crafty brides who had come up with unique designs of wedding bouquets made out of pizza or donuts, and as long as there is a restaurant, bakery or food stylist willing to put the idea into life, brides will be walking down the aisle with more unusual bouquets than ones made out of cotton candy.

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Whether it is to cut costs, to add something unexpected, or to show off something truly representative of the couple getting married, it is safe to assume this is not the last we will see of this trend. Chicken nugget bouquet, anyone?

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