2018 Roundup: 20 Unusual Celeb Baby Names That Had Everyone Talking

2018 has been an up and down year for a lot of us. The world has had a confusing 2018, and we’re personally really grateful to be moving on to the promise and passion of 2019. For all the negative that 2018 has been through, there’s also been quite a bit of positive. For example, all the babies that have been born this year! Celebrities seem to be having babies left, right, and center this year, which means one thing: adorable celebrity baby photos. While some stars prefer to keep their baby’s face hidden until they’re a little older, others are eager to post to social media right away. Regardless of their position on social media photos, most celebrities are willing to reveal the name of their children. And what unique names there are! Celebrities this year might have moved away from names like “Apple,” but they’re still exploring the irregular names.

From old school cool to contemporary name choices, we’ve compiled the 20 most unusual baby names from this past year. From comic book references to anagram names, these celebs seem to have taken a variety of routes to make their baby names unique. Have they succeeded? We’ll let our readers be the judge.

20 Cardi B Trademarked Her Baby Girl's Name: Kulture Kiari Cephus

hotnewhiphop.com/ @iamcardib

Cardi B and Offset might be having some marital mishaps lately, Cardi B told Hot New Hip Hop that she’s fully focused on their new baby, Kulture. While we’re waiting for the two of them to figure out the future together, at least we’ve got some cute photos of Kulture to look forward to. We can also contemplate this name for a second. Kulture Kiari Cephus is a name that oozes cool far beyond her years. According to Metro, Cardi B trademarked the name right after it was officially chosen. No doubt mama has set up Kulture for future success!

19 Hart Kerr Spiegel Is Miranda Kerr And Evan Spiegel's Unique Baby Name


Another remixed classic of a name, Miranda Kerr looks absolutely gorgeous no matter what state she’s in. It’s no surprise that she chose a gorgeous baby name to go with her new child! Hart Kerr Spiegel is a unique mix of names, but not totally unheard of. After all, it’s really just her and her partner’s last names. The name Hart, however, has a certain old school charm to it. According to People, Hart was named after a grandfather on Evan Spiegel’s side of the family. It’s unique, strong, and a great choice for this up and coming famous baby.

18 Gio Grace Levine Is Already As Cool As Her Parents


Adam Levine is super cool. It doesn’t matter if we like or dislike his music; he just has this aura of cool that seems to draw us in, whether we mean to scroll through six pages on Google Images of him or not. That being said, Gio Grace might just be beating him out for the top coolest person spot. Gio Grace is a name that inspires curiosity. Gio, though simple, is a word that we haven’t heard much before. This makes it a great choice for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. It’s just as unique as the two of them are, while still allowing Gio Grace to have her own personality.

17 Story Annabelle Paul Has Already Met The World


Look at that adorable, pudgy face! For those that don’t get this photo, it’s okay. This is a throwback to Breaking Bad. Actor Aaron Paul was on Breaking Bad, and Story Annabelle Paul just had to dress up to match. How did they go about choosing a name like Story? According to People, Paul and his wife Lauren agreed, “if one of us didn’t like one of the names it never made it into the pile. We have a handful of names and we’re going to name her once we meet her.” Looks like the reasoning behind “Story” is a story for another time!

16 Ennis Howard Plemons Has Got Both Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Working


This is a name that actually has some potentially revealed inspiration behind it! According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Ennis” means “island”. It could be an allusion to Ireland, or could be more in regards to their work history. Harper’s Bazaar theorizes, “it could be inspired by how they met, as Ennis was the name of a character in Fargo Season 3. Dunst and Plemons famously met on the set of Season 2 of the show, in which they played a married couple.” Considering the fact that this name is so unique, we’d be willing to believe just about any origin story; including a Fargo character!

15 Stormi Webster Loves Working Those Camera Angles


If anyone hasn’t heard the name Stormi Webster, we’re pretty sure that it’s time to come out from under the rock. Kylie Jenner had a baby early this year who she named Stormi. From Stormi-inspired manicures to planning blow-out first birthday bashes, Kylie Jenner has been embracing motherhood fully and completely. This near-billionaire and young mother has proved that she’s an amazingly powerful woman by being able to balance her empire of a career as well as her new duties as mommy. Stormi might have been a unique name when we first heard it, but the shock has definitely worn off by now. Stormi is now just another household name.

14 Ivey Joan Watson Is All Smiles With Mom Jamie Lynn Spears


Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears, has had another baby! This time she’s named the young one Ivey Joan Watson. While we’re not sure what inspired the name Ivey, People reveals a quote that Jamie Lynn provided on the topic of Ivey Joan’s middle name. Lynn says, “her middle name, Joan, is to honor my Aunt Sandra, who passed away 10 years ago from ovarian cancer. She was the most graceful woman I’ve ever known.” What a sweet honor to give Spear’s and Watson’s new baby. We’re sure that little Ivey will grow up to embrace both her unique first name, and her honorable middle name.

13 Ayesha Curry's Tiny Baby Is Named Canon W. Jack Curry


Look at that tiny little face! Some babies are so incredibly small that it’s hard to believe they’ll one day turn into a 6-foot tall human. Little Canon W. Jack Curry is certainly like that! People revealed that this was the baby of none other than NBA star Steph Curry, which means that we seriously suspect he’s going to grow up big and strong (and very, very tall). We’re hoping that means that he’ll grow into his name as well. It’s certainly a lofty goal, as Canon W. Jack Curry sounds like quite the mouthful for the little guy to say. No doubt he’ll be a bit of a powerhouse when he grows up.

12 Marvel Jane Wentz Is The Perfect Name For Pete Wentz's New Child

Source: Pete Wentz IG[/caption]

For a pop culture icon like Fall Out Boy’s lead singer Pete Wentz, it just makes sense that the family chose another iconic pop culture reference for their new baby to rock. It sounds like it’s not just Pete who’s excited about the new addition. People mentioned that the posted photo’s caption said, “[Marvel’s] brothers are both very excited about their brand new kid sister.” Adorable! Having a baby is definitely a family matter, and we’re so happy to hear that Wentz and Camper’s other kids are on board. Though, with a name like Marvel, we’re sure that she’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like her (except for maybe some DC fans).

11 Felicity Nicole Is The New Duggar Addition

Credit: TLC/jingerandjeremy.com[/caption]

Would an article about 2018 baby names really be complete if we didn’t include at least one Duggar child on this list? Felicity Nicole is pretty, but not necessarily as out-of-the-box as some of the others on the list. It’s pretty in line with what we would expect from the family, but make no mistake: that isn’t a bad thing. Felicity Nicole is a unique name in the sense that it’s not a name we hear often. Nicole might have been popular a couple decades ago, but Felicity? When was the last time we heard that? This is a nice contrast to some of the stranger names on this list, and we’re glad that it’s adding some balance into this mix.

10 Iver Eames Conran Is The New Addition To Coco Rocha's Family


Iver Eames Conran is a name that people won’t be able to ignore. Another pretty name, we’re not entirely sure where Coco Rocha got the idea for this name. People only reports that Rocha captioned her introductory post-birth post as, “My baby boy, Iver Eames Conran. 7 lbs. 10oz of pure wonder.” To be fair, that’s very sweet. We can’t expect busy, celebrity parents to give the whole backstory behind their newly born kids’ names that soon after birth. No doubt we’ll hear about it soon. Until then, we can just appreciate the unique flow of this new child’s name.

9 Legend Wilde Brust Is A Country Music Star In The Making


Legend Wilde Brust is a name fit for a country music star, which makes sense when we consider this kid’s parents. Born to country music singer Preston Brust and wife Kristen, Legend Wilde is a baby with some big shoes to fill. However, it’s not all serious when it comes to the birth of this Legend. According to People, Brust captioned the announcement photo with, “…and just like that, our hearts have opened up in all new ways. Every map in life needs a Legend. We’re so blessed.” Ha! This kid should get ready for some legendary jokes in his life as he grows up.

8 Pemau Stone Bancroft Has Already Been On Orange Is The New Black

etonline.com (Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images for Australian LGBTI Awards)

Believe it or not, Lorna just might have been pregnant after all! We remember watching the latest season and questioning whether or not it was possible that Lorna actually could be with child; after all, the character was established as having problems with lying. Turns out that that’s not the case, though! Yael Stone, the actor who plays Lorna, was indeed pregnant. She’s now had her kid too, as People reports! Her and her partner Jack Bancroft decided to name their child Pemau. While we’re not sure what the reasoning behind that unique name is, it’s certainly… Pretty? No doubt the little one will grow up to embrace it.

7 Jaxon Orion Young Is Their J.O.Y.


Many parents call their babies their joy, but very rarely do they name the child after it. According to People, Parker Young and Stephanie Weber welcomed their sweet baby girl back in July of this year. Far from being old news, Jaxon Orion Young is thriving in their personal media, and we definitely see why. While Jaxon and Orion are both fairly unique names on their own, what’s most unique is how the parents named their baby. It seems like they named her with the intention of using the anagram J.O.Y. That idea sounds pretty joyous to us.

6 Elektra Saint Greer Is Katy Mixon's Newest Family Addition

people.com (Photo by Steve Zak Photography/WireImage)

Anyone who has a history with ancient Greek literature and theatre will be familiar with the name Electra. While we’re not confident that that was the reason behind naming their new daughter Elektra, Katy Mixon seems to be happy regardless of the how or why their newest addition came to them. People reports, “this happened just the quickest … situation ever. I couldn’t be more shocked. Didn’t know it was possible.” This is due to the fact that her pregnancy with Elektra came less than a year after her first pregnancy. Maybe the shock is why they decided on such an electrifying name?

5 Atlas Wilding Shermet-Black Is Already Very Active


We have a special place in our heart for the name Atlas, but we can’t help but wonder why there’s so much talk of maps and legends in the baby name circle this year. Could it perhaps be the hope parents have of being able to guide their children? It seems like Dean Sheremet and Vanessa Black are already helping to guide little Atlas Wilding in the big, wide world. Born earlier this year, Atlas Wilding is growing up fast. Now the big question is, will he grow up to be a wild(ing) child? Or will he stay calm, cool, and relaxed, like he is in this picture?

4 Haskell Letts Is Carrie Coon and Tracy Letts' Chosen Baby Name

extratv.com (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Anyone else getting Looney Toons vibes with this name? We can’t get that Hansel and Gretel episode out of our heads, where Bugs keeps asking, “Hansel? Hansel?” Maybe that’s silly, but it’s not our fault! Haskell is a unique name, and we’re not sure we totally embrace it yet. We just need to roll it around a little bit more. According to People, “his name could be a nod to Letts’ late grandfather Charles Haskell Letts.” If that’s the case, we’re certainly pleased that this kid is getting the honour of carrying on the family name. No doubt he’ll appreciate the uniqueness of the name in the future as well.

3 Alaiya Is The Gorgeous Name Of One Of Fetty Wap's Newborns


Where to begin with Fetty Wap? The rapper seems to have more babies and mamas than he does studio albums. That’s not a bad thing, but it does result in a little bit of drama. Some of the baby’s names are more unique than others, like the name Alaiya. According to People, Alaiya was born prematurely back in January to mother Alexis Skyy. This beautiful name isn’t where Fetty Wap’s births end, though. According to US Magazine a few months later he had another child with ex Lezhae Zeona. They share a child already who has the name Zaviera, which makes us super excited to learn what unique name their new child has been given.

2 Theron “Teddie” Maine Cook Is The New Member Of The Zac Brown Band


At least, we’re sure Teddie will join the band after he grows up a little bit. Yahoo mentions that Clay Cook, a musician in the Zac Brown Band, and his wife Brooke have created another future musician. “Teddie” is a pretty standard nickname, but it’s usually reserved for a name like Theodore, Thomas, or other variations on that theme. Theron is a hugely unique name, and one that we’re relieved has a nickname attached to it. Doesn’t he look a little like a Teddie, though, especially when he’s all swaddled in that big, brown blanket? It’s no wonder his big brother loves him so much!

1 Linden Rose Garrison Is Peachy Keen On Joining This Happy Family


Look at that little waving hand! It seems like Linden Rose is excited to meet the world, and we’re excited to meet little Linden. DailyMail actually had an answer from Lane Garrison when wondering about Linden’s unique name. They report, “we chose Linden Rose for multiple reasons. For one, most everyone on my side of the family is an LG. My mother was Lisa, my father Lee and of course, I’m Lane...We thought Linden was original and unique and Rose her middle name was for Mary Kaitlin’s great-grandmother. So really the influence was all about our families.” This is another lovely homage to family in the baby names of 2018.


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