2018 Recap: 23 Trend-Setting Celebs Who Rocked Bobs (That We Actually Want To Copy)

It’s tempting to go through a big change this time of year. With the gloomy weather rapidly approaching, as well as the long nights and overcast days, people often feel like they need to shake things up.

Some people might opt to freshen up their wardrobe or go for a new hair color. Sometimes people get tattoos and piercings to freshen up their style. One thing that’s more common than all the rest? Haircuts. Not just in the winter season, either!

It seems like every time a person wants to change themselves or revitalize their style, they turn to a salon chair. This is especially true for celebrities. After all, fans have seen the photos of TV's favorite family, the Kardashians, with a different kind of haircut every other week. Of course, these rapid changes are most likely achieved by wigs, but that doesn’t stop fans from envying their amazing styles.

Hair is one of the easiest things to change; all it takes is a pair of scissors and a little bit of chair time. Hair grows fairly quickly as well, making any changes less permanent than people might think. The Bob (and its longer variation, known as the Lob) is a trend that many celebrities have jumped onto this year in order to freshen up their looks. Here are the 23 celebs who rocked it the best.

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23 Khloe Kardashian Went And Got Revenge Hair Too


With all the talk about Khloe Kardashian’s physical transformation by the media and fans, it was easy to overlook the other changes that she went through.

Those that are familiar with Khloe Kardashian will likely not think twice looking at her hair now, but for a long time, this lob/bob was very, very new.

The brown-to-blonde look was totally on trend, and the new short length of her hair added a kind of popularity and refinement to her style. It’s fabulous and fresh and was one of the biggest and most outstanding style changes that happened this year for Khloe Kardashian.

22 Emma Roberts' Style Is Sleek And Chic


Emma Roberts revealed this new, shorter hair back at the end of May, according to Teen Vogue. They mention how she might want to go even shorter, too, eventually cropping it up to a pixie. Right now we’re excited by this big change, and the length is incredibly flattering on her. No muss and no fuss, the bob is a great low-maintenance haircut. While it’s easy enough to style, it’s also a look that oftentimes can get away with simply washing and walking out the door. Short hair tends to dry a little quicker, which even limits that pesky hair dryer time. For a busy person like Emma Roberts, this is likely a huge benefit!

21 Selena Gomez Was A Bit Of A Chameleon This Year


The style chameleon Selena Gomez has rocked a great number of amazing hairstyles this last year or so. From her edgy undercut to her platinum look, Gomez isn’t afraid to try new styles.

Most notably was this kitschy 1920s hair look, which was done for her music video “Back To You."

According to Grazia, Selena Gomez decided to go for this retro style for the video. It was the perfect kind of curled, just tucking into her jawline and showing off all of her gorgeous features. It’s certainly a dramatic style, though, making us less inclined to follow suit. But it’s so cute!

20 R0wan Blanchard Is Looking Grown Up In These Short Locks


Rowan Blanchard semi-recently also chopped off her locks, shedding that younger image that she was working with. The slight curling at the ends is a very popular way of styling the bob and doesn’t take much time to achieve. The trendiness it gives the hair is huge, though, making it the perfect addition to any kind of outfit; including this geek chic style that’s so popular with Blanchard. Plus, it was a good practical choice as well. The shorter style is perfect for summer, which is around the time that Blanchard cut her hair. W Magazine says that it happened in March; right when the sweat tends to accumulate underneath long locks!

19 Saoirse Ronan Looks Young And Free


After her role in Ladybird, it’s no surprise that Saoirse Ronan is embracing this style. We all embraced the character so fully and felt such a kinship with her that it’s hard to believe the actor would want to let her go so soon. Perhaps this is why Ronan decided to keep a short style in her daily life.

Or, maybe she chopped the ends off because she was looking for a change.

Whatever the logic behind it, we think that she looks fantastic. Pulling off the perfect center part adds to that '90s-esque vibe she has. There’s no denying it; Ronan’s got a rocking bob.

18 The Luscious Locks Of Jessica Chastain Got A Chop

people.com (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

The glamorous Jessica Chastain has often been seen with her romantic, old Hollywood hairstyle. The side part, flipped bangs, and loose curls make a dramatic impact against her clear, light tone and penchant for little black dresses. The red adds to the drama, a color that she’s been working with since she first stepped onto the red carpet scene. The chop that she got might be more of a lob than a bob, but we can’t deny the fact that she looks fantastic. W Magazine again reports that this cut happened at the beginning of the summer, proving that this winter might be the season of some fresh growing-out-our-hair looks.

17 Jennifer Lopez Looked Fierce In Her Fresh Look


Since when does J-Lo not look fierce? Seriously, we can’t think of a time that she’s not managed to look absolutely perfect. Every since day one Jennifer Lopez has been a style icon, and we’re always excited to see what kind of looks she’s going to bless us with next. Her style is on point as always with this trendy haircut.

The bluntness is softened by the choppy ends, adding some vibrancy and difference to this haircut.

While many celebs are opting for the straight, clean-edged bob bottom, J-Lo is again acting as a trendsetter and visionary with her feathered ends.

16 Emilia Clarke Went Khaleesi Blonde But Bobbed


Emilia Clarke, who played everyone’s favorite mother of dragons on the show Game of Thrones was, we believe, was wigged for most of the show’s run. After finishing filming, though, she opted to actually go platinum. Refinery29 says that she regrets the choice, but only because people now recognize her even more. Was that maybe part of the reason she decided to shorten her hair’s length? Perhaps. What’s more likely, though, is that she just wanted a change in style. It’s understandable; we’d no doubt want a change as well if we spent years playing the same character. It’s good to freshen up the look.

15 Hailey Baldwin's Hair Has Grown, But She Was A Frontrunner Of This Style


Hailey Baldwin has been in the news quite a lot lately, but not due to any of her big-name modeling contracts. Rather, it’s because of her big-name husband! Now wife to Justin Bieber, anyone who hasn’t seen their coupley cuteness is likely living under a rock.

One thing that might have slipped silently past due to the media fervor of their recent marriage? Baldwin’s (er, Bieber's) updated hair!

While it seems to have grown out a little now, Baldwin was keeping up with her cool-girl style by embracing 2018’s hot trend: the blunt-ended bob. Hitting just below her jawline, this style certainly showed off her amazing bone structure well.

14 Olivia Culpo Got A Bit Of A Trim


Embracing her natural style while still fitting into the season’s hottest trends is a part of what makes Olivia Culpo’s style so perfect to us. Not only does she always manage to fit in with what the crowds are rocking, but she’s also inevitably keeping some of her own flair. This is even true in her current hairstyles. Not only does she have the key length for the year’s most popular haircut, but she’s even rocking the center part as well. The one thing she’s not likely changing? Her hair color. This chocolate brown is the perfect winter color, and one that we’re thinking will come back into fashion soon.

13 Vanessa Hudgens' Bangs Makes Hers 1920s Chic


Selena Gomez, is that you? Nope! While it’s a little unclear as to who had this 1920s style first, we think it actually might have been Vanessa Hudgens.

The bangs are a little heavier and the length of the ends a little shorter, but it’s certainly a remarkably similar style for the two stars to have.

What we do know is that both women are rocking it equally well. Selena Gomez’s was done for a role in a music video as we mentioned before, but Vanessa Hudgens just seems to be doing it for the fashion. Is it a success? We certainly think so! This tousled 1920s style is super cute!

12 Jourdan Dunn Made Waves With Her Style


The model extraordinaire and fashionista supreme is always the clear winner in the race for most fashionable casual wear. She’s always experimenting with looks and styles and isn’t afraid to make a statement with her looks. W Magazine says that she revealed this haircut in approximately February. We believe that this makes her one of the trendsetters of this style, and for good reason. The sleekness of the bob matches well with her laid-back-but-fashionable styles. We’re big fans of this style on her, and hope that she keeps her hair short for at least some of 2019 too, rather than growing it out with the rest of the trend followers.

11 Margot Robbie Has Changed Her Hair Many Times Since


Not only is Margot Robbie a chameleon on the screen, pulling off roles that require her to go to new depths and remarkable places, but she’s also a bit of a chameleon off screen too. Over the years we’ve seen Margot Robbie embrace a variety of styles, both hair and fashion-wise.

Her blonde hair has stuck around for a while, but she’s recently gone shorter and shorter.

Was it in the name of fashion, or for a role? Only Robbie knows. We wouldn’t be surprised if her edgy look grew back into this medium length style. The length really suits her!

10 Dua Lipa Is Giving Us Short Hair Sass


Dua Lipa’s give-no-cares attitude is balanced only by her outspokenness on important issues. She’s an incredibly interesting star, serving us sweetness just as quickly as she gives sass. This is the perfect haircut to match, which has the added benefit of showing off Lipa’s amazing bone structure as well. Her sultry look really suits this tousled bob. It’s a style that can easily pull off a lazy “I woke up like this” selfie as much as it can pull of the look of cute, curled ends and summer dresses. It’s a complex style for a complex woman, and we’re living for it.

9 Tessa Thompson's Curly Bob Is Everything


In the world of popular hairstyles that are reminiscent of the '90s, Tessa Thompson’s look reigns supreme. If we thought Saoirse Ronan’s was spot on, we might think twice seeing Tessa Thompson’s.

Her natural hair is well suited to this short style, which features wispy bangs as well as a no-fuss length.

Refinery29 reminds us that she took this look a step edgier in Sorry To Bother You, during which she had some technicolor looks going on. This didn’t carry over into her real life, though, as she’s still rocking that beautifully rich dark brown. It’s '90s chic and unique!

8 Bella Hadid Proved That We All Care About Short Hair


Bella Hadid always seems to be changing her hair. Not only does she have the means to change it every other month, but she’s certainly got enough contracts that it might force her to keep changing it. Between the photoshoots, charity events, and the runway walks, Bella Hadid is almost always working. It’s no surprise that she would want to go for a day-to-day style that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. That might be why she’s embraced this bob. A slightly longer style, we can spy some layering at the bottom; perfect for adding volume when curling the ends!

7 Emily Ratajkowski Will Always Look Good


Real talk: it doesn’t matter how much or how little hair Emily Ratajkowski has. Her style is always going to be clean, clear, cute, and so incredibly sultry. We absolutely love this shorter length on her.

While many of her selfies feature her with straight hair or longer hair, we’re living for this deviation from her prior style.

The bounciness adds a softness and a sweetness to her already ethereal features. Is this a permanent change? We hope so, though we wouldn’t be surprised if she had to change her look often. The woman is a model, after all! Who knows when she’ll have to change her look for a photoshoot.

6 Chrissy Teigen Lost The Length, But Kept The Good Looks


Popular not only for her food but also for her hilarious personality, Chrissy Teigen is the woman and mother we hope to be when we grow up. For a long time, she was spotted with long, long hair. Slightly curled and with a caramel blonde hue, the length seemed to show off everything, including her prominent cheekbones. Long hair just seemed to work on her. We’re still adjusting to this newly debuted short style, but we definitely like it quite a lot. It’s adding an edginess to her otherwise wholesome style. Plus, we’re sure that the shorter length means less grabby baby hands getting tangled in the ends.

5 Kerry Washington Got An Asymmetrical Piece Of Art

essence.com (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Chatelaine first pointed out this style, which is listed as being an asymmetrical bob with long side bangs. If that’s not the most specific description of a haircut, we don’t know what is.

It’s certainly well deserved, though, as the styling of this hair on Kerry Washington is amazing.

Washington, who’s had a long and successful stint in the acting world, deserves to look as fabulous as she is. This hair is a great update to her style. It’s artistic, and is a twist on the current trend. If that’s not a metaphor for Kerry Washington herself, we don’t know what is. What a fabulous look!

4 Nina Dobrev's Hair Is Our New Goals


Out of all the popular bob styles, though, there’s one that rules above them all (at least it does in our opinion). Nina Dobrev might still be on the up-and-coming lists, but she’s firmly cemented in our hearts thanks to this style. The shag is another popular haircut, which often features loose waves, choppy ends, and curtain bangs. Nina Dobrev has married that popular hairstyle with the bob, creating a whole new cut that’s unlike any of the others we’ve seen. While it might not work on everyone, the tousled and textured style is a great match for Dobrev’s chic and quirky personal style.

3 Ashley Graham Looks More Striking Than Ever


Ashley Graham is a popular model who has been making waves in the fashion world due to her success not as a typically-sized model, but as a real-world, average-sized model. “Plus size” or not, Graham is at the forefront of popular trends and wearing them just as well as everybody else in the industry.

That includes this amazing hair, which has absolutely polished her looks to a new kind of shine.

The center part and sleek styling give it a dramatic and business-savvy vibe, which is in turn totally inspiring us. Can we pull it off as well as Graham? Probably not. But she still inspires us to be able to wear and do anything we put our minds to.

2 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Pulls It Off With Youthful Exuberance


This look might in fact be getting inspiration from the '70s chic looks that are in now as well. Not only does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have the personality to pull off this look but, she also has the slouchy style to make it work. The shagginess and the tousling add some youthfulness. While the slick bobs we’ve seen almost always add some grown-up attitude to a person’s look, the tousled and casual bobs give more of a youthful edge. While Huntington-Whiteley is still young, she definitely looks just as lovely as the other stars we’ve seen rocking this new, popular hairstyle; if not a bit shaggier!

1 Brooklyn Decker Has Loved The Blonde Bob For Ages

travelandleisure.com (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/FilmMagic)

A quick Google image search reveals that Brooklyn Decker has embraced a variety of lengths and styles over the years. None is as dramatic as this longer bob, though. Refinery29 reveals that Decker’s hair stylist thought that this cut was the “highlight" of her job; though, whether she’s talking about her own profession or Decker’s is a little unclear. Either way, we love this short look.

The bob pairs with Decker’s personal style well, and proves that there’s no limit to how often we can change our hair.

Hmm… Anybody else in the mood for a chop? Maybe it’s time to finally jump on this bandwagon!

Sources: Refinery29, W Magazine, Teen Vogue

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