2018 Bridal Roundup: 10 Celeb Wedding Dresses We Want To Copy (& 10 That Flew Under The Radar)

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back on some of our favorite 2018 events. Namely, all of the weddings that have happened this past year (and trust us, there’ve been quite a few). Celebrity weddings range from quietly hidden out in the country, all the way to large and paparazzi-riddled extravaganzas inside of our favorite cities. They’re beautiful, dramatic, and sometimes end up giving us some new life goals. There’s no end to the amount of attention that celebrity weddings can garner. It’s well-deserved, though! We want to celebrate the love between our favorite celebrities just as much as guests that actually get to go. Even if we don’t necessarily want to celebrate the wedding, there’s still one aspect of them that we all end up paying attention to. That happens to be the one and only wedding dress. Celebrity wedding dresses are typically some of the most beautiful wedding dresses out there. From vintage to designer to bespoke, every star is sure to get a wedding dress that suits their style and that we inevitably want to copy when it comes to our big day.

We’ve taken a look back at 2018 and rounded up 10 celebrity wedding dresses that are totally our new one-day must-haves, as well as 10 that weren’t necessarily as eye-catching.

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20 Rose Leslie’s Was Lovely


All fantasy fans will definitely know the news by now: Jon Snow and Ygritte got married this year! 2018 might have been the year of tense TV plot twists on everyone’s favorite show, Game of Thrones, but none was more exciting than the off-camera romance between Jon Snow and Rose Leslie.

Brides mentions that the two of them tied the knot in Scotland, a place where layers of fabric was probably a smart idea.

While some pairings of poofy skirts and long veils look frumpy, this is a design that truly stands out as timeless. Rose Leslie looks lovely. We’ll just be pinning this dress to our inspo board now…

19 While Julianne Hough’s Was More Simple Than Chic


There’s nothing wrong with taking a more subtle and subdued approach to a wedding dress. Not all of us want the drama and glamor of a tulle skirt with a four-foot diameter. However, we do feel that wedding dresses need a little something in order to stand out. Simplicity might be chic, but not when it’s generally understated. Cosmopolitan describes Julianne Hough’s dress as a fitted, strapless gown, without many more descriptors than that. Honestly, there’s not much more to say! It’s a pleasant dress and acted as a great neutral backdrop to let her personality shine through. We definitely see why we didn’t hear much about this dress when the wedding first happened, though.

18 Hilary Swank’s Dress Will Be Hard To Copy, But Couldn’t Be Sweeter


Talk about looking “swanky” (sorry, Hilary). If there’s one person who should make the top of the best-dressed list, it’s Hilary Swank. This wedding dress is incredible, but only because we’ve never quite seen anything like it before. The level of detail is remarkable, from the pleating to the lacework. Her simple veil is the perfect addition, and the whole outfit absolutely glowed.

Vogue quotes her as saying, “I wanted [a dress that was] romantic that felt as timeless as the redwood grove where we were to be married.”

Vogue attributes the work on the dress to designer Elie Saab. We might not be able to afford an original, but we’ll certainly be adding that name to our list of dream designers.

17 Brody Jenner And Kaitlynn Carter Both Flew Under The Radar


The photo might look like it was a picture-perfect marriage, but Brides reveals that much of Brody Jenner’s family didn’t end up attending. One of the Kardashian/Jenners that never seems to make it into the spotlight, Brody married fiance Kaitlynn Carter this past year. Unfortunately for him and Carter, the ceremony seemed to have flown under everybody’s radar. That being said, they still look so excited to have tied the knot together. While we’re not wild about Carter’s dress, it is hard to tell from the photos that they’ve released. We’re sure that the outfit would look more complete with the shoes on, as well.

16 Priyanka Chopra's White Dress

Spilled News

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married so recently that we can still hear the music from their wedding reception floating on the wind. Cosmopolitan went into more details about the ceremony itself, but the only thing we’re paying attention to was Chopra’s beautiful dresses. Her white wedding dress was the first to catch our eye, with some incredible details and full coverage sleeves.

Cosmopolitan reports that this dress was designed by Ralph Lauren, featuring intricate lace and a 75-foot long veil.

This kind of stunning detail work is a staple of Ralph Lauren's style. This is a dress that we’re sure to see copied in the years to come.

15 Kat Von D’s Was An Alternative Take


Looking for a non-traditional wedding dress? Look no further than the Kat Von D raucous red dress. This tulle piece of art isn’t necessarily one that we’ll find people copying, but it’s certainly hard to classify it as anything but breathtaking. Not only is the outfit one that fit with their kind-of-goth-kind-of-woodsy theme, but it was definitely Kat Von D’s style. This isn’t necessarily a look that we expect people to repeat, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t ever be done. Kat Von D looked like she was glowing, and we’d still count this celebrity wedding as one of the most impressive of 2018.

14 While Priyanka Chopra’s Red Really Rocked


On the flipside to Priyanka Chopra’s white gown was this stunning red outfit she wore for the Sunday ceremony.

According to Cosmopolitan, “for the second ceremony, both bride and groom changed into traditional Indian bridal wear, with Priyanka choosing a deep, red Lehengha with a matching veil”.

This traditional two-piece is totally inspiring us to look outside of the normal white dress territory for wedding dress inspiration. The all-over sparkle, the accent with the jewelry, and not to mention that long and luxurious veil! Priyanka Chopra has always been classically beautiful, but this outfit shows off her beautiful spirit as well.

13 Chanel Iman’s Had A Whole Lot Going On


Their beautiful smiles are only overpowered by one thing in this photo: Chanel Iman’s dress. Brides, who released a definitive list of celebrity weddings so far earlier this month, lists her as wearing “a Zuhair Murad wedding dress”, which is one of the popular haute couture bridal brands currently out there. While designer dresses might usually be at the top of the list for copycats to draw inspiration from, this dress is one that we expect a few of them will overlook. It doesn’t have a whole lot of structure, though the dress fits Iman well. She is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, though, and not many things look bad on her. Us average folks might not be able to pull it off in the same way.

12 Amy Schumer Makes Us All Want Flowy, Wedding Day Freedom


This spaghetti strap dream is an easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl’s wedding dress must have. We’re sure that this combination sundress and wedding gown is going to be one of the big styles this coming year.

A little bit boho chic and a little bit of traditional wedding design, Amy Schumer is again giving us life by rocking this free and flowing gown.

Brides reminds us that the wedding itself was a secret, intimate ceremony, which happened closer to the beginning of 2018. We’re so glad that Schumer’s posted photos from the wedding throughout this year, though; every time we see them we get reminded of the magic.

11 Emily Ratajkowski’s Might Be The Easiest To Copy, But It Doesn’t Scream “Wedding”


We need to talk about Emily Ratajkowski. One of the most stunning models (in our opinion) working today, Emily Ratajkowski can pull off almost anything. From swimwear to glamor gowns to distressed jeans and fishnets, she’s got the personality that can rock anything. Why, then, did she choose to rock this? Cosmopolitan reveals that this is a yellow pantsuit from Zara. Her wedding ceremony was less of a party and more of a roll-up-to-the-courthouse-looking-slightly-spicier-than-mustard event. The ceremony was a secret one, which might explain why she didn’t go for a big dress. We hope the two of them decide to have another ceremony. One in which the fashion is a little more haute couture than a grieving hat. She looks great, but we don't know anyone who'd wear this for their wedding.

10 UK Singer Heidi Range Gave Us Glowing, Glam Vibes


Holy veil, Batman! While many celebrities aim to achieve the perfect lace sleeves and long veil look, very few of them tend to succeed. Oftentimes all that covering up can come across as ever so slightly frumpy, which makes us less inclined to look at them for inspiration.

In the case of UK singer/songwriter Heidi Range, she’s really elevated this wedding day outfit into something special.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing knockoffs of this dress in the next year. There’s something about the shape it gives Range that makes her look not only sweet, but incredibly attractive too.

9 Karlie Kloss Could Have Had A Little More Lace


It’s almost like Karlie Kloss wore a dress that was trying to look like Heidi Range’s, but is just different enough that we can’t call it a copy. Karlie Kloss, the supermodel and fashion extraordinaire, actually doesn’t inspire us that much with this dress. It’s dramatic in its length and in its fluffiness, but we don’t exactly get “omg must have” vibes off of it. In our opinion, it’s the ratio of lace to the rest of the dress. We think there needs to be a little bit more lacework on the sleeves and overlay in order to draw our attention upwards. Otherwise, we’re just looking at this long, beautiful train!

8 But Gwyneth Paltrow’s Is Right On The Money With Its Delicate Pattern


There’s only so much time we can spend looking at celebrity wedding dresses, but believe us when we say that we stared at Gwyneth Paltrow’s for a good long time.

Cosmopolitan reports that this was a custom design by none other than Valentino Couture.

It makes sense as well. The lace fits alongside her curves so well, not looking too tight or too stretched anywhere on the outfit. The design is right up her alley too. In the same way that Goop has taken off, we’re sure that Paltrow’s unique wedding dress will also be taking off. Get ready for large lace prints and cute cap sleeves to be 2019’s hottest wedding dress trend!

7 Model Caroline Brasch Nielsen Is Looking Ready For Bed In Her Dress


Lace and embroidery, in our opinion, can go one of two ways. Either it can look delicate and divine, or it can look dowdy and doily-esque. By modernizing lace designs and putting it on a contemporary silhouette we’re able to update the look of lace. Caroline Brasch Nielsen, a well-known model, and all around gorgeous human, seems to have taken the doily route with this dress. We’re sure the lightly colored designs would look good on a different style of dress. As it stands right now, though, the shape of the dress is too Edwardian. It’s giving us Pride and Prejudice or nightgown vibes. Despite the pairing, she definitely looks dreamy.

6 Aidy Bryant’s Wedding Dress Is Short And Sweet; Perfect For Those Casual Ceremonies


How much do we want a wedding dress exactly like Aidy Bryant’s? SO MUCH! This short and flirty style brushes just before the mid-calf. It’s perfect for those of us that might not feel as empowered by long skirts, as well as those of us wanting to revitalize a classic wedding ceremony. Brides mentioned that the SNL star’s dress is even more gorgeous close-up, as it’s a lace sheath dress. We can only imagine the amazing details that it has.

Plus, look at those shoes! Brides reveals that they’re Prada originals; way to dress for success, Bryant!

This is a perfect look for their contemporary ceremony.

5 Star Jones’s Fabric Wasn’t Our Favorite


One dress that just didn’t make the must-have cut was Star Jones’ dress. As great as the shape and cut of the dress is, the fabric doesn’t really do anything to elevate her. The pulling across the dress makes us think that the dress was picking up light and throwing shadows in all the wrong places. Not to mention the wrinkling at the bottom! A mermaid train can be incredibly elegant, but not when it looks all scrunched up. The bow on the top added some much-needed fabric contrast, but it might have been better served as a sash. We actually hope someone decides to copy it; as long as they choose a less fussy fabric!

4 Kesha Ward Married 2 Chainz, But Her Wedding Really Focused On 1 Dress


Like mother, like daughters, apparently! Kesha Ward’s two girls were seen looking good in white dresses alongside their parents. The youngest ended up rocking a suit totally similar to 2 Chainz. However, the real star of this fashion show is Kesha Ward’s dress.

W Magazine mentions that they rented out the Versace Mansion for their ceremony, which means that Ward really had to nail it on the fashion front.

She certainly achieved that with this style! The dress is a great reminder of just how glam mermaid/trumpet dresses can be, while the cape and sparkly flower headband tie her whole look together.

3 Actress Taylor McKay Could Have Gone Grander


US Weekly gave us all a hold-our-breath moment when they reported on the wedding of Taylor McKay and Gregory Smith (from TV's Everwood). Both of them have an excellent aesthetic, which is why we were so excited to see what McKay’s wedding dress was going to look like! When we finally saw the photos, though, we just had to double take. Was this really Taylor McKay? We were expecting something a little more grand than this slinky dress. Looking more like a FashionNova style than a full-blown wedding dress, we appreciate her for choosing a non-traditional, movable dress. It’s definitely not a look that we’d copy for ourselves, though we would understand if some people embraced it.

2 Swimsuit Model Emily DiDonato Is All Kinds Of Straightforward And Sleek


Where Julianne Hough’s was simple, model Emily DiDonato really honed in on the sleek styling. This dress is a simple straight-across neckline, providing a strong but effective style element.

The skirt itself gently tapers out, making it one of the classiest A-line dresses we’ve seen in the last year.

We personally love the way that she’s paired it with a slicked-back hairstyle as well. It really shows off her as a person, ensuring that people wouldn’t just be staring at the dress the whole time they were saying their vows. The best part? This sleek style is straightforward enough that copying the look is sure to be a breeze.

1 Food Network Star Katie Lee’s Dress Was Big On The Front-Slit Action


We love Katie Lee’s infectious energy as she bubbles her way through another Food Network episode. Lee is truly gorgeous inside and out, which means it just makes sense for her to have a gorgeous wedding dress as well! To be totally honest, though, we’re not wild about this dress. The slit in the front isn’t working for us, and the rest of the dress is fairly plain. There’s not enough contrast in it. For a chef who knows all about balancing flavors on a plate, we were thinking she would know how to balance an outfit. While it looks great the way she’s styled it, we just wish there was a little more. Oh well; not every dress can be a standout, as we’ve seen this year.


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