20 Zodiac Matches Ranked: Most Satisfying Love Life To The Dullest

Part of the excitement of starting a new relationship is that you never really know what’s going to happen. In the beginning stages of a relationship, uncertainty is actually kind of fun because you’re just getting to know someone and there's feelings of infatuation for your new bae. However, wouldn’t it be so great if you could have some sort of guarantee that your budding romance is built to last? Perhaps one way to determine if you and your boo are a match made in heaven is to consult the stars — more specifically, your star signs.

Just as your astrological sign can tell you about different aspects of your personality or help you to navigate your life, it can also give you a lot of helpful insight about your relationship, in terms of your compatibility with a potential partner. Let’s take a look at the Zodiac signs that are sure to have an epic love affair, and the ones that might just be better off as friends. While there may be some exceptions to the rule, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a relationship guide of sorts to use when you’re trying to determine whether or not your relationship is built to last.

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20 Aquarius And Gemini Have A Total Love Connection

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If you’re an Aquarius in a relationship with a Gemini, you’ve basically hit the jackpot of romance, and your relationship is pretty much guaranteed to be exciting and fulfilling for the both of you. Each of your signs show that you’re both both highly intelligent, as well as free spirits, so there is never a dull moment. Best of all, you both value a lot of the same things, like great conversation, friendships, as well as the desire to get out there and explore. While you might find that other signs can be a bit too clingy for you, you won’t get that same feeling with a Gemini, because they instinctively know that any great relationship benefits from the occasional time apart to let both of you do your own thing.

19 Taurus And Virgo Are Just Right For Each Other

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If your relationship was a chair in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she would say that it’s “just right.” The wonderful thing about a Taurus and Virgo being together, is that both are all about trying to find commitment and stability in a potential partner. Because both Taurus and Virgo also consider themselves to very stable and committed partners, it’s a match made in heaven. Because you both have identical relationship priorities, this means that you will always be able to be upfront with each other about your feelings, and where you stand in the relationship. This also means that there will be none of those terrible and confusing mind games between the two of you, so you can feel secure in what you have as a couple.

18 Aries And Libra Are Like Magnets Being Pulled Together


The phrase, “opposites attract” has never been more true in this instance, as that is the key to this pairing. Signs Aries and Libra are very different, but that’s exactly why it makes them work so well together. If you’re an Aries, you will find that a Libra's calm nature is totally soothing, which is a refreshing change from your wild ways. If you’re a Libra, you’ll find that someone with an Aries sign is more exciting than anyone else, especially because they’ll be able to get you to try a lot of fun things that you would have never thought to try on your own. This cosmic pairing results in a supportive and harmonious relationship. If you’re an Aries looking to be with someone for the long haul, finding a Libra might be your solution to happily ever after.

17 Cancer And Capricorn Strike The Perfect Balance In Love

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Relationships are all about striking a balance between two people with their own needs and desires. This can sometimes be difficult, but not if you and your partner are a Cancer and Capricorn. This is because if these two signs are lucky enough to find themselves in a relationship together, they’re sure to find just that. When these two signs are together, they are able to balance each other out without much effort. While the romance is important, and definitely present, in this pairing, this is a couple who can also deal with all of the mundane stuff without feeling like they’re losing excitement in their relationship. These two signs are very practical and responsible, so their communication will always be direct and to the point — no mind games here!

16 Leo And Aries Are Sure To Be A Power Couple

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Now here’s a cosmic pairing with a lot of oomph! People with Leo and Aries signs are usually both outgoing, confident, and full of life, so sparks are sure to fly when you two are together. While people will be instantly drawn to the charisma that radiates from both of you, it won’t match the feelings you have for each other. One of the reasons that you two are sure to work so well together is because both of your are the happy-go-lucky type, with no room for negativity in your lives. You both see the glass as half full, which is great when you’re in a relationship that’s full of ups and downs. Nothing can get you down when you’re together, which makes your relationship a thing of envy for other people, which you both also kind of love, deep down.

15 Scorpio And Aquarius Are The Perfect Combination

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A Scorpio and an Aquarius might seem like an unlikely pairing, but that’s why they work well together as a couple. Both signs have opposite outlooks on the world— a Scorpio is all about fiery passion, while an Aquarius is more of the cool and level-headed type. However, once these two signs get together, they will get along better than a lot of other sign combinations. A Scorpio will love the exciting spontaneity of an Aquarius, and an Aquarius will love a Scorpio’s enthusiasm for the things in life that matter most to them. Recognizing that both of you bring different and wonderful things to the table is important, because it means that your relationship will always seem fresh and new as you both never cease to surprise one another.

14 Libra And Gemini Are #CoupleGoals

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When people think of the term “#couplegoals,” they’re probably thinking of a Libra and Gemini pairing. Both of these signs are known to be social butterflies, so they likely appear on your Instagram feed having the time of their life together, as well as with all of their many friends. While these to signs are a lot alike, they’re social in different ways. A Gemini will excel at forging new relationships with people, while a Libra is the kind of person who has many longterm, meaningful friendships. This is why when these two signs are brought together, their relationship comes with quite the packed social calendar (that’s just what happens when you’re both popular!). However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t also know how to make time for each other outside of a party setting.

13 Capricorn And Taurus Are Soulmates

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If you don’t believe in soulmates, observing a Capricorn and Taurus together might make a believer out of you yet. People with the Capricorn and Taurus signs tend to have harmonious partnerships, because they share the same practical approach to life. Both believe in working hard, striving for greatness, and basically living happily ever after. While some might think Capricorns can be uptight, they can’t help but find themselves lightening when a Taurus is around. On the other hand, Capricorns will bring out the best in a Taurus, which means that they could find themselves becoming more ambitious, thanks to a Capricorn’s influence. Basically, these two together are like an unstoppable force, destined for a lot of happiness and success. When things are always going this well, how can two people not be on top of the world and in love all the time?

12 Sagittarius And Aries Have A Fiery Relationship

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These two signs together are sure to bring the heat! Both signs are turned off by boring people, so they’re naturally drawn to each other, because they both have a lot of charisma, energy, and enthusiasm. Together, these two signs are always doing exciting things. They’re probably the couple that's always suggesting crazy ideas for group dates, and going on adventures together. Beware though—sometimes, these two signs together are more of an explosion than a slow burn, so things could get heated between them, and not in the good way. While these signs are compatible, their needs might end up causing tension in their relationship over time, because when the excitement gives way to comfort and routine, these two signs might be tempted to start look for fun elsewhere.

11 Virgo And Pisces Find Mutual Admiration

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While Virgo and Pisces signs have a lot of things in common, there are also just enough differences between these two signs that may result in something a little less than romantic, relationship-wise. There will definitely be a lot of respect between these two signs, as Pisces admires a Virgo’s work ethic, and a Virgo will really be intrigued by a Pisces’ easy going attitude. Both of these signs are also very compassionate, and so you’ll take care of one another. However, a relationship between these two signs is probably better left in the friendship stage, as the love and respect between them is certainly reminiscent of that of a best friendship. If you’re a Virgo or a Pisces looking for a new BFF, take note, because you might have not been looking for someone with the right sign.

10 Cancer And Aries Might Try A Relationship, But Fizzle Quickly

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Even if this cosmic match up starts out really well, it's just not built to last. If you have ever been in a relationship with an Aries, you might know that it is pretty easy to get swept up into a relationship with this sign. People with the Aries sign are very direct and to-the-point from the start, and they’re always sure to treat you really well, which is never a negative trait to have. However, if you’re a Cancer sign, you might feel like after the initial excitement has worn off, noticing their negative traits like their flaky nature, as well as their over-the-top enthusiasm will really start to get under your skin. If they notice this shift in your behaviour, they may start to think that you're a little cold. This could lead to some conflict that’s better nipped in the bud.

9 Taurus And Sagittarius Are Opposites That Do Not Attract

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While the fun and excitement that a Sagittarius brings to a relationship can be really attractive to some, a Taurus might just feel like they’re just a little too much for them to handle. Think: “This person is being so extra on our date right now.” Taurus signs are also know to like a little bit of peace in their relationships to do things on their own. However, that might not go over well with a Sagittarius, and they may be so inclined to play mind games, even if it’s just for fun. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour just doesn’t really sit well with a Taurus. If you do start to get serious, the Sagittarius might be called out by the Taurus for acting like they aren't taking important things seriously enough, even if they think that they are.

8 Taurus And Aquarius Want Different Things

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Even if these two signs find themselves in a relationship, they’ll soon find that they operate at totally different speeds. An Aquarius thrives when they’re in situations with spontaneity and change, because they hate nothing more than feeling like they’re stuck in a rut. However, for most people with the Taurus sign, change, particularly in relationships, can feel a little bit scary — they’re more of the take baby step-type. This can make things really difficult, because while an Aquarius might want to get a little crazy from time to time, a Taurus is very happy to just stick to their usual routine. This could lead to a lot of conflict. A Taurus who’s afraid of change might also feel ambushed or intimidated by an Aquarius who feels freely in will likely profess their feelings, which could be too much too soon for a Taurus.

7 Pisces And Gemini Express Themselves Very Differently

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Communication is key in any relationship. A Pisces relies on their emotions to guide them, while a Gemini relies on their brain. This could lead a lot of problems. A Gemini might find that a Pisces is just too mushy for their liking, not taking them seriously because they allow themselves to be guided by their hearts. However, a Pisces might feel like the sometimes over-thinking Gemini can be quite cold. This does not make for an ideal match. When people can’t properly express themselves to their partner, it can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and arguments that go nowhere, because the way you express yourself is fundamental to who you are, and can be very difficult to change. If you can’t communicate with your partner, how can you ever work anything out?

6 Libra And Capricorn Need Opposing Things From Their Relationships

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While both of these signs make great romantic partners, they are not quite right for each other. A Capricorn’s approach to their relationships, whether it be with friends of a life parter is “quality over quantity.” They’re very committed and don’t spend a lot of time making small-talk with people who aren’t really close to them. However, a Libra is quite the social butterfly, so while a Capricorn might want to spend quality time with their partner, a Libra might prefer to go to a party with their many friends. Capricorns might take this as a slight and a sign that there is a lack of commitment in the relationship. A Libra might feel like a Capricorn is just being too clingy, which will drive them to ask for space — or a breakup.

5 Sagittarius And Virgo Can’t Get Along, Much Less Fall In Love

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Here is a situation where opposites really do not attract. In fact, it as if a Sagittarius and a Virgo just don't get along. Someone with the Virgo sign might find that a Sagittarius is too serious and a bit of a goody-two-shoes, instead of feeling like they’re a mature, dependable partner. On the other hand, A Sagittarius will think that a Virgo is a little too immature and childlike for their taste, rather than see that they have a fun side. Because these two signs operate in two totally different ways, trying to have a relationship with each other might prove to be too much of a challenge. It could even get to the point where a friendship isn’t even an option, because aside from the two signs being different, they also don’t see the positive traits of the other person.

4 Libra And Pisces Will Never Find A Resolution

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In some ways, these two signs getting together can mean that they will never fight or argue, which people might think is a good thing. Think again. The reason these two signs never fight is that they both hate conflict, as well as making tough decisions, which can actually lead to a lot of trouble. Most relationships encounter their fair share of conflict, which is actually healthy for a good partnership. However, if neither party is willing to actually confront one another to work things out, their relationship might just be filled with a lot of passive-aggressive actions that are sure to drive each person crazy. Even a breakup between these two signs can seem tedious, as getting out the words, “I think we need to break up,” might be too much aggression for both of these signs.

3 Leo And Taurus Will Bicker All The Time

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A lot of people bicker, and it really isn’t the worst thing in the world, unless of course it’s the only thing that you can your partner do. People under the Leo and Taurus signs are pretty much destined to get on each other's nerves. This is unfortunate, because each sign has a unique quality that they bring to the table, which could theoretically enrich the life of the other. Leos love to socialize in big groups, and Tauruses prefer smaller, quieter gatherings. However, instead of finding balance, these two signs will just find the negatives to pick at, which means a constant stream of negative energy, as long as these two are together. Their constant bickering might even get annoying for their friends as well, because no one wants to be with all that drama all the time.

2 Gemini And Capricorn Have Different Ideas Of What Makes A Good Partner

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Some people may have a “type,” when it comes to the physical and attributes, as well as the traits they’re looking for in an ideal partner. Unfortunately, Geminis and Capricorns don’t share the same beliefs when it comes to traits that make for a good significant other. A Gemini enjoys being adventurous, and they need someone who is the same, so to them, a Capricorn doesn’t do enough adventurous things to excite them. Capricorns value honesty, and aren’t afraid to tell the truth even when it’s uncomfortable. A Gemini might find that they’re a little too honest, which can upset them. Capricorns also like “to do lists,” while Geminis like to go with the flow. Because they’re so different, it can make a Capricorn look controlling and a Gemini look childish.

1 Scorpio And Gemini Will Fight A Lot

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Here’s a pairing that just shouldn’t get together. When it comes to making big important decisions, a Scorpio likes to take their time to carefully consider their options. They also like to plan ahead. However, Geminis are very impulsive and spontaneous, which could be a lot of fun, but not for a Scorpio. Their differences makes it difficult for them to trust each other’s judgment. Their differences can lead to some frustrating fights. As well, because both of these signs can only see the negatives in each other, it makes it hard for them to compromise, which could lead to even more conflict and fighting. Despite any initial attraction, it’s probably best that these two signs not try and embark in a relationship at all, since it’s likely to be a disaster.

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