20 Workouts To Do That Will For Sure Make Men Drool

Let's face it, a lot of us work out for one simple reason - we want to look good. While it's obviously true that working out makes you more healthy and probably adds years to your life, looking good is the result that we can see and feel, and it makes us feel amazing. And of course, it doesn't hurt when you're aware that your attractiveness level is going through the roof, and that you'll have no trouble attracting guys, should you need to.

But what's the best way to get a killer figure? Well, first we have to figure out what kind of body is actually going to get you the most attention. Most women don't actually know what guys see as the ideal female form. Honestly, there is such a thing as being too muscular. If you have bigger muscles than your man, it's going to get a little weird. On the other hand, marathon runners and other athletes can get figures that are lean but a little too flat and boring. But there is a way to get a great muscle set that is balanced and attractive, and these are the best exercises to get it.

19 Skipping Rope - The Perfect Warm-Up

One of the most important parts of working out is the warm up. Before you start doing really strenuous stuff like lifting weights or doing tons of reps, you should always warm up first. This is because warming up helps get your cardio up, and it will make the rest of the workout much more efficient. If you want a great figure, you definitely shouldn't skip this vital step.

Speaking of skipping, what better way to warm up before a workout? Skipping rope is something a lot of girls are familiar with from their schoolyard days, and in truth it's actually an awesome workout. Boxers train a lot with skipping rope, and for a good reason. Not only does it get your cardio up and running, but it's also a great workout for your legs.

18 Dumbbell Squat: Time To Tone

This article wouldn't be complete without some squats. Let's face it, most guys are most interested in one specific part of a woman's figure, and that's the part that the squat works out more than any other. If you want toned, tight glutes, you should definitely try doing some squats, and this will give you what you need to really make guys drool.

Squatting normally is great, but if you really want to push yourself and get results fast, then you should make squats even harder. You can do this quite easily - just add a couple of dumbbells to make those squats a little harder. Your legs will have to work much harder, and you'll definitely feel and see results much quicker than if you were doing normal squats.

17 Plank: Activates The Most Muscles


While guys might be attracted to tight, toned glutes, there's another part of your muscle set that guys will really lose their mind over, as long as it's nice and rock hard. I'm talking of course about your abs and stomach, and there are quite a few exercises that you can do to get these to washboard level hardness. And this is something that you can feel proud of yourself.

Sometimes, the simplest exercises are actually the best if you want to get great results. And the great thing about simple exercises is that you don't actually need any equipment or weights to do them. You can do them right in the comfort of your own home. That's why the good old-fashioned plank is so great. This exercise activates your core strength, but also many other parts of your body.

16 Pull Ups: Your Shoulders Needs Attention Too

Speaking of exercises that activate more than one part of your muscle sets, the humble pull up is actually a great choice if you're trying to get a drool-worthy figure. An interesting fact is that guys are actually a lot more attracted to well-formed arms and shoulders than you might think. And the pull up definitely will help you get a nice back, shoulders, arms, and more.

It's all due to something called the golden ratio. This is the ideal shape for a woman, and it's basically the hourglass shape that we all know about. But you might not know that having nice shoulders actually gives the illusion that you're curvier than you actually are, making guys go crazy over you. The pull up will definitely help you reach this "golden ratio."

15 Chair Dips: Simple Yet Effective


Doing pull-ups means that you'll need access to a pull-up bar of some kind, which isn't always easy. You can get ones that you can install in doorways, but they don't always work out. But if you're trying to get a similar workout in the comfort of your own home, there's a solution that doesn't require a pull-up bar. Instead, just pull up a chair and prepare for a seriously grueling workout.

They don't look very hard, but chair dips will seriously make you feel the burn. Prop yourself up on the edge of the chair, and lower your butt down till it's almost touching the floor. Rinse and repeat. Because this workout will have you lifting and lowering almost your entire body weight, it will really give you a good workout, and it will work similar muscles to the pull-up.

14 Second Position Plies: Not Just For Ballet Class


We all know that dancers often have the nicest figures in the world. This is actually no coincidence. They work incredibly hard and go through training that most guys would fail! And when it comes to dancing, ballerinas are known for their strength and conditioning more than any other type of dancers. And this workout, the second position plie, comes directly from ballet school.

Second position plies are essentially variations on the squat, but with some notable differences. First of all, your feet will be spread much further apart, almost as wide as you can go. Second of all, your feet will be pointing outwards instead of forwards. When you get down into a position where your thighs are parallel to the ground, you will really feel the burn.

13 Step Ups: Deceptively Hard, Well Worth It

Here's another workout that is simple, easy to do, and deceptively hard. The step up is exactly how it sounds. Find a ledge, set of stairs, or a park bench, and just step up onto it. Then step down. Keep going until you really feel the burn. Make sure you are alternating legs each time, stepping up onto the ledge or stair with a different leg each time.

This will work out so many different parts of your body, but it's also a great warm up to do in order to get your cardio up before you move on to harder stuff. But don't think this one is easy. The step up can make your legs feel completely dead after a few minutes - but don't worry. That's a good thing. The step up is a great choice for toning your legs and shaping those muscles.

12 Bridge: Good Stretch, Better Excercise

Sometimes, you can blend stretching with working out to get some incredible exercise and great results. If you've ever done yoga, you'll no doubt be familiar with this pose, and it's called the bridge. It requires a little bit of flexibility, but most of you should be able to handle it with relative ease. It's an exercise which is pretty light in terms of difficulty, so it's a good starting point.

There's so many things you can do with this exercise. You can either just get into a bridge position and hold it for as long a possible, like a plank, or you can make things a little more dynamic and fun. If you want to add some motion, you can put your butt on the ground, and then raise it up into a bridge position, doing reps while keeping your glutes and abs flexed.

11 Sprints: Can't Forget Cardio

A lot of women out there are in love with running, and it's admittedly a pretty good exercise. Long distance runners naturally get really toned and lean bodies, and their cardio is great. But is that really the kind of body that attracts guys? In truth, guys are interested in a little more curvature, and running on a treadmill for hours just won't bring you that.

Instead, you can get a similar workout by doing short sprints. The quick, explosive activation of your leg muscles and upper body will give you a very different shape than a long distance runner. Just look at pictures of sprinters and marathon runners side by side. They both have great bodies, but the sprinters definitely have more curves in all the right places.

10 Barbell Hip Thrusts: Don't Get Intimidated

As you can see, this exercise is very similar to the bridge exercise we just went over, but with a very notable difference. Instead of just lifting her own body weight, this woman is challenging herself by adding some extra weight. Okay, she's adding a lot of extra weight. But don't get intimidated. You can start small and gradually work your way up to bigger weights.

This exercise will almost definitely require a trip to the gym or the purchase of a barbell, so you should probably start with just regular bridges, and then when you feel like you're no longer getting a proper workout, switch to this. This exercise definitely works out some great muscle groups such as the abs and the glutes, which guys are going to go wild for.

9 Sumo Deadlift Shuffle: Rare But It Works!

This one is one of those exercises that is pretty rare, but it's definitely a hidden gem. If you commit to doing this exercise regularly, you will certainly see some amazing results in your leg muscles. As you might have guessed from the name of this exercise, it's inspired by the sumo wrestlers of Japan - but don't worry! You're not going to end up big and fat if you do this exercise.

Essentially, this exercise is a slightly complicated version of the common squat. To do this, you will need a dumbbell. Hold the dumbbell on one end with both hands, and let it hang between your legs. Start with your feet spread shoulder width apart, feet facing slightly outwards. Step out with your left leg and get into a deep squat. Then raise and do the same thing with your right leg.

8 Dumbbell Rotational Lunge: Feeling The Burn Yet?

Here's another exercise that will require the use of a couple dumbbells, and as you can see, the exercises are getting harder and harder. As you start to use weights, you will definitely start to see more results, and your body will become more and more attractive for men. This exercise is a variation on the common lunge, which is a great exercise in itself, but all the more better with some dumbbells.

This exercise actually only requires one single dumbbell, much in the same way as the previous exercise. Hold the dumbbell at should height with both hands, then drop into a lunge. Twist your body and drop the barbell to hip height on the same side as your front leg, the one your stepped forward with. Then return to a standing position, and do the other leg.

7 Renegade Rows: 4 Workouts In One

Ask any guy what the most attractive part of a woman's body is, and you'll get a whole bunch of different answers. Some will be predictable, others not so much. For instance, you may not realize that a lot of guys are very attracted to the small of a woman's back, that little area in the lower back. This exercise, the renegade row, will really help work those muscles.

As you can see, this exercise is essentially a very complicated version of the common push up. And it's obviously much harder. You will need two dumbbells for this one, which you can easily grasp. Get into a push-up position with your legs spread more apart than a regular push up. Then, lift one arm up to your chest, holding the dumbbell, before returning it to the floor. Repeat with the other arm. Remember to start small.

6 Lateral Raise: Another Key Shoulder Workout

Most girls agree that some of the most attractive guys in the world have really nice shoulders. After all, who doesn't want a guy with a huge shoulders, right? Well, those same muscles can also be incredibly attractive on women. Strengthening these muscles also helps you push your chest out and improve your posture, which always helps make you seem more attractive.

The lateral raise is a great way to work your shoulders and it can be deceptively hard. Basically, this exercise just involves you using two dumbbells in either hand, and raising your arms from your sides to the same level as your shoulders. The first few reps might be easy, but once you keep doing it, you'll really start to feel the burn. Don't be afraid to start small.

5 Shoulder Stand: Not Just For Our Yoga Friends


Like the bridge, the shoulder stand is another yoga-inspired exercise move which can gently work your muscles and stretch them at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds with an ancient, tried and true method. Again, this might be a great choice for those who are just starting out on their exercise journey, as it's nice and gentle.

The shoulder stand might look hard, but it's actually a very natural and easy position to get yourself into. Simply support your back with your arms bent in a triangle shape, and reach your legs up into the sky. Start slow at first if you're a beginner, tentatively raising your knees before extending your legs fully. You should feel some tension in your abs.

4 Rope Pull Downs

Here's another workout that will really help you get a great body that guys will be drooling over, but this is also a workout that will probably require a visit to the gym. You will need a rope machine, and one that you can grasp with both hands. This workout activates the "Lats," those muscles on the side of your back that will look totally hot when they're activated and you're flexing.

You will need to stand with you feet staggered a couple feet back. Then, take the rope in both hands, lean forward from your hips, and pull the rope down to your hips. Return to the starting position, but don't let the weight touch down on the machine - keep those muscles activated. This is a great exercise for all of you out there who are trying to get a nice bikini body.

3 Single Leg Hip Lift


Here's another variation on the bridge position that we talked about earlier, but this one will definitely pose more of a challenge. It also works out some new muscle groups. In addition to your abs and glutes, this exercise will also work out your hamstrings, making it a much more complete workout. And once again, this exercise doesn't require a trip to the gym, making it that much more convenient.

Get back into the bridge position, but this time lift one leg so that you're thighs are level, but your foot is pointing diagonally upwards. Then, lift your hips off the ground and into the air. If you want an extra challenge, you can lift your leg even higher, past your knees and into the sky. This exercise is a great middle ground between the bridge and using weights.

2 Single Leg Deadlift

Deadlifts are another great exercise, and they can work out a whole range of different muscle groups, depending on what kind of variations you use. This exercise in particular, the single leg deadlift, is really great for activating those leg muscles, especially the muscles on the inside of the thigh. If you do a lot of these exercises, your legs will be muscular all the way around the leg, not just at the front or back.

This is a great exercise to use a dumbbell or kettle ball with, and you're going to really feel the burn. Grab your weights, and stand in a natural position. Then, lift one leg off the ground, and go right down into a squat, still keeping that one leg off the ground. Then, as you raise back up, kick that raised leg back out into the air, while keeping the weight extended downwards.

1 Single Leg Sit To Stand

Sometimes, it's hard to go to the gym, and you have to use whatever's around you to get a good workout. Sometimes, this can simply mean using chairs or your floor in your apartment. Other times however, you can use things like park benches during your walk or run. One great workout that you can do at a park is the single leg step up. This one will give you a great workout.

This workout is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Sit down on a bench or chair, and raise one leg off the ground. Then, sit up into a standing position, and keep that leg off the ground. Go back into a sitting position, all the while never letting that foot touch the ground. This exercise works your legs muscles, but also requires balance, and it's a lot harder than you might think.


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