20 Women's Names No Man Can Resist (Says Reddit)

Could we fall in love with someone with a truly awful name? When we're swiping on a dating app or our best friend says she has a great guy to introduce us to, we might ask ourselves this question. Sure, we want to say that love is love and we wouldn't judge. But there might be some names that we just don't find that attractive. And since we'll be saying someone's name a lot when we date them, it's actually kind of a big deal.

Sure, other things count besides names... but this is the kind of thing that we all think about, deep down. And guys think about it, too. There are many women's names that guys really can't resist, and they talk about them on Reddit.

Read on to find out 20 women's names no man can resist (says Reddit).

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20 Guys Go Crazy For Charlotte

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Charlotte is a woman's name that men can't resist. It's one of the prettiest names, and everyone loves Charlotte on Sex and the City so this name has a great pop culture namesake.

Charlotte is the type of name that sounds contemporary but also retro, which is a cool combination that doesn't often happen.

19 Some Men Are All About Brenna

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Brenna is another name that came up in a Reddit thread about women's names, and men can't resist this one, either. Brenna is a fascinating, unique name. We might not have ever heard it spoken or seen it written anywhere since it's fairly rare.

Brenna is a special name, and we can see why it's a female name that guys are really into.

18 Others Like The Name Violet

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Violet is an incredibly mysterious name. Chances are, many of us are wishing that we had this name to call our own since it has such a cool feeling.

Violet is also a women's name that no man can resist. Violet sounds like the main character in an old-school romance novel, doesn't she? She would wear big hats and have long hair and everyone would have a crush on her.

17 Jennifer (Or Jenny For Short) Is A Big One

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When we were little, we might have had a classmate or a close friend who called herself Jenny. Maybe she spelled it with an "i" at the end (and probably dotted it with a heart since, hey, it was elementary school and that is what you did).

Guys really love the name Jennifer, along with the nickname Jenny. Maybe it's because everyone adores Jennifer Aniston?!

16 Naomi Is Another Popular Name

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Guys can't resist the women's name Naomi, either. Naomi is a really chill name. Many of us are probably thinking that even the way that this name is spelled is great.

Why do guys love this name so much? We bet it's because of how cool this three-syllable name sounds when it's spoken.

15 Nikki Was Another Contender

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While Nicole is a fairly fancy name that sounds refined, Nikki is like its younger, cooler cousin or sister. It's a truly great name and we can see why many men just can't resist this women's name. We would say that even the way that Nikki is spelling with two "k's" is cool.

14 And Some Are About 'Older' Names Like Rosemary And Molly

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It seems like many men find it totally hard to resist what they consider to be "older" names like Rosemary and Molly. As one guy posted on Reddit, "I love old lady names, they're classic without being as overused as your typical Laura, Michelle, Jennifer,etc."

Rosemary and Molly are definitely awesome names, particularly Rosemary. We don't see that as much.

13 Men Can't Resist The Name Amber

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Amber was also on one guy's list on Reddit. Many of us would agree that the name Amber is one of those attractive sounding names. It sounds like the moniker of an old-fashioned film star or a famous singer, someone who curls her hair all the time and has a favorite shade of lipstick.

12 Or Lisa

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According to  Nameberry, the name Lisa isn't exactly super trendy. In 2018, it was number 891.

Guys don't seem to care about that, though, as Lisa is another women's name that no man can resist. It sounds super classic and beautiful so we get why they like it so much.

11 Others Love Alexa

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There are definitely guys out there who love the name Alexandra and also like Alex for short. But when it comes to women's names that no man can resist, many chose the name Alexa and brought this up in a Reddit discussion. It's a beautiful name that feels very special.

10 Emma Is Another Moniker Men Adore

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Emma is a sweet name and it also happens to be a women's name that no man can resist. Do we prefer the full name or do we like the nickname Em (or even Emmy)? Maybe our opinions are divided here, but it's safe to say that we understand why so many guys are so taken with this particular women's name.

9 Men Love The Name Katrina


Men also can't resist the name Katrina. This is one of those names that start with the letter "K" that you don't see every single day. Sure, we know Katies and Kates, but we might not know anyone named Katrina.

This name has a beautiful sound and vibe to it, and we get why guys chose it as one of the best names.

8 Cassandra Came Up Quite A Few Times

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While some names are so long that they seem impossible to remember how to spell, Cassandra is honestly one of the most perfect names out there. Yes, it's super long, but it's easy to spell and you can call someone Cass for short. Cass is the type of nickname that is just as beautiful as the full name. Many guys mentioned this name on Reddit.

7 Guys Love Monica, Too

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We might associate the name Monica with the character on Friends, and that might be why guys are such fans of this particular moniker.

Even if someone isn't a lover of this sitcom, though, it's pretty simple to understand why so many men love the name Monica. It's just mysterious enough while having a classic tone to it.

6 One Guy Just Had To Mention Millie

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Millie might sound like a totally random name, but it's really cute, and it was included in a Reddit discussion about the best women's names.

The Bump says "Millie as a girl's name is of multiple origins, and the meaning of Millie is 'industrious.'" So it turns out that Mille is not only an adorable name but has a really positive meaning behind it, too.

5 Sara (But No 'H', Please)

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Sarah is definitely one of the most common names. So many parents pick out this name, and so many of us might have this name.

But what about Sara, without the "h" at the end? When it comes to a female name that no man can resist, Sara without the "h" is one of the names that was discussed on Reddit. We do have to say that it looks cool spelled that way.

4 Daphne Is A Great Name, Too

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We might not know a lot of girls named Daphne, and after hearing this name, it would make sense if we're feeling kind of sad that our parents didn't choose this for our name. Sure, we might like the name that we were given, but there's something about Daphne that feels totally fresh.

Daphne has a classic vibe but it's rare, too, and we like that. We get why guys like this name.

3 Guys Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy is one of the most popular classic TV shows, and it's safe to say that guys love Lucy, too... the name, that is.

Lucy is another female name that guys posted about on Reddit. As Nameberry says of this name, "Lucy is both saucy and solid." We like the sound of that.

2 Michelle Drives Men Wild, Too

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What do we think about the name Michelle? If we think that it's another women's name that men are big fans of, then we would be totally correct.

Michelle is a name that manages to have a high cuteness factor but also sounds grown-up and sophisticated. It's only logical that guys are so nuts for it.

1 Can't Forget Taylor, Either

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Finally, we have Taylor as another women's name that no man can resist. Like the other names on this list, we can agree that it's a beautiful and cool name.

While you can definitely go with the nickname Tay, Taylor is a name that really benefits from the full pronunciation. It makes sense that guys are so interested in this gorgeous name.

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