20 Weirdest Things Found In Chinese Supermarkets

Over in North America, we've become accustomed to a certain way of way. We drive on the right side of the road, we throw in a few-dollar tip to our friendly (or non-friendly) waitresses, we debate anything and everything, and we shop at our local supermarkets.

No matter which supermarket chain we frequent, at the end of the day, it's just different names and slightly different prices on the same products. Walmart in Colorado might sell ski gear and Stater Bros in California could sell snorkeling equipment, however, they're still good ol' American supermarkets when push comes to shove.

Over in the eastern world, it's an entirely different kettle of (live) fish. From full-sized dried squid to diet water (yeah, you read that correctly), the supermarkets in China draw us into a never-before-seen food, drink, and goods universe.

20 Pocket-Sized Watermelons

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Honestly, if this isn't the cutest thing you've seen all day then you're lying to yourself! Once again, we're headed over to a branch of Walmart a China, where these mini melons are often confused with grapes. It certainly gives new meaning to the whole watch me eat an entire watermelon in one sitting shtick.

19 Underpants For 'Fat Guys'

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Considering that the literal translation of this underwear's label is "fat guy", we're sure that more than the fair share of plus-sized fellas have been taken aback by this supermarket's choice of wording. At least the friendly, although *clearly* knock-off image of Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy' makes it seem a little more normal.

18 Diet Water?

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THANK THE LORD. FINALLY, we've been blessed with a 0-calorie version of our greatest beverage - water! What's that? Water doesn't have any calories in the first place? Then how the heck does this make any sense? That's right, it doesn't - yet, for whatever reason, it exists.

17 Meat Floss In Regular Form...

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Meat floss - a treat that is as confusing to us as it is adored by the locals. On the surface, it looks little more than clumps of off-colored cotton candy but on the inside, it's a strange concoction of pork, soy, sugar, animal fat, and everyone's favorite topper - salt. We're still on the fence about this one.

16 ...And Meat Floss In Donut Form!

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What's better than a massive plastic jar full of meat floss? A meat floss donut, of course! If you've ever tried a donut flavored with bacon and thought hey, this ain't bad at all, then perhaps the meat floss donut might actually be up your alley. There's only one way to know for sure - book a flight to China!

15 Durian Fruit: The Smelliest Fruit That Ever Did Live

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Imagine that you're taking a lovely evening stroll down the pier, enjoying the sparkling oceanic vistas when all of a sudden you take in a wast of garbage, raw sewage, fish and rotting fruit. That's not a burst pipe, folks - that's actually the notoriously smelly durian fruit, which - yep, you guessed it - is found in Chinese supermarkets.

14 Shark Heads (Eeek!)

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If you're in the mood to relive Jaws, there's no need to jump on Netflix - just take a stroll down to your local Chinese grocer where you'll find shark heads at the ready. While a look at these products might be a touch difficult to stomach, apparently they do really exist over in Chinese Walmarts. Yeah... we'll pass on those.

13 Crocodiles On Ice

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Alright, eager shoppers. Next up on our guided tour of the eclectic Chinese supermarket is none other than a chilling crocodile! We don't mean chilling in the relaxed sense of the world though, we mean it in the frozen-solid style. Would you ever go ahead and buy a full-size croc? Didn't think so.

12 Snickers With...Batteries?

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Have you ever been unquestionably angry when buying a chocolate bar at the supermarket when you discovered that, atrociously, the batteries were NOT included? Us too! Thankfully, China has the solution we've all been waiting for - At Walmart, Snickers comes as a combo deal with a pair of AA batteries.

11 Cucumber Chips

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Salt & vinegar, Ranch, All-dressed, Original, BBQ, Sour cream & onion -  you name a flavor and we bet you won't have to search too far before finding a die-hard fan. There's one flavor over in China - in fact, one of many - that is causing a bit of a ruckus for the rest of us: Cucumber. Would you try them?

10 All Kinds Of Animal Eggs

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When we crack a couple of eggs over the stove in the morning alongside our bacon and orange juice, they're (almost always) chicken eggs. Over in China, however, it's a different story. Sure, they have chicken eggs but they also sell quail eggs and ostrich eggs, and out in the street markets in gets even weirder.

9 Rice Containers Bigger Than Your Bed


Because when was a 1kg bag of rice ever enough? Seriously, have you ever cast your eye on a pile of rice bigger than this? Well, over in China, this is actually rather normal. While we're used to seeing rice already bagged or boxed, over in China, consumers choose how much they want so that none goes to waste.

8 Dried Squid That Are Too Large To Be Cute

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There are so many questions that need to be answered here. First of all, why is this squid so large? And second of all, why the heck is something this - let's just say it how it is - awfully creepy just sitting up on a supermarket shelf? It doesn't exactly scream centerpiece at the next Thanksgiving dinner, that's for sure.

7 Bins Of Dried Everything

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If there's a group of people who love dried food items more than the Chinese, please, don't hesitate to let us know because we're yet to find them. No supermarket in the great nation is complete without at least a handful of dried items, with everything from scallops to shrimp, beans, seaweed, mango, papaya and dates on offer.

6 Live Frogs...


Thankfully we no longer have to go to the pet store in search of frogs, we can simply pick up one (or nine, if your heart desires a colony) at the local Chinese supermarket! Yep, in between your pancake mix and your packet of cucumber-flavored lays, you can walk down the aisles with a frog in your shopping cart.

5 ...And Live Turtles

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Don't worry, people, we hear you! You want some live reptile friends to hang out with all the frogs you just purchased. The folks over at Walmart China have the answers. In addition to the frogs, Walmart out east also carries live turtles in a handful of stores! Which one would you take home?

4 Snap-Happy Crabs

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If the idea of seeing a tank of live fish at your local Trader Joes gives you the heebie-jeebies, then this is taking it one step further toward shudder-town. Just like the fish, these pincer-wielding crabs are alive and well too, and you can hand-pick which one you'd like for dinner. Uh, yeah, we'll pass.

3 DIY Shellfish Stations

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Alright, c'mon now - this is getting ridiculous! What on Earth is the deal with Chinese supermarkets and seafood? The supermarkets have gone as far as to let their customers choose their favorite shellfish which will likely soon be mixed into a rice or pasta dish. Do you like having the choice or is it a little too unsettling?

2 Dried Starfish


You'd be hard-pressed to see a star-fish on the shoreline in the USA, let alone smack-bang in the middle of a supermarket aisle! Alas, of course, you can see them in China. Unlike the turtles, crabs and fish we've seen before though, these little critters are dried. We have no idea what they taste like and honestly, that's the way it's gonna stay.

1 Live Fish

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Most supermarkets, regardless of which country you're in, have a seafood section, right? We've all seen them before and it's not exactly a revelation to see some cod laid out on a bed of ice. What does come across as rather peculiarl, however, is the visual of a school of fish still alive, swimming freely, and displayed for purchase.

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