20 Ways Kylie Jenner Runs Her Household (And Raises Stormi)

We couldn’t believe it when, in 2017, media outlets like People and TMZ began reporting that 19-year-old Kylie Jenner was having a baby with her boyfriend of only a few months. The celebrity had only recently broken up with her boyfriend of three years, Tyga, who fans thought would be more likely to be her baby daddy. Soon after the reports, Kylie all but vanished from social media. She only returned at the beginning of 2018 to announce that she had, indeed, given birth to a little girl.

Many fans thought Kylie’s life would change a lot after welcoming her daughter, Stormi, who turned one earlier this year. But, from the outside, it looks like not much has changed for the young reality star. Read on to discover the ways in which Kylie is raising her family.

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20 Kylie Relies On A Team Of Nannies

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Although sources said Kylie was resistant to hiring help in the beginning, her attitude changed when she brought her newborn baby home. Nowadays, the young mother has a team of nannies that helps her raise daughter Stormi.

“Kylie has a team of four nannies now,” a source told Life & Style. “They’ve all been thoroughly vetted, and she keeps them on rotation.” They added, “As a first-time mom, there are a lot of things she’s unsure about. She wants to make sure Stormi has the best care possible.”

19 Stormi’s Nursery Is 100% Eco-Friendly

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It sounds like Kylie has taken a page out of her older sister Kourtney’s book! Last year, reports said the young mom had gone the extra mile when designing her daughter’s nursery to ensure it was child-friendly. Evidently, the star made sure every material was 100% organic and natural.

18 She’s Already Taken Stormi On Tour

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When Stormi was only 10 months old, Kylie hit the road (um, private jet) and followed her baby daddy Travis Scott during the first stops on his Astroworld Tour.

During a vlog she uploaded online, Kylie revealed she and her daughter often get a room backstage at the venue from where they can watch the show.

17 Kylie Won’t Let Stormi Appear On TV

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Given that the Kardashians became famous for their reality TV show, many fans expected they would be able to get a glimpse into Stormi’s life on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But not long after her birth, it was confirmed that Kylie would not allow her little one to be filmed for the reality show. "I am going to wait until she is old enough to make that decision for herself," the young mom told Interview magazine.

16 Guests Have To Wear Medical Masks Around Stormi

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Reports have said that Kylie has become extremely worried about her little one getting sick. So much so, she really went the extra mile when Stormi was born to ensure no one spread germs around her. How’d she do this? Two words: medical masks.

The young mom keeps a box of medical masks readily available in her home for guests to wear.

15 And Everyone Must Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Kris Jenner has admitted to keeping a stack of nondisclosure agreements ready at the entrance of her house. So, it’s not too surprising that Kylie has amped-up the security measures since becoming a mom herself. When she was still pregnant with Stormi, sources said Kylie made all visitors sign NDA agreements before coming into her home.

14 Kylie Leaves Stormi With Nannies To Go On Vacation

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Most moms never know the luxury of being able to leave their kiddos with a nanny and just go away for a few weeks. But most moms aren’t Kylie Jenner! The celebrity made headlines last July when she jetted off to Paris to join Travis Scott on his tour, but subsequently left their daughter at home with her nannies.

13 She Changes Stormi’s Outfits Multiple Times Per Day

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We all know that Kylie is a huge fashionista at heart. And it’s clear that the young mom loves dressing her mini-me up. Not only does Stormi have a multimillion-dollar wardrobe at the young age of one, but her mama also makes sure to do multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day to make sure all those designer clothes are in rotation.

12 Kylie Went Straight Back To Work Post-Birth

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Just like she got back on social media straight after welcoming Stormi, Kylie also went right back to work. Despite having a baby at home, the reality star remained busy with public appearances and promoting her makeup brand and other partnerships online. And of course, she continued filming KUWTK.

11 Stormi Won’t Have A Makeup Line Anytime Soon

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Given that Kylie has collaborated with all of her sisters on her makeup line, fans have been wondering when the time will come for her to release a line with her daughter. However, fans shouldn’t expect it will happen soon. Kylie has said she’ll only collaborate with Stormi if her daughter expresses an interest in doing so.

10 Kylie Wants To Leave Her Business To Stormi

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Now that Kylie is listed by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire, many fans wonder what she’s planning to do with her brand in the future. Will she leave her empire to Stormi? Evidently, the young mom isn’t against it!

Although Kylie doesn’t seem like she’d push her daughter into the makeup industry, she has expressed interest in handing over the reins of her business to Stormi one day.

9 Travis Doesn’t Change Diapers

Sources have said that Kylie and her baby daddy Travis have only gotten closer since the birth of their daughter, despite being together mere months before getting pregnant. However, it doesn’t sound like Travis is the most hands-on dad. Last fall, the rapper admitted that while he’s changed a few diapers, he usually leaves that task to Kylie.

8 Stormi Always Gets Her Own Hotel Room

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Given that Stormi is only one, she’s not spending the night away from mom and dad when they go on vacation. Despite the fact that Stormi sleeps in the same room as her mom at night, Kylie once admitted she always gets an additional hotel room for her daughter just so she has a designated area to play in.

7 Kylie Doesn’t Allow Dairy In The House

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Kylie quickly got her pre-baby figure back after giving birth to Stormi. Many fans were curious to know her secret, especially since she was open about indulging in her cravings while expecting. Who can blame her?

The makeup mogul has since revealed that she had to cut dairy out of her diet to achieve the results she wanted.

6 She’s Actively Trying For More Kids

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Kylie has long expressed her desire to have a big family, even before she welcomed Stormi. So, it’s no surprise that the rumour mill has been saying that the makeup mogul is looking to have baby no. 2 pretty soon. Just last October, a source told Us Weekly that Kylie and Travis were “actively trying” to get pregnant again.

5 Stormi’s Shoe Closet Is Worth A Small Fortune

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Kylie has never been shy to hide her love of shopping. The socialite is said to have a bag collection worth half a million and several designer cars priced in the millions. As soon as she discovered she was pregnant, she was shopping for her little mini-me. And now that Stormi is already a year old, evidently her wardrobe has become quite the fortune.

4 Kris Is Always Hanging Around Kylie’s House

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Having raised six children of her own, we’d say Kris Jenner is an expert when it comes to child-rearing. Kylie reportedly relied heavily on her mother after first welcoming Stormi, and the momager was more than willing to all but move in with her youngest daughter for the time being.

"Kris has been spending a lot of time at Kylie’s house since she came home with Stormi," an insider told Us Weekly.

3 Stormi Can Already Do Kylie’s Makeup

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Given how talented Kylie is with makeup, we’re fully expecting her to pass on her skills to her little girl - and it looks like they’ve already been practicing! This past April, Kylie shared some adorable clips online of Stormi applying makeup to her mom’s face. She’s a little makeup artist in the making!

In the video, Kylie is seen holding her daughter as the little one waves around a makeup brush.

2 She’s Already Trademarked Stormi’s Name

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Last February, news broke that many of the Kardashian sisters have already begun thinking of their family’s next generation.

More specifically, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie have all filed the paperwork to trademark their children’s names, TMZ reports. That way, the kids can use their famous monikers in business ventures in the future and no one else can profit from them. Interestingly, Kourtney’s children and Rob’s daughter Dream weren’t mentioned in the leaked documents.

1 Kylie Toned Things Down Since Having Stormi

Before becoming a mom, Kylie was constantly in the media as fans wondered what sort of work she had (or had not) gotten done to achieve her looks. Since having Stormi, the celebrity says it’s helped her embrace her more natural side and be comfortable in her own body.

“Kylie has been so much more relaxed and natural since Stormi was born,” a source explained to People. “She’s softer in a way. And she’s just as busy as ever, but her priority is her daughter.”

Sources: Life & Style, People, Hollywood Life, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Us Weekly, TMZ

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